Manufacturer’s standard values

Below is a table with standard addresses, login and passwords of the most famous manufacturers of surveillance cameras.

Firm IP addresses Login password
Beward admin admin
Dahua admin admin
Microdigital root root
AirCam ubnt ubnt
IPEYE admin 123456
Hikvision admin 12345
Polyvision admin no password
Spacetechnology DHCP is used admin 12345

Methods for determining and changing the IP address of surveillance cameras

Each camera that connects to the Internet has its own specific address. When connecting a surveillance system, you need to know this address in order to receive data, otherwise the camera will work without saving data. And then the question arises. how to find out the IP address of the surveillance camera? There are several ways, all of them will be presented below.

How To Find Out The Password From The Security Camera

How to find the IP address of a surveillance camera?

You can find out the address of the camera in several ways:

Why you might need the IP address of cameras?

IP is part of the long acronym TCP / IP, which can be translated as Transmission Control Protocol. Using an individual address, a computer can communicate with other devices on the Internet. If we take a specific case with a camera, then its IP serves to synchronize with the central unit or electronic computers. This address is used to connect from the camera to the computer.

Determination using specialized programs

Above, a way to find out the IP using the program has already been presented. Let’s analyze it in more detail. Applications that allow you to find out the address are as follows:

  • IVMS-4200, you can download the program, go to the official website., after which you will need to be named by the link Articles and find a related topic. It will provide download links. When the program is saved to your computer, you need to open it and go to the tab Devise Management, where can I find the IP of the computer and connected devices.
  • Angry IP Scanner is an application that allows you to find out a list of all devices connected to a given local network. The program is able to work in all popular operating systems. The application is free and available for download on the official website. http://angryIP.Org

After loading the program, a window pops up with a brief annotation, which must be read. It describes in detail the device and how the application works. After the instruction window, you can go to the main screen, where you will need to enter the range of IP addresses of cameras. It’s standard. that’s to If the user is looking for public cameras in the public domain, then you need to change the range to After entering the required values, the following window appears.

The program is convenient in that you can quickly calculate illegally connected devices.

  • If the buyer uses Bevard products, then he can download the Device Search program. The application is presented on the website https://sunellsecurity.Su where, go to the tab BY section Catalog, you can download this program.
  • IP Installer Setup. The program is presented on the website and is available to every user. It is mainly downloaded by people who use the company’s cameras Micro digital.
  • To find out the IP address of the RVi camera, you need to download the Config Tool rvi. It is presented on the official website of the manufacturer in the public domain.

It must be remembered that not all programs are suitable for individual cameras, therefore it is necessary to select options that will correspond to the user’s camera system. However, there are also universal programs suitable for all devices.

How to change the network address of a surveillance device?

Basically, changing the camera address is needed for those who connect multIPle cameras at the same time. With one camera name, when connecting a device, there may be a name conflict. Because of this, data may NOT be saved. Therefore, you need to use Special Programs, which were created specifically to change IP addresses. One of the most popular platforms in this area is the Intelligent Installer. In order to change the address using this program, you need to do the following:

  • Download the application to your computer;
  • After starting the program, you need to call the button “Search”;
  • Network scanning will start;
  • After the end of the process, a window with several buttons will appear, you will need to select the camera used and press the key Setup;
  • A window will appear asking you to enter your login and password, standard data for popular companies are in the table above;
  • After entering the data, the following window will pop up, where you will need to select the manual method for specifying the address;
  • Another IP is registered, after which it will be possible to connect another camera.

You can also change IP addresses in the following ways:

  • SADR. the application is best suited for Hikvision cameras;
  • Wed-interface allows you to configure camera parameters and change their IP.

In order for the security system to work better, it is better to connect several cameras. However, connecting them may fail due to the same address. Therefore, it is necessary to change the IP address and configure the parameters of the cameras. In this the user will be helped by Numerous programs that are made specifically for THESE needs.