Can you find a phone if it is turned off

It is impossible to find the turn off the turn off if not only the SIM card was removed from it, but also the battery. But if the device is still included, the owner has a chance to find it both independently and with the help of law enforcement.

It is impossible to track a discharged smartphone if it is in a power out. In what cases is the search for the device possible:

In other cases, track Android, which does not send any signals to the operator or the access points on the Internet, it is impossible. At least, only the mentioned options are available to the ordinary user.

But if the smartphone is still in working condition, the user is available such methods of tracking:

When contacting law enforcement agencies, you must make sure that the phone is not at home. If the lost cell is there, the owner may write out a fine.

How to find a missing phone over the Internet

Each company that is involved in the development and creation of a smartphone is trying in every possible way to protect a person from possible thefts, hacks of the apparatus or situations when the device can be a gap. Therefore, special services have been created that help to track the lost device via Google, the website of Android or Apple. All of them imply the device included, the Internet and the possibility of access to the network from the computer.

The function “Find iPhone”

Since 2011, Apple has sewn a special function into its operating system. “Find iPhone”. It is activated on the phone itself and allows you to do the following when you lose or steal a smartphone:

  • Activate the “loss mode” that blocks the device;
  • Delete information from memory;
  • make the phone make a signal that will help to detect it if it is somewhere nearby.

This item should be activated in advance along the following path: “Settings”, then go to the ICLOUD section, from it go to the “Find iPhone” section and switch the button to the “ON” position. From now on, the satellite will track the location of the device, and the owner will be able to block the phone through the icloud website.COM, using its account, which must be created in advance and activated.

Find the phone on Android via computer

The main competitor of Apple among Android operating systems takes care of his users no less and also offers several ways to find your lost phone on the Internet or using special programs. They do not violate the legislation, do not require special appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs or to the communications operator, but you should prepare for such a situation in advance.

How To Block Mobile Phone by IMEI Number from PTA | PTA Update

Using special programs through Google

Android Device Manager is one of those programs that helps to find your device when the Internet and GPS program. You can download the application in the official store from Google for free. The program provides the opportunity to perform the same actions as the “Find iPhone” function: block access to the device, force to give a signal or determine the location. You just need to go to the Google website.COM/Android/Devicemanager and perform the necessary actions.

For the correct operation of this application, your phone should be activated on Google, the included service, which is activated as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings” section;
  • select “Security”;
  • Click on the “Device Administrators”;
  • Put a checkplace opposite the “Device dispatcher;
  • In the window that appears, confirm the possibility of remote actions with the device.

How to find a lost Android phone through a computer

IPhone owners can live calmly: the developers have created a program on how to determine the location of the phone, and built it into the system. Thanks to this, everyone can find out where their gadget is located, in a few steps, even if it was stolen and turned off. As for the owners of the cellular on Android, then recently they also had such an opportunity. The system has the Android Device Manager program, which after some settings helps to find Android via Google.

Search for a phone via Google account from a computer

ADM shows the location of the smartphone, allows you to block the gadget, delete information from the card. How to find a missing phone using this application: Settings. Safety. Device Administrators, Turn on Android Device Manager. If your device was lost, then with this function you can find the phone through the Google account. To do this, enter the Android page.COM/Devicemanager and click on the device you need. The map will open on which the location will be indicated. If the device is stolen, then the probability of being through Google is small.

How to track a phone through a Google account?

But to find your lost or stolen phone on Android, to which the Google account was prudently tied, even if it is turned off the location of the location. It is no more difficult to do this than to remove the graphic key; Everything that is required of the owner is a computer, laptop, tablet or other smartphone connected to the Internet, account data and a little patience.

The user who has lost the device and wants to find out where it is now, must first recall if he made synchronization with a Google account. If you didn’t have time, I didn’t want or forgot, you can forget about the following ways, go for a new phone and try not to repeat the same mistakes-then you will have the opportunity to deal with other pressing problems: restore remote photos on Android or find the best program-catalog of films and TV shows.

