Using as an Access Point

When using your smartphone as an access point, the following must be taken into account:


  • Internet distribution is an outgoing traffic. Incoming traffic comes in through the networks of the mobile operator. It is usually limited. Before turning on the access point, you need to check the available traffic balance.
  • Not all carriers allow you to give out WI-FI. Some of them impose a ban on such actions.
  • In some packages, there may be a connection slowdown in such cases. And it is allowed to make it fast enough for a fee.
  • When your smartphone takes on an extra load as an access point, it significantly increases power consumption. The charge may run out much faster than the owner expects.
  • On hot summer days, be aware that operating in hotspot mode can cause your device to overheat and break down.

When your phone helps other devices access the World Wide Web, traffic usually goes up sharply. This kind of connection may be more expensive.

Android mobile devices support hotspot mode. They can be used as a modem to connect other appliances to the Internet. In this case, you can fully use the network access and on the smartphone, but the connection speed will fall.

Android devices support several modem modes:

Usually the Wi-Fi mode is used, as it is the most convenient for users. How to make a wireless network on your phone? Instructions for owners of Samsung devices:

  • Open settings.
  • Go to Connections.
  • Select “Access Point and Modem.
  • Turn on the mobile hotspot.

This is a simple instruction on how to give out Wi-Fi on Samsung. Usually the phone sets the network name and password by itself. Under “Mobile hotspot” you can view these parameters, change them if necessary.

Your smartphone has turned into a wireless modem. Now open the section on other devices to connect to Wi-Fi, find the network and enter the password. It is recommended to use encryption so that third-party users can’t join Wi-Fi and intercept data.

How to connect the TV to the Internet?

Once the access point is set up on the phone, you can move on to the procedure for connecting the TV. Instructions:

  • Press the “Menu” button on the TV remote (or on the TV itself);
  • In the list that appears, select “Network” “Settings”;
  • Select the type of connection. wireless. Smart TV will start searching for active connections and will offer the owner a list of those found;
  • from the list to select the necessary name of the smartphone, enter the data that was generated or set by the user during activation;
  • confirm the entered data.

The connection algorithm is relevant for all modern receivers, the name of the items may not vary significantly.

How to give the Internet from your phone to your Samsung phone

Samsung is trying to make its shell for Android smartphones unique. That is why some simple functions, such as transferring the Internet are included here in a slightly different way.

Some people like it, while others can’t figure out where the right tools are and how to set up a mobile hotspot at all.

Last material was about how to reset Samsung to factory settings. Now we will figure out how to transfer the Internet from a Samsung phone to another phone.

How to Share Internet from a Samsung Galaxy Phone

Hi! Today I will show you how to share the Internet with your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can distribute internet from your smartphone to your laptop, computer, tablet, other phone for free. You can use your device as a modem. It’s quick and easy. See the instructions below and write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you don’t understand anything. Let’s go!

On the home screen, slide your finger down from the top edge of the display.

In the window that opens, click on the Mobile hotspot icon.

You will see the Turn Off Wi-Fi window. You must turn off Wi-Fi in order to use the hotspot. Press Ok.

You will be shown a notification that this feature and the modem are on. Click on the notification.

The settings show you your network name and password for connecting other devices. At the bottom, see instructions on how to distribute the internet. See, it’s very simple:

  • On your laptop, in the taskbar, bottom right, click on the Internet indicator;
  • You will see a list of available networks to connect to;
  • Find there the name of the network of your smartphone, which is specified in the settings;
  • Click on the network name;
  • Enter your password, which is also listed in your mobile hotspot settings;
  • You are all set. You have connected the internet from your smartphone to your laptop.

At the top right, click on Properties.

In the window that opens, click on the Mobile Hotspot Setting tab.

How to distribute the internet from your Samsung phone?

Just like any other Android smartphone, you can use your Samsung to give Internet access to other devices, including your computer, laptop, tablet, other smartphone, etc.д. The main thing is that your service provider does not forbid the. There are? Some tariffs do prohibit distribution, although the traffic used directly from the phone may be completely unlimited, so be careful.

Setting a password and other parameters

You can set a password on any smartphone of the company, but let’s see how it is done on the Samsung Galaxy S860 and its smaller model S850.

After configuring the access point will pop up a choice of how to distribute, we need “Use WLAN connection”. The following menu will open, there you should click on “Configure the main point of the wireless network”. Next, a window will appear in which you must enter the desired name of the access point, its password and method of protection, including WPA2 PSK and WPA PSK. When all the data is entered, you need to click on the “Save” button.

After these simple manipulations, the Wi-Fi access point is ready and, importantly, it is protected from tampering. Now you can freely share the Internet to anyone you tell your password.

However, this is not the only way to distribute the Internet. It is possible to do this with a third party program.

Wi-Fi router

Now let’s consider a more advanced way. how to share Wi-Fi on Samsung to several devices simultaneously and without leads. Follow a few steps to apply this method:

  • Set up the internet and enable mobile data on the smartphone. To do this, follow steps 1 to 5 of the above instruction.
  • On your phone, open Settings and go to the Connections section. If there is no such item on your phone, go to the next step.
give, wi-fi, samsung
  • Start the mobile hotspot section. If everything is done correctly, an icon appears on top of the Samsung. This indicates that you can share the Internet with other users.
  • On the device where you plan to connect, scan and select the Android AP network. You can change this name in the settings if you want.
  • Specify the password that is set to connect to the Wi-Fi network and make sure the connection.

This is how you can share your phone’s Internet connection with your Samsung TV, laptop, smartphone, or any other device.

The advantages of data transfer via Wi-Fi. the ability to give out Wi-Fi without installing additional programs on your PC. In addition, it is easy to connect to the phone Samsung different equipment with no limit on the number.

But there are also disadvantages, which are expressed in a lower speed of data transfer “through the air” and the rapid discharge of the mobile device. In contrast to the USB connection, there is no constant charging through the connector, so you need to monitor the battery status.

The first way to distribute the Internet to other devices from your Samsung phone. configure a wired connection. In this case, the cell phone becomes a modem. Synchronization is done with a wire, so it is most relevant for distribution to a computer or laptop.

Setting up your Samsung phone to sync by wire is convenient for two reasons:

  • To ensure a high-speed connection, you must use the original USB cable;
  • simultaneous use of the Internet is not possible. only the PC has access to the network.

To configure the Samsung A50 as a modem, you need to make sure that the phone is configured to work with the mobile Internet. After that the device will be connected to your laptop via USB cable. The drivers will be automatically installed on your notebook. End of the process is accompanied by a notification in the tray. the gadget will write that the software is installed. If the installation does not start automatically, download Smart Switch (Kies). but do not start it.

After installing the necessary software in the smartphone, you need to drop the curtain down and find the window with the type of connection. you need to specify “USB modem”. For older Samsung phones, S8 and others from 2017 or earlier, the connection notification may not appear. Go to settings, find the tab “Connection” or “Mobile networks. Find submenu “modem/access point” “networks” “more”, check “USB modem”. A connection notification will appear on the Samsung Galaxy screen, and after a few seconds a similar message will be displayed in the tray PC.