Model using settings

If you have the smartphone in your hands, you can see the data about the device in the settings of the operating system.

To do this, it is enough to adhere to the following algorithm:

Here you can find out the model of your smartphone.

This method allows to find out the model of the phone Xiaomi, only if the user owns the original phone with a native firmware version. When the owner bought a fake “Xiaomi”, to establish its origin, the original modification will be possible only using Recovery mode or third-party applications AIDA64, CPU-Z.

Another way to determine the model of Xiaomi. Recovery mode. To do this you need to install a third-party application, such as TWRP.

  • turn the device off;
  • Press the power and “Volume” key at the same time;
  • Under “Settings” to see the data about the phone modification.

MIUI Settings

MIUI, which controls most Xiaomi smartphones, provides a special software tool for users to find out the model of the device and its other characteristics. To call the above mentioned tool proceed as follows.

Reliability of the received data is guaranteed by the manufacturer only if the official firmware is installed on your device!

Third-party solutions

Installation of special applications can be another way to determine the model. For example, AIDA64 or CPU-Z.

AIDA64Developer: FinalWire LtdPrice: FreeCPU-ZDeveloper: CPUIDPrice: Free

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Find out the model of Xiaomi through the settings

The easiest way is to see your smartphone model in the system settings. To do this let’s go to “Settings” and press “About phone” item.

After that, a list will open with information not only about the smartphone model, but also about the firmware build, the amount of internal and RAM. This will help you to understand what version of the smartphone is in your hands. This information will be useful when buying a mobile device. For example, some manufacturers have versions of smartphones for the Chinese and international markets, which differ between themselves support for different communication networks, usually. different standards for WCDMA and LTE, and sometimes. the number of RAM or internal memory.

Find out the model of Xiaomi with the help of vision

In those cases where you can not go into the settings, you can determine the model Xiaomi “by eye”.

To do this it is enough to go to the page all models Xiaomi and among the many presented mobile devices to find exactly what you are looking for. The disadvantage of this method is that you can not determine what “stuffing” is installed with the device.

However, by finding a similar model, you can at least be more or less sure that you are facing a real Xiaomi and not a fake with their logo.

Also this way can help to determine the model in case if the user or some failure has turned the smartphone into a “brick” and it will require the appropriate firmware for reanimation via computer.

Every year the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi pleases users with new products in a wide range. Smartphones of the latest generations are similar to each other, the design of the new version gets a minimal update. So the question of how to find out the model of the phone Xiaomi, remains relevant. There are several ways to find out which model is in front of you and what its characteristics are.

You can identify the model of Xiaomi by the phone serial number (S/N. serial number) and IMEI on the official S/N. 12 characters. code-identifier of the product within the manufacturing company. Located directly under the barcode on the smartphone or packaging. You can also find it in the settings under “About the phone”.

  • Open the “Settings” application on your smartphone or tablet
  • Find and open the tab “About device”, “About smartphone”, “About tablet”, etc
  • Scroll down the screen to “Model number”/Model number (the exact name may be different, but it will be similar).

How to know the model Xiaomi All characteristics of the phone

To find out the exact model of Xiaomi you can use several ways depending on the circumstances. This can be done through the settings, a special app or the phone’s factory box.

  • Very helpful instruction, thank you very much.
  • Xiaomi has so many models, I’ve forgotten even my own. Thank you to the author.
  • Quick and clear, thank you.
  • I did find it, inside where the imei is, it was written on a sticker. This way is of course the easiest, but I did not even know that, thank you!
  • Please tell me how to know the model of the phone, when it is completely discharged, and can not turn it on.
  • Use AIDA 64, which will give you complete information and of course the model. It worked with Redmi 9c!
  • Try MiFiashPro software!
  • Greetings! At me where should be written the model of phone, empty field. How to be?
  • Sometimes you need to know the model Xiaomi and its exact name with the amount of memory. It is possible to do it by several methods which will be discussed below.

The easiest way would be to find out the information through settings, it is done as follows:

  • Open “Settings” via the icon on your desktop or notification bar (the gear icon in the corner).
  • Go to the “About Phone” section, which is at the very top of the list.
  • Pay attention to the “Model” line. Keep in mind that the Redmi, Pocophone and Blackshark brands are independent brands. So their specs won’t say “Xiaomi“, even though they actually belong to that holding company.
  • You can also find out the amount of memory in the lines “RAM” (this is RAM) and “Permanent memory” (or ROM). Usually these are written at the end of the model by the formula RAM/RAM (e.g. 2/16, 3/32, and so on).
  • With this information, you can find out the exact model of your smartphone.

The second method will help to find out more exact model, series and other information.