With a satellite

To look on the Google map, where Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS or any other Android smartphone has the misfortune, you need:

  • In the field that opened, the user can familiarize himself with the latest actions on the device and understand whether it is stolen or still turned off and forgotten.
  • If the geolocation on the smartphone is enabled, on the new page the owner will see the map with the location of the apparatus. In addition, he will be able to find out the current level of battery charge and the name of the network to which the device is connected.
  • If the geolocation on the device is disabled, it will not work on the map: the online service will give an appropriate warning, and the user will have to look for other search options.

Tip: if several devices tied to one Google account is lost, the owner can track the location of each of them in one window, simply switching from one tab to another.

The dialing of the apparatus

If, according to the image on the Google map, it turns out that the smartphone on Android is in the owner of the owner’s direct access, but it still does not go out, you should, without closing the previously described page, use another useful function, which is called: “call”.

This can be done as follows:

You can nickname both one phone and several at the same time. The service is provided by Google absolutely free and can be used as many times as user is required.

Important: both options work only if the smartphone is turned on. otherwise Google will show a notification about the impossibility of detecting the device.

Blocking the device

Another option, available on the same page and recommended if the device was stolen or lost and is far from the owner, is blocking:

  • Leave for the founder or attacker a message motivating to action and containing contact details. mail, phone number, address and so on, then click on the “Blok” button. All entered information will be displayed on the smartphone screen.

Tip: if you find or return the phone is not possible, the owner can only erase personal data. you can do this using the corresponding button at the bottom of the same page.

How to find a phone on IMEI

One of the search options for the off device is to search for the phone by having. This is a special digital code that is located under the battery (usually) of the gadget. But how to do it if there is no device? You can rewrite the code in advance and store at home, or find the box from the smartphone. Each packaging must indicate serial production code and have a device, it consists of 15 digits. Instructions on how to find the disconnected phone:

  • Coope the IMEI.
  • Go with a passport, an SIM card agreement to the nearest police station.
  • Write a statement that the cell phone has disappeared, and law enforcement officers will make a request to the company operator who can look for your cell phone by this number (IMEI).
  • If the mobile is discovered in the applicant’s apartment, then a significant fine can be obtained, because the mobile could be found on its own.
  • Keep in mind that there are a lot of statements about the theft and the service does not often put such affairs in priority.

We block the device

Blocking the stolen phone is carried out through the above service. Autominate, select the device, click “Blok the phone”. Indicate in the blocking settings the message displayed on the screen of the locked device. The number for feedback with the owner is also indicated here. Also indicate the password unlock. Click the “block” button. all further actions with the device will become impossible.

The above service works via the Internet. If it is disconnected, block or clean the phone will not work. The attacker will fulfill the overall discharge and will be able to use the tube as if nothing had happened. A way out of the situation is an appeal to the police. This will require the owner’s passport, the phone box and the check from the store. IMEI codes are indicated on the box and check. they need police to send a request to operators.

After a while, the operators will return the answer-it indicates whose SIM card is installed in the smartphone at the moment. It is this person (even if he is innocent) will answer before the law. The stolen device will return it to the legal owner. Please note that the police can find not only a smartphone, but also a simple phone.

The police do not like requests for stolen mobile phones, although they have all the tools for finding stolen tubes.

Ways to search for a turn offline

It is worth finding out if it works with the GPS phone turned off. A mobile device can give a signal to its owner in several ways, which will simplify the search for the gadget. To find the phone, you can use “have”, SIM card, various applications.

Determination of the location of the offline


IMEI. an international identifier assigned to each mobile device by its manufacturer at the factory. It is difficult to change, and the percentage of people is engaged in this. It is a combination of 15 digits, applied under the battery and duplicated in the documentation for the device. Can I find the phone on IMEI?

If the user is sure that the phone was scattered, but not by chance fell out of his or is forgotten somewhere, you need to contact the police. For this you will need:

  • IMEI. make a copy of the document where this number is indicated and take its original;
  • Citizen’s passport;
  • SIM card operational contract if it is available.

