Step-by-step instructions And on the site, find the necessary settings to put in your phone. Now, go to the main menu of the smartphone, then to the “Settings” menu, and then go to the “Wireless” (“Wireless networks”) section. After that, check the “Mobile Internet” option.

We need to get into the settings of the device. After that, it is necessary to turn on the slider or check the checkbox (for Android 4. in front of the menu item “WI-FI” or “WLAN”), which are responsible for turning on the Wi-Fi module. After you turn on the WI-FI, you need to enter the menu of network settings.

How to activate mobile data on Sony Xperia

How to give out Wi-Fi from Sony Xperia phone

On this page you will find instructions on how to give out on Sony Xperia Internet via Wi-Fi. You can share the Internet from your Sony phone via Wi-Fi to another phone, tablet, laptop, computer, TV and other devices with Wi-Fi technology.

The Wi-Fi hotspot on your Sony Xperia lets you share your phone’s Internet connection to multiple devices at once. The main thing that the phone supports high-speed internet, that the tariff should have unlimited internet or a big traffic pack, and choose the SIM card for internet access. Below we will show you two ways on how to enable Wi-Fi access point in the phone Sony, the first through the settings, the second through the menu with quick access to useful features, and you select for yourself the most convenient.

1) How to share Wi-Fi internet on your Sony Xperia with Android 10, 9, 8 via Settings: Open Settings on your phone. In the settings we open the item Network and Internet. Next, go to Access Point and Modem. Then go to the item Wi-Fi Access Point, where you activate it by moving the slider button as shown in the screenshot below.

Now other phones, tablets, computers and other devices can connect to the internet from your Sony phone, so remember to turn on your mobile internet. Also here you can change the name of the access point WI-FI, see the password from the Wi-Fi phone Sony and change it, as well as perform other settings.

2) The second way also allows you to share the Internet from the phone Sony via Wi-Fi: Pull down from the top edge of the screen and open the menu with the quick settings of the phone. In the menu that opens, we need to click on the icon Access point alt=”knopka vklucheniu tochku dostupa Wi-Fi on Sony” /. Look at the attached screenshot below, the Access Point icon alt=”knopka vklucheniu tochku dostupa Wi-Fi na Sony“/selected.

If there is no icon of Access point in this menu, then move this menu to the left, maybe this button is on the second screen. If it is not there, then click on the pencil that is under this menu and drag this icon above and then it will appear. If you hold this button for a long time, you can go straight to the advanced settings, where you can change the Wi-Fi password on your Sony phone, change the Wi-Fi protection, frequency range, etc.

I hope the instruction on how to enable Wi-Fi hotspot on Sony Xperia was useful. Don’t forget to leave feedback and specify the model of device and the way of how you managed to give Wi-Fi access from your Sony phone, so other users will find your help. Thanks for being responsive!

How to Share the Internet on Android

Android is the mobile operating system from the world-famous search engine Google. The system is one of the most flexible, customizable and supported on a variety of devices. Android is not only installed on modern smartphones, thanks to its flexibility, it can run on devices such as home appliances, smart watches or even smart glasses. This OS is quite demanding to the smartphone resources and is close in its simplicity and logic to a variety of users, from those who “only for calls” to geeks who use any smartphone to the maximum, squeezing out all the features. Android because of its availability is installed as the main OS on almost all smartphones in the entry price segment. Thanks to this it has spread around the world, so, today, its share of all mobile systems is more than 80%. As you know, the main advantage of Android is its functionality. Nowadays any smartphone without an internet connection loses all its meaning. But sometimes it happens that there is no possibility to connect to the internet due to technical reasons. In such cases, Wi-Fi always comes to the rescue. Support of these wireless networks is available in any Android smartphone, so in difficult situations your friend can always “share” the Internet, because on Android you can also give out the Internet.

In order to distribute the internet on Android, you do not need to install any additional programs and applications, everything is available and can be realized with the built-in features.

How to Share Internet on Android:1. The first thing to do is to go to Settings;2. Then, go to the Wireless Networks section;3. Turn on Wi-Fi;4. Next, either select in the same Wireless Networks section or, if there is no such section, select Modem Mode;5. Enable the Wi-Fi Access Point option (a checkmark will appear in front of it) ;6. Select Setup Access Point, and enter any of your network names and passwords there.

