How to View a Computer‘s MAC Address in Windows 7

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The physical address is necessary for the proper functioning of the network, for the average user it is necessary in setting up the router. Often the Internet provider uses the binding by MAC-address of the device.

Command Line

The method described above is the most common and is presented on Wikipedia. There is another way of writing the command, which functions in Windows 7. This command displays the physical address information in a more convenient way, and looks like this:

In the same way, enter it at the command prompt and press Enter.

Windows 7 Intellis

This method of looking up the MAC address of a network card or router will probably be clearer to beginners than the one described above. Follow three simple steps:

    Press WinR. enter command msinfo32. hit Enter.

Connection list

With these simple methods, you can easily find out the MAC address of your computer in Windows 7.

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What is the Mac Address

Mac address. is a unique identifier of the network device, which was written into it during the creation process. All the network gadgets like WiFi, router, etc.e, there is a Mac address, mostly forty-eight digits. Sometimes users call this address the physical address.

Why is it needed at all, this Mac address? This address is necessary for the correct functioning of the internet. Common users may find it useful to configure the router. This address identifies any PC on the network and provides information specific to that PC.

Operation to find mac addressa for different devices and operating systems has minor differences, but, nevertheless, to determine it quite simply.

The easiest method to determine the Mac address is as follows: You just need to take the right data from the box of the router, laptop, phone, board and read it!

How to find out the MAC address of your computer in Windows 7 or Windows 8

To find out your computer’s MAC address you need to open the properties of your network connection. Open “Control Panel” and go to “View Network Status and Tasks”.

After that click on the “Local Area Connection” link, which is located on the right side of the window that opens.

After that you will see a window called “Status”. In this window, click on the “Details” button.

This will bring up the “Network Connection Details” window. This window will display information about your network connection. Your MAC address will be displayed under “Physical Address.

You may wish to copy this information, but to do so, press CTRL-C on the Network Connection Details window.

How to know the Mac address of computer and notebook

Important! This is usually needed to keep this information in case you change hardware or reinstall Windows. In case you use a router, you can check your Mac right on the back of the router or in the router’s control interface in your browser. This will be described in the last chapter.

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See through connection

Press “WIN R” on your keyboard simultaneously and type the command ncpa.cpl

Open the active internet connection and go to “Details”. The data we need will be written at the “physical address” property.

Interesting! An active connection should not be marked with a red cross. Also it should not say “Unidentified network” or “No connection”, or “Network cable not connected”.

Look through the command line

Press “WIN R” key on your keyboard and type cmd

In the console that opens, type the command (one of the two):

In the first case, the list of connections will be displayed, with their name and physical address. In the second chapter you can view other properties of all your Internet connections.

View in the properties of the network in Windows 10

Press “WIN I” on your keyboard simultaneously and open “Network and Internet” in a new window.

Scroll down the page and click on “View Network Properties”. This will show all information with the data we need.

System info

Press “WIN R” on your keyboard and type msinfo32

In the left column, expand “Components”, then “Network” and open “Adapter”. In the right column, you will see information about all of the adapters on the computer. On your Mac, the active one will fill in all the data unlike the others.

Interesting! The method is good if you need the most complete data about all the adapters that are currently in the system. The Bluetooth connections will be there as well.

MAC address of your network card in Windows 10

If you are using the operating system Windows 10, then in order to find out the MAC address of your network card you need to right-click on the “Start” button and in the menu that appears select “Network Connections”.

You can also open the window with network connections using the command. To do this use the Win R key combination and in the window that appears type “ncpa.cpl”.

Once you do this, you will see a window with the network connections that exist on your system. You need to open the network connection whose Mac address you want to know. To do this, simply double-click on the desired network connection.

After this a small window will open with basic information about the connection. To find out the MAC address of a network card, click on the “Details” button.

You should see the “Network Connection Details” window. This window will display all possible information about the selected network connection. Information about the Mac address of the network card is also available in this window, it is displayed in the line “Physical address”.

This address is 48 bits long. This provides a huge number of possible options. Often, the identifier is written as six groups of double hexadecimal numbers. For convenience, they are separated by “-” or “:”. This address is assigned to network equipment on a permanent basis and it is practically impossible to change it, but there are software products where these changes are still possible.

This address is needed in the process of organizing and maintaining computer networks. It does affect the correct operation. Most users only encounter this identifier when connecting to a router. Some ISPs that provide you internet access, apply binding to mac-address for security. Such binding makes it possible to connect to the global network only for specific computers or mass of other devices. the provider knows the mac address of the specific equipment. This avoids wasting traffic by unauthorized devices and provides a higher level of security when exchanging data over the network.

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How to change the Mac address


On Windows PCs and laptops you can use the system’s own tools to change the mac. But on condition that your network adapter driver supports this feature.

