With which processor to choose the Xiaomi phone and how to determine which model is installed

One of the simplest ways to check is to use a protective code. This code is printed on the box and is closed with a special erasing coating. A similar coating is usually applied to lottery tickets, so finding it on the box will not be difficult.

  • Wipe the protective coating to gain access to 20 safety code digits.
  • Go to the company’s official website (https: // www.Mi.COM/Global/Verify/#/Ru/Tab/Secur).
  • Select the Xiaomi Authentication tab and enter a 20-digit code.
  • Below indicate the captcha, and then click “Check”.

How To Know The Chipset Of Your Android Smart Phone

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If the code is entered into the system, then after updating the page, the user sees information about this smartphone (the country for which it was produced, as well as the number of built.in and RAM). If the device is non.original, then the system will notify that the code is entered incorrectly, or does not exist.

Not all models have a secret code on the box.

How to see which processor on Xiaomi phone

One of the most important elements of any smartphone, of course, is its processor, so to speak this is the iron heart of the gadget.

The stability and smoothness of the Android operating system, performance in games and heavy applications, the functionality of the camera and the functionality of the camera and the work of the operating system and the smoothness of the operating system and.t.D.

As a rule, the higher the price tag, the more serious the stone is used in a particular device, the flagships are equipped with the most powerful chips, they give out simply incredible results, in various performance tests.

find, which, processor, xiaomi, phone

To see all the detailed characteristics about a particular processor, you need to know its exact name.

However, in the parameters of Xiaomi devices, these data are not indicated, there are only the number of nuclei and their maximum power.

In order to determine the model, and also all the detailed characteristics, I recommend installing an easy, free AIDA 64 application. Below in the article, I will clearly describe the whole process that will take no more than a minute.

How to find out which processor is installed on Xiaomi

We go to Play Market.

We collect in the search line “AIDA 64”, and go on the hint.

On the page opened, click on the “Install” button.

Upon completion of this process, click on the “Open” button.

Open the corresponding section “CPU”.

On the page opened, all the necessary data are indicated.


After we were able to find out the modification of the processor, it is worth understanding all the capabilities of the system. For this, firstly.

The Internet kindly provides the opportunity to see complete information on a specific chip. For example, the number of nuclei and the technological process, and hence to understand how energy efficient your apparatus is, what are its possibilities.

Secondly, there are specialized programs-benchmarks for the load testing of mobile gadgets systems. They, according to programmed algorithms, “strain” a ligament of the hardware and Android OS, and allow you to check how good it is in certain conditions. The result is issued in let’s say so “conditional units” that are commonly called “parrots”.

Geekbench 4 Developer: Primate Labs Inc. Price: free

Recall the Soviet cartoon “38 Parrots” and the phrase of the boa ” and in the parrots I am longer!””

In addition to the absolute value in the “parrots”, some benchmarks can show a comparative characteristic of your SOC and other similar ones similar to it. Thus, the capabilities of the device are determined: first on synthetic tests, and then. practically.

If in short, the results of the already repeated tests demonstrate the fact that the Snapdragon and Helio chips, with similar characteristics, show comparable results, from an engineering point of view. The differences between the two Redmi models built at about the same time, but on chips of different manufacturers, may have differences in the type of support for LTE networks or system performance when performing certain tasks.

What processor on Redmi?

Processor: 2 GHz, eight.core, MediaTek Helio G80. Display: 6.53-inch, with a resolution of 2340 × 1080 pixels, protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

If you have a sufficient budget, it is better to choose Qualcomm, if the budget is small, then MediaTek will be a great solution. The reason is that Qualcomm technologies are aimed at improving the qualities of the processor, and MediaTek improves only performance.

Basic information

To obtain basic information about the processor installed in Xiaomi, follow the following actions:

find, which, processor, xiaomi, phone
  • Open the “settings”;
  • Enter the tab “On the phone“;
  • Find the “processor” line. opposite it will be placed open data on the number of nuclei and their clock frequency.

