Programs for obtaining and managing the ROOT Rights on Android

Supersu is a special utility for managing the rights of a super lender and providing permits for access to them to the applications installed on your mobile device.

Baidu Root for Android. A utility from Chinese developers that allows you to get a ROOT right on your mobile device. Against the background of most analogues, does not require connection to PC and any heavy settings.

There are two ways to ruin Android using Kingo Root. using a computer and without it. We will consider both separately.

Attention: you do operations with a device at your own peril and risk. The author is not responsible for the possible consequences when performing instructions described in this article. In addition, a hacking Android means a guarantee loss. Rute your gadget, unless you are sure of your actions.

How to get Root rights through a computer

In order to use this method, you will need a USB cable to conjure a smartphone or tablet with a computer and a special program. There are many utilities helping to obtain Root rights on Android. Consider one of them, called Unlock Root. To work with it, you may need to disable antivirus software. Many operations,

  • Install Unlock Root on your laptop
  • Run the program
  • Before you get a ROOT rights, open the “Settings” menu on your mobile device
  • Enter the point “On the Developer” (or “Development”)
  • If it is hidden, 10 times briefly click on the “Phone Model” button in the “On the phone” section
  • Put a checkmark in the window near the “Debugging on USB” item
  • Connect a mobile device to a computer via USB
  • In the program get unlock root click the Root button
  • A field will appear on the monitor screen in which the name of your device will be indicated. Now you can get a ROOT Rights on Android
  • If the monitor has a message that the device is not identified, the driver will have to be installed manually for it. After that, you will need to repeat all the previous steps
  • Before you get a user’s Root, the program will offer you an additional software to work with the battery. it is not necessary to agree to this
  • Immediately after this will appear a request for the reloading of the device. Click the “Yes” button
  • After rebooting in the list of applications of a smartphone or tablet, Superuser label will appear
  • You can turn off the device from the computer and close Unlock Root

From now on you have all the privileges of the administrator of your device.

General information:

Magisk Manager. powerful software for obtaining Root rights on Android with wide additional capabilities. Today, is one of the most reliable means among analogues, as it does not make modifications to the system section. Has the highest percentage of successfully obtained rights superpowers among analogues.

It supports a huge list of Android gadgets, including: new generations of Sony Xperia Z, Asus Zenfone, Google Pixel, Xiaomi Mi/Redmi, ZTE Blade, CoolPad Cool, Lenovo K, S-Series and many others. Knows how to hide Root and unlocked Bootloader from any applications and services. Contains its own market with an extensive amount of content that is absent on the official Play Store.

Magisk is stitched through a custom recovery, for the correct work you need to unlock the bootloader and the installation of TWRP Recovery.

  • Hacking of various Android toys;
  • hint for beginners;
  • Full access to hidden root folders;
  • Encryption of personal data from online services;
  • You do not need Super SU to manage the ROOT rights;
  • Allows you to obtain OTA-renewal of stock firmware by removing and re-installation of the script;
  • A lot of relevant Magisk information on different forums, in particular, live branches on XDA, 4PDA with detailed guidelines to solve problems with ruts for different gadgets.

Kingo Root. a universal program for obtaining Root rights on Android and PC. If you use a regular computer or laptop, connect a smartphone to it and go to the Root Master integust, then select the required option.

If you are going to ruin the device as part of the Android operating system, download and open the agricultural file, then press the Start key. You can also get a Root through a computer program. To do this, the device will need to be connected via cable.

Kingo Android Root. Probably the easiest way to get Root is right, but it is not without shortcomings. In particular, there is no client for Linux, the probability of obtaining ROOT is average, Universal application for different devices and versions of Android.

  • Creates backups;
  • file manager;
  • Installation of emulators and drivers;
  • Blocking advertising and malicious software;
  • Can change and delete standard Android programs.

