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How to distribute the Internet from the Samsung smartphone (Android 7.0) by wi-fi

In this small instruction, I will show how to give the Internet via Wi-Fi from the Samsung phone. I had the opportunity to write instructions on the example of the Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone, with an already installed new Android 7 system.0 nougat. The same as on Samsung Galaxy S8 and other models. I think this article will be relevant for a long time and will be useful to many. In fact, setting the function “Access point and modem” on Android 7.0 is very simple, as on other versions and devices. But many users have all questions about this function.

We will distribute mobile Internet on Wi-Fi network to other devices. You can connect other smartphones, laptops, TVs and other devices. Samsung phone will be in the role of a router. In the settings “Access point and modem” can also be distributed to the Internet via Bluetooth and even on USB cable. Bluetooth is not very relevant now, but the cable can come in handy. For example, if you need an Internet on a stationary computer on which there is no Wi-Fi adapter. You can use the phone as a wired modem to enter the Internet via mobile operator.

note! Since we will distribute mobile Internet, I advise you to clarify the terms of your tariff plan. What is your megabyte limit and what is the limit on the limit. The device connected to the access point can pump out all the traffic, and an additional fee may be charged.

Some operators block the distribution of the Internet to other devices. Therefore, there is an option that it may not work will share the Internet.

Through Bluetooth

Through Bluetooth, you can distribute the Internet to another phone, laptop or PC if they have a Bluetooth option. To connect, you need to make preparatory settings for two devices that will distribute and receive the Internet.

  • Laptop, tablet or PC with Windows 10 OS, put the cursor on the Start panel, press the right key, select the “Parameters” section in the menu.
  • Open the “Device” tab, find the Bluetooth option and pull the slider to the “OB” position.
  • In the smartphone through “Settings”, find the section “Access point”. “Bluetooth”.
  • Run the search for the conjugation, wait a bit while the laptop is detected.
  • Когда появится имя нового устройства, нажать для сопряжения.
  • New devices will begin to exchange data, after which a request will come to confirm a unique code, the connecting of the devices occurs by pressing the yes button, confirm through a smartphone and laptop.
  • After the connection, on the phone, go again in the “Settings”, open the “modem mode” option, connect the “Bluetooth modem”.
  • On the laptop through the task panel, open the Bluetooth menu, find in the list “join your personal network”.
  • In the window that opens, the smartphone should already be displayed in the list of available devices for connecting. Select it by clicking on the panel on top of the option “Connect through”. “Access point”.
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Start using the connection via Bluetooth channel for free access to the Internet. The connection speed will be limited exclusively by the tariff plan.

details with the settings of the Internet distribution via Bluetooth for smartphones can be viewed in the video review

How to Share Wifi From iPhone to Android 2020

give, internet, samsung, iphone

How to give the Internet with iPhone. all ways

Experts highlight several methods on distributing the Internet with iPhone. Consider each of the solutions.

With Wi-Fi

The easiest way is to distribute with iPhone wi-fi after connecting the corresponding mode. The algorithm of actions:

A person who wants to connect with the Internet is included in the settings, then in the Wi-Fi section and finds the name of the profile in the list (for example, iPhone).

Then it remains to click on the name and enter the password. On average, to distribute Wi-Fi from the iPhone on the iPhone or other device is needed no more than 2-3 minutes.

Through Bluetooth

The second option is to distribute the Internet using Bluetooth. The algorithm is this:

Find a laptop or PC for connection and confirm the fact of creating a pair. This is enough to give the Internet. When connecting to a PC or laptop, pay attention to the appearance of a special icon right below.

Using a cable

The method is suitable for PC and laptops, because you can’t do without a USB wire here. First you need to connect the device to a computer or laptop using a cord, and then create an access point. Work is performed through the mood section. The algorithm is this:

Sweep the page into the very bottom and look at the settings. It is important that APN be registered here. Most often it is assigned in automatic mode (this fact depends on the operator). Login and password data does not matter. Next, go to the modem mode and set the password for access point.

To distribute the Internet through the wire with the iPhone, you do not need to enter a password. But it is better not to ignore this possibility and set the security code. Suddenly there will be no cord at hand and you will have to distribute Wi-Fi from 6 6s iPhone on a laptop or PC via wireless network.