The described method helps to determine whether the real performance of the declared.

How to see the model and discharge of the processor, the number of its nuclei on Android

In Play, the market is available many free applications to obtain information about the characteristics of the Android phone. For the purpose of viewing SOC information, I recommend using AIDA64 or CPU-Z, available free of charge in the Play Market application store.

To view information about the processor model in AIDA64:

  • Launch the application and go to the “CPU” point (central processor, CPU).
  • In the upper line you will see the “model SOC” item. this is the model of your processor.
  • Here you will find information about the number of CPU nuclei, types of these nuclei, processor technological process and discharge (at the “sets of instructions”).

In addition, the program displays information about the range of supported frequencies and the current processor frequency: do not be surprised that it is below maximum. this is good, so the system saves the battery charge when high performance is not required.

In the CPU-Z application, you will see information about the processor on the first screen on the SOC tab. The processor model will be displayed above, below, at the “Cores” item. the number of nuclei. The frequencies, technological process and model GPU (graphic accelerator) of your Android phone are also indicated here.

The discharge of the processor is not displayed, but we can recognize it with an indirect method: go to the System tab and pay attention to the “Kernel Architecture” item (nuclear architecture). If “Aarch64” is indicated there, we have a 64-bit system, and therefore a 64-bit processor.

Know the technical characteristics of your Xiaomi

In the MIUI settings, you can also access the menu with additional technical data about your device. In this section, you can find the number IMEI, Mac-Wi-Fi address of the terminal, the address of the Bluetooth connection, the status of the battery with its current charge and the timer, which shows the device activity time.

To gain access to this technical menu, just go to the “Settings” “On the phone” “All Characteristics” “General Information”.

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And how to find out which camera is on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x 4 GB / 64 GB. With the MTK Helio X20 processor ?

Follow the instructions and inform you what is written in the lines of Front Camera and Back Camera

If you open the front point the camera, the front camera is opened. Point Back Camera-no in general. Made screenshots. I don’t know how to send them to you.

Oleg, go to Software Version. Find two lines in it: CCM and CCM-S.

The first is the main camera S5K3L8_newnull (in your case Samsung). The second is the frontal S5K5E8YX (also samsung).

If you do not mind, we will place one of your screenshots in this article to help other users with the definition of the camera module.

Thank you very much. You helped me a lot. And I probably blind, looked and did not see. Screenshot with this information (link), of course, place. I don’t mind, maybe someone will help someone. With uv. Oleg.

And how many inches? I wanted to order protection

Can be viewed on the manufacturer’s website. At worst, measure the diagonal with a ruler. What is your model?

There is practically no difference. Perhaps Samsung is a little better with details. But this is subjective

How to Check Xiaomi ROM Version. China or Global. European or Russian

You have a screen from the tianm on the screen, but this is how the screen is indicated from Boe. LCD: Qcom, MDSS_DSI_NT35532_FHD_VIDEO. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x 3/16 Global phone.

Good day, my main camera is indicated by QTech_ov13855. what kind of glitch I have this?

Hello. This is not a glitch. You just have an Omnivision camera module, and our article is a little outdated. We’ll fix it today

Tell me Redmi Note 4 Global. I entered the menu, and there the display line is such mdss_dsi_otm_1911_fhd_video what is my display?

Hello, how to find out which camera is on Redmi 5?

Hello. Just as in the instructions. Send a screenshot of the contents of the item: “Information about the version”

Hello! I have Xiaomi Redmi not4 without any letters. How to find out which camera I have installed? Thanks.

Hello! As well as in the instructions. See, starting from the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x item on the MTK processor. You can take a screenshot, upload it to photo hosting and send a link in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and we will help you determine the manufacturer of the camera

Hello! I went through the “nucleus version” as you described, went to VersionInfo, it turned out not that two buttons Fail and Pass are released, you press the first one. in front of VersionInfo’s inscription, a red cross appears, click the second. green tick! When the first time I went into this tab, there were no icons! You can’t tell me how to return everything back so that there are no icons! P.S. Reloading does not help!

