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Set wireless communication on the laptop

Currently, practical all use a wireless network. It is on each device: Wi. FIA on the NAUTBUK, for example, is present on all the latest models. It’s so convenient for. You can go to the Internet anywhere: visiting, cafe, office, library, etc.D.

Many are accustomed to the fact that this process occurs by itself, automatically and does not require any effort from the user. As required, enter the password to access the wireless network on the device. As a rule, input occurs 1 time, and then the input is automatically carried out.

Sometimes difficulties can arise with the connection. The article tells what to do if the wireless network is disabled how to enable (Windows 7 or more modern versions of this OS), as well as how to turn on wi. fiber from the keyboard, connect an external adapter, install by. At the end, a video is presented. instructions on how to install a wireless network on a laptop with Windows.

Inclusion “Wi-Fi” on a laptop using a keyboard

Most often, “Wi-Fi” can be turned on with hot keys, usually two, pressed simultaneously. Different manufacturers of laptops can change their combination, but the main FN key, as a rule, is always there. The second key necessary for turning on is a special Wi-Fi icon, and is on the keyboard in the functional row F1-F12.

You can find out in more detail how to enable Wi-Fi on a laptop of a particular brand, you can from the following table.

Hot keys for turning on “Wi-Fi” laptop
Asus FNF2
Lenovo FNF5
Aser FNF3
Samsung FNF9
Toshiba FNF12

In the devices of the last generation, Wi-Fi is included in a special slider on the laptop case, but the network icon remains the same.

Through the Windows settings

Now consider how to enable Wi-Fi on a laptop without a keyboard. If for some reason the necessary keys do not work on your laptop, then you can activate the network through the Windows settings.

Windows 10

On a laptop with Windows 10 to include and activate a Wi-Fi module is also not difficult. For this:

How to connect a wireless Internet to a computer

I often have to explain that Wi-Fi and the Internet are different concepts. You may have a Wi-Fi network with an excellent signal, but there is no connection to the Internet. In order to configure wireless Internet through Wi-Fi on a computer, you have to go into the settings of an adapter or router. Although in most cases everything should work automatically. If this does not happen, then you can do the following actions:

  • If the Internet does not work, then contact the provider.
  • You can also perform the following steps if the system was reinstalled or in the settings recently someone “rummaged”:
  • Open the start and go through the search to “Network Connections”-to where it is in the Wi-Fi computer.
  • Call the menu on the “wireless adapter” and go to the properties window.
  • Select the Internet protocol V.4 and also click “Properties”.
  • Check that in the window that appears there is a mark “receive the address automatically”.
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In most cases, this instruction decides on how to include Wi-Fi on a computer. However, there are other situations, including the one I have encountered. Therefore, you need to know all the nuances where you can still turn on Wi-Fi.

Frequent problems and ways to solve them

Unfortunately, turning on Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 10 is not always possible the first time. The common problems include:

  • Physical absence of a wireless module in the device. The laptop provides a adapter, and on PC it is most often external. If you are sure that the Wi Fai module is installed, you can proceed to the next step.
  • There are no drivers to an adapter of a wireless network. In most cases, Windows 10 itself sets the necessary. But this does not always happen. There are times when you need to install a Wi-Fi driver on a laptop with Windows 10 yourself.
  • The module is provided, but it is disabled. programmatically or using buttons. How to enable the device, it was considered above.

Other errors that can knock down the path are possible. Consider their decision in more detail.

The connection is limited

There are situations when you seem to have managed to turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop, but in the right of the lower Treie Windows 10 there is a network icon with an exclamation mark. The system informs that the connection is limited or there is no access to the network.

To solve the problem on Windows 10, take these steps:

find, wi-fi, windows, laptop
  • restart the laptop and router;
  • Disconnect the antivirus and firewall, and then try to turn on Wi-Fi on the Windows 10 laptop and computer (depending on what you use);
  • Make sure you paid for the Internet services;
  • Check the settings of the router.

As a rule, if a limited access problem appeared after setting up the router, difficulties arise due to it. Enter the device menu again and set the settings taking into account the recommendations of the provider. Now you need to save, enable and turn off (restart) the device.

Before connecting Wi-Fi again on a laptop with Windows 10, try the router on another device. If it works correctly, then the problem is not in the router. As an option, you can connect a router directly using a cable.

If these actions did not help turn on the Internet, try installing IP and DNS addresses yourself. To configure Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 10, do the following:

  • Click on properties.
  • In the window that opens, set the data connection manually.
  • IP address (the last digit can be 0). The mask will be prescribed by itself, in the column of the main gateway, duplicate the IP number, and the server DNS (preferred and alternative) indicate 8.eight.eight.8 and 8.eight.4.4, respectively.

Now you know how to manually configure Wi-Fi on Windows 10 on a laptop. If this method does not work, try installing the IP automatically, and write DNS manually.

We select a few more ways to solve the problem on Windows 10:

  • Try to turn on the laptop if it is disabled. Perhaps the system automatically turns off the adapter.
  • Update the driver to a wireless adapter (more about this below).
  • Check that the IP version 4/IPV4 is installed.
  • Make sure that the region is correctly exhibited in the router.
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Following these tips helps to understand how to connect to Wi-Fi on Windows 10 if you have problems with access.