  • Launch Device Manager, expand the list of network adapters, right-click on the one you are interested in and select Properties.
  • Click on the Advanced tab. Find Network Address in the list of properties and enter the new Mac in the Value field.

If the above parameter is not in the list of properties, it means that the adapter driver does not support changing the.

Experienced users can add Mac address directly to the system registry, in the section where network adapter settings are stored. The easiest way to change the Mac address is to use the command line, running with administrative privileges.

Reg add “HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup\Upgrade\NetworkDriverBackup\Control\Class\4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318\####” /v NetworkAddress /t REG_SZ /d 000000000000 /f

Instead of #### and 000000000000 you need to put your data:

#### is a registry subfolder of the type 0000, 0001, 0002, etc. д. These subfolders store the parameters of the network interfaces of each in their. To find out which sub-folder to write into, you will have to open it in the registry and find the name of the network adapter you are looking for in the list of values. Same as in Device Manager.

Instead of twelve zeros, write your new Mac address without spaces, hyphens, or other symbols.

By the way, you can change mac on a Windows PC in BIOS, but only with the help of special service software, which is not designed for regular users.

Mac OS X

Changing the Mac address on Apple computers is done through the same terminal that helped you learn it. Just execute command in terminal: sudo ifconfig en0 ether 00:00:00:00:00.

Instead of zeros after the word ether, write the new address, separating the pairs of characters with colons.


To change the mac address on your Android phone or tablet, you need root access and special software. For devices based on MediaTek CPUs, it is convenient to use the free MTK Engineering Mode service utility.

  • To go to the desired settings in MTK Engineering Mode, tap the MTK settings button. In the Connectivity list select Wi-Fi or any other network interface. Open NVRAM section.
  • Enter in the add(h,byte) line the digit 4, and in the next length(byte) line the digit 6. Click Read. In the value(h) field below, you will see the current physical address of this adapter. Simply erase the address, write a new one (without spaces, hyphens, or colons), and hit the Write button.

The second way to change the mac is available to owners of devices on processors from other manufacturers, but, unfortunately, and it does not work on all devices. In addition, you will have to install a paid utility Root Explorer.

  • Run Root Explorer and go to /data directory.
  • Find and open a text file named nvmac in any If you don’t have one, create an. To create and save an object in this directory, you have to activate R/W (read and write) permissions
  • Write the new Mac address, separating pairs of colons.
  • Open the permissions window of that file through the menu and mark the read rights for all.
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The procedure for changing the Mac address on routers is called cloning. It is so named because instead of the factory mac of the router, the system substitutes the Mac of the computer that is connected to it. However, you can prescribe either address instead of a clone.

The method of cloning a physical address on devices of different brands and models is almost the same. The only difference is the firmware interface.

In order to change the parameter of interest on the TP-link router (as an example, the interface of Archer C20 firmware is given), open the Network and MAC-address Cloning section. Type in the new value in the field shown in the screenshot and click Save.

Finding a MAC address using an IP

Every device that can communicate with other hardware over a network has its own physical address. It is unique and is attached to the device at the stage of its development. Sometimes the user may need to know these data for various purposes, such as adding the device to the network exceptions or blocking it through the router. There are many more such examples, but we won’t list them, we just want to look at the way to get that very MAC address via IP.

How to determine the mac address of your computer?

So, to see the mac address of a network card you can use the standard Windows interface. This method is suitable for beginners and works on all versions of the operating system (Windows 7, 10 and even XP). To find out your mac address you need:

  • 1. Press WinR (or “Start” “Run”), type the command msinfo32 and click “Ok”;
  • 2. Next, you will open the “System Information” section, where you need to select the “Components” “Network” “Adapter” category;
  • 3. The right side of the window shows all the information about the computer‘s network settings, including the twelve-digit mac address of its network card.

You can also find the Mac address without typing a command:

  • 1. Go to “Network and Sharing Center”;
  • 2. Use the context menu to open the “Properties” of the desired connection;
  • 3. In the “Network” tab “Connect via” the model of the network adapter is specified. Just hover your cursor over this area, and the mac address of your network card will appear.

“advanced” PC users can also find the mac address of their computer at the command line. There are two special commands for this:

  • 1. Also press WinR (or “Start” “Run”) with the command cmd;
  • 2. In the command prompt window, carefully type ipconfig/all and press “Enter”;
  • 3. After entering the command you will see a full list of your PC network devices (real and virtual). Find your mac address of the computer in the “Physical Address” field, also known as the mac address of your network card. Keep in mind that each device will have its own unique address.

Find MAC address on Windows 10

The second command getmac /v /fo list is more convenient and gives you only the information you need. If you enter the command correctly, you should get the following: