How to find stolen iPhone

IPhone loss is a real tragedy for the owner, more often not even because of the high cost of the product. The cause of the disorder in most cases is a loss of important information along with the device. But there may be personal data, accounts, work. If the iPhone was stolen, which is most likely disconnected, which complicates the search. What to do if I was stolen by iPhone and turned it off how to find a device?

It will not work to track the location of the off, but you can see the last location when the phone was still active. In this case, ICLOUD COM can be used. In the list of devices, the iPhone will be reflected. That is, opposite it will be a gray mark. The map will be displayed where the gadget was the last time until it was turned off.

The function with which you can see the last location of the phone is on devices with iOS 8 and all subsequent. Therefore, the old models will not be able to find according to this method.

Attention! This function also needs to be configured.

To do this, go to the ICLOD website, in the “Find iPhone” section, we activate the “Send the last location” button.

Using a computer

To find the device through PC, you also need to enter icloud. We must not forget that you will need to enter the Apple ID and password. Next, you need to follow the instructions:

  • We go to “Find iPhone”.
  • In the application menu, select “All devices”.
  • We find and choose a lost gadget;
  • In a couple of seconds on the map you can see where the mobile was the last time.

Switch from Android to iPhone with Move to iOS

It is possible that the iPhone was simply lost, stayed in a cafe, with friends. Useful in this case will be the function of the sound signal. Also, on the phone screen, thanks to the regime, a message will be displayed, the one who finds the mobile will definitely see it.

Attention! It is better to write in SMS how to contact the owner.

The gadget will remain blocked. The loss mode is better to activate immediately after the loss of the device. If important data that should not fall into the hands of the attackers are stored on the gadget, you can erase them.

Manipulations that can be carried out using any computer will be enough to block the device, find it, or delete important data. Activation of the loss mode does not affect the geolocation of the device.

From another iPhone

During the theft, or the loss of the gadget, the proximity may not be PC. But in such a situation, the one who also owns the iPhone can help.

You can ask friends and acquaintances and try to find iPhone through another iPhone. On a strange phone, we go to the device search application. After starting, you need to undergo authorization using your data. A map will appear on the screen on which the location of the phone will be indicated. According to these data, you can start looking for a smartphone.

How to find iPhone if it is turned off

Unfortunately, if the device is not active, it will not be possible to turn it on remotely. In order to find the stolen iPhone by location, it must be active, only under this condition the location will be displayed correctly.

If the mobile is disconnected, then only its last location will be displayed on the map. You can go in search of a phone to the specified place. The same device awaits the device if it is outside the network of the network.

Find iPhone

The search program was developed for the iOS 5 operating system and remained in all subsequent versions of the OS. The presentation of this function was the sixth of June two thousand eleventh years. Over time, this became not just a service, but a separate application with a set of opportunities that have no analogues from other manufacturers.

In order to track where the gadget is now, you need to go to the icloud under his account. In the menu that opens, you must choose to find the iPhone, after which a card will open in the iCloud indicating the place where the desired device is located. This function works even if the iPhone is turned off, but you must remember that in this case the search program remembers the place where the phone was online for the last time.

This information is saved in the search system for twenty.four hours, after which it is not possible to establish the location of the lost device, even through ICLOUD, is not possible using this search method. The search works not only through a computer, but also through mobile devices, it is enough to know information about your account.

Basic actions

There are simple and well.known methods for protecting your data when you lose your device. This is especially true if the iPhone was stolen:

  • It is necessary to change all the passwords entered by you on the device so that the robber, if he manages to bypass the telephone with a password, cannot get your confidential information. Apple products have the opportunity to erase data from the lost device remotely. To do this, just use the account, under which the iPhone is registered.
  • Make a call to your number if he did not give a result, perform actions to protect his data.
  • Block the SIM card for a while, for example, before the release of a new. This will help save your money on the account and will not allow you to go into a subsequent balance.
  • Remember the places where you have recently visited. It is possible that you just forgot your phone, and he calmly waits for you where you left it. If you have been to some institutions or organizations, but do not find the phone at the place where, in your opinion, it should be, contact the employees and those present. Perhaps people noticed the phone left and removed it, in the hope that the owner would remember the loss and return.
  • It will be useful to report the loss on social networks. Perhaps someone found your phone and will go to you through this form of communication. You can post information on your page and in publics of different topics. And there are also many sites where you can report the loss. The more information about the loss of the phone will be posted, the greater the chance that it will be returned.

