What to do if you have lost one or both headphones Airpods?

Apple wireless headphones have made a real revolution in the field of personal audio. If earlier I had to get confused in the wires and each time connect the headphones to the phone, now it’s enough just to launch music or communicate through Bluetooth. But like every cool technology, new gadgets have a lack. Along with its portable, the devices are very small, so losing Airpods is very easy. In addition, they are often stealed both together and separately. Let’s figure out if you can find a lost headphone, and also how to buy a separate left or right eir subs.

All “apple” devices are easy to tie to your own Apple ID and, if necessary, control them remotely. But with one meaningful reservation. If, for example, the stolen iPhone can be found almost anywhere in the world, as well as block it remotely, then with AirPods such a trick will not pass. The search for headphones is possible only in the radius of the signal, and any found can drop them and use without any consequences. Suppose you lost your “ears” somewhere in the house or visiting. At the same time, they were pre.added to the “locator” application (“device” tab).

How not to lose Airpods

AirPods is very easy to lose, but they can really find them

Good evening! Please tell me I lost at home one AirPods headphone and I can’t find it in any way, I sat down on it. is it possible to find it?

Losing Airpods headphone is very simple, and Apple made an accessory such that you part with it: a smooth brilliant body of the case, compact size, and also the fraternity with which the headphones begin to jump on the floor when you drop them. All so that you quickly lose alone and buy another spare. But seriously, in order not to find them, just use the locator.

  • Open the locator, select “Devices”.
  • Click on your Airpods, then “play sound”.
  • After that, listen and you can find the headphone by sound. And in order not to lose them, always keep them in the case, use the lace and turn on the function “notify when forgotten” in the “Notification” item.

Reproduction of the sound signal

If AirPods headphones are next to one of your Apple devices and are connected via Bluetooth, then to be easier to find, you can play sound using the icloud website.com or “find iPhone” programs. The sound signal is played on AirPods headphones with a gradual increase in volume within two minutes, if it is not turned off earlier.

  • Go to the “Action” menu “play sound”.
  • If AirPods headphones are in different places to find them in turn, select the “Offer. left “or” off. right”.
  • After detection of Airpods headphones, click or click the “Stop” command.
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Do not forget to remove AirPods headphones from your ears before playing a sound on them.

How to find one headphone

If the user cannot remember where he lost the headphone from Airpods or lost two inserts, he can use the Locator service at the iPhone set to search for the instructions:

How to find my air pods | finding a single AirPod with your iPhone

  • Open the Locator application. The label label on the desktop of the gadget is reflected in the form of a schematic drawing of a green locator.
  • Go to the “device” tab. The current condition of AirPods conjugated headphones is reflected on the screen with a color indicator. Green, when the gadget is within audacity, blue. when you can try to find it, gray. one headphone or both liners are outside the network of network, in a charger case or discharged.
  • Choose the wanted device. The system will display on the screen, a map with information where AirPods is supposedly located.

The second way to search for lost “ears” is using a personal account on the icloud website.COM registered by serial ID number.

  • Open on a computer with the Internet entrance specified above the site.
  • Autominate in the Personal Account Cloud Service.
  • Go to the “Find iPhone” tab.
  • Open the “All devices” menu. Click the mouse cursor by the name of the wanted “ears” to get information on their alleged location.

Connection and binding to Apple ID

A prerequisite that ensures the possibility of searching for air subs is their preliminary connection to the Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPad or computer Mac) and, as a result, binding to your Apple Aidi account (occurs automatically). These are necessary for the use of headphones, and therefore you probably had previously been fulfilled by you.

Another important condition for the productive search for the accessory is the inclusion of the “locator” function (before the release of iOS 13, it was called “find iPhone”). If this was not done before the gadget loss, it will not work to find it. We previously talked about how to activate this tool in a separate article.

Read more: how to enable the “locator” on the iPhone

How to configure AirPods?

When AirPods wireless headphones are connected to your iPhone or other iOS device, they immediately begin to use your icloud account. This allows them to automatically connect with other devices operating under the same account. Agree, very convenient interaction, and when it comes to searching, it is especially useful.

Therefore, AirPods headphones set up on its own and does not require manual shoeing system installations. Most importantly, after connecting headphones, do not forget to turn on the “Find iPhone” function on the smartphone, and your AirPods will be added to devices available for search.

How to find AirPods

The Finding AirPods function is available in the same way as other Apple search services for Mac, iPhone, iPod and Apple Watch. You can track your headphones on the icloud website.COM or via the locator on the iPad and iPhone.

The easiest way, of course, is to do this using the application. Open the locator application and find your AirPods in the device list. Here you can see where your AirPods are located on the map and relative to your other Apple products. If you touch on the headphone icon on the map, you will see an option for playing sound with Airpods.

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For connected Airpods, real.time geolocation is available

For connected AirPods, it is possible to disable the left or right headphone separately or stop playing sound. This option is not available to Airpods Max, since they are overhead headphones, not TWS, such as AirPods and AirPods Pro.

The ability to turn off the sound on one headphone simplifies the search if you have lost only one of them. Although the sound from Airpods is not the most loud, it should be enough for you to find a lost headphone in a relatively quiet environment. That is how I found my headphone once, because I like to talk on the phone in one of the AirPods, and then leave it in different parts of the apartment.

It is important to note that all these functions are applicable only if AirPods are extracted from the cover and connected to your iPhone.

If you have AirPods that you left in another place or which are not connected to your iPhone, you will see the last known location on the map. If you try to reproduce the sound, nothing will happen. you will receive a notification only when the headphones are connected.

This is how Airpods look in the locator app, if they are not connected to the iPhone

How To Find Your Lost/Stolen Gadgets??? GIVEAWAY Ft. SmartThings Find������

Notification of connected Airpods in search mode

Thus, the “Find AirPods” function is useful for finding headphones within the radius of Bluetooth, but to a lesser extent for those that you left in another place. However, the situation may change after Apple begins to use the U1 chip in Airpods. It will allow headphones to exchange information about the whereabouts with other Apple devices, and you can track their real geolocation, even if AirPods is not connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth. Such a chip is already in the new iPhone (but not in the iPad) and, most likely, Apple will be used in the search beacons of AIRTAGS, which will present later this year.

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Can someone else connect the stolen Airpods to their iPhone

Unfortunately yes. And the process of new fraud of headphones with any other Apple device is quite simple. You need to place the headphones in the case, clamp the settings button and hold it for a few seconds.

As soon as the conjugation process with a new device will take place, the headphones will be reset and they will no longer be associated with the device of the former owner.

And in the future, AirPods can be connected to any other devices, and you, the former owner, cannot prevent this in any way.

Where to buy nozzles for Airpods

Airpods Pro nozzles can be replaced separately

If you did not lose the headphones yourself and you just want to replace the nozzles (outpatules) of AirPods, this can be done on the Apple website. There, in the “Accessories” section, liners are available for Airpods Pro. There are all sizes in stock. s, m and l. It is noteworthy that for 690, Apple sells two outpatchairs at once.

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