How to give the Internet from a phone on Android or iOS

Any modern phone can distribute the Internet to computers, tablets and other smartphones. It is enough to activate 3G or LTE on this phone and connect the right device to it via Bluetooth, USB or Wi.Fi. over, the third option allows you to distribute the Internet for several devices at once.

After a successful connection of gadgets to the smartphone, you can use the network on any of them, including the source device.

Some tariff plans may not support the modem mode. If the data is not transmitted after setting, contact the operator.

Wi-Fi access point from the phone on Android

To use the Android smartphone as a router, go to the settings, then, in the “Wireless Networks” section, select “” and on the next screen. “Modem mode”.

Mark the point “Access point Wi-Fi”. Settings of the wireless network created by your phone can be changed at the corresponding point-“Setting up the Wi-Fi access point”.

To change, the SSID access point, type of network encryption and password on Wi-Fi are available. After all the settings are made, you can connect to this wireless network from any device that supports this.

Setting a modem mode with the creation of a Wi-Fi access point on Android (using a phone as a router)

The Google Android mobile operating system has a function of creating a wireless access point. In order to enable this function, go to the Android phone settings, in the “Wireless Means and Networks” section, click the “” item, then open the “modem mode” mode. Then click “Configure the hot spot Wi-Fi”.

Here you can set parameters of a wireless access point created on the phone. SSID (wireless network name) and password. The point “Protection” is best left in the value of WPA2 PSK.

After you have finished setting up a wireless access point, mark the “portable hot spot Wi-Fi” with a checkmark. Now you can connect to the created access point from the laptop, or any Wi-Fi tablet.

Internet access via Bluetooth

On the same Android settings page, you can enable the “General Internet on Bluetooth” option. After this was done, you can connect to the Bluetooth network, for example, from a laptop.

To do this, make sure that the appropriate adapter is included on it, and the phone itself is visible for detection. Go to the control panel. “Devices and Printers”. “Add a new device” and wait for the discovery of your Android device. After the computer and phone are associated, click on the device list with the right mouse button and select the “Connect”. “Access point” item. For technical reasons, I did not succeed in implementing this at home, so I do not attach a screenshot.

How to share the Internet on Mac

It is quite easy to configure the overall access to the Internet both through the cable and through Wi-Fi. For this you will not need additional programs.

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  • Expand the Apple menu and go to the “System Settings” section → “General Access”.
  • Install the “General Internet” checkboard on the left panel and indicate in the list “General connection” on the right side of the window the type of connection of the current computer to the Internet. For example, if it is connected to the cable network, choose Ethernet.
  • In the field “For computers using”, select a general access to the Internet for other devices. For example, if you want to distribute the Internet without wires, choose Wi-Fi, if by cable, then Ethernet.

If you choose Wi-Fi, remove the “General Internet” flag, click “Wi-Fi settings” and set the name and password of the access point, then set the “General Internet” checkbox again.

give, internet, phone, router

After making these settings, you can connect other devices in the selected way to the computer.

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During the distribution of the Internet, traffic is routing from several devices to the source. The best and safe solution will be the acquisition of a router that will not take up a lot of space, and will be able to transfer traffic both through the local and through a wireless network.

But you can do without a router: OS Windows allows you to distribute traffic in means. The only condition: two network cards should be installed in the computer. One for the Internet, the second. for distribution.

Similarly, the distribution of the Wi-Fi adapter occurs: a cable with the Internet is connected to the network card, through the Wi-Fi adapter it exits its exit.

If you use a 4G modem as an Internet source, then have an additional network card.

Everything happens on the phone in the same way: a SIM card with connected 4G acts as a receiver, and the output traffic passes through the built-in Wi-Fi module.

Possible problems when setting up

Common problems in the procedure include those listed below.

Authentication error

The problem appears when joining the virtual line after the Wi-Fi debt work. The introduction of a new cipher may become source of termination of the connection with the net. Under the name will burn the inscription “Saved” or about the error of authentication.

To correct the situation, it is enough to hold the line name within a few minutes. After performing on the screen, the inscription “Delete or forget” will appear, you need to choose the right action. After the procedure is completed, the search for accessible connections is launched, relevant is selected and a repeated attempt is made.

“The Internet is not available” or “no network communication”

  • rebooting the adapter through pressing the Power button. then the mobile device is turned off and re.turn on, sometimes these actions are enough to restore the line performance;
  • Checking the activity of the proxy server-if it is included in the properties of the virtual grid, then there will be no Internet, to complete the task, it is enough to go into the list of available inputs, squeeze the shortcut and select “change” and “additionally” in the menu, then make sure that the PS has turned off.

For stable Internet performance and individual programs, an accurate installation of the current date and time is required. For convenience, most users prefer to connect automatic parameters adjustment.

The solution to the issue with the inaccessibility of the line is sometimes related to the change of statistical DNS server. To conduct the operation, it is enough to enter the network properties, select the “Additionally” block and move to the “IPV4” regulation subsection. In it, the information is prescribed in manual mode.

Internet distribution from phone to router

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We tell you how to distribute the Internet from phone to router so that your Android smartphone “divides” a signal with other devices. We will show the example on the Motorola G5 smartphone and the D-Link Dir 300 modem.

The distribution of the Internet from the phone to the router is set up on each device separately. Before you transfer the Internet from phone to router, make sure your modem supports the “Client” format. This can be checked in the web-integrator of the router in the column “Wireless network operating mode”.

First, create a telephone network and adjust the smartphone so that it distributes the signal.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Find the “” button and click.
  • On the new page, select the point “Modem mode and access point”.
  • Put a mark in the field “Portable access point Wi-Fi”.
  • In the same window, slip the section “Parameters”.
  • Fill in the fields:
  • Invent and write down the “network name”;
  • In the “Safety” line, set the “WPA2PSK” value;
  • Install an 8-digit password for mobile hotspot.
  • Click “Save”.

This is the adjustment of the smartphone for the distribution of cellular Internet is completed. The created fishing line for a trimmer will appear in the list for connecting. Now let’s set the router.

  • Open the configurator of the device and on the start page select the section “Master of the Wireless Network Settings”.
  • Here, set the switch to the “client” mode and click the “Next” button.
  • In the window that opens, select the created mobile network, click “Next”.
  • Enter the indicated password for connecting and the name of the network.
  • Click “apply”.

After setting up the “Client” mode, create a WAN connection with new parameters.

  • Go to the “Network” section.
  • On the page “WAN” click “Add”.
  • Fill in the lines:
  • “Connection type”. the one used by the mobile operator;
  • “Inte we”. “Wi-fi client”;
  • “Name”. the name of the mobile access point;
  • Put the marker “allow the direction of WAN”.
  • Click “Apply”.

After that, return to the “WAN” section and install the “default gateway” switch in a line with a mobile connection.

At the top of the page, click the notification “The configuration of the device is changed” to save the settings.

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