The Apple Arsenal also has a convenient function of the loss mode. This mode also works through iCloud. When activating this function, your phone number is displayed on the iPhone screen, on which you can contact you and the one who finds the phone can call you without problems and return the smartphone. If the phone is in this mode, then it is possible to call it, and also receive calls, so the connection between you and finding the phone is possible in two.way.

It is important to know whether to save or somewhere write the number of the IMEI phone, the device will be able to track it in a cellular cabin or in the police. According to other information, the smartphone will be found practical.

Sites to help

The Internet has a huge number of sites with lists of missing and stolen phones. You can add your smartphone to a similar list and hope for the honesty of people whose hands got the phone. And, of course, that these people will check this phone to find it in the lists of such sites. Example of such a site:

Methods of protecting the phone

IPhone manufacturers came up with another measure of security. If all attempts to find a smartphone have failed, you can use the Activation Lock function available in your iCloud. This mode will allow you to block the iPhone remotely, and the one who found or stole the phone will not be able to use it. This applies provided that the attacker does not know your Apple ID data (login and password from the owner’s account).

In short, then the Apple protection system performs several functions:

  • On the global geographical map determines the location of the phone if it is turned off. The approximate place is determined.
  • Makes a loud signal to detect a phone.
  • Connects special regulations for blocking the device and its location.
  • Deleys all data from the phone using the account and the data saving function not only on the device itself, but also in the account. a kind of cloud storage.

After it became clear that the smartphone was lost, you need to contact the police. The loss of loss will be accepted, since the value of the iPhone is greater than the minimum possible value of stolen or lost things necessary for contacting the police and initiating a criminal case. Law enforcement agencies must be provided with a certain package of documents. Passport of a citizen or any other country, documents for the iPhone and a check for the purchase of a smartphone.

The latest iPhone models are characterized by some innovations. Apple can track even turned off phones. With the incorrectly several times password smartphone:

  • Imitates the departure in sleep mode.
  • Constantly sends information about his location.
  • Sends photos of the place where he is now.

It remains to add that all this works only on condition that the device is connected to the Internet. Therefore, it is better not to turn off the Internet. When the Internet is disconnected, additional difficulties will arise in the search. And this also applies to methods. how to find iPhone if it is turned off. And we must remember that you need to have access to your iCloud.

Despite a fairly large number of ways to find iPhone, one hundred percent success in finding cannot be guaranteed and you need to be prepared for the fact that the smartphone can be lost irrevocably.

Watch a video tutorial that will tell you how to find your iPhone if it is turned off. What to do if I lost iPhone? How to track iPhone from another iPhone? Stole the phone, how to find it? We hope that you will never ask yourself all these questions. there will be no reason. But if there is a nuisance, then you will quickly deal with the problem after a visual video car on this topic. Successful search!

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How to find iPhone if it is turned off

Thanks to geolocation services, finding lost or stolen iPhone will not be difficult. However, it happens that a thief or an found phone is immediately turned off the device. Then the question remains unresolved about how to find iPhone if it is turned off.

How to Find Your iPhone Even If It’s Dead or Offline in iOS 15.5

iphone, turned, search, programs

Find the iPhone, if it is turned off, the service from the iCloud manufacturer will help. To search, it is necessary to include tracking geolocation on the phone and install the “Find iPhone” program.

If you have lost your phone, but it is discharged or was turned off, you can go to the icloud website.COM or in the “Find iPhone” program from another device from Apple. There you need to enter your ID and password. After you enter the correct data to the system, you can track the current position of your gadget. If the smartphone is disconnected, then the latter, fixed by the geopolition services, the position of the device will be displayed on the map. You can try to look for your phone in this place, because it is quite possible that you just dropped it, and the gadget turned off.

If you are sure that the iPhone is nearby, you can give a sound signal through the iCloud. Even the turn off the phone should respond to such a request.

If the smartphone was stolen, but the thief turned it off, you can try to send a message to the device with a request to return the phone for a reward with the “Find iPhone” program. When the iPhone is turned on even with another SIM card, it will appear on its screen.

iphone, turned, search, programs

If all these methods are found off the iPhone, do not give a result, try to wait a while, it is possible that the device will be online a little later.

To speed up the search for your phone, you can contact law enforcement agencies with a statement about theft. You will need to take a passport with you, documents for the phone and a payment check. Inform the police place and the conditions in which it occurred.

On the day the law enforcement agencies is applied, a request will be made to the service of mobile operators. Based on the results of this appeal, it will be possible to find out which SIM card is inserted into the phone.

