How to find out APPL ID iPhone

The question is how to find out the APPP ID iPhone rarely arises, because usually we all know our e.mail by heart. Apple ID is a unique account that is used in all devices from Apple to identify in ICLUD, AppStore and many other services. If you cannot remember your identifier, then let’s take out what to do to find out Apple id.

In the phones and tablets of the manufacturer, it is registered in almost every corner, so forgetting it will not be easy. You can find it out on a blocked device, and we will also consider how you can restore the password in case of loss. Apple ID completely coincides with the email address, so first try to remember it. This is the simplest method, but it is not always possible to recall the address of your mailbox. In this case, we take the iPhone and go to the icloud settings menu (it is here that you can find the name of your account).

How to find out Apple ID on a locked iPhone?

A user who decided to block the iPhone and does not have the ability to unlock it back, for obvious reasons, will not be able to find out his Apple ID directly on the device. However, do not be upset: there are alternative and no less convenient ways. We’ll talk about the two simplest two.

On a trusted device

Apple Inc. not only allows the owner of the iPhone or iPad to mating several devices under one account, but almost insists on this. Such obsession can benefit: if the Apple ID of one phone or tablet is forgotten, it can be viewed on another trusted apparatus. enough, as described earlier, enter the subsection “iTunes Store and App Store” or “passwords and accounts”.

On the official website of the manufacturer

Another way to find Apple ID blocked iPhone is to use the convenient form on the Apple Inc website. For this you need:

  • Go to the manufacturer’s portal at Apple and, having waited for loading the main page, click on the icon of the tablet in the upper right corner.
find, which, attached, iphone
  • In the online form opened, enter your name, surname and email address, to which the account was supposedly opened, and then click on the “Continue” button-the desired information will appear on the new page.
find, which, attached, iphone

Important: perhaps the user will have to sort out several email options. Learn Apple ID the first time is far from always, but the number of attempts is unlimited. you can guess as much as you like.

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Using paid services

Above was promised a story about two ways to find out Apple ID on a blocked phone; There are really two of them. despite the annoying advertising, get information based on IMEI, UDOD and other wonderful abbreviations will not work.

Indeed, the Apple ID is tied to the individual iPhone or iPad number, however, Apple, taking care of customer safety, does not transmit information about the conformity of the login and IMEI and does not distribute it itself. All services and applications presented on the Internet today do not work at all, or honestly notify visitors that are closed, or created with the intention of pulling personal data from the user, including IMEI, or money.

In addition, why waste strength and look for a long sequence of numbers, if you can use two presented above, completely safe and free ways? The owner of the iPhone can undoubtedly act at his discretion, however, to risk savings or confidentiality, not having the slightest reason, at least unreasonable.

What can be checked by the IPhone serial number?

Binding the device to iCloud (Apple ID). activation blocking status

From January 28, 2017, the icloud page (icloud.COM/Activationlock/), on which it was possible to check the status of activation blocking. In addition, links to this service have disappeared from the Apple Technical Support website. Apparently, the company itself deleted the page, without spreading about the reasons.

The “Find iPhone” function provides for the possibility of blocking activation to prevent the use of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple Watch by third parties in case of loss or theft of the gadget. Activation blocking is automatically turned on when the “Find iPhone” function is turned on (in iOS 6. iOS 10.2.1: Settings. icloud. Find iPhone; In iOS 10.3 and newer: settings. Apple ID. icloud. Find iPhone).

When blocking activation, an third party will need to enter the Apple identifier and the password of the owner of the device to turn off the “Find iPhone” function, removal data, re.activation and use of the gadget.

This measure allows you to protect the device when you get into the wrong hands and increase the chances of its return. Even if the user remotely removes all the data from the device, the activation blocking will prevent unauthorized reactivation.

How to check the binding of iPhone or iPad to iCloud (Activation Lock status)

This instruction does not require Apple ID input! The method works from any country in the world.

Unfortunately, the capabilities of the Russian Apple support site do not allow you to determine the binding to iCloud. Use this proxy link to open the Apple Technical Support Site from Germany. If the specified link is not working over time, open the Apple HTTPS: // Getsupport Technicalizer website.Apple.COM/ and do the following steps.

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Choose as a region. Europe (Europa), and as a country. Germany (Deutschland).

If necessary, at the bottom of the screen you can change German into English.

