How to get RTSP stream from camera

To view video and capture audio using this technology, RTSP support is required on the camera side. This protocol is supported by many samples of devices on the market, but the documentation does not always describe the possibility.

If support is declared, then the instructions will contain settings for accessing the broadcast. They represent a connection link in the following format:

How To Find The rtsp Url For A ONVIF IP Camera To Stream.

This is followed by user and password. the username and password for connecting (they may not exist). After them, additional parameters are indicated, which may differ from camera to camera.

How to find out the RTSP address

The link can be in the documentation or explicitly specified in the device web interface. If you know that the camera exactly supports RTSP, but the parameters are not explicitly specified anywhere, you will have to find out:

How to find an IP camera’s RTSP URL with Wireshark!

  • On the developer’s site.
  • Request directly from the manufacturer or supplier. As a rule, upon request, they provide such information, with this there is no problem even for Chinese vendors with AliExpress.
  • Recognize the camera using ONVIF protocol, which is supported by almost all models.

The latter requires Onvif Device Manager software, a Windows computer and the camera itself.

Important: she and the PC must be on the same network.

Device Manager can configure a video server, capture video, and so on, but the most important function of this program in this case is WS-Discovery, discovery of devices on the network.

When you have downloaded and installed the program, you need to do the following:

  • run it and click the Refresh button below. The search process will start;
  • when the camera is found, select the Live Video item in the menu;
  • under the picture there will be the address of the rtsp link, which can be copied for further use.

How to get RTSP stream from IP camera

Installing an IP camera is a convenient way to get a picture anywhere where there is an Internet connection. But to work with a video stream, you need the appropriate tools. There are various options for broadcast protocols supported by IP cameras, and one of the most convenient among them is RTSP.

What is RTSP

The acronym stands for Real Time Streaming Protocol, or Real Time Streaming Protocol. It is an application-level solution for multimedia systems. It allows you to remotely control the flow of information from the media server (which can be an IP camera), send commands to control this flow. Also, if the recording files are stored on the server, RTSP provides access to them.

Compression within RTSP is not performed. It also does not establish transport protocols and the method of encapsulating the transmitted information. In a simplified way, the process looks like this:

By default, the RTSP server runs on port 544. Video and audio capture can be performed using programs such as VLC or Windows Media Player, and other clients that support the protocol. There are also web applications and software solutions for broadcasting a stream to the Internet (for example, streaming to YouTube).

Watching video via RTSP

The easiest way to get an rtsp stream from an IP camera is to use the VLC player. In it, just go to the menu item “Media. Open URL.”, go to the “Network” tab in the dialog that appears and insert the rtsp link into the network address line.

There are various ways to stream online. One of the most affordable is to use a bundle of VLC and OBS Studio, this is a free and fairly simple solution.

How to find out the camera ID in the factory settings?

Before you find out the IP address of the video camera using utilities or the command line, you can look for it in the technical documentation or find it on the CD. This identifier is listed in the default network settings section.

In the absence of operating instructions, it can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer.

If the IP has changed, you can reset to factory settings using the RESET button. It is located near the power connector or Ethernet port. Usually the button is recessed into the body and you need a thin object to press it. To reset the settings, you must hold it down for 10 seconds.

After resetting the parameters, you can connect to the camera using the standard network settings from the operating instructions.

Ways to find out the IP address of a CCTV camera

Modern cameras transmitting video over a network have a specific address, like devices operating over the Internet protocol, in the form of IP. Such devices are used in complexes to ensure security, both at commercial and industrial facilities, as well as for the protection of residential buildings.

Video surveillance systems using a network connection allow data to be transmitted over a local (LAN) or Internet (WAN) network. in any case, the camera is assigned a specific address in the form of a set of numbers from four groups, separated by dots, also called IP for sending files.

How to determine IP using external programs?

You can find out the camera’s network identifier not only in the documentation and using the official software, but also using special software. IP detection programs are also called scanners, and they can be used both for cameras and other devices on the local network. The most popular utilities are:

  • Search Tool. solves problems of finding an address, changing network settings (including DNS, gateway, subnet masks, ip, HHTP and RTSP ports), you can also replace the video camera firmware in it;
  • Ivms 4200. software for working with Hikvision cameras, allows you to determine IP, view and record video, as well as manage several video cameras in video surveillance complexes;
  • IP Search. will help you find DVRs and cameras within the local network that support the FreeIP service;
  • TCPNeTView. a program that analyzes network connections, determines addresses by MAC and IP protocols, hostname and information about a network resource;
  • Angry IP Scanner. scanner for determining the address of connected devices;
  • IP-Hunter. suitable for searching for IP cameras within a local network.
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There are other scanners, in particular, each manufacturer offers its own programs. Official software is the best option, but sometimes it cannot be downloaded or cannot be found, then universal scanners will help.

But it is not necessary to install additional applications, you can determine the IP using the standard command line, which is on every computer.

IP Summary Table of Major Manufacturers

For convenience, you can use the table below, which shows the default settings for the main brands of video cameras. By opening a browser and entering the IP camera in the address bar, you can connect to it and configure it as needed. A table with logins and passwords for cameras, as well as default IP addresses

If you cannot connect to the device through the browser, then the IP may have been changed. reset to factory settings using the RESET button will help. Usually, a CD-ROM is supplied with the camera in the package, which contains the utility installer.

By installing the program from the manufacturer, it will be easier to configure the camera and it will be possible to find out the address through the software. Other utilities can be used if the hardware vendor does not provide an official program.

Why do you need an IP address for CCTV cameras?

Modern security systems for video surveillance are a complex of interconnected devices. In addition to web cameras, a computer, network switch, router or modem is also used when working via the Internet. Each video camera in the security complex has an identifier in the form of an IP. To control, configure and transmit the image from the camera, the user needs to know its IP address.

Important: If the IP for different cameras have the same value, you will not be able to get an image or video from them.

When creating a security video surveillance system, a computer is used, several video cameras and a router through which all devices are connected via the Ethernet protocol. Some ip cameras can be connected to the system via Wi-Fi.

After all devices are included in the local network, through software or a special utility, the image from each video camera is displayed at the ip-address. You can connect cameras to the system manually, through automatic configuration and remotely using the HiDDNS service.

How to find the IP address using the command line?

First, you need to connect the camcorder to the computer via an Ethernet cable, and then turn on the power of the device. When the camera starts, open the command line. through “Start”, enter cmd and select the appropriate shortcut in the list of programs.

In the window that opens, enter the command “arp.a” and press “Enter”. The command line will display a list of all ip-addresses connected to the computer. The arp-a command displays on the screen all the IPs of the connected network devices to the computer

How to change the IP cameras of the video surveillance system?

We figured out how to determine the IP address of a video surveillance system camera in various ways, but in order to configure the whole complex correctly, it is necessary to change the IP to prevent conflicts between device addresses. This is especially important if the system has several cameras of the same model. One of the ways to assemble a video surveillance system

You can install a new IP for the camera through the official software or special utilities, but you can also change the address through the web interface. For this you need:

  • Connect the device to PC via Ethernet cable.
  • Enter the address of the gadget that is currently installed (by default).
  • Using your username and password, enter the web interface.
  • We change the device configuration in the “Settings” section (or “Parameters”, or “Settings”).
  • Save the new IP.
  • We check the performance of the new address by going to the interface and using the changed ip.

In the software, you can also change the address in the settings section, which may have different names. After the new IP is set, access to the device via the old address will be impossible, which means that the software for the video surveillance system must also be reconfigured.

To properly configure the video surveillance system, it is important not only to correctly connect all cameras through the router, but also to find out the ip-address of each and use the Internet protocol to configure the operation of all devices. In order to determine the IP cameras, you can use the command line, official software or scanner utilities. Finding out the IP is not difficult, but knowing it, you can change the configuration to the required parameters and configure video surveillance as needed.