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Service (engineering) menu on LG TVs

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Each LG brand has a service (or, in another way, engineering) menu, with which you can change various TB parameters. Service menu (cm) is about the same as BIOS in a personal computer. The parameters, the values ​​of which can be changed, are responsible for both the operation of the TV software and the functioning of individual hardware components-backlight, display, audio/video modules, power supply systems, etc.D.

Using the service menu, you can make serious changes in the work of TB, so you can’t get into it just like that (read about the ways to enter cm below).

Using the engineering menu in the majority of TB LG, you can change the following:

  • Image spectrum. Most often, such settings are used to restore a normal image, which can be lost for various reasons. For example, the image can become excessive reddish or greenish.
  • Screen parameters. In a separate window, you can increase or reduce the scale of the image. If you accidentally modified the settings and the image is cut off from above, from below or from the side, this function can also help solve the problem and return everything to your own circles.
  • Sound. If you are not satisfied with the reaction of the sound panel to the buttons (too much/weak decrease or increased sound when pressing on “-“/””), you can adjust this to the menu. Various effects are immediately configured. echo, increased acoustics, etc.D.You can configure TB even in such a way that when the maximum volume is turned on, the sound will be practically not heard. This will have to come in handy, for example, when there is a small child in the house.
  • functions TV. For example, you can configure the parameters of Smart TV and smart television.
  • Full discharge. TV service menu may be required to return to factory settings. This is most often required with unstable operation of the device, freezing, or failures.

Currently, you can get to the service menu on LG TVs in one of the following ways:

  • use a special service remote control (you can buy on AliExpress);
  • use the universal remote control type “One for All” (USB Changer, URC7120, URC-7556, Oneforall Kameleon, Philips SRU7140, Tiantianyong TV-139F);
  • Use a phone or smartphone with an IR port:

LG LED TV Entrance to the service menu

The entrance to the service menu on LCD TVs LG is possible only from a special remote control. However, the situation was outwitted- you can give a special signal to the photo reception input.

The general procedure is as follows: 1. The signal itself is required. This is a sound file, you will find it below the attachment. 2. Run this file in any computer player (standard Windows or Winap, there is no difference. Put the player in repetition mode. 3. Connect the IFK LED to the headphone nest. It can be torn from any unnecessary remote control (if you buy reluctance). If suddenly the power of access to the headphones is not enough, you can solder the LED in parallel the dynamics on computer acoustics.

Next, turn on the TV and bring the LED to the photo receiver window. If everything is embedded correctly, then such a window should appear:

Further, already with a regular remote control, enter the password: 0413

Sound file for entering the LCD Led Service menu LG LG can be downloaded from the link below. The same in the archive there are descriptions of service options.

thirty.08.2021 Hello everyone. Quite a lot of time has passed since the writing of this article, and at the moment fresh infa has appeared.

With an increase in the number of LG TV models, the number of entry options to the service menu increased, or rather, the sound file attached above has ceased to be universal for all models.

Below I apply an archive with various options for sound files, as well as password options to enter the service menu. Download the link below- as always everything is free

Lg entrance to the service menu

All information was taken from open sources and reference documentation and is intended for specialists involved in the repair of TVs.

Attention. We remind you that a modern TV is a technically complex product and rash intervention in the software can lead to unpredictable consequences up to the loss of the apparatus of the apparatus.

Note: This page shows ways to enter CRT (kinescope) TVs of the LG brand. If you are interested in how to enter the service menu on LG LCD, then you are here

LG China Proc LC863332B 52Z6, LA76810A Entrance to the Service: Menu 8 6 3 3 3 3

Channel 1415 TOP LG assembly Kazakhstan Processor TDA111106PS/ V3/ Entrance to the service: Menu 6 4 8 3 then- Disp choice- digital buttons 09 for access to m3M9 must be activated in M2 SET Select (set the value of “1”) output. Power

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Chassis 12.4, 12.5 LG CK-20F84 to enter the service mode, you need a special service remote control, however, you can use the standard. To do this, close the conclusions 10 and 17 of the code chip in the remote control.

