Giving away Honor Internet via USB to your computer

Sometimes it happens that the Internet is not available on the PC (for example, if the user didn’t pay for it in time).

In this case, you can connect to the mobile Internet as follows:

  • Connect the phone to PC with USB cable.
  • Confirm connection to the phone.
  • Slide the “curtain” and activate mobile data transfer.
  • Enter settings.
  • Select “Wireless networks”.
  • Choose “USB Modem” as modem mode.
  • Connecting a USB modem

Remain to go to PC in the list of available networks and select the desired Honor hotspot. If we set a password in the settings, it will have to be entered from the computer.

Wi-Fi via USB

If for some reason the connection with wireless access point does not suit you, you can use standard USB-cable. In this case you should also make sure the phone is connected to mobile networks. Further you have to perform several steps:

  • Connect Honor to PC via USB.
  • Go to “Settings” of the smartphone and select “Wireless networks”.
  • Open the “Modem Mode” section and move the slider opposite the “USB Modem” inscription to the “On” position.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes until the necessary drivers are automatically installed on the computer.

Important! According to Google, connecting their devices (including Honor) to a Mac OS computer is impossible. Keep this in mind to avoid buying a new cable by mistake.

How to activate modem mode on your Honor phone via Wi-Fi

This is the most common way to create a hotspot. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Make sure that the internet is configured correctly and that the connection is available.
  • Go to settings and find “Wireless networks” and then the “Mobile communications” section.
  • Turn on mobile data transfer as the main mode. Or you can pull the “curtain” with the quick settings and activate the appropriate mode there.
  • In “Wireless Networks” tap on “Modem Mode.
  • Press “Wi-Fi hotspot”.
  • Go to settings and specify the name, data encryption (optional).
  • Set security password if necessary. It will have to be specified by another user when connecting to the created access point.
  • Save the settings.

The same way the hot spot connections, which are used in cafes and other crowded places, are created.

How to configure the Internet on Huawei: step by step instructions

Owners of Chinese smartphones are often concerned about how to configure the Internet Highway. Connection should be automatic, but sometimes the network does not work, and then you have to do it yourself. Here are detailed instructions on how to set up the Internet connection manually.

Huawei smartphone

How to give out Wi-Fi from Huawei and Honor phone?

The capabilities of smartphones are expanding every year. 10 years ago it was hard to imagine that the phone could replace a computer, getting access to the Internet for browsing and downloading content. Now on any model you can watch video, listen to music and communicate in social networks, if you have enabled Internet connection. If there is no signal there is a possibility to connect to internet via modem mode on Honor and Huawei phones.

How to distribute Internet on Honor Huawei

Imagine that you have gone to visit your country house and you find out that your mobile operator does not have a signal in this place. How sad it is, but the connection is not everywhere. It turns out that one of us is connected to the Internet, while the other is not.

And we can hardly imagine our life without internet. Here we face the question how to distribute Internet on Honor 8х,9х,10 and 20 models via Wi-Fi connection to other devices.

How to deinstall the Internet via Wi-Fi on Honor 8x phones

We will distribute the Internet from the phone which has a stable signal reception in the given place.

We switch on the Honor phone and go to settings

In the settings select Wireless networks

Select Modem Mode in the next window

Next, go to the item Wi-Fi Access Point

Mine is called Honor 8x (the name could be different for you)

Next step is to create password for access point. Open the tab Access point settings

Think up your password (it must be at least eight characters) and remember it. To make it easier you can think of a password 00000000 or 12345678

And press save button at the bottom

Go one step back and enable our hotspot Phone Honor 8x to distribute the Internet

After turning on the connection to the Internet on your phone should be such an icon as on the photo

The first phase of distributing the Internet we have completed, now take another phone and connect to our access point.

Sharing internet from the Honor phone to another phone

Turn on the phone to which you want to connect the Internet and go to.settings

The slider moves in the direction of switching on

Find the phone that is sharing the Internet. As you remember our network phone that distributes the Internet is called Honore8x phone (I repeat, you may have a different name)

If you can not see the network of the giving phone at the bottom is a circle with the inscription refresh. Click on it.

Once you have found the network, go to it

Here it is necessary to specify the password. (The password as you will remember we created the actions above)

The only thing you have to do afterwards is to run the application and connect it, and if you have done everything correctly, the internet will work on your phone.

Via applications

There are quite a few applications that allow you to share the Internet with other devices. The convenience of using them is that it is enough to set the right parameters once and then it is only necessary to run the application at the right time. In this case you will not have to crawl through the settings of your smartphone for the desired function.

There are a huge number of apps in the Google Play store. Their functionality is about the same. There are paid versions and free versions, but they contain ads for other products. An example of one of the most versatile and free applications is Wi-Fi hotspot.

This application not only knows how to share a mobile network via Wi-Fi, but also via Bluetooth. In addition, you can set the traffic limit for the devices and the session time. This application is great for creating access points in public places.

Bluetooth sharing on Honor phones

In some cases, it is possible to share the signal from the phone via Bluetooth. It is not difficult to do this, you need to switch to this mode and connect another device. To perform this action, you will need:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select the item “Mobile networks” (sometimes it is the item “Wireless networks”).
  • Next, you need to select “Personal hotspot” (in some models, “Modem mode”).
  • Move Bluetooth slider under “” to active position.

After this you must connect the other device to the smartphone. For this purpose on the second gadget it is required to find a name of the first and to carry out pairing via Bluetooth. Then do the following:

  • Go to the connection settings (this is done by long pressing on the Bluetooth icon).
  • In the “Pairing devices” section, find the desired one and select the gear-like icon next to it.
  • As a result the “PAN Profile” or the “Internet Access” item should become active.

If everything is done correctly, the other device will access the Internet through this gadget.

Warning! With Bluetooth turned on, phone data becomes available to many surrounding people, caution is advised.

Honor 8 problem with WIfI

Doing USB Internet Sharing with Honor

If the PC or laptop does not support Wi-Fi connection (there is no appropriate module and headset), you can use the smartphone as a standard USB modem. Depending on the operating system, you may need to install the drivers on your computer before connecting your phone in modem mode. Refer to your computer’s OS manual for more information.

To distribute the Internet via USB, you need to:

  • Connect your phone to your computer via USB. To do this, use the cable that comes with your smartphone.
  • Wait for the correct drivers to install and for the connection to be established.
  • Open “modem mode” feature on your smartphone.
  • Go to the network diagnostics center and make sure that the new connection is configured correctly.