Through Start

The main stages of action:

  • At the bottom left of the screen, click Start.
  • Go to Task Manager, come in Hardware and Sound. In Windows 10, to enter the task manager, you need to name the Win button on the keyboard, then click on the arrow on the bottom left of the screen and go down to the end of the menu. Find here Control manager.
  • Then you need to enter the tab Imaging equIPment.
  • Now they will call the webcam, right-click Enable.
  • After you need to make the last check. they will call the item Properties, the live image should appear.

Checking a webcam through programs

To check the status of the built-in or external webcam, you can use any desktop or universal applications that support communication, and it is not at all necessary that these are popular programs like Skype. It is even possible that a program for working with the camera is already installed on your laptop, since many models often come with discs with useful proprietary software from the manufacturer.

You can try your webcam using the popular free VLC player. Run the application and select from the menu Media option Open capture device.

How To Find Out The Resolution Of A Web-Camera

In the window that appears with the source settings, leave the capture mode by default (DirectShow), in the device name menu, select your webcam. However, you can test the microphone by selecting it from the audio device name menu. Having decided on the settings, click the button Play. An image from your camera should appear on the screen. The player will not please you with the quality of the picture, but this will be enough to make sure that the webcam is working properly.


If you like the webcam resolution test or have any ideas and questions, feel free to leave comments. Please note that all comments are public.

In almost all new laptop models, the manufacturer provides a built-in camera. And given the fact that today communication through communication is becoming more and more popular, this option is very useful. But how do you know that on a laptop, the camera really works, and you do NOT need to go to the workshop for the time.

How to find out the resolution of a laptop camera

Take snapshots for supported resolutions (useful for quality comparison) detect non-standard resolutions by iterating over (up to [[2048]] pixels) Check camera resolution

Width and × Height
QQVGA160 × 1200.019unknown
QCIF176 × 1440.025unknown
QCIF192 × 1440.028unknown
HQVGA240 × 1600.038unknown
QVGA320 × 2400.077unknown
CD NTSC352 × 2400.084unknown
CD PAL352 × 2880.101unknown
xCIF384 × 2880.111unknown
360p480 × 3600.173unknown
nHD640 × 3600.230unknown
VGA640 × 4800.307unknown
SD704 × 4800.338unknown
DVD NTSC720 × 4800.346unknown
WGA800 × 4800.384unknown
SVGA800 × 6000.480unknown
DVCPRO HD960 × 7200.691unknown
XGA1024 × 7680.786unknown
HD1280 × 7200.922unknown
WXGA1280 × 8001.024unknown
SXGA-1280 × 9601.229unknown
SXGA1280 × 10241.311unknown
UXGA1600 × 12001.920unknown
FHD1920 × 10802.074unknown
QXGA2048 × 15363.146unknown
QSXGA2560 × 20485.243unknown
QUXGA3200 × 24007.680unknown
DCI 4K4096 × 21608.847unknown
HXGA4096 × 307212.583unknown
UW5K5120 × 216011.059unknown
5K5120 × 288014.746unknown
WHXGA5120 × 320016.384unknown
HSXGA5120 × 409620.972unknown
WHSXGA6400 × 409626.214unknown
HUXGA6400 × 480030.720unknown
8K UHD7680 × 432033.178unknown
WHUXGA7680 × 480036.864unknown
UW10K10240 × 432044.237unknown
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Checking the camera on a laptop: ways

Any newly purchased laptop has a camera, that is, you do NOT need to perform any settings. The camera requires activation, since the manufacturer has taken care of the availability of the necessary drivers.

Including any application that uses a camera, this device automatically starts. This is indicated by a flashing diode located near the camera. You can find out whether the device is working in different ways.

Why can’t I check the camera on a laptop

Usually, during the connection of the device there are NO difficulties, and the equIPment performs its main task in normal mode without any failures and various malfunctions. But there may be exceptions.