These are just system tests. The checkmark says that you confirmed the passage of the test. Red cross. that the test was canceled or it did not work

That is, this will not affect the work of the phone?

Hello, I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x 4/64 MTK not global. It is necessary to change the screen, but it is on Redmi Note 4x MTK that there are no screens anywhere, only on the SNAP process, and if on MTK then only for Redmi Note 4, but for 4x MTK, but not suitable for 4X to 4x, there are no bolts from below, there. And on my 4x there is no one, how to be?

Hello! Not sure, but it is possible to clarify this one with the seller

I read somewhere that the Tianma screen is better, since Boe has too much yellow-is it so? First: if I take Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x 3/32, as I understand it from the description that it is on them that the tianm screen is on the model 3/16 Boe? Or not a fact? And how can you choose or order a phone so that he has a tianma screen and a camera from Samsung? And the second: with which version or firmware to take the phone: global or international, so that it is immediately rusky, is not updated by any air (since I do not understand anything at all)? Thanks in advance for the answer.

This is not a fact at all. What Tianma looks like, you can see here: http: // faqpda.ru/Xiaomi/Xiaomi-Mi-A1/Sravnenie-Ekranov-Tianma-I-Ebb, this does not mean that in Redmi Note 4x, it will also look like. The fact is that Xiaomi installs the components absolutely randomly, without tying them to the version of the device. If you really want a display from Tianma, you can persuade the seller to choose the same for you. But he is unlikely to agree.

find, which, processor, xiaomi, phone

As for the firmware, then take it immediately with the global. There will be the necessary languages ​​and update by air

Thanks for the answer and the link provided. Although if you follow the link, I liked the phone with the EGGB screen more.He is brighter. And in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this link it is indicated that this screen is brighter and juicier. And what do you advise based on practice and your experience? And please tell me: in the list of versions is found. “EU/CE smartphone is certified in Ukraine”, but it is more expensive from the rest by 2 thousand.UAH. And the wording is found. the Asian version, and even more often without indicating the version. How to get with global firmware how you advised and whether it is worth chasing the certified in Ukraine, overpaying almost 50% of the cost of the phone for this. And one more question is about the guarantee. Some guarantee indicates 12 months., But they are again for 1 thousand UAH. more expensive, and for some 3 months., But they are cheaper. over, some indicate. a guarantee from the manufacturer, and on others. a guarantee from the store. What will you advise. from the manufacturer or from the store, how it works? It turns out if I take the phone from 3 months. Warranties are not clear what is from the manufacturer or from the store and for 4 months it is liable for me, it is no longer subject to any warranty service? And one more thing: tell me please, I had all the phones in black. I like it now and I would like to purchase golden. Tell me, how the paint does not wipe with time or it is better to take a proven black?

Vitaly, a lot of questions not regarding the instruction. Our site has a FAQPDA forum.ru/forum. Please, next time, ask them there. Now, let’s figure it out: 1) I personally have Tianma and I like it. Although there were others. But, if you do not take two smartphones with different screens and do not place them nearby, it will be very difficult to notice the difference in them. Therefore, you can take any 2) about certification. Yes, he really went through it in Ukraine, respectively, its cost increased. However, he did not become better from it. A very important difference, there may be a lack of necessary frequencies. But again, write to the forum, and we will figure it out there. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, this is completely inconvenient to do. 3) warranty. You take it in the Ukrainian store or at Aliexpress? If the first, then it does not matter whose guarantee is not important here. If the second, then it is possible only from the seller. And in this case, you will have to contact the service center with which AliExpress works. 4) if we talk about golden color, then I did not notice the wiping of the paint. Just because all smartphones are usually in a case. But I don’t think this will happen