How to find out how many charging cycles were the Android phone, where to see

Each smartphone is equipped with a battery. It is an indispensable hardware component without which the device does not work. Batteries often fail, and therefore the user has to change the gadget, and with time the battery sits faster, which is directly related to the number of reloading cycles. Therefore, in order to assess the current state of the device, it is important to have an idea of ​​how to find out how many charging cycles the phone has passed on Android.

Battery batteries are reliable, but at the same time not the most durable components of smartphones. Each battery has a certain number of reloading cycles. Rebooting in this case is a process of complete discharge and subsequent restoration of energy up to 100 %.

On a note. One cycle is charging from 0 % to 100 %. Therefore, two stages of energy restoration from 0 % to 50 % and from 50 % to 100 % will be considered in one cycle.

The presence of cycles itself is explained by the fact that over time the battery loses its capacity, I slow down a chemical reaction inside it. As a rule, modern smartphones are designed for about 500 reloading. This means that during the development of the declared number of cycles, you will not experience problems in the operation of the gadget.

What does it affect

The number of cycles directly affects the service life of a smartphone. Speaking about five hundred charges, we mean that during this period the battery will not fail. However, as it approaches the line of 500 cycles, the phone begins to be discharged faster. This is caused by the gradual depletion of the battery capacity. It is customary to associate the discrepancies with the declared characteristics with the factory marriage.

Ways to determine charging cycles

After analyzing the introductory information, we suggest proceeding to the determination of how to find out the number of the charges of your smartphone. This information will help assess the condition of the device, as well as understand what the problems of the rapid energy consumption of the gadget are related to.

Determining the charging cycles is possible both by phone means and with the help of applications from developers. Both methods are good in their own way and require careful study. Therefore, with all the options for obtaining information. opportunities

First of all, we propose to deal with the possibilities for determining the number of cycles that are laid down in the Android operating system.

Unfortunately, average smartphones do not provide information with the exact number of reloading. However, they help to evaluate the current state of the battery. Here’s how this happens on Xiaomi devices:

With a high degree of probability, a good, normal or poor condition of the battery will be indicated here. The “good” indicator indicates that the battery works without interruptions, but if you meet the word “bad”, you will have to think about replacing the battery or smartphone itself.

On devices of other brands, checking the current state of the battery is carried out similarly. But the names of some menu items may differ. In addition, regardless of the manufacturer of the smartphone, you can get the necessary information by introducing the USSD request ### through the number. Next, it remains to click the call button, after which the information will be displayed on the screen.

Appendix “Charging Cycle Battery Statistics”

If you were not able to find the necessary information with the means of the smartphone, then it makes sense to contact a software software from developers. For example, you can use the application application “Charging Cycle Battery Statistics”. In English transcription, it is called Charge Cycle Battle Stats.

The program has a simple integration. And although the menu has not been translated into Russian, you can easily receive and analyze all the information that concerns the remaining battery life. You will need:

The Home tab, which is the first in the account, indicates the remaining number of charging cycles from the calculation that 50 charges are announced for your battery. The History tab presents information about the latest recharge, and in the Info section you can study the characteristics of your battery.


Charge Cycle Battery Stats is far from the only application to help look at the current state of the battery. It is also recommended to install the program Accubatty, which is available for download through the Play Market store.

Unlike the previous application, this program is translated into Russian and is more informative. Here you can get information not only about the wear of the battery, but also about the charging speed. Also, ACCUBATTERY presents information regarding the number of cycles. Carefully study the application menu, and you will definitely find something interesting and useful here.

Physical inspection (for old phones)

Finally, if you are the owner of a smartphone with a removable battery, you can analyze the condition of the battery through a visual inspection. To do this, it needs to be removed by removing the device cover.

Of course, a visual inspection does not allow us to count on accurate information, as in the case of mobile applications. However, by studying the information posted on the battery, you can understand how many cycles it is calculated. After all, this indicator differs depending on the characteristics of the battery and software developments from the manufacturer.

If you find yellow spots, and even more so bloating, then it must be replaced by a new. It doesn’t matter how many cycles the battery has passed, since visible defects are the most striking sign that something is wrong with the phone.

working methods

First, consider simple methods of diagnosing the battery at home that do not require special engineering skills and the ability to keep a soldering iron. We will sign the instructions both for apparatuses under the control of Android and under iOS. In some cases, you will need to buy or find equipment for the test.

USB Tester

This is a small device that will have to be purchased separately. The gadget is sold both in retail stores and on Chinese markets for a lower price. It is not only for smartphones, but also for measuring parameters of any digital technique.

  • Discharge the smartphone to the minimum level. Preferably zero.
  • Explate the value of the active memory cell to 0.
  • Consistently connect to the power supply first a USB tester, then connect the smartphone.

The charging process will begin, the level of battery filling in the MAH will display the USB tester liquid crystal screen. At the end of the process, the actual battery capacity in thousands of milliamps will be visible. Fix the tester indicators and compare them with the characteristics that the manufacturer gives (technical specifications on the box or in the instructions, the Internet).

This verification method is considered quite accurate. Its error does not exceed 3% in a larger or smaller side.

You can also start the reverse process. Completely charge the device, and then connect it to the USB tester, and check the time of full discharge at active load.


The next method of checking the capacity is to measure the charge level using a special. It can be both smartphone applications and utilities on PC.

For Android

  • Accubatty. You can download here.
  • Macropinch. The official name in Play Market. “Battery. Battle”. The program is distributed for free, but there is a advertising. After installation, the user sees a graphic display of the charge level along with the percentage. In addition, the program indicates the actual time until the smartphone is disconnected.
  • 3C Battle Monitor Widget. The Vijet app, which allows you to assess the condition of the battery in real time for four indicators: charge residue, percentage of use in one hour, voltage at the output, as well as temperature. Information is displayed in the table or on the graph. There is a full report on the level of energy consumption per day or several days. 3C Battle Monitor independently assesses the battery state. The “Health” line is responsible for this. Free version can be downloaded on the official page in Play Market. Instructions here 177 seconds of the video).
  • CPU-Z. A very powerful tool for collecting analytics in your gadget. Its main purpose is to assess the condition of the processor. There is also a separate “Batty” tab, which indicates: the charge level as a percentage, a general assessment of the state (line “Health”), voltage and element temperature. The program is distributed for free, but there is advertising.

For iPhone

These are the main applications for checking the container on Android. To see the charging level on the IPNONE, download the program for PC. Ibackupbot. It spreads free and allows you to make a backup from Apple phones, as well as set settings manually.

To find out the condition of the battery of any iPhone model:

  • Download iBackupbot and install it on your PC or laptop with Windows.
  • Connect the iPhone to PC using the original cable. Select a smartphone from a list of devices in an integra.
  • Now click on “Information”. The program will show data on the charge-discharge cycles, a residual capacity of a milliampper of hours and other information.

The utility displays data in English. Deciphering the main indicators:

  • Cycle Count. the number of charging/discharge cycles;
  • Design Capacy. a full capacity declared by the plant;
  • Status. assessment of the state;
  • Battle Current Capacy. a percentage charge.


He is “Tester”. Device for measuring the characteristics of the current in the circuit. A small box with a LCD screen with two wiring “and”-“. At their ends, usually there are fasteners in the form of trickers-crocodiles or a corner. The multimeter is analog (with an arrow), and electronic (with a display).

  • Remove the battery from the smartphone.
  • Install the dimension in the “V” range at the level of 10-20V for direct current.
  • Put the red wire on the plus contact, black. minus. The color can be different, the main thing is to observe the polarity.
  • Remove the multimeter readings. They must coincide with the “output” in the technical characteristics. Most often it is 3.7 volts. The battery charged by 100 percent will give a value of 4.2 in.

If the tester shows a much smaller value than 3.5-3.6 V. Repeat the operation again, having previously charged the phone to the full. The testimony has not changed. so the battery is exhausted.

The method is suitable for smartphones with a removable battery and In the latter case, you will have to disassemble the body of the apparatus, and at least throw the train for measurements directly at copper contacts.


A simple visual inspection will tell a lot. The main points when checking:

  • Assess the state of contact groups. They should not have traces of oxidation, plaque or rust.
  • Look at the geometry of the battery, the foil housing should not be baked or deformed.
  • There should not be traces of subteces of electrolyte or liquid with a caustic smell.

The easiest way to evaluate is the twisting test. Put the battery on the table and try to tighten it like a coin. If you easily spin along the axis, it’s time to change.

In settings

You can find out about the state of the smartphone from the settings in the menu.

It has a separate section “Condition of the battery.””. There is information on two parameters: maximum capacity. the state of the battery as a percentage; Queen performance. the ability to cope with overloads without sudden shutdown.

  • We go to the settings menu,
  • Taping the item “Battery”,
  • Click on three points at the top right,
  • We compare the estimated time of work with actual, if in fact the device sits much faster, you will have to change the power element or understand what is sucking in energy. To track a gluttonous application, activation of the Battle Manager function will help.

Capacity and service life

Typically, the shelf life of the battery is indicated on the device of the device, or is prescribed in the technical documentation. Today you can find two varieties of lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries. It is extremely rare, nickel batteries are found on the cheapest copies:

  • Li-Ion or Li-Pol Elements of power. As an active substance, chemical compounds (salt) of lithium are used. Such batteries are in almost all modern gadgets, have no memory effect. Polymer modifications are more advanced models compared to ionic. Li-Pol is not as much dependent on temperature drops as Li-ion elements of nutrition. The average number of charging cycles/discharge: 300/100 times (Li-Ion/Li-Pol).
  • Nicd or nimh. As an electrolyte, the chemical compound of the nickel is used. Both types are morally obsolete. Are very rare in modern gadgets. Have a pronounced memory effect. The average number of charging cycles/discharge: 2500/800 times (NICD/NIMH).

In 2020, you should no longer completely plant the phone (up to 0%), then to charge. This is not useful, and even harmful to modern batteries. A similar procedure should be done no more than 1 time in 2-3 months to calibrate the capacity.

Connect the device to the network, when indicated at the level of 20%-80%. detailed instructions for proper use read here.

USB tester.

If you do not plan to purchase a professional battery analyzer (such as, for example, CADEX C7400-ER), then to check the real capacity of the smartphone battery, the simplest cheap USB tester will be useful.

You will need:

A phone with a USB port for recharging; reliable (preferably original) charger USB cable; Charger of sufficient power (also better branded); ALIEXPress USB tester with 180.

How to measure:

discharge the phone to 0% (that is, to automatic shutdown); Before connecting the USB tester, drop its values ​​into zero (0); Consistently connect the charger to the outlet, the charging cable to it, then the USB tester and then the mobile device that needs to be checked by the battery capacity; The charging process will begin. wait for its end; Based on the results of the USB tester, the approximate value of the battery capacity will show; The value can be even more accurate if you measure not only the full charge cycle, but also the discharge (this can be longer).


Android and iPhones have special programs for measuring the battery capacity. The best of them we cited on this list. You can use other applications in which there is a function of tracking the general condition of the battery. We do not recommend using them constantly so as not to load memory and not create an additional load on the computing blocks of a smartphone or tablet.

You will need:

Any relevant application from Google Play or iTunes with the measurement of charge/discharge cycles.

How to measure:

After installing such a program on Android or iOS, the nominal (factory) battery capacity will be considered from the characteristics of the smartphone; During use (2-3 discharge and recharging cycles), the algorithm considers the real battery capacity; By comparing two digits (nominal mash against the present), the application will declare the “health” of the nutrition element and, in case of increased wear, will recommend it to replace it.

Your actual Android Battery Capacity

If the battery capacity in the characteristics of your phone (for example, from the instructions, in the description on the site or in the analysis application) differs the shorter direction from the readings during the check and measurement by a multimeter, a USB tester or program on Android-let’s say, 2100 mAh instead of the declared plant 3400 mAh, then think about replacing. It is not safe to use a worn.out nutrition element.

If you know more methods of accurate measurement, then share with other readers your methods in the commentary or send a message to the wall @neovoltru. Subscribe to the group for news from the world of gadgets, learn about improving their autonomy and progress in scientific research of batteries. Connect to us in and

Battery check for Android

There are several ways to check the battery on the Android phone. In some cases, it happens that the processor and screen of the smartphone work incorrectly. This may affect the battery, which stopped giving the required voltage.

Visual inspection of the battery

Inspection of the battery is possible if the phone has a removable cover. After its removal, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there are signs of bloating or depressurization. If it has a deformation, then it should be disposed of and purchased a new battery.

You can not throw the battery just into the garbage bucket, since such storage is unsafe and can lead to fire. It is better to take it to a special disposal point.

Also, when checking, you need to inspect the state of contacts. They should be clean, without traces of rust or oxidation. There should not be an electrolyte subteces on the battery, if a caustic smell is noticed, then the product is time to change.

Program check

The battery can be checked using a systemic application or download software. To see advanced information, you may need to get a ROOT-right.

Checking a USB tester

Using a USB tester, you can measure the actual capacity. This is a small device that can be purchased in a specialized store. Use it not only on phones, but also other digital equipment. Check at a time when the smartphone is discharged. The principle of action is as follows:

  • Discharge the battery to a minimum charge percentage.
  • Install the active memory cell on value 0.
  • Connect the USB tester to the power supply, and then connect the charger and the phone to it.
  • After the charging process on the smartphone ends, information on the actual battery capacity will be shown on the tester display.

The measurement of the container can also be made on a fully charged battery up to 100%. After that, the time of full discharge is measured, but during this period the smartphone must be actively used.

Checking a multimeter

Analysis of the battery state using a multimeter is carried out by the following stages:

  • Extract a battery from a mobile device.
  • Charge the battery up to 100%.
  • Switch the multimeter to the voltage measurement mode. As a rule, the “V” measurement at the level of 10. 20V is installed on the tester.
  • Measure the voltage on the battery contacts.
  • Check the resulting value with passport characteristics.

The latter usually correspond to 3.7V, but other meaning is possible depending on the model. Deviations from passport value by 0.5-1V or more indicates the wear of the battery.

List of applications for checking the smartphone for wear

Programs are compatible with almost any smartphone company, including Xiaomi manufacturers.

  • Nova Battle Tester. Using this software, you can find out the battery capacity not only on the smartphone, but also on the tablet. The developers have provided three inspections: fast, standard and long. It is recommended to choose a standard or long mode, as they give out more accurate statistics. The check time is about an hour.
  • Battle HD Pro. The application issues information on the status of the battery. It also shows the time that remains for conversation, viewing video or entering the World Wide Web. Battle HD Pro has functions such as calibration, tests, battery heating assessment.
  • Battle Life. Carries out the battery capacity, informs about the level of charging, heating, the residual number of cycles. In addition, the utility shows the percentage of energy consumption by other programs.
  • Power Battle. Software contains a set of settings that make it possible to improve the performance of the battery. Users here will find a set of tests for evaluating the battery, saving modes and the system cleaning the system of unnecessary garbage files. Functions allows you to improve the speed of the gadget.
  • GSAM BATTERY MONITOR. The program informs about the state of the battery and its performance. Shows the time that remains for the complete consumption of the battery, its voltage and temperature.

Each application has its useful functions, one in some kind of setting exceeds the other. It is important to consider that software shows approximate statistics, which makes it possible to understand what condition the battery is in.

Ways to determine this

Understand in what condition the battery is now is in a variety of ways. This can be either a visual inspection of the power source and the software testing methods. We recommend taking into account all options, since each of them is suitable for certain situations.

Extraction and manual check

This verification option is applicable only if your smartphone has a removable battery. Also, he will not help determine the remaining battery capacity, but only tells whether it is suitable for further operation.

So, you need to remove the back cover and remove the battery. Next, carefully inspect the nutrition element for swelling, damage and traces of fires. If at least one of three external signs manifest, you will have to think about replacing the battery.

Rotation of the battery

If you cannot visually determine whether the battery has swollen or not, then we offer to perform a battery test. Put the battery on the table and try to promote it. If the nutrition element rotates freely, then with a high degree of probability, bloating arose. A proper rectangular battery rotates with difficulty due to external characteristics. At the same time, consider that the battery should be rotated on both sides. On the side where the rotation occurs especially easily, most likely is the same bloating.

Discharge rate rating

The condition of the battery is not only whether the power element is the danger of the owner of the device. Also, evidence of a poor state is quick discharge.

Does Fast Charging ACTUALLY Ruin Your Battery?

However, with everyday use, when the phone is charged with short sessions, it can be difficult to determine the rapid loss of energy. Therefore, you need to completely discharge the device, and then charge it up to 100 %.

Next, continue to use the gadget in the usual use mode and check how much time it takes, so that the charge of the charge drops to the lower threshold.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say how much the smartphone should work, since it all depends on the battery capacity. But you can clarify the information on the manufacturer’s official website, and then compare it with the resulting indicators. If the discrepancy is more than 40-50 %, then the battery is clearly in poor condition.

Through system programs

The smartphone helps to evaluate the wear of the battery. So, in the “Battery” settings section, many manufacturers indicate the current state of the power source. If there is no such item, then enter the ### request through the number and click the call button. After that, information about the degree of wear of the battery will appear on the screen.