Kingroot will help to quickly get Root android rights. At the moment, software supports more than 10,000 different models of smartphones and tablets. Among the useful functions, you will find the means of saving the battery charge and automobile control. installation instructions:

  • We charge the gadget by at least 30%;
  • We connect the Internet;
  • We go to the settings and allow downloading applications in the paragraph “Unknown Sources”;
  • Disconnect the antivirus and run the APK file;
  • In the Kinrut Kinrut Inte Wee, click the Get button;
  • It remains to wait for the notification of the completion of ruting;
  • The last step is to reboot the phone (confirm the operation with a box), then download from the Kinguser Play Market (if you are not installed yourself) and you can delete Kinrut.
  • Conveniently use;
  • Data backup;
  • Makes Root by pressing one key;
  • Access to various files, folders and services;
  • Stopping unnecessary processes loading RAM.

Framarot was created to obtain a superpower rights on Android mobile devices. Installed as a regular APK, contains several exploits. The tool is quite old, works well on Android 4. 7, but with more new devices it can be incompatible.

If you were not able to ruin the device using one exploit, try others. The result is easy to check using the Root Checker application (Fremash sometimes does not specifically display the status). Differs in a useful option for the change of changes. Knows how to scan internal memory and SD card.

  • Creation of backup copies;
  • Uploads Superuser or Supersu;
  • Providing complete technical information;
  • The latest version of Frematy supports Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Baidu Root will not require users of any complex settings. Before starting the rowing process, offers the useful function of Backup, which can be useful in case of any malfunctions and errors of the Root application.

Includes pre-installed security control options of the gadget, including the IP address change and port numbers when connecting to the Internet.

  • Easy to configure and verify Root rights;
  • Russian.speaking localization of the main window;
  • RAM cleaning and reducing the load on the processor;
  • To launch ruting, just press one button.

360 Root-a simple and convenient software for using, with which you can get a Root-right on Android, starting from version 2.2. Can be installed on a personal computer or mobile phone.

It is worth noting the presence of an advanced deinstal of games and utilities, which cannot be erased by conventional means. Knows how to remove advertising inscriptions in browsers. There are tools to control auto.loading.

  • Creation of screenshots;
  • Support of about 10 thousand android gadget models;
  • Access control to service services;
  • Release of internal memory and microSD maps;
  • Blocks firmware that requires updating in the “air” mode.

Vroot (Iroot) ruins a variety of tablets and smartphones based on the Green Robot, from the Gingerbread assembly to Kitkat. Can boast of high speed. The Super user automatically loads, by the way, it is possible to substitute its Chinese with a Russian.speaking version. To get a ROOT Rights on Android, you just need to start the process by clicking on the green key Unlock.

  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS;
  • Launches the default ADB mode;
  • The presence of functional hacker buttons;
  • To work with software, you will not have to connect to the network;
  • Provides unlimited access from the administrator account account.

In Android, key system modules and tools are located in certain sections of the file system that are protected from editing the user. There is a ROOT. a superpower or a special android account that has all the rights and access to any files and actions with them. Accordingly, ruting the device is the process of obtaining the rights of a superpower, which in turn allows you to perform any operations in the system.

Root access opens up wide opportunities for fine setting up the system. First of all, it allows you to do things such as removing preinstalled applications, creating complete backups, processor management, installing modules to change the appearance or to introduce new functionality.

Changing the design of the system

One of the most interesting things that opens with the root is the ability to completely change the design of the system. over, we are not talking about launches that are available even on ordinary devices. The lines of navigation (a strip of gestures or buttons “Back”, “Home”), notifications, systemic icons, color schemes, fonts and other elements of the integse are at the disposal.

Setting up the components of the device

For lovers, it is possible to fully set up gadgets for themselves to independently change the frequencies of a processor or video accelerator in a smartphone, thereby extending autonomy or increasing performance. In addition, there is software that allows saving valuable percent of batteries due to the transfer to the sleeping regime of various background processes and services that are automatically launched.

Full control of games and program resolutions

Thanks to Root, you can most flexibly control the permissions of specific applications, which will ensure the safety of your device. This can be useful so that a certain program cannot use the Internet to download advertising, or so that the applications do not have access to messages and the chamber.

