How to give the Internet from a phone on Android or iOS

Any modern phone can distribute the Internet to computers, tablets and other smartphones. It is enough to activate 3G or LTE on this phone and connect the right device to it via Bluetooth, USB or Wi.Fi. over, the third option allows you to distribute the Internet for several devices at once.

After a successful connection of gadgets to the smartphone, you can use the network on any of them, including the source device.

Some tariff plans may not support the modem mode. If the data is not transmitted after setting, contact the operator.

How to transfer the Internet to a laptop via a smartphone on Android 7 and below

It is easier to connect to the network using USB shnura on such devices. He comes with most modern gadgets. This is a very simple and quick way. The smartphone will also be charged. This is necessary:

  • Check that Internet access is active on the phone. This information is displayed at the top of the working panel.
  • Open the smartphone settings. On more new versions of the Android, click on the “” tab. Stick down on others and go to the special menu “Wireless Networks”.
  • Find the tab with the inscription “Modem”.
  • The function must be activated.

how to connect internet from mobile to PC via Bluetooth tethering android to pc

After that, the Internet will appear on the laptop in automatic mode. In some cases, you will need to wait until the software is established. Then you can start using the Internet.

Also on some old versions of the Android platform there is a distribution function through Wi-Fi. You need to check the connection to the Internet itself. After entering the settings and open the section “Network”. Go to the “modem” tab in it. After that, click “Activation of access points”. Next, come up with a name and password from the created network.

Function “Mobile Hotspot” in Windows 10

As a result of installing new updates in Windows10, the Mobile Hot Stop option has become available, which allows you to distribute traffic from PC to various Wi-Fi communications gadgets. It operates almost as third-party utilities, after the installation of which you can quickly configure to PC your own Wi-Fi network. Thanks to this, users manage to save a lot of time and effort.

  • Expand the Start menu and select the parameters item there.
  • Then, in the list that appears, select “Network and the Internet”.
  • Then open the function “Mobile hot spot”.
  • Then change the “Network” and “Password” for your own, and then click “Change”.
  • After that, you need to select a connection that has on the PC, with which it is connected to the provider (cable or modem) to shallow it on wireless communication. For this, the “joint Internet connection” window is provided.
  • Then you need to switch the slider so that other gadgets can use this connection to access to the Internet.

How to use Your Laptop as WiFi Hotspot

After the settings are completed, the gadgets can be connected to a Wi-Fi network for comfortable singing.

Through Bluetooth

The principle of actions when transferring mobile Internet from a gadget to a personal computer through the Bluetooth module is quite simple. This is done as follows:

  • First you need to activate the Bluetooth module on the smartphone;
  • Then you also need to go to the settings menu and activate the option called “Bluetooth Modem”. The presented option is located in the section called “Connections and General Access” in gadgets on the Android operating system;
  • In a laptop or on a personal computer, turn on the search for new devices or just add new;
  • Then a code should appear on the screen, which must be entered either on a personal computer or on a smartphone. It depends on which device the request for connection to the network is sent. The code must be entered as confirmation of a new conjugation;
  • After the contact between the devices will be established, the personal computer program automatically determines the method of access to the network. And if this did not happen, it will be necessary to create a new connection to the network yourself in the “Center for Control of the Networks” on your personal computer.

It is worth noting that the user can transmit mobile traffic from his device presented by several different devices. However, the radius of the action of such a connection with the Internet is only a few meters. And with an increase in the distance from the source of the Internet, it will contribute to the deterioration of data transfer and the quality of the Internet connection.

By the link attached below, you can watch a video that tells how to distribute a mobile Internet to a personal computer via a Bluetooth module:

Using Android phone as a USB modem

If you connect your phone to a laptop using a USB cable, then in the modem mode the modem mode will become an active option by a USB modem. After you turn it on, a new device will be installed in Windows and a new.

Provided that your computer will not be connected to the Internet in other ways, it will be used to enter the network.

How to give a mobile Internet from a phone via USB (phone as a USB modem)

Using opportunities

  • We connect a smartphone to a computer using a USB cable.
  • We go to the “Settings” menu.””.”Modem mode”. Put a checkmark opposite the “USB-modem” item.