The department must write an application for theft. Law enforcement officers are required to send a request to the mobile operator. If the device is included, there will be a chance to determine the location. But there are a lot of “pitfalls” that need to be taken into account.

Possible problem Note
It is impossible to find out the exact location of the device, especially if it is disconnected If he is in an apartment building, the chances of returning are ghostly.
Law enforcement officers try to avoid such statements by all means The effectiveness of their work in such cases is small.
If it turns out that the phone is forgotten in the locker room of the gym or is at home, most likely you have to pay a fine.

On the SIM card

Some users are interested in whether it is possible to find out the whereabouts of a person on the turned off phone. GPS module allows you to determine the geolocation of the device, including the navigator, thanks to the satellites in geostationary orbit. This allows the subscriber to find the phone via GPS through the computer if it is turned off.

Thanks to the module, the mobile operator (MTS, Beeline, Megafon) can easily determine the location by phone number with an accuracy of tens of meters. To get the opportunity to return the gadget may appeal to the office with documents (passport, IMEI phone, Simka operation agreement). The chances of success are also small, but you should try.

Using Find My Device

Find GPS off the telephone. Various programs are capable of. Free application for Android Find My Device and the like work on the basis of the received data from the “Google” profile. Preliminary installation, program settings and binding to the Google account are required.

Find My Device

The application helps to learn the geolocation where the mobile phone is located, determine the route to it, even if it is in a multi.storey building. Requires active Internet. Find My Device allows us to optionally include the maximum volume on the phone that will give it out in a small room or on the street, block or delete personal data.

To track from a computer or other device, you need to follow the link https: // Myaccount.Google.COM/FIND-YOUR-PhONE, having previously authorized Google from an account tied to a mobile phone. In the window select the desired gadget. It can be blocked, sent, deleted all the information or exit the profile.

Thus, knowing how to track the location of the Android phone through Google, you can quickly find it in case of loss.

ICLOUD service

For gadgets on the basis of iOS, the iCloud app is used. After configuration (you must enable the “Geolocation Service” and “Find the device”) to track the movement of the mobile phone according to its ID and password on the icloud website.COM or in the Locator program on another iPhone. In order to find out how to track a person by geolocation, you need to have access to this iPhone function.

ICLOUD will also allow you to lose the maximum volume maximum to identify the device if it is within a couple of tens of meters, or send a message asking him to return it. Notification will come even after replacing the SIM card.

Find iPhone

Application “Alarm clock”

Security experts recommend installing an alarm for every day for a convenient time. He calls even if the smartphone is turned off, what will attract attention to himself.

Important! If the device is turned off, for example, intended for analysis for spare parts or storage until the moment when they stop being interested in, it cannot be found described above in ways.

Ways to search for a lost phone

The smartphone uses three modes of determining its location:

  • Orbital groups. A module receiving signals from satellites is mounted inside the device. Common groups are GLONASS and GPS. This mode provides the most accurate information. the navigation error is only a few meters.
  • Internet and Wi-Fi. The location of the phone is determined by the networks to which it is connected. Measurement errors reach a radius of the action of resources.
  • cellular. Tracking the device is carried out along the towers, the signals from which it accepts. This regime is the most inaccurate. the error is measured in kilometers, especially in rural areas.

Accordingly, all these tools are used to search for a phone if it was lost. Each of the modes has its own conditions. So, to determine the location of the device, the inclined geolocation is needed; To search for Internet networks on a smartphone, data transfer or Wi-Fi should be enabled; Search for cellular communications, if there is no SIM card in it, it will also be useless.

IMEI code

IMEI is a serial number assigned to the device at the factory. Using this code, the smartphone connects to the network for the first time. You can find out the cipher in several ways:

In the case of the theft or loss of the phone, you can look for it by serial number. Nevertheless, this method is closed from the inhabitants. only the telecom operator is engaged in the search for IMEI and only upon request from law enforcement agencies.

