What to do if you forgot the password from the lg tv?

When registering from the TV in the Smart TV menu there will be a “Login” icon in the form of a human circuit, to register it and click. By clicking the “Register” button, you will be offered to enter an email address and password to enter the service (not from mail, and invent a new specially for Smart TV).

By default, in all TVs, the factory PIN code is set. 0000 or 1234 opening methods are as follows:

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Which factory password on the LG TV?

Standard Password. 「0000」. not 「0000」, and 「1234」. Install or change the TV lock password. Standard Password. 「0000」.

  • Press the HOME button on the remote control and select the settings icon (“gear”) in the upper right corner.
  • Select Advanced Settings. Security.
  • Set the Safety parameter to ON.
  • Configure Security Section Settings: Age Lock

How to remove the channel lock on the LG TV?

Select Wi-Fi Direct. Select Wi-Fi Direct Settings (Wi-Fi Direct Settings). Select Show Network (SSID) / Password (SSID). SSID identification and WPA key will appear on the TV screen.

find, password, code

How to find out the tricolor module ID on LG TV?

Iyidi (ID) is the sequence number of your page You can find it in the page settings. go to the settings and see the page address ». If you changed the address of the page to “beautiful”, then you still have digital idi.

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To block channels

In addition to manipulations with the network, you can learn how to put a password to the TV to block with it some channels.

To do this, do a number of actions:

  • Go to the tv settings and select TV broadcast item.
  • Select the “Lock” icon.
  • Next click on the selected channel and enter the Forbidden Password.
  • If you do not change it, then most likely there will be a password with four zeros.
  • To select channels, access to which will be limited, you need to click on the menu key, click on the broadcast and changing the channel. Opposite the right channels set ticks.

find, password, code

How to set a password to turn on the LG TV?

How to find a WPS PIN for Brother printer

find, password, code

  • Click “Menu”.
  • Go to and select “Network”.
  • Go to and select “WLAN”.
  • Go to and select “WPS with PIN”.
  • When “Network I / F is switched to wireless”, click “OK”.
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How to change the password on the LG TV?

The main reasons for braking TV LG Smart TV: problems with antenna when viewing television channels; Weak Internet speed or incorrect network connection; Invalid connection TV.

How to remove parental control on the TV?

Press the MENU button on the console, then select Settings. Parental password. Remove the ticks to the right, in the bottom of you write “1” and save.

Sometimes helps: Press the DISP button on the remote and hold it for 10 seconds. If it does not help, then: a regular remote control according to the instructions. There is no protection against children on the TV, but there is no regular remote control (remote control) or lost.