Using EasyTether Lite

This method allows you to distribute the Internet from a phone on a PC with any operating system: Windows, Mac and even various Linux distributions.

  • First of all, you need to download and install this application to your phone, run and put aside aside.
  • On the computer (or, if there is no Internet, then on the phone) we follow the link http: // www.Mobile-Stream.COM/EasyTether/Drivers.HTML and select “Universal 32/” (for Windows) as shown in the screenshot and download the file.

How to distribute the Internet from Samsung Galaxy via Wi-Fi

The easiest way to give the Internet from a phone via Wi-Fi to a computer, laptop, tablet or other smartphone. In this case, take into account that by Wi-Fi it is possible to distribute only mobile Internet (received from the communication operator), the process itself looks as follows:

  • On your Samsung smartphone, go to the settings. connection. Mobile access point and modem.
  • At the top turn on the item “Mobile point of access”. If you are informed that you need to turn off Wi-Fi, agree (since we cannot distribute the available Wi-Fi connection in this way, as I mentioned above).
  • In order to change the name of the network, find out or change the password, click on the “Mobile Access point” point and indicate the necessary data instead of standard.
  • After that, you can connect to the created wireless network from any other devices and use your phone mobile Internet from them.

Several nuances that may be important in the context of Internet distribution on Wi-Fi from the phone:

  • Do not forget that the Internet is required to be connected and active mobile Internet.
  • Some communication operators at some tariffs block the possibility of distributing mobile Internet from phone to other devices.
  • If you need to quickly connect another phone to the Internet, in the settings of the mobile access point on Samsung, you can click on the qr code icon at the top right and scan the generated code with another smartphone.
  • If traffic is limited to your tariff, take into account that by connecting your PC or laptop to the created access point, you can quickly use it (for example, if the OS updates start to download).

Mobile Internet distribution methods

The phone connection to the computer is carried out by wired and wireless-using the USB pipeline and through the Wi-Fi access point.

In addition, you can distribute mobile Internet via Bluetooth, but we will consider this method the last, because it has fewer advantages than the other two.

Wi-Fi access point

Most effectively distribute mobile traffic on several devices via Wi-Fi if you work from a laptop or computer with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Then the smartphone performs the function of the router.

In the settings menu, find the “Wi-Fi access point” and activate. 2. Next, click “Setting up access point”. 3. Make sure the Wi-Fi-bands of the phone and computer coincide 4. Set up traffic restriction or just turn it off. 5. Enter the network name, protective code for connecting a computer.

A personal wi-fi access for any password is activated on the smartphone. Do not forget that the Internet must work on the smartphone.

The advantages of this type of communication in a wide range of coverage, fast speed of the Internet connection, as well as the ability to parallel to connect different devices. The only minus is that the smartphone consumes a lot of energy and quickly sits down.

Internet distribution to a computer via a USB modem

Unlike a wireless connection via a Wi-Fi network, the connection via a USB modem has important advantages: the smartphone battery is not discharged; Internet distribution to any devices without a Wi-Fi module; Internet quality is higher and more stable.

Connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable and configure the phone to connect as follows:

Open the settings network and Internet access point and modem

Turn on the USB modem by moving the slider and check that the cable is correctly connected on both sides.

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At the display at the time of connection, the window will open with the offer to make the computer a public. This is not necessary, so just click “No”.

Now you can use a mobile Internet on a computer.

Disadvantages of the USB workshop:

mandatory presence of a suitable wire;

Through Bluetooth If the previous methods of distributing mobile Internet on PC do not work, a Bluetooth model will help you. For activation, you need:

Turn on Bluetooth on devices 2. Find your computer on a smartphone among Bluetooth. 3. If necessary, enter or approve the conjugation code. 4. Go along the following path: Connection settings Bluetooth access point.

Disadvantages: a difficult connection method, a small range of action is less than 10 meters, the phone is quickly discharged.

So, you learned about the methods of distributing the Internet from a smartphone that allow a computer or laptop to have active access to the network. An important meeting or urgent work outside the house now will not have to be postponed for later.

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Almost every modern phone with a working Internet can perform the functions of a modem.