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Removing “unstable” applications

Another useful opportunity, which opens with the receipt of a Root-right, is to remove pre-installed software. Many manufacturers put various applications on their smartphones that do not always need the user, but at the same time they clog memory, and at the same time they cannot be removed. With a ROOT POSITION, this problem disappears, since the rights of a superpower allow you to remove absolutely any pre-installed game or program.

Creation of full.fledged backup copies

With constant experiments with firmware or just for your own calm, programs are useful for creating full.fledged backups (backups). They know how to quickly create a backup with user applications, information from them, as well as personal data like contacts, a telephone book, files or accounts. These programs easily cope with the transfer of the current state of the device when moving from one firmware to another.

Dangers when installing a ROOT-right

When installing a ROOT via PC or in another way, several points must be taken into account at once:

  • Rating the device deprives the owner of the warranty on the smartphone. Therefore, when breakdown, the service center may refuse to repair the device for free.
  • There is a risk of accidentally damage the OS with removing important files. Also, a poor firmware installed by hand or incompatible in terms of work may affect the performance of the device.
  • The device will no longer receive updates from the developer “by air”.

On the other hand, ruting the device has a lot of advantages. If you do everything right and follow the instructions, work with ROOT laws will not bring any trouble.

What is Root Law

First, find out what is Root right and why they are needed. Speaking in simple words, then:

ROOT Rights are the rights of a super sexman that make it possible to enter the Android system on behalf of the administrator (developer).

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In turn, this will allow you to get full control and freedom of action on your Android phone file files. Why is it necessary for ordinary users? There may be several reasons for this, which we will talk about below.

Types Root are right

  • Full. constant rights, special actions will be needed to remove them.
  • Shell is an analogue of the previous ones, but with a limitation, since they do not have access to the System folder.
  • Temporary. temporary, after rebooting the device, access to them will disappear.

Root (translated from English.). root, meaning the root of the system. Perhaps you have already met applications in Play Market with the inscription “Root required”. this inscription means that these programs work only if these rights are available.

Below we will look at all the pros and cons of the presence of a root on Android, as well as list more in more detail, which provides ruting a smartphone or tablet.

Pros Root are right

Let’s start with the advantages for which the owners of their gadgets want to get the rights of the administrator.

root, right, android, phone
  • One of the main advantages is the removal of games and system applications that are not removed in the usual way.
  • The ability to hack games by making free purchases in them, using additional programs that can download the top 10 programs for hacking games on Android here.
  • Removing advertising from games.
  • Changing system files.
  • Installation of useful software working only with root.
  • Installation of firmware or mods.
  • Activation of many additional functions.
  • Increase in performance and autonomy, which are achieved using additional applications.

Cons is Root right

There are not many shortcomings as advantages, but still they are:

  • Upon receipt of the root or if the “wrong” system file (which is more likely) can be removed, you can disable the entire device (turn your tablet or smartphone into “brick”), but most often the gadget can be revived.
  • Rating deprives you of a guarantee (but all the signs that you received RUT can be eliminated)
  • You will not be able to receive updates through the air from the manufacturer.

Actually, all the shortcomings end there. Now that you know about all the possible risks associated with Root rights, you can proceed to the programs themselves, and to download them or not. to solve only you.

Dingdong Root (Easy Root)

It is included in the top 10 applications that allow you to obtain advanced rights to control the device. The program is installed directly on the phone. Interacts with all Chinese.made gadgets.

The list of functionality includes:

  • Root manager.
  • PO control control control.
  • Control and interception of system messages.
  • Administration of Android OS programs.

Negative moments include a decrease in the level of security of the platform, the absence of a Russian.speaking package.

Get a ROOT-right-to violate the restrictions on root access and adjust the list of opportunities for the user tasks of the owner of the device is a feasible task that developers suggest solving special applications. Installation of Android phone programs with a computer and without it will help to speed up the process and minimize risks.

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