Battle Micropinch application

Also, if you could not find information about the wear of the battery in the phone settings or other pre.installed programs, you can use the Battle Micropinch application. It is available for free download via Google Play Market.

By launching the application, you will see information about the current charge. To get information about the condition of the battery, you need to make a swipe to the left. After that, the current temperature of the battery, voltage, as well as its condition will be shown on the screen.

What to do with poor battery condition

If after an external inspection it was found that the battery was swollen, such a power source must be replaced. Continuing to use the device with a swollen battery is strongly not recommended.

If the battery of your smartphone is non.removable, and you were able to evaluate its condition only with the help of software, then at the sight of the “bad” value, you should not worry too much. It suggests that the battery capacity was reduced to 60 %. You can continue to use the device, but it will quickly lose the charge. There are two ways out of this situation. replacing the battery or buying a new smartphone.


Another useful utility is 3C Battle Manager, which can be downloaded for Android in the official Google app store for free. It allows you to observe the general and current state of the battery, collects statistics and shows the history. In addition, using the program, you can calculate the actual capacity and time of autonomous work, which remains until complete discharge.

To check the smartphone battery with Android, do the following:

  • Download the application and completely charge the device.
  • Launch the utility and set up using the master.
  • Go to the “Status” tab.

The window displays information about the capacity of the battery, consumption, voltage and other parameters. If you use software within a few days, you can find out more detailed statistics on how the battery works.


AIDA64 is a useful tool with which you can find out information about the system components, including battery statistics. Install the utility from the Play Market store, then run it. The main window displays a list of hardware and software components. In the list, find the item “Battery” and slip it on it.

Here, information about the charge level, voltage, temperature, type, containers in the database and based on the reporting of android is displayed here. The condition can be viewed in the line “Health”. If the value is “good”, then there are no problems with the component.

The condition of the device with Android should be carefully monitored. Incorrect treatment can lead to the fact that it will become worthless. There are several ways to check the battery parameters. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what option you use?


If you do not have enough information that AIDA64 provides, then you should try more advanced applications for observing the Android phone accumulator. One of these applications is Accubatttery.

The main advantage of Accubatttery is that the application can observe the Android phone battery throughout the time of use. This allows you to collect a lot of interesting and useful information. For example, after a few days or weeks, you can find out how much time charging and discharge takes, what is the real remaining battery capacity, which applications consume the most energy, as well as much more.

Basic information about the Android Battery is available in the “Charging” section. Here you can find out the current level of battery charge, charging current (discharge), temperature and voltage. A design and calculated battery capacity is available at the bottom of the screen. The design capacity is a value declared by the manufacturer, and the calculated is the real remaining capacity. This value is initially inaccessible so that it appears to use the application for some time.

Detailed information about the autonomous operation of the device is available on the “discharge” tab. Here you can find out how much time the battery was used, at what speed it was discharged, which application created the largest load and how much the phone worked in autonomous mode.

Information about the state of the battery is concentrated on the Health tab. Here you can find out the calculated and design capacity, as well as wear and tear.

But, once again we note that data on the current state of the batteries do not appear immediately, but after some time. Immediately after installation, the “Health” tab is almost empty.


If your phone does not work, and you cannot install applications, then in order to find out the battery capacity you have to look for the technical characteristics of the device on the network. To do this, it will be enough to enter the name of the phone into any search engine and view a few pages, most likely the necessary information is quickly found.

You can also use sites that collect information about mobile phones. For example, you can use the search on the website https: //

Thus, you can quickly find out the capacity of almost any modern Android phone.

How to recognize it

We mentioned above that the information about the container is described in detail on the manufacturer’s website. However, this is not always the case. Some modifications have an increased or reduced battery, and some defective copies may have low characteristics. Therefore, we recommend checking personally through the possibilities of the phone itself with the Android OS. For this, additional equipment will not even be needed.

Through programs

There are many programs to display volume, but in some models they are not needed, since the same information is in the settings. Verification algorithm through tools:

If nothing is found in this section, then you can check information about the container through the engineering menu. To activate it, it is necessary to perform the actions described here.

Now let’s talk about programs that will help to see the condition of the battery if this information cannot be verified through the means. The main programs described below for this task:

    – defines the information received from the power controller. Allows you to determine not only the container, but also wear a universal program that displays a lot of technical information about the device. A kind of alternative to AIDA64 for computers.