CW62 chassis, CW62B LG 21FS6RLX, 21FS2CLX, 21FS2BLX, 21FU3RLX PrU. TDA12XXXH 1. To enter the service mode, you need a special service remote control. Press the In-START button. 2. Entrance to the service mode: Turn on the TV in the operating mode and click Menu on the TV and Menu on the remote control at the same time. Exit. OK.

CW71A LG 29FS7RNX, 29FS4RNX, 29FS6RNX, 29FU1RNX, 29FU3RNX percentage.LGE537-LF A6ME091999H 0826S (3.11V/4E8B) Entrance to the service. press the Menu on the PDU and Menu on the TV panel.

CW81B LG LG 21SB1RG-Z4, 21FU6RL Channel. LV762223 3C 1. To enter the service mode, you need a special service remote control. Press the In-START and MUTE buttons. 2. Entrance to the service mode: Turn on the TV in the operating mode and press the Menu on the TV and the Menu on the remote control at the same time, not letting go the button on the remote control on the local keyboard again.

Chassis MC-00AA, MC-007A, MC-007B, MC-009A, MC-019A, MC-7CD, MC-8CB, MC-52A, MC-52C, MC-71A, MC-71B, MC-74A, MC.84a, MC-84B, MC-99AA, MC-99BA, MC-991A, MC-993A, MC-994A, PC-8KA, PC-53A, PC-58B, PC-73A, PC-81A, PC-81B. PC-82A, PC-99DA, PD-8TA. CT-15G92E LG CE-20F66, CE-20F66X, CE-20F86X, CE-20K48et, CE-20K48et, CE-21F66X, CF-21T26EX, CF-21T28et, CE-21K46EX, CT-29K37E, CE-21E, CE-21E, CE-21E, CE-25Q26ET, CE- CE- 21q26et, CE-20J3BGX, CE-20J3BX, CE-20J3GX, CE-20J3RRX, CF-21F30K, CE-21J50KX, CE-21J50K, CF14F80K, CT-21Q66KEX, CT-21Q92KEX, CP-29K40, CT-29K30E, WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF-WF 32a10S, WF-28A12T, WF-32A14T, CF-29H90TM, CF-29H30, CF-29H70, CF-29K40N, CF-20F60, CF-21F60, CF-20F80, CF-21F80, CF-14K50, CF-20K50, CF-21K50, CF-14K52E, CF-20K52E, CF-21K52E, CF-14S10E, CF-16S10E, CF-20S10E, CF-21S10E, CF21S10EX, CF-14S12E, CF-16S12E, CF-20S12E, CF-21S12E,,,,, CF-21S12E,,,,,, CF-21S12E,,, CF-14S10X, CF-16S10X, CF-20S10X, CF-21S10X, CF-21D33E, CF-20D33, CA-14F33, CF-21D73, CF-21F33, CF-21F80, 21-K40EX, CF-21K54, CF- CF- 21S14, CF-20S14, CF-14S14, CF-21D33, CF-14F33, CF-20S32E, CF-21S32E, CT-29G24PT, CT-21G61E, CB-20A86, CI-14E20, CI-14E20F, CI-20E20F, CF-25A64DF, CF-28A64DF, CK-20F60, CK-20F60X, CK-20F80, CK-20F80X, CK-20K40X, CK-21F60, CK-21F60X, CK-21F80, CK-21F80X, CK-21K40X, CB-20T20X, KCI-20F60, KCI-20F60X, KCI-21F60X, WF-32A2DI, DI-28Z12 percentage. SDA555XFL, LG8993-08B, LG8993-09B, CXP85340, CXP85452-135S, LG8734-01E, CXP86441-509S, LG8738-05C, LG8993-13D, LG8993-37B, CXP86441-533S, LG8818-19A, LG8991-04B На специальном сервисном remote control click SVC button. Using a standard remote control, you can enter the service mode by pressing the OK button on the remote control and OK button on the front panel of the TV. Keep the svc inscription. The yellow button switches to the menu subparagraphs. Ch- CH vol- vol- Movies by menu and changing values. Exit. Power Off.