IMEI code

On a note. Search for the device only by serial number is ineffective. The communication station fixes the release of the apparatus on IMEI and the SIM card signal. Therefore, if the card has already been pulled out of the smartphone, the chances of finding it are quite low.

Determine the location of the phone, if it is turned off, even harder. Some applications show the last fixed location of the device on the map, but find out where the smartphone is now, if it is turned off, is very difficult.

SIM card number

Most of the sites offering paid services for finding a device by SIM card number-scammers. This kind of service is provided only by the operator at the request of the police. Nevertheless, you can take care of such situations in advance and connect the function of tracking the phone.

MTS, Beeline, Tele2 and Megaphone operators offer such services as parental control. With the help of the service, you can not only find out where the owner of the device is now, but also access the percentage of the battery charge and sometimes to the statistics of application use.

Service “Parental Control” on Megafon

  • Low accuracy. The quality of information directly depends on the number of communication towers located in the area of ​​action. In large cities where the antennas are enough, the error reaches 300 meters. In small cities or rural areas, this indicator is several kilometers.
  • Price. As a rule, the service has a free period, but as a result, for determining the location, it will be necessary to pay the operator every month.

On a note. There is no point in connecting a service in case of loss or theft of a phone, because there are more accurate, effective and free tracking methods.

Google account

You can determine the location of the lost phone according to the Google service both from another device, through the application and from the computer, through the website.

To track the device through a mobile application, it is enough to activate one Google account on two gadgets. If one of them is lost, on the second you can go to the Google Maps app and click on the button “Where I?””. Two points will be displayed on the map corresponding to the location of two devices.

To find out the location of the device from the computer, use the “Remote control Android” function. On a site loaded through a browser (you can do this on a mobile gadget), you need to enter a login and password from the Google account activated on the device. The mark on the map will show where the device is located, and a notification about the entry of the account will come to the smartphone. The service offers several interesting functions:

  • Valin. The device will play the signal at full volume for five minutes, regardless of the volume settings.
  • Screen blocking with the output of the message about the loss. If the smartphone was found by a respectable person, then there is a chance that it will work to return the gadget.
  • Removing all information from the phone. Useful option in case the device was stolen and back there is no chance.


To send data data, satellite navigation systems are most often used. Among the Google services there is a “chronology” function used for remote location of the device. In the application you can not find out where the smartphone is located right now, but you can trace the gadget routes for a certain time.

This function will help to understand whether the smartphone is in someone’s hands or lies in one place, for example, forgotten on the street. Also, using the service, you can find out the last location of the Android phone if it is turned off.

History of the locations “Chronology”

Working with the site looks as follows:

  • We need to go to the page “Chronology”;
  • enter data for the entry of the Google account activated on the device;
  • Choose an interesting date and time.

A route will appear on the map for the introducted segment.

Special applications and services

When working with such programs, you need to consider two important things:

  • On many devices, copyright applications are included in the basic installation, that is, by default they act on the gadget. Some models. especially on old firmware versions. are not equipped with such programs. You can install them from open sources: Play Market for Android and AppStore for iPhone.
  • When cleaning the device from unnecessary applications, it is important not to delete the author’s program, otherwise, in case of loss of the smartphone, it will not be easy to find it.

Useful tips

No one is safe from the phone loss. A person who has been faced with loss is recommended to take into account some tips:

Track your Switched Off Mobile Phone Location | Find your Lost, Stolen Mobile Phone Location

  • Recall where the device was the last time;
  • check your house, and also call the places where the phone could stay;
  • use the search features available both on Android and iOS;
  • In case of theft, try to contact the police;
  • Do not try to use online services that offer to quickly find a smartphone.

Subject to all recommendations, the probability of finding a mobile device will become much higher. But even if you find the phone, it is worth remembering that this is just a gadget. Sooner or later, he would still have to change.

Also to understand how to track the location of the Android phone through Google, you must have a registered account.