There is an additional opportunity to find the iPhone turned off. You can bring it to the base of stolen or lost phones on special sites. The form on the IMEI device, the amount of remuneration and contact information are included in the form. If your gadget fell into your hands to an honest person, he will definitely contact you and return the device. An example of such a site can be sndeep.Info.

Naturally, to find iPhone, if it is turned off, is quite difficult even with all the possibilities that the manufacturing company provides. He may not be found right away, so you should be patient and make maximum efforts to squeaks.

Appeal to the police

When contacting the local authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to have:

  • the passport;
  • original packaging with readable IMEI;
  • A document confirming the purchase of a wanted phone (check or warranty card).

The police officer’s ownership department will be asked to write a special statement that indicates the date, time, place and circumstances of the loss of the smartphone.

Important! It is better to indicate in the statement that the smartphone is lost, not stolen. So the matter will be much faster to the work to the operator, which will be dealt with directly by searching for the smartphone on IMEI.

How to find the iPhone turned off

The company “Apple” when developing new gadgets focuses on the safety of user data and the maximum protection of the device. The Apple smartphones integrated several functions that will help you find the iPhone if it is turned off. Protective systems will help set the location of the device in case of theft or loss. Below we will analyze the main methods of searching “iPhone” if it is turned off.

All methods can be divided into two groups: online and offline. In the “Online group” we will include those methods that will help detect the turned off device using special software. Offline methods imply an appeal to the representative office of “Apple” or police authorities.

Using the icloud service

We make a reservation that in the aspect of the search this is the main help. To track the gadget in real time, three conditions are required:

In this case, you can find out the exact current position of the device. But if the mobile phone is stolen, then in 99% of cases the kidnapper will guess to disconnect the device. The user in case of theft must protect personal data. Cloud service allows you to do this even with a smartphone.

The first thing that the user should do after the purchase and activation of the device is to enable the “Find iPhone” function. The algorithm of actions:

If the function is activated, the user has the chances of finding a smartphone or, at least for a long time block the device for attackers. To ensure the safety of the device, enter the “Find iPhone” program from another “apple” phone.

Looking for a smartphone with PC

In order to track the lost gadget from a personal computer, follow the following link in the https browser: // www.icloud.COM/ and enter identification data: Login and password.

After authorization, the user is available to the functionality of the cloud service and, therefore, the PC version of the “Find iPhone” program. At the first entrance to ICLUD with PC, the user will see large accounts of account functions. You need to click the icon with the signature “Find iPhone”.

Next, click the “All devices” button in the top panel of the working screen.

If the phone is connected to the Internet, then its exact current location will be displayed on the map. If the smartphone is turned off or disconnected from the network, then its last place and the time of access to the Internet will be displayed.

On the right side of the working window are the controls of the “Find iPhone” program on PC:

  • “Play sound”: press this button and, if the phone is nearby, then it will begin to publish sound signals;
  • “Lossa mode”: the phone is blocked immediately after going to the network. A message for the found and a feedback number will be displayed on the screen. The lock is removed by entering Touch ID. The mode is equally turned on with PC and “iPhone”. See the instructions for use in the next section;
  • “Erase the iPhone”: an extreme measure for those who are sure that the smartphone is lost irrevocably. This option deleys all data from the device and blocks it.

The “Find iPhone” function has a serious drawback: it displays the location of the device only at the moment when it has a screen. Even if the phone is connected to the network, but is in sleeping mode, the last location will be displayed in the program window, not the current. But this program is the only way to quickly and remotely block the iPhone.

We are looking for “iPhone” from another

The IPhone Finding program is located on the desktop in the Add Papap.

Be careful and try not to lose your gadget, because even the most perfect technology does not guarantee its return. After the purchase, the first thing is to activate the “Find iPhone” function: in unforeseen circumstances, the chances of a successful outcome will remain. Take measures immediately after detecting the loss.

Be persistent in interaction with law enforcement officers and communication operators: these structures are usually not interested in finding your mobile apparatus. Take all the measures described above to ensure a thorough and productive search.

Special situations

You can distinguish several special cases that the user should pay attention to:

  • Offline mode. If the subscriber clicked on the search button and the offline mode is displayed on the screen, this suggests that the phone is no longer connected to the network. It turns out that it will be impossible to perform the location check. As soon as the mode becomes active, a special notification from the support service will receive the mail address.
  • Touch ID is not active. Когда клиент не подключает функцию пропажи, а также ранее не использовал Touch ID, пользоваться смартфоном сможет любой человек. But turning off the function for finding the gadget will not work. Also, the current password from Apple ID will not work out.
  • note
  • When blocking the smartphone screen, you need to reset the settings. You can also just reflash the gadget. After that, the connection to the network will become active.