In some cases, problems appear during camera detection and operation. If this happens, then you need to carry out a full diagnosis, determine the cause and, if possible, carry out repairs or correct the operating parameters of the device. The following malfunctions are most often noted:

  • System malfunctions, which can lead to various disruptions in the performance of camera functions.
  • Incorrect connection and subsequent parameter settings. As a rule, these problems are encountered, therefore you need to know the princIPle of connecting and adjusting the camera operating modes.
  • The format of the graphics card that is installed in the laptop is not suitable, or it is missing.
  • Infection of the OS with virus programs while downloading files from unverified resources from the Internet.
  • Lack of drivers and required software. In some cases, the problem appears during the installed old version, and not providing support for modern hardware.
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Perform an external inspection of the device case, and also adjust all system parameters, separately paying attention to the above problems.

Communication technologies have become so popular and in demand that you probably will NOT find a laptop or tablet that does not have a built-in webcam. Even some models of desktop computers are equIPped with this useful device, but if the PC does not have its own camera, you can always purchase and connect an external one to it. But the simple fact of having a webcam is still not enough, without the appropriate drivers and software it will not work.

In general, before you can start enjoying the benefits of communication, you need to perform a camera test on a laptop. It is not difficult to make sure that the device is functioning properly. You can test it in three different ways, namely: by means of the operating system itself, using Special online services or through a desktop program.

In checking camera resolution

Webcam Resolution Checker is an easy and free way to check online what the resolution of your webcam is. As a result of testing, you will receive a complete list of resolutions supported by your camera, as well as some hints such as maximum resolution, minimum resolution and default resolution.

A good feature of this test is the ability to take photos for each supported resolution, thanks to which you can download and compare their quality.

By default, only checked if your camera supports popular resolution standards. It’s fast, but may not be accurate enough. If you do NOT want to miss any supported permissions, enable brute force.

Communication applications

This test option is universal and can be used for any laptop model. This method is characterized by checking devices using Skype applications, Mail Agent and Other programs through which you can communicate using the device.

Camera resolution and quality

Even though resolution is an important property of a camera, this does not mean that the higher the resolution, the better the image quality. Generally speaking, a higher resolution usually provides more accurate detail and better sharpness. For example, images captured with a higher resolution camera are better for large format printing, viewing on large screens, or capturing small objects. But even if you don’t need it all, Full HD is definitely much better than VGA.

Editing the registry

  • Open the menu Start and type regedit on keyboard.
  • Click on item regedit under the inscrIPtion Best matches.

Go to section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. SOFTWARE. WOW6432Node. Microsoft. Windows Media Foundation. Platform on the left side of the window.

Right click on the folder Platform and select item New. DWORD Parameter.

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Specify as parameter name EnableFrameServerMode.

Restart your computer and check the functionality of the WEB-camera.

Camera permission

Another prerequisite for errors in the operation of a WEB-camera may be a ban on its use.

Open the menu Start and go to the system parameters (the button with the gear image).

In the window that opens, open the section Confidentiality.

On the left side of the window, go to the tab Camera and activate the parameter Allow apps to access the camera.

Camera not working in windows 10. solution

Hello. Problems with the operation of the WEB-camera is one of the common problems in windows 10. In this guide we will consider several options for solving it.

Rollback WEB-camera driver

This method will allow you to correct errors that occurred after updating the WEB-camera drivers.

  • Open up This computer, right click on an empty area and select Properties in the context menu.

Go to section device Manager on the right side of the window.

Expand Item Imaging devices, right-click on the WEB-camera and select Properties.

In the window that opens, go to the tab Driver and click on the button kickbacks.

If the button Rollback inactive, it means that the driver has not been updated before. You can try reinstalling the WEB-camera. Click the button Delete, then in device manager open Action. Update hardware configuration.

Enabling WEB-camera in BIOS

This method will be relevant if there are WEB cameras in the device manager. This situation usually occurs on laptops.

As you may have guessed, you need to enter the BIOS. often than not, just pressing a key “Delete” on the keyboard while turning on the computer. Less commonly used keys F1, F2, F3, F10.

In the various sections of the BIOS, look for the item WEB camera”, “Integral camera and the like. Unfortunately, precise instructions cannot be PROVIDED here, since the location of this item and the names of the sections depend on the specific device.

To save the settings, select the item Save and exit or press the corresponding key on the keyboard. The name of the item can also change depending on the version, but the meaning is preserved.

That’s all. Write in the comments which method of the above helped you solve the problem with the camera not working.