How To Fix No WiFi Networks Found But WiFi Is Turned On | Windows 10

Problems with drivers

As noted, Wi-Fi may not work due to the incorrect installation or the absence of the necessary software on Windows 10. To check this version, enter the start, and then the parameters.

And below click on the device manager. There, find the network adapters tab.

As a rule, two options are displayed there:

If you turn on Wi-Fi, try to update the driver. For this:

  • Enter the manufacturer’s offside;
  • Find your laptop model;
  • Select the Wi-Fi adapter driver;
  • Indicate the desired operating system (Windows 10);
  • Save the driver on PC and run it;
  • Wait for the installation, reboot the device.

At the final stage, check the Wi-Fi connection on a laptop with Windows 10. If everything is done correctly, and the reason was in outdated software (or its absence), the problem should be eliminated.

find, wi-fi, windows, laptop

The adapter is not active

There are situations when you need to turn on Wi-Fi, but instead of the status of “accessible” on the screen there is an inscription about the absence of connections or disabled.

In this case, enter the device manager with any of the available methods, for example, through parameters, expand the section with network adapters, select your model and press the right mouse button to the desired line. Next, select the option “Encabise”. Now try to turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop with Windows 10. The Internet should earn.

The network is not available

If there is a red cross on the network icon right in the bottom right, this speaks of the shutdown of Wi Fai.

To enable the module, act on the steps indicated at the beginning of the article. Go to the parameters, go to the Wi-Fi section and translate the cupbox of the same name to the right. If the toggle switch is not active, try updating the driver or delete and install.

In airplane

Sometimes problems with Wi Fay on Windows 10 arise due to the “on the aircraft” mode. In this case, all transmitting devices are disconnected. Do the following:

We described four different methods for turning on a wireless network card. One method is hardware, three are software. All software tools are supplied with the operating system and do not require installation of additional software packages.

Important! In the event that your Wi-Fi does not turn on any way, perhaps the network card has burned down. In this case, it is recommended to use special USB-Wi-Fi adapters, because, as a rule, it is cheaper than replacing an integrated Wi-Fi Module in the motherboard.

The assessment of each of the software techniques is displayed in the consolidated table.

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Wi-Fi setting on a computer with Windows 7

When using the seventh version of Windows, you need to set up a wireless network according to the following algorithm:

With a successful connection, the network icon will change, the yellow spot on it will disappear. When clicking on the icon in the window, several access points may be displayed. in addition to its point, this is the network of closest neighbors. The connected network will be highlighted. a brighter name of the access point, and on the contrary. the inscription “Connected”.

If the connection has passed successfully, and this access point will be used constantly, it should be noted with a box “Connect automatically”. This option allows you to save time every time you turn on or reboot the computer.

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All data, except for the access key, the system configures automatically.

How To Enable WiFi Internet Connection In Windows 7

You can choose the path more difficult and resort to manual setting. This option allows you to work with some new connection parameters. You also need to start work with a system triani, clicking on the network icon with the right mouse button. The further algorithm of actions is as follows:

If it is necessary to change the settings, click on the left mouse button to the network icon, and right at the access point and select the last “Properties” in the falling window. It remains to make the necessary changes and save them.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop hardware.

On some models of laptops, you first need to turn on the Wi-Fi adapter with a button. Carefully inspect the laptop body. The Wi-Fi Turning button can be in the form of a slider (usually on old models):

If there is no separate button, then look at the laptop keyboard-namely F1-F12 keys. One of them should have a wi-fi icon in the form of antenna. The most often the combinations of the functional key and F5 are used:

If you use a USB adapter, then it usually does not have a separate Wi-Fi inclusion key, so the adapter is always turned on.

Features of connection to Wi-Fi laptops with various OS

Depending on the operating system, the settings procedure and key points of work may differ.

Settings on Windows 7

To correctly configure Wi-Fi on a laptop with the Windows 7 operating system, you need:

  • Find and open the “Networks Management Center” tab.
  • Then click on “Changes in the parameters of the adapter”.
  • After that, press the “properties” of wireless connection and set the necessary parameters for the TCP/IPV4 protocol. If you do not know them, contact your provider.
  • Next, you need to go back to the “Networks Management Center” tab and press the “Connect to the Network” key.
  • Select your connection. During the direct connection, you need to enter the security key, after which you will get access to the Internet.

You can see a clearly described procedure in the following

Settings on Windows 8 and 10

To connect to Wi-Fi laptopes with the Windows 8 or 10 operating system, take the following steps:

  • Find the tab “Network”.
  • A list of networks will appear that are available, among which you need to choose your.
  • The system will request password entering. Enter it in the specified field.
  • After that, press the “Next” button, and literally after a few seconds you can use the Internet freely.

You can clearly see the procedure for connecting and setting up wireless Internet, described above, you can in the next

Now you got acquainted with step-by-step instructions on how to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi using a special key combination and wireless network settings on a laptop. This is a simple procedure, and you can handle it, even if you are a novice user.