For this you need to open the application store Google Play and install the program AIDA64 from there. It’s free. After installation and the first run, detailed information about the phone will appear, you need to go to the “Devices” section. The model of your smartphone is shown in the “Device Model” line. It also has the code name that is used in the development or firmware, it is available in the “Model” line.

The third option

See the factory packaging of your smartphone. It has a sales sticker that says the exact model of the device with the amount of memory available.

The fourth option

The most time consuming, but reliable way, is to use a computer to determine the model. It will help if your smartphone doesn’t turn on. You need to connect your device to your computer, open RUN on it and search for “Device Manager”. If Xiaomi is correctly connected via cable, then under “Android Phone” a new connection will be found with the name of the smartphone brand.

The easiest way to do this is to look up the model of your smartphone in the system settings. To do this, go to “Settings” and click on “About the phone”. After that, a list will open, which will contain information not only about the smartphone model, but also about the firmware version, the amount of internal and RAM memory.

How to know the model of Xiaomi phone by IMEI on the site

So, to find out about the authenticity and model of the device, you’ll need to: Go to the company’s website at Under “Verify your phone purchase” enter the number in the “IMEI Or S/N” column.

How to know the model of the phone Xiaomi

Trying to meet the needs of each customer, the company Xiaomi regularly expands the model range. In all, the Chinese manufacturer has more than 80 cell phones in its lineup, many of which look similar to one another, and differ in technical specifications and minimal design features. It causes some difficulties for the users.

To recognize the model of the phone “Xiaomi” is not always possible by marking on the smartphone (for example, devices from the series Mi have a logo on the body). If the information on the cover or in the battery compartment is missing, you can use one of the methods described above:

Visually check the model

At first glance, modern smartphones are similar to each other: to find out the model of Xiaomi visually seems to be an insurmountable task. In practice, the task can be solved. It is enough to determine the parameters of a smartphone. For example, if the phone is made of plastic, most likely it is a line of Redmi. Next, to determine the specific modification, you need to look at the presence and location of individual elements. Old smartphones do not have a fingerprint sensor. In turn, modern devices have a fingerprint sensor under the screen.

The appearance of the camera module, the screen area, the presence of a jack for wired headphones, physical function keys can help identify the smartphone.

A good solution. a visual comparison with pictures from google. If you know the serial number of your device, IMEI number, you just need to enter it into the search engine and go to the picture search. There will appear hundreds of images of different devices, where you are guaranteed to find the desired one. The second option. take a picture of your cell phone and use the “Find by picture” option. This method does not always help, but if the mobile version is popular, you will know its modification.

Use the settings to find out the model

If you have the smartphone, you can see the data about the device in the settings of the operating system.

To do this, it is enough to adhere to the following algorithm:

This method allows you to find out the model of phone Xiaomi, only if the user owns the original phone with a native version of the firmware. When the owner has bought a fake “Xiaomi”, to establish its origin, the original modification will only be possible using the Recovery mode or third-party applications AIDA64, CPU-Z.

  • turn off the device;
  • Press the “Power” and “Volume” buttons simultaneously;
  • in the “Settings” section to see the data on the modification of the phone.

Via PC

Connecting the gadget to your computer a gadget of a certain model, as a rule, after detecting it, the screen will show the information about the model. If this does not happen, it is necessary to activate the option “Switch to data transfer mode” on your phone. When it does not work, you should use the Fastboot mode.

With smartphone Internet connection to determine the model of the device is simple. It is enough to perform a couple of simple actions, following the above algorithm, and the user will receive the data that will help to order parts, update firmware, and get advice on the model.

Visual comparison is the easiest, though not the most accurate way to find out the model. To model for sure you would have to memorize the characteristics of all models, but why fill your head with useless information?

Another plus. the device does not even need to be turned on. Although the design of phones is largely similar, different lines have their own distinctive features in design. For example, a screen larger than 6 inches is found in Redmi.

There are many other signs. For example, you can take a closer look at the body, or rather its material. The plastic indicates a budget model, and the metal and ceramic is something more expensive. The location of functional elements will help to recognize the model. The absence of a fingerprint scanner tells the user that this smartphone is outdated. Even in the budget line of Xiaomi scanner is present in all models, but its location varies.

You can also pay attention to the headphone jack, location of sensors and camera.

How to distinguish a fake

Such devices as a smartphone display is a whole complex, which is difficult to manufacture, is sold complete with protective glass and frame.

Ready-made module guarantees the stable operation of the device if the part is properly installed.

Help! The only advantage of a fake. low price.

To differ from the original copy will not only be shades, there will be a poor touchscreen response, the quality of the protective glass.

Interesting! Both copies and originals are made in China, but with a different level of quality of assembly. Copies are not checked for build quality, sometimes are sold without frame, protective glass and touch screen.