How to give the Internet from a laptop via wi-fi

To connect to the Internet at once several devices, including a wireless way, the classic Wi-Fi router is most often used. Modern routers do a great job of their task, providing a reliable and resistant connection to interference, but only the router can not always be at hand. The standard situation-you decided to spend several days in the country and took with you only a laptop with a USB modem. It would be nice to be able to connect through it to the Internet not only on your portable computer, but also on mobile gadgets, such as a smartphone or iPod. T.e. There is a need for the use of a laptop as a separate Wi-Fi access point, to which other devices can be connected by analogy with a conventional router. If anyone did not know, the functionality for the implementation of such a task is built into Windows 7/10 operating systems, the main thing is that your laptop is equipped with a wireless adapter.

So, in this article in step-by-step mode, we will consider all the main methods of distributing Wi-Fi from a laptop operating Windows 7 or Windows 10. We will create an access point both by means of the system itself and with the help of the most popular programs. The source of the Internet for a laptop will be a 3G model of one of the mobile operators. However, all the considered schemes considered will also work in the case of a normal wiring connection of the Internet.

Wi-Fi distribution using third-party

This option is the easiest to implement and is suitable for laptop owners on which Windows 7 or 8 is installed. There are several programs capable of implementing an idea. These include Virtual Router Plus and more advanced software. “Switch Virtual Router”. The first utility is more simple and requires minimal actions to install parameters: it is only required to specify the name, password for connecting mobile devices and select the wired name of the network through which the Internet access will be implemented.

The Switch Virtual Router program will attract users who want to automate the process and not worry about starting Wi-Fi after each laptop turned on. Its features are as follows: installation instructions and download link are presented in a full article.

Wi-Fi distribution from the laptop using the command line and “Netsh

NETSH WLAN SET HOSTEDNETWORK MODE = Allow SSID = “My_Virtual_wifi” KEY = “12345678 ″ KEYUSAGE = Persistent, where after the word” SSID “we write the identifier of our wireless network, and after the word” key “we prescribe our password password.

  • Save the file with a line spelled in it.
  • Next, we change the expansion of the above file. To do this, you need to click on this file with the right mouse button. Then select Rename. We make an extension for the file instead of.TXT.Bat.
  • Then we need to start the created and renamed file. Do not forget that the launch must be made with the rights of the administrator. To do it is simple. Click on our file with the right mouse button. A small window opens, in which we select the function “Starting on behalf of the administrator”.
  • Having launched the file, we will start installing the Virtual Wi-Fi Adapter driver, and a new “wireless network connection” should appear in the network connection menu with properly performed actions.
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At the next stage, we need to miss the network created by us on the Internet. To do this, you need to:

  • Go to the “Networks Management and General Access Management Center” and select the connection through which we are going to connect on the Internet. Here we choose “properties”.
  • Find the Netsh-Wlan-START-HOSTEDNETWORK-2 access tab and put a check for “allow other network users to use the Internet connection of this computer”.
  • We go further. In the application “Connection of the home network” we find the new network connection created by us and click on it, and then on the “OK” button.
  • New Wi-Fi wireless connection is ready for work. It remains only to start it.
  • The launch is made using the Netsh Wlan Start Hostednetwork command. In order to stop his work, use the Netsh Wlan Stop Hostednetwork command. And in order to watch the current state, use the Netsh Wlan Show Hostednetwork command.

If you still have questions about how to configure Wi-Fi distribution from a laptop using a command line, watch the video below.

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Wi-Fi distribution using special programs

Despite the fact that, as mentioned earlier, it is best to distribute the Internet from the operating system itself, an option associated with the use of special programs and utilities is also possible.


One of the most popular and convenient programs that will help to solve your problem, the essence of which is how to distribute Wi-Fi from a laptop is MHOTSPOT. It is worth mentioning that Mhotspot is a program that does not require any installation. Files will still have to download, and you need to do this from the official site. When it ends, just run the program where the entire process of creating an access point will be described in detail, so there will definitely be no problems.

You will also need to come up with a password, a prerequisite for which is the introduction of more than 7 characters. You can easily protect your future network from other people, and you do not need to invent a confused complex password. the network security key, which will be very problematic to guess.

note! The MhotSpot application has good functionality, for example, in it you can find a special Max Clients field. As people who know English have already guessed, it is necessary to make a value that determine the permissible number of connected gadgets (they should be no more than 10). It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to indicate the number taking into account the fact that one of them will be your laptop, that is, if you need to turn on only a smartphone, enter the number 2.

In order to start using the network, you will need to click on the button with the inscription “Start Mhotspot”.

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As you could already guess according to the previous example, how we set up Wi-Fi depends only on personal preferences, because there are many ways. As for the program called MypublicWifi, it is not inferior to the previous option. Immediately mention the fact that if you download this program, then it is worth it exclusively from the official site, otherwise you can not only infect your computer with viruses, but also not achieve the desired goal. Like MHOTSPOT, MyPublicWifi provides for the possibility of using without any installation, because all you need to do is download the phala. Here is a detailed instruction, following which you definitely will not be mistaken:

  • Go to the official website of the manufacturer of this program and download the latest version.
  • Wait until the download is completed, and reboot the laptop.
  • Go to the downloaded folder and click on a file with the name Mypublicwifi. Sometimes this can give an error, then try to start on behalf of the administrator of the laptop (make a click of PKM and select the corresponding field).
  • Select “Automatic Hotspot Configuration” in the opened window
  • Create a network and select it in a field specially designed for this (SSID), which has the name Network Name
  • Where there will be the Network Key inscription. Indicate the password
  • Select Enable Internet Sharing
  • Run the program.
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Wi-Fi distribution programs from a laptop

If the first or second method does not work or just do not want to enter commands manually, then you can download special utilities that will do everything automatically.

Important! After turning on these programs, so that the Internet starts to be transmitted. we need to activate the overall access to the network, we examined how to do this in a last chapter.

Switch Virtual Router

One of the most functional programs for these purposes is additional useful settings. You can install the start when you turn on Windows. this is very convenient.

  • Free
  • In Russian
  • We need installation
  • Simple integration
  • Many functions
  • Launch with Windows

Virtual Router

The utility works very quickly and sets up immediately after starting. In fact, nothing needs to be set up, the connection will immediately have to be created, and the data for connection will be displayed on the screen.

  • Free
  • Light installation
  • Easy and understandable integration
  • Works immediately after starting
  • There are advanced settings


At least the utility in English, it works very well and quickly tunes. In additional settings, you can configure a bypass of a firewall, in some cases such a function may be just necessary.

  • It is distributed free of charge
  • In English
  • There are additional settings
  • Circle of the firewall
  • Automobiles at the start of the system
  • Blocking selective servers
  • The simplest management

Windows 11 mobile hotspot

Windows 11 contains the built-in “Mobile Hotspot” function, designed specifically for the goal considered: the Internet laptop or computer is distributed to other devices on Wi-Fi network. The procedure for including the function is very simple:

  • Click on the Internet connection icon in the field of notifications right below.
  • If there is no “Mobile hot spot” item, click on the icon with a pencil image. If the item is present, go to the 4th step.
  • Then click the “Add” button and add the “Mobile Hotspot” item, click “Ready”.
  • Now there is a item in the Windows 11 express parameters panel, when it will be pressed and the Wi-Fi Internet is launched from your laptop.
  • If you click on this button with the right mouse button and select the “Go to the Parameters” item, the settings of the Wi-Fi network will be opened. Access to them is also possible through parameters-network and Internet-mobile hotspot.
  • In the section “Properties” of these parameters, you can see and change the name of the Wi-Fi network, its password, change the range (5 GHz, 2.4 GHz, may not be available on any device).

As you can see, the implementation is quite convenient and in most cases it works properly. However, sometimes problems and function are either not working or the Internet is not available on connected devices, for example, on a smartphone.

Possible problems and solutions

With problems with Wi-Fi distribution from the Windows 11 laptop, the following information and possible solutions may be useful:

  • If the function does not turn on, manually install the original Wi-Fi drivers from the adapter website from the manufacturer of your laptop for your model. Even if the official website shows the drivers only for previous versions of the system, try installing them in Windows 11 instead of those that the OS installed itself: they usually work properly.
  • If when connecting to mobile hot spots, the connection breaks out: try to turn off the energy conservation in the parameters of the mobile hot spot, as well as turn on the power supply circuit (high performance ”in the laptop power parameters. If this did not help, pay attention to the approaches from the article Wi-Fi on a laptop is disconnected-the methods described in it can be useful in our case.
  • In the event that there are no Internet access to the devices connected to the distributed network, make sure that in the parameters of the hot spot in the “Joint Use of the Internet connection” the network has been selected on which the laptop is actually connected to the Internet (that is, it will be this network access to connected devices is provided).
  • An additional solution to the previous problem is the shutdown of third-party antivirus or checking its parameters: some antiviruses can block Wi-Fi by default by default.
  • If your laptop is equipped with a SIM card, and you try to distribute the Internet from it, then consider that some communication operators block the possibility of distributing at some tariffs: specify this moment if the problems arise in this scenario.
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Initial: 2 laptops, an Internet on one 3G modem, I set up a network with a SSID B password on it, the second laptop finds, connects, I can open common docks, but without access to the Internet. That I have not tried it. does not help. Computers changed places. the same story.

Shaft. it seems that you incorrectly indicate the compound for general access.

Did I understand correctly that if the laptop is connected to the wi-fi item, then it will not work to distribute from the laptop via Wi-Fi?

Alexander. Yes, the adapter can work either in one mode, or in another. Exception. models.

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Previous versions of Windows

But how to distribute the Internet from a laptop if Windows 7 is installed on it, which does not provide convenient staffing funds to organize an access point? A little more complicated, but there are at least two ways to solve the problem:

  • The fastest and most convenient option will be to use specialized programs. There are a considerable number of them, both paid and free: Mhotspot, Virtual Router, Connectify and others;
  • Through the command line using the command of the Wi-Fi virtual network. This method is more complicated, but the implementation of general access through it is somewhat more stable. over, it is not necessary to use applications, which, often, is a decisive factor.

So, the question “how to distribute the Internet through a laptop” is no longer worth it. as you can see, it is not at all difficult to do it at all. Recall that these instructions are applicable to a personal computer, managed by the appropriate OS.

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