Additional search applications

There are several more options on finding lost iPhone, additional search programs have been developed for this. You can download applications via AppStore for the minimum fee. Some programs are provided free of charge. It is worth telling more about applications:

  • Contact if Found. This software enables the user to install text on the screensaver. It is recommended to indicate data for communication with the owner by prescribing a reward. But this option is available only for gadgets working iOS 8 and above.
  • If the smartphone is connected to the PC after theft, the owner will receive a letter with the location of the gadget. The program also fixes the position of the smartphone several times a day. This will give an additional opportunity to find out where the smartphone was last used.
  • Reward if Found. The application is provided to subscribers for a fee, for download it is necessary to pay 75. This software makes it possible to install a screensaver with the contact data of the owner on the phone.
  • The functionality of the program is quite diverse. The user can even find out the number of the SIM card inserted into the gadget if the thief decides to change the contact. But the application can only be used on the iPhone with Jailbreak.

With the help of such programs, it is impossible to accurately establish the location of the smartphone, but all of them only allow you to speed up the search for lost cellular.

iphone, turned, search, programs

Using a special function “Find the iPhone”, the owner can determine the location of the phone. There are also a number of additional programs for finding a lost gadget.

How to find iPhone if it is turned off

You must log in to the service website, indicating the login and password. Registration data must coincide with those indicated in the ICLUD of the lost iPhone.

In the service menu, select “Find iPhone“. A map of the city will open. In the upper tab “All devices” select the lost iPhone. The scene of its location will be displayed on the screen.

iphone, turned, search, programs

If you bring the cursor to the point on the map, then the auxiliary menu will open. It is necessary to activate the “loss mode”. You can turn on the sound on the iPhone (if it is somewhere close) or erase all the data. If the debit or credit card data was saved in the settings, then the activation of the regime temporarily blocks the possibility of any operations from these accounts through the application store.

As long as the “loss mode” is activated on the iPhone, you can block the iPhone using a random set of numbers. If at this moment the device is connected to the network, then it is immediately blocked before the code discharge. If the phone is autonomous, then the specified electronic box will receive a message indicating the location.

The quality of the cards in the application leaves much to be desired. Sometimes a city with a population of 200,000 can be located at the intersection of two roads. You can try to find the iPhone by switching the card to a hybrid or satellite mode.

In the “loss mode” you can also send a message to the iPhone with a request to return the device.

Find iPhone by IMEI or phone number

IMEI. This is a unique phone code. it is assigned to the apparatus by the manufacturer. It is almost impossible to change this code yourself. To recognize it enough to dial a combination of keys #06 #.

There are special services for iPhone on IMEI on the network. The principle of their action is similar to the previously described. The user indicates the unique iPhone code and activates the search according to geolocation. In practice, finding iPhone in this way is almost impossible since:

  • Extremely rare, but attackers still manage to change IMEI.
  • To search for iPhone, access to special equipment and databases of operators. Such information is available only to law enforcement agencies.

The only way to find iPhone using code. This is an ad on the Lostolen service. This is the IMEI base base. Their owners publish information about the lost phone and indicate the amount of remuneration. Participants in the secondary market often check the devices for information in the database.

How to find iPhone if it is turned off (discharged)?

It will not be possible to track the turned off the gadget, but see its last location before turning off is easier. To do this, you should also use the icloud website. The gadget in the list of devices will be listed as inactive, and on the map the mark will be exactly where the program “saw” the iPhone until it “sat down”.

The option of showing the last location is present on devices with iOS 8 and above. over, it must also be activated independently:

Walk along the path of “Settings”. “iCloud”. “find my iPhone” and move the Send Location slider to an active position.

What can not be done if the “Find iPhone” function is included?

By announcing the police about the loss of the iPhone, the user will surely collide with the demand to turn off the “loss mode” so that the law enforcement agencies have the opportunity to track the location of the device by IMEI.

If a security password is installed on the smartphone, you can disable the “loss mode” at the request of the police. the password is a rather reliable protection.

Only the “apple” pro. the likelihood that the found is an advanced user will be able to reset it is very small.

If the police ask to erase the iPhone and retire from the iCloud account, in no case should they fulfill their request. Safety password after washing will be dropped, which means that the person who discovered the iPhone will be able to fully use the device. The owner can only hope for the quick police, who does not put the affairs of the disappearance of phones.