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To turn off the distribution, it is necessary to deactivate the modem mode, turn off the Bluetooth or disconnect the cable depending on the connection method.

Samsung Smart TV: How to Connect to Internet WiFi (Wireless or Wired)

How to give the Internet from a phone via Bluetooth

If the laptop or PC has a built-in Bluetooth module, and the mobile device from Samsung has the same function, then using a USB adapter is not necessary. It is enough on a smartphone to activate the transmission mode of megabytes via Bluetooth, and in the computer settings change the basic parameters. Newcomers can use the following tips.

  • open “settings”;
  • choose the category of “connection” (“ more”, “ additional functions”);
  • open the tab “modem and access point” (“modem mode”);
  • Activate the “Bluetooth modem” mode by moving the runner to the right.
  • the smartphone settings and deploy the Bluetooth tab;
  • Update the list of devices available at the moment;
  • Find the name of the computer and slip on the line;
  • A digital code should appear on the phone screen and PC: if it matches, confirm the conjugation by clicking on the yes or “ok” button.

At the end of the taskbar, you will need to click on the Bluetooth icon and in the list select “Join the Personal Network (Pan)”.

Then it remains only to press the line where the phone model is indicated, and select “Access point” from the list of options.

How to give wi-fi on Android?

Open the “Settings” menu on the smartphone from which you want to distribute Wi-Fi. Choose the option “Access point and modem”. In the point “Mobile access point” you can start creating a WLANS network. Choose an existing hot spa profile or set up a new.

  • Go to the settings
  • Choose the point “Cellular communication”
  • Find the “Cellular data transfer network” there and go to the corresponding point
  • There are several fields for entering. At the very bottom, find the “modem mode” and enter the word “Internet” in the APN field
  • Voila!

Internet distribution from the phone via USB

Most often this method is used to share the Internet with PC. Since there are usually no Wi-Fi receiver on stationary computers, and they cannot be connected to the phone’s access point.

From Android phone, you can only give the Internet to computers with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, XP. On the Mac from the Android on the cable it will not be possible to distribute. But with the iPhone you can share the Internet on USB both with computers on Windows and on Mac OS.

give, internet, samsung, iphone

The phone on Android can be connected to the Wi-Fi network and receive the Internet through it, and not from a cellular operator. Work as a Wi-Fi receiver. If the phone has an active Wi-Fi connection, then try to turn off the mobile Internet.

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Android as a USB modem

  • Connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • We go to the settings, to the section “Modem and access point” or “”. “Modem mode”. We activate the item “USB modem”.
  • Access to the Internet should appear on the computer. A separate adapter (Remote NDIS BASED Internet sharing) will appear in the network connection.

detailed instructions:

iPhone as a USB modem

  • Connect the iPhone using a USB cable to a computer.
  • In the settings, in the “Modem mode” section, we activate the “allow others” item.
  • After setting up on the computer, an active Internet connection will appear.
  • If it does not work, then install ites on the computer, restart it and try to connect it again.

information about setting up this function on the iPhone is in this article.

Problems and their solutions

Now you know how to distribute the Internet from the phone to the Samsung tablet, laptop, PC, TV or other smartphone, which allows you to use the mobile device as a modem. But the connection is not always possible the first time. The reason may be errors in the settings, malfunctions in the work of the OS or other situations. Below consider what to do for each of the methods of connecting.

When used as a USB modem, Windows errors or problems with the device may appear. In this case, you need to apply for advice to the manufacturer. If the icon appears, but the Internet does not connect, check the setting of the mobile network on the Samsung Galaxy and make sure that there is the necessary amount on the SIM card. The quality of the coating is no less important. If the settings are made correctly, but it does not work to connect to the Internet, restart the device and make another attempt.

If you decide to distribute the Internet with Samsung via Wi-Fi, but you can’t do this, check the correctness of the password entered. If the connection icon appears, but there is no connection, make sure the correctness of setting up the mobile network on Samsung Galaxy. Also check the score and signal quality. With proper tuning, but the absence of the Internet, restart Samsung and another device.

give, internet, samsung, iphone