MC-05HA LG 29FS4RNX Entrance Entrance to the service mode: Turn on the TV in the operating mode and click Menu on the TV and Menu on the remote control at the same time. Exit. OK.

Chassis MC-017A LG RE-29FA33PX, Re-29FA33X, RT-29FA31PX, RT-29FB21 percent. SDA5555-A045 simultaneously press OK. on DU and OK. On TV. Keep buttons for about 10 seconds.

Chassis MC-022A LG CE-28H80RX PrU. VCT3834 Entrance to Service mode using RC-5 PD. Close conclusions 1 and 11.

MC-036A LG RT-29FA51RB chassis at the same time press Menu. on Du and Menu. On TV. Keep buttons for about 10 seconds. Click OK. remember the changed settings and options. Exit. OK again.

service, menu

MC-049 chassis LG 21CA65 percent. VCT49 simultaneously press menu. on Du and Menu. On TV. Keep buttons for about 10 seconds. Click OK. remember the changed settings and options. Exit. OK again.

Chassis MC-51A LG CF-2570, CF-2580, CF-25C44, CF-25C60, CF-25C70, CF-25C80, CF-2970, CF-2980, CF-29B20, CF-29C44, CF-29C60, CF, CF.29c70, CF-29C80 percent LG8434-04C click OK button on the front panel of TV and yellow button on DU. The second option is possible: press the OK button on the front panel and without releasing it, press the yellow button twice on the DU.

Chassis MC-51B LG CF-25C26, CF-25C36, CF-25C76, CF-29C26, CF-29C36, CF-29C76 percent LG8434-17A C69524Y 1. At the same time press (—vol) (-pr) on the panel (OK). remember changes. To transition to the adjustment of white balance: = i. for gg, =?. for RG, = x. for BG. 2. The 2nd method. If there is a SVS button on your remote control, then holding it pressed for 3 seconds, you can also enter the service menu. Exit. Power Off.

Chassis MC-059A LG RT-21FB3RB.T PrU. LG046N 9R 57P3-E simultaneously press menu. on Du and Menu. On TV. Keep buttons for about 10 seconds. Click OK. remember the changed settings and options. Exit. OK again.

Chassis MC-059C LG 21FS4RG-TS, 21FJ7AG, 21FS2CG, 21FS4RLX, 21FS6RG, 21FS7RG, 21FU1RG, 21FU2RG, 21FU4RLG MEDERATION. OICTMSA007B LG046N 9R simultaneously press menu. on Du and Menu. On TV. Keep buttons for about 10 seconds. Click OK. remember the changed settings and options. Exit. OK again. Service Code: Postal: Mode FB Address 04 Command FB RCCreator: 31552074CB594A90520 to enter the option to click “Menu”. guide how to configure Smart TV on LG TV

Modern TVs are not limited to showing the channels of etheric, cable or satellite broadcasting. Today, manufacturers equip the equipment with wider functionality, so users can not only watch their favorite television programs, but also use the capabilities of the Internet and digital TV. Today we will talk about how to configure Smart TV on LG TV to use all the advantages of this technology.

Internet connection via cable or Wi-Fi

The main condition for Smart TV is the presence in the House of Release on the Internet. It is advisable to use a full.fledged high.speed fishing line for a trimmer. this will make it available to view programs in excellent quality, and will expand the possibilities of using SMART technology, for example:

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LG CX service menu/error message

There are two ways to connect: through a Wi-Fi wireless network or a wireless network.

This option is considered the simplest and most affordable.

  • On TV, install the LG Smart Share application, and on the phone. Twonky Beam.
  • In the latter, highlight the item “Show Or Hide the Visual Indicators at the Edge of the Screen”.
  • After that, choose a Madiafile designed to view and wait for the inscription “Beaming”.

Smart TV LG is able to fully satisfy the requirements of advanced users who are actively fond of modern technologies. Knowing how to correctly set up free channels on Smart TV LG, the owners will be able to view their favorite programs and exciting broadcasts via the Internet without the use of additional equipment and applications. And by synchronizing television and mobile equipment, they will have the opportunity to view the saved media files on the wide screen.

