Why know the IP address of the camera

The camera records what is happening, but does not store what is received. Most often, it transfers it to a computer, in whose memory it will remain for some time. The IP (unique address) of the camera is required to synchronize it with the computer: using a special program or command, the computer uses the IP addresses of the camera and connects to it. Without knowing the IP, you DO NOT configure the computer to work with the desired camera.

The camera connects to a computer via a network

How to find the IP address of the surveillance camera and change it

IP cameras are used for surveillance and are connected to the server using a unique IP address to transmit images to the corresponding computer address. But if there are synchronization problems or if you change the device without knowing the address, it will NOT work to configure the camera to work properly. In this situation, simple and understandable ways will help to determine or change the current address.

  • Why know the IP address of the camera
  • Finding IP
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  • Table: standard IP, logins and passwords
  • Using a third party program
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How to find out IP cameras. Using third-party programs

Download and install the free Angry IP Scan software. The utility helps to scan devices connected to the home network and find out their IP addresses. In the scan range, specify a value from to and click the Start button. After completing the procedure, a list of devices associated with your network will appear. Find the camera in it and look at the Corresponding IP column to find out the address.

If you do not understand which IP belongs to the camera, then Disconnect it from the network, scan, remember the received address (or take a screenshot of the screen using the PrtSc key), Connect the camera to the network and start scanning again. Compare the two lists and use the exclusion method to find the device that appears on the rescan, which will be the camera.

We start scanning and find IP cameras

View instructions

The default address is indicated in the accompanying documentation. If the paper instructions are lost, you can find them on the official website of the manufacturer. The table below contains the default IP address of popular companies.

Table: standard IP, logins and passwords

How To Find The ID Of The CCTV Camera
firm IP addresses Login password
Beward admin admin
Dahua admin admin
Microdigital root root
AirCam ubnt ubnt
IPEYE admin 123456
Hikvision admin 12345
Polyvision admin no password
Spacetechnology DHCP is used admin 12345

Using the command line

  • Connect computer and camera LAN cable.
  • Run Command Timeline as Administrator.

Run the command term as administrator

Enter and execute the command arp.a. A list of devices connected to the computer and their IP addresses will expand. If it is not clear which one is the camera, Disconnect the LAN cable, repeat the command and remember the address from the list (or use the screenshot function). Then reconnect the device and write the command again. the camera will appear in the list.

We execute the arp.A command and look for IP cameras

Finding IP

IP cameras’ addresses are formed according to the same princIPle: four digits from 0 to 255, separated by a dot. For example, There are several ways to find out the addresses assigned to the camera.

Change IP Camera

You will need to change the IP if you want to connect two or more cameras at the same time. In this case, each camera will have the same default address, but you cannot connect multIPle devices with the same IP, otherwise a name conflict will arise. To avoid a malfunction, enter a new IP.

To change IP Let’s use the universal free Intelligent IP Installer:

  • Launched the program, click on the Search button to start scanning. Connect the camera to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer. After finishing the search, select Found option and click Setup.

Click on the Seach and Setup button

Enter your username and password. You can find standard login data in the table standard IP, logins and passwords, located above.

Enter your username and password

Select the manual method for specifying the IP instead of automatic detection and will write a different value. Done, IP addresses changed, Connect new camera.

Set your IP manually

An IP address is required to connect the camera to a computer and display the digital recording on the monitor. However, it is important that this address is unique. Otherwise, the computer will NOT be able to work correctly with the camera and display the image on the screen.