Slaves the protective glass on the phone. it’s time to change or can be glued again?

Protective glass will remove the phone from the effects of fall, but what if it suddenly stopped holding the display. the beginning began to spare? Of course, in this case, the accessory loses the protective effect that was previously. Glass can also start to go away almost immediately after you were glued, but it is fixable.

  • On the glass itself there are defects: chips, irregularities at the edges;
  • Under the glass got moisture, air, dust particles;
  • Initially, the glass was incorrectly passed: insufficient cleanliness of working surfaces, the display surface was not sufficiently low;
  • Telephone was used under conditions of sharp fluctuations in temperature;
  • Smartphone fell;
  • Glass was not initially compatible with the device model;
  • Accessory or the screen itself was defective (if, let’s say, the new is dugs almost immediately);
  • shelf life expiration.

If the glass began to move, make sure that it does not fit the case (for example, if it goes to your book).

Replacing glass on iPhone 12. what features

Like all modern smartphones to change the glass on the iPhone 12, it must be separated from the display. The manufacturer glues the glass in order to improve image quality. The absence of an air layer between the screen and the touch glass eliminates distortion as a result of the refraction of light rays.

The display module itself is fixed on the housing, too, with the help of a special sizing, which ensures not only the reliability of the attachment, but also tightness. At the same time, the feature of the iPhone 12 is that it does not need to disassemble the smartphone to replace the glass completely, and even no rear panel is required. It is enough to separate from the housing itself the display module.

If you have already had experience in replacing windows on old iPhone models, it should not be confident in your strength, because it is much more difficult to change the glass on the iPhone 12 than on the predecessors. This is due to the fact that the screen frames have become much already in previous models. As a result, fashioning the module with a shovel, it is easy to damage the matrix. In addition, the matrix itself became extremely thin and fragile, which also complicates the process.

How to stick a protective glass on iphone 12

Brand Packaging Case Place

And finally. we finally finished the development of corporate packaging for protective glasses!

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Some facts about our cool pack:

  • Tight soft touch coating;
  • branded design;
  • Reliable protection for delivery;
  • Detailed installation instructions on the back of the package.

Case Place Set: Protective Glass, Wet Napkin, Temple Napkin, Dust Removal Sticker

Included set for sticking: wet and chaise napkins, dust removal sticker.

What protective windows are there

Technology protective accessories do not stand still and develop with smartphones. Now on the market there is a glass with high-quality oleophobic coating, rounded edges, as well as frames that repeat the design of gadgets. Conditionally all types of protection can be divided into three categories:

  • 2D. ordinary windows with straight ends, which do not reach the screen border about 1 millimeter;
  • 2,5d. these options have small smooth chamfer around the perimeter, which are combined with casing roundings;
  • 3D. Special windows with curved edges for smartphones with a screen coming on the side faces.

How to properly and gently paste the protective glass on the Samsung smartphone screen without bubbles: instruction, photo video

Protective glass is a reliable barrier from scratches, shocks, chips. After installing additional means of protection, various defects display the gadget is not terrible.

If you comply with the instructions, you can cope with this difficult task at home yourself.

Protective glass is a reliable barrier from scratches, shocks, chips.

How to glue protective glass on smartphone screen?

  • Newbie might think that the protective glass brace is complex. But, a little learning, you will become a real specialist in this matter.
  • There is no significant difference in the screen of which device you will install a protective coating. It will be an iPhone, a smartphone or tablet, the procedure has no significant difference.
  • To prevent several times to hold the procedure for sticking protection, an inexperienced person is worth starting from the screen, but from the rear panel of the gadget.

The fact that the device screen needs to be protected, you need to think immediately after its acquisition, because the display is very sensitive. Various mechanical damage may appear even if the device is constantly in his

There is a chance of the appearance of scratches from coins, keys or simply from the fact that the winner of the device scratches the nail of the gadget display. If there is a minimum scratch on the display during the gluing of the protective glass from the appearance of bubbles, no manipulation will not save.

That is why if you decide to remove the old protective glass and change to a new one, then you need to act very carefully.

What will be needed for work:

  • Let’s start the process of sticking the protective glass from the preparation of the workplace. In the room where you will be engaged in protective coating, you need to hold a wet cleaning.
  • So you reduce to a minimum amount of dust and soaring in the air micro. Avoid the appearance of air bubbles in the event that the process of sticking the protective glass will be held in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • If you glue the protective glass in the bedroom, you will have to spray water from the sprayer, so that existing textiles existing here in large quantities did not attract the garbage particles and did not complicate the procedure.
  • Hands need to wash with soap. It is also worth having wet wipes in case, if despite cleaning, dust falls in arms or on the working surface. You can remove them without lifting.
  • All necessary tools, devices, protective glass located on a clean work surface.
  • Microfiber napkin or ordinary alcohol clean phone display. It is important to remove all the contaminants remaining after the removed old protect glass.
  • You can use a special cleaner that is sold in equipment stores.
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If you have time, then such a tool is quite possible to cook yourself. The prescription is as follows:

  • We take 5 parts of water and one part of alcohol.
  • In the resulting mixture, add liquid for washing dishes (a little).
  • The resulting mixture is rubbed the screen of the phone before the appearance of shine.
  • The remaining dust or particles of the microworous are removing a piece of scotch.
  • Remove the protective glass from the package. Find a film and remove it. The protective glass must be positioned so that the central button and speaker coincide with the holes in the glass.
  • I spend your finger from the center to the bottom edge, thus fastening the surface surface.
  • We take a credit card or a special spatula, which is often sold complete with protective glass. We spend on the glovenic glass, not strongly pressed on its surface, and remove small air bubbles.
  • A few days after the completion of the procedure, completely tiny tubercles will disappear. However, it is necessary to ensure that the display coverage has a smooth, perfectly smooth surface.

Why protective tempered glass is better than a special film for display:

  • Protective glass does not affect the color reproduction and sensitivity of the gadget
  • Tempered glass. Reliable protection of the original Gadget glass from falling and other mechanical damage
  • Glass at home is easier to stick, because under the film from the dusty, any size remains bubbles
  • Determine the presence of protective glass on the screen is almost impossible
  • The gadget is not pulled out if there is a protective glass, the same remains
  • Protective glass has a oleophobic coating that serves as reliable protection against mechanical damage
  • Glass surface is pleasant to the touch.
  • Unlike the film, tempered glass does not fall accidentally, since it is fixed firmly and reliably

If you purchased high-quality coverage, such a protective glass can be re-glued onto a smartphone, iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, Xiaomi. When re-use after a neat removal of the coating, the anti-alcohol adhesive.

  • The napkin is wetted by a special tool, and the glass is lightly wiping. After which it is necessary to leave the gadget for some time to liquid glass. Protection is set in the same way as described above.
  • The main thing is to match the holes for the central button and the speaker. Air and liquid residues with a loan by credit card or spatula again.

Before gluing the glass on the iPhone prepare the workplace

As a rule, complete to the windows already have everything necessary to handle the surface of the smartphone. Therefore, neither alcohol, nor the napkins you will need. The only thing before gluing the glass on the iPhone is recommended to perform the following steps to prepare a workplace:

  • Close in the room windows, window and doors to eliminate drafts that raises dust.
  • Wipe the table on which you will deal with glass, a wet napkin.
  • Provide good lighting to see the dust. It is advisable to perform the procedure under the desk lamp.
  • Wash hands thoroughly.
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It is best to glue the glass on the iPhone in the bathroom, if there is such an opportunity. In the bathroom less than all dust.

If for any reason with glass there is no set for sticking, it is also necessary to prepare:

What to prepare?

Punching is unlikely to be successful, if you use solely with hands and paper napkins. To work efficiently, it is necessary to prepare a small arsenal of aids:

  • alcohol napkin;
  • polyester flap (microfiber);
  • scissors;
  • Preparation for cleaning screens or special napkins;
  • Stationery Transparent Scotch;
  • Spatula (can be replaced with a plastic card).

Transparent Scotch Other Suitable for this purpose. If you take a painting, assembly or color adhesive tape, then the likelihood is that on the glass or the coating then traces will remain. Instead of scotch, stickers also use. for example, those on which price tags are printed.

As a rule, the kit of protecting glass includes everything necessary: ​​flap fabric from microfiber, alcohol napkin, tape substitute, sometimes even spatula.

Screen cleaning fluid is better to buy. But if there is no such possibility, it can be prepared independently from the available ingredients. Would need:

All ingredients are mixed, and displays is ready. It impregnate the flap of fabric without a pile, and wipe the working surface of the device.

Is it possible to re-glue the protective glass on the phone

Quality surfaces for iPhone 5S and other gadget models can be reused. To do this, it is necessary to neatly remove the glass and treat the adhesive side of the formic alcohol. Longly wipe it with a cloth moistened in such a liquid, and give a little time to drain. Then set the protection according to the speaker and the button. Light movements from the center to the edges, drive out air and liquid. Small bubbles will disappear after a day.

Rollers Below will tell about how at home without the help of a specialist to equip the display of the gadget. You will learn how to stick protective glasses on phones or tablets. With such a coating, the screen will be reliably protected from negative impact, which will allow him to preserve an attractive look. Protection will save the device from scratches, and also absorbs blows when falling. In this case, the sensitivity of the sensor of your phone will remain the same.