Important! We enter the service. Links, experience, features.

Hyundai H-TV2112.Press “V-” Key of TV set to set volume into ‘00’. Hold This Key, and Press “Key (OSD). Or.Press The Mune Key to Enter the Picture Mune. that Press Number 6. 4. 8. 3 There Will Display ‘S’ Ont The Screen of Top Right Corner.

Press P or P-Key to Select the Item You Want To Adjust. and then Press V / V-Key to Adjust Need to Exit S-Mode by Pressing Power Key

An unexpected joke: the console from the Polar with two buttons approaches the horizon-thin, already jumps into the service!

Roadstar LCD7114KL. CHASSIC ZD7.820.426. M37160MAH-069FP processor.

To enter the service, you need an original panel and a Mac 2005 remote control with code 3203. TV in working mode, with Mac-oh, click on the AV button (the second row from the bottom, the extreme on the left), on the screen in the left, the inscription will light up in red letters Test. On the original remote control we press the MUTE and we are in the service. The pages of the service are tilted with the same Mute button on the remote control. VOLUME and Channel buttons Management. In memory. Power Off on the remote control. Option values: 10 V Shift-1 11 V Size —————– 0 12 T Signal-0 13 V60 Shift-1 14 V60 SIZE ——– 58 15 LCD LEVEL-. 0 16 m6126x 0 17 m61266 28h. 255 18 m61266 29h 255 19 m61266 2ah 255 20 Cr —————. 125 21 Cg. 125 22 22 CB. ————-125 23 DR- 63 23 db 63 25 SB-127 26 SC15 27 fm band.0 28 FM Wait Time-25 29 ———————– 1 30 Op Power- 0 31 FM Input-1 32 BackGround1 33 Black Level-34 34 Display.-–-2 35 Logo on0 36 Logo Input.-  37 FM Adcl min-50 38 FM if set-0 39 fm0 40 VIF VCO Adj26 41 RF DELAY ADJ66 42 Video Outgain-7 43 Om Det0 44 Black Sf-0 45 Black st adj-6 46 Black st gain-1 47 y dl- 6 48 Take Off1 49 Trap Fine Adj-3 50 Sub Color60 51 Sub Tint TV-65 52 Sub Tint AV65 53 Base Bri 4 54 DVD-” 1 55 Mon —————-1 56 Gamma-3 57 S Trap-7 58 att 127 59 VIF Freq1

Malfunctions TV

If you have a question about the malfunction of the TV and determining the defect, you must create your own, new topic in the forum. On this topic, the forum has already considered the following:

  • does not turn on
  • There is no backlight
  • Reduce the backlight current
  • Reloading
  • replacement of the firmware
  • Lamps do not shine
  • Does not catch channels
  • Disconnect protection

Where to download TV firmware ?

Many firmware are placed in the exchanger catalog here. TV firmware, or directly in the topics created by participants. Part of the firmware is sorted and placed in separate sections:

Where to download TV scheme ?

Beginning masters, and not only, often look for circuit diagrams, connection diagrams, power supplies, user and service instructions. On the site they are posted in specially designated sections and are available for downloading guests, or after creating an account:

    (Messages help from the forum) (site catalog) (catalog) (catalog)
  • Service Manual. Service Instructions for Repair and Settings
  • Schematic Diagram. a fundamental electrical circuit
  • Service Bulletin. Service Bulletin (additional information for repair)
  • Part List. a list of spare parts (elements) of the device

Where to download a reference ?

Most reference literature can be downloaded in the catalog “Repair Encyclopedia”, and on separate pages:

How to determine the component ?

First of all, for its labeling and the manufacturer’s logo. Marking (marking). designation on the case of the electronic component (radio components)

Package (case). type of electronic component case

When creating questions on electronic components used in television equipment, indicate the exact type of body, or a photo. The most common:

  • SOT-89-plastic case for surface installation
  • SOT-23-miniature plastic body for surface installation
  • TO-220-type of installation (soldering) buildings in holes
  • SOP (Soic, SO, TSSOP). miniature cases for surface installation
  • DPAK (TO-252)-a housing for semiconductor devices with surface installation

Programmer (programmer)

This is a device for recording (reading) information in memory of microcircuits or other device. When changing the firmware of the telemaster, programmers choose, the disadvantages and advantages of which are considered in separate topics:

  • Postal-2,3-universal programmer for I2C, SPI, MW, ISSP and UART Protocols. Details. Postal programmer. assembly, configuration
  • TL866 (TL866A, TL866CS). a universal programmer via USB Inteiis
  • CH341A is the cheapest (non.expensive) universal programmer via USB Inte Wee for Flash and Eeprom microcircuits
  • RT809H-universal programmer EMMC-NAND, FLASH, EEPROM Memory through ICSP, I2C, UART, JTAG intenses
  • JTAG adapters. used for programming and for passing firmware

Those who wish to connect to discussions

After registering an account on the site, you can publish your question or answer existing topics. Participation is absolutely free.

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The answer to the topic is included in the service. Links, experience, features. Like all other advice, they are published by the whole community. Most participants are professional repair masters and specialists in the field of electronics.

The possibility of searching throughout the site and file archive will appear after registration. In the upper right corner, the search form on the site will be displayed.

For any. The most frequent answers to popular brands are LG, Samsung, Philips, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, Xiaomi, Sharp, JVC, DEXP, TCL, HISENSE, and many others, including Chinese models.

How to enter the TV service menu

Transition to cm is a simple operation if there is a special remote control. For some models, such as Samsung, you can use the standard. But for most devices it will not work and you will have to buy an additional remote control.

Entrance to the TV LG menu from the service remote control

Enter cm should be by a specific algorithm:

  • On the service remote control, press the Insart key.
  • A new window will open where one of the codes should be entered: 0413, 1105 or 0000.
  • After the combination is introduced, the TV will be rebooted to display the necessary information on the screen. Also, some models can start work in the necessary mode immediately. It depends on the brand. If the question arises of how to find out the TV model, then you should enter on the official website of the company (LG, Samsung or others) serial code printed on the rear panel or in the operating instructions.
  • A new menu with settings will appear on the black screen.
  • To change the data, you need to press the Enter button and enter the appropriate edits.
service, menu

To get out of cm, you need to press the Back key. After the action, you will need to go into the setting of the system, and see what changes have occurred in the settings. If everything is done correctly, you can use the updated TV functionality. Before the display of the service or engineering menu, it is advisable to rewrite all standard settings in order to enter them back in case of problems. Otherwise you can ruin the equipment.

How to get into the service menu LG


It is very convenient to exit headphones and everything works great http: // 2819615 and normal from the phone

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Once you collect the assembly, any, and write down the code in RCCreator, you save and use it, without any hemorrhoids.

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I currently use a free application mobile.Anu Mote (exactly works with Hiaomi Redmi-3,3s, 4) you easily enter the LG service, you can easily 0413, if you turn the picture, look for MIPO RR Mode, save the reservation of TV. (now the mobile note-7 is not included in the service, I have not yet found out the reason.)

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How to get into the service menu on lg 306g/840g

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Nevertheless, a smartphone with IR port and in from an Internet, just a beast and for me so far, that the best and convenient device in this case is hundreds of virtual remote controls with you

On the firmware

The software update includes drivers and updating the firmware only for certain models. Check in the user guide whether your product supports software update.

Detailed Applicable Models List: Please Check with Reference Tab Exactly

Improvument 1) Improve the TV Reboot Issue Due to Wi-Fi Connection Failure

Applicable Model List 32LH570U-ZB 32LH570U-ZC 43LH570V-ZD 49LH570V-ZD

Release History [05.00.01] 1. To Improve The Image Broken Issue When Returning to DTV DOTV DOTVOMAL Termination During YouTube Playback 2. To Support Multiple Audio Streams in DRM Contents of Hbbtv 3. Apply The DVB-T2 System in Czech

[05.00.06] 1. IMPROVE The TV Reboot Issue Due to Wi-Fi Connection Failure