That’s it, your smartphone can share the internet with others. Just don’t forget to turn on the internet itself on your device and save your password.

  • Press the “Menu” button and select “Settings”.
  • Select the Wireless section.
  • Check the “Mobile internet” option
  • Enter the Mobile Networks menu and create a new access point
  • 2) Fill in the fields APN, username and password.
  • IVR. by calling the number 303;
  • USSD. by making a request 303#;
  • SMS. send an empty message to 303. to get all settings, with text 1. to get Internet settings, with text 2. to get WAP settings, with text 3. to get MMS settings.

The price issue in this case depends on the specific mobile operator. So, the Beeline Internet Campaign costs from 60 units of unlimited traffic for a month to 152 units per day with unlimited traffic.

And Megafon campaign allows distribution almost without limit on tablets and smartphones, but only on them. There are restrictions when downloading torrents (128 Kbps). You won’t be able to use your SIM card in a router or modem to distribute Wi-Fi in this way; your card will simply be blocked.

MTS allows you to give away 10Gb of traffic for free during a month. If you use up these 10 Gigabytes, the price will be 80 per day.

Yota and Tele2 offer to pay: 90 for 2 hours of sharing; 190 for 24 hours of sharing; 100 for 30 days of sharing. Separately, the operators of Tele2 prohibit to give out the Internet, if you use the unlimited traffic.

How to distribute mobile internet from your smartphone via Wi-Fi? Setting up a hotspot (Wi-Fi router) on your Android OS phone

I have promised several times to write a detailed guide, which describes and shows by way of example the configuration of access point (Wi-Fi router). On phones that run on the Android operating system. If I am not mistaken, all Android smartphones have the ability to distribute mobile Internet via Wi-Fi to other devices.

If your phone has pure Android installed, then most likely this feature is called Access Point. On HTC smartphones (I have one). This feature is called Mobile Wi-Fi Router.

I think you already know what this feature is and how it works. If not, then in a few words I will tell you. You can turn your Android phone into an access point, a kind of mobile Wi-Fi router. You will be able to share your smartphone Internet with other devices, such as TV, tablet, laptops, other smartphones, etc. д.

That is, the smartphone will take the Internet, which provides you with your provider and distribute over Wi-Fi. What is it, I think, figured out. This is a very useful feature considering the fact that mobile Internet today is not very expensive, and the operators offer quite normal rates.

The phone itself is Android, configured and working Internet (if your phone sites in the browser open, then everything is ok). and the devices you will connect to your smartphone. On my HTC, I can connect a maximum of 5 devices at a time.

I, will show by the example of the HTC One V. I will connect the tablet Asus MeMO Pad FHD 10, and a laptop. If you have a different phone, like Samsung, LG, Lenovo, etc. д., That’s okay, the setup process will not differ practically.

Detailed instructions on how to share the Internet from your smartphone

Today almost any phone can act as a modem. Most plans include Internet traffic that can be consumed not only from your smartphone, but also shared with other devices. Let’s break down step by step how to distribute the Internet from a phone to a laptop or tablet, for example.

Step by step instruction is universal and suitable for all models and brands: Alcatel, Asus, Lenovo, Meizu, Philips, Nokia, Oppo, Phillips, Prestigio, Sony Xperia, HTC, Samsung, Xiaomi (Redme), ZTE, BQ, Vertex, Micromax, Umidigi, Oukitel, Texet, Leagoo, Dexp, Doogie, Huawei (Honor), HomTom, etc.д. There may be minor differences in interfaces due to Android versions.

Possible problems

The most common problem is the failure of an external modem, if it is used to connect. There are other factors that affect your connection:

  • Incorrect network settings. They should be checked with the operator.
  • Module failure. Wi-Fi icon will be gray. It is recommended to contact a specialist for replacement, self-repair can aggravate the situation.
  • Lack of funds in the account. If there is no usual HSPDA-internet, you can not use the cell phone instead of a router, until the balance is replenished.