  • Nova Battle Tester. determines the condition by long.term testing. The program test is usually 2 hours. At the same time, the phone can be used as usual. The longer the test, the more accurate the results Appendix with the most simple integration and abundance of technical information.

Keep in mind that half of these programs is trying to get data from technical information from the device itself. And other programs use another method, calculating the discharge speed and data from the controller. Therefore, the result of these applications may differ.

Battery inspection

In this way to determine the exact amount of milliamps per hour, it will definitely not be possible. But it helps if it is necessary to identify the degree of wear of the battery. When its service life comes to an end, the battery begins to swell. The stronger the degree of swelling, the worse the state of the battery.

Sometimes it happens that the battery, due to swelling, pushes the lid of a smartphone. In this case, it is worth immediately replacing it until nothing has happened. This method is more suitable for old phones, where the cover is removed manually and immediately.

Whether the battery capacity changes over time

After checking the volume of the battery in the device, you could notice a serious or slight discrepancy with the declared characteristics. So, this is a mistake for testing the battery or a clear lie from manufacturers? In fact, neither one nor the other. Alas, but lithium-ion batteries have the ability to lose maximum capacity. This happens over time.

It is impossible to avoid the aging of the battery, unless to slow down this process. To do this, follow the recommendations below:

  • Insert and pull out the power cable only on the case. A bad habit of pulling this cable for any reason leads to damage to Type-C in the entrance, which leads to losses when transmitting energy. It is better to put the phone once on charging once, and then remove the already completely charged device in an hour. Fortunately, modern phones and charging allow you to do this.
  • Do not leave the phone in the heat (under direct sunlight) or in the cold. Both of these phenomena adversely affect electrolytes (ionized liquid), which leads to a reduction in the service life. Also, a long stay under the rays of the sun can lead to a fire fire.
  • Replace the battery after bloating. There are many problems from the damaged component, among which the loss of performance and the possibility of fire.
  • Do not let him overheat. In general, for this it is enough not to play demanding toys for several hours in a row.

Use only your native charge for your phone. Yes, it is more expensive than usual, and the one that was in the box has long been lost (probably). But still, you should not save on this, otherwise in the end you will have to spend money on charging and a new battery.

How to find out the capacity of the phone battery on Android in the settings and through the application?

Good afternoon friends. The need to find out the capacity of the telephone battery on Android sometimes appears literally after a few months, after buying a phone. The phone can start discharge with a quick pace, and even turn off on its own. As a rule, this indicates the wear of the battery, and the need to replace it.

At the beginning, we need to study the factory capacity of the battery, and then we need to compare it with the actual. By the difference between these parameters, we determine the real state of the battery.

The design capacity of the battery

To study the technical parameters of the smartphone, including its batteries, we apply the AIDA64 application. This is especially true in cases where we changed the old battery for a new one, since Chinese batteries can indicate the wrong battery capacity. For this:

  • To determine the real battery capacity, we will need an Accubatttery program. We also download it from the Play Market. Set the program;
  • After the first installation, the application shows us its main advantages. We scroll through the pages in order to the inscription “Calibration completed” and then click on the “OK” button;
  • If the application needs to provide it with the necessary permits, then we will do this, click on the “Provide permits” item;
  • After that, in a slip by the OK button;
  • We find in the list of Accubatttery programs, pressing it not;
  • We move the toggle switch over the “Access to the History of Use” team into active mode;
  • If the application requires still certain permits, then we will provide it and them;
  • We pay attention to the lower menu “Charging”, pressing it;
  • We scroll down the page to the command “Evaluation of the capacity”. We check if she coincided with the data that we learned from the Aida64 application?
  • If the results vary, then we need to click on the command “change the nominal capacity”;
  • It remains for us to enter the parameter that we learned from the Aida64 program. I have 5000 mAh;
  • In order to determine the remaining battery capacity, the application needs about 2-3 days. During this time, the program will work in the background. If you want to verify this, then it is enough to lower the curtain, and we will see information about the work of this application and the condition of the battery;
  • After a couple of days, the Appubatty application will give you average data on wear of the battery and its condition. To do this, we need to click on the “container” tab, which is located below;
  • We pay attention to the item “Status of the battery” and the schedule “wear”, which is located below this item.

Important: for 2. 3 days, the application will show the average data capacity. For a more detailed analysis, how to find out the capacity of the telephone battery on Android, you need to see the analysis of this program of days in 7. 14. Information will be more correct. Success!