In the device list, select the iPhone (or iPad, if you need it).

As a clarification, indicate. buttons not working.

Select Send in for Repair, and then the Home Button item.

Enter the serial number either IMEI iPhone or iPad and click on the arrow.

In the event that the function to find the iPhone is included (activation blocking is active), the system will issue a notification of the type:

“Sorry, but we canate a repair when my iPhone is active. You’ll Need to Turn Off Find My iPhone and Retry this Serial Number ”(“ Sorry, but we cannot accept for repair, this device is active on it to find iPhone. Open Find the iPhone and repeat the attempt “).

How to see Apple ID & Phone Number for Passcode/Disabled and Lost Devices

Ask the seller to disable the function to find the iPhone (in the end, this is a prerequisite, if you want to feel safe). if he does not, then naturally, such an apparatus should not be bought.

If the function to find the iPhone is turned off (then the device is not tied to any iCloud account), then in this case you will be offered to undergo authorization using Apple ID.

Never buy Apple devices with activation lock.

It is important to understand that even when purchasing a used iPhone or iPad from a friend or relative, you should disable find iPhone (Activation Lock). Otherwise, the new user in the near future will definitely encounter difficulties when using such a device.

How to see the related devices and untie them through iCloud?

Press your name in the upper right corner and select the account settings item.

All attached gadgets will be displayed in the “My Devices” field.

By clicking on any of them you will open the list. Having chosen any gadget, there will be a cross to the right of it, clicking on which you remove the device from Apple ID.

When turning on, the iPhone asks to enter the Apple ID and password

After the release of iOS 7 and the new security functions that serve to protect the iPhone and all the data of its owner in the case of the theft or loss in the world, a large number of blocked iPhone appeared. The new owners could not activate the phone, as the iOS demanded to enter the Apple ID and the password from it. The diagnosis for such iPhone was hopeless. iCloud lock was enabled.

Such unpleasant situations are people who buy Apple iPhone and other products from hand. Often the previous owner may forget or incorrectly delete his registration data “Apple ID” and password. For example, iPhone settings were reset. implies re.registration of the device. And since it is already attached to Apple ID, a password from the account is required. It is clear that the new iPhone owner does not know the Apple ID account and the password of the previous owner and even more so does not have access to e.mail to unlock the iPhone from iCloud.

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To date, there are two ways to solve the problem “How to find out Apple ID on a blocked iPhone”:

  • Find out the Apple ID by IMEI and UDID, using the service “Apple ID Info Simple” or “Apple ID Info Premium” that will provide information about Apple ID, email, mail and phone number of the previous owner. Now you can just write to the received address with a request to send a password. There are also methods of software by ICLUD locking, but they do not always work and can create much more problems in the farted IPhone work. In conjunction, we will not talk about them.
  • The last working method is the contacting Apple. You will have to answer a number of questions and prove that you received this wonderful device legally and legitimately. And only after that, the Apple ID of the previous owner will be reset and the iPhone will work. Apple 7 (495) support service number 580-95-57.

Example of the results of the check:

Apple ID:

Rescue Mailbox:

Address: 170 West 7th Street Boston, Massachusetts-02127-2828 United States

Track the Location of Anyone On the Internet!

Daytime Phone Number: 1-617-8422072

Nighttime Phone Number: 1-617-8422072

Email 1: (Unverified)

Email 2: (VerIfied)

Email 3: (VerIfied, Rescue)

How to find out Apple id

When ordering the “Apple ID Info Premium” service, it is necessary to specify in the form of udid iPhone. Without the UDID number, you can’t get data from the previous owner of the iPhone!

To find out how to look at UDID on your iPhone read the instruction “How to find out Apple ID on a blocked iPhone”


This service will not unlock the iPhone. using it you can only find out the Apple ID IPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5C, 5, 4S, 4.

Instructions “How to find out Apple ID on the iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5C, 5, 4S, 4”

Make sure that the phone fully satisfies the conditions specified above.

Order and pay for the service. In the order form, specify IMEI and UDID iPhone, a working electronic box to get the results of the check.

Wait until you get an answer to the mailbox.

Instructions “How to find out udid iPhone”

Turn on the iPhone and connect to iTunes.

Select your iPhone in the column on the left.

Click on the serial number and you will get udid iPhone number.