How to find out the model of Samsung, Honor, Huawei, Nokia, Xiaomi, Sony Xperia

We usually strive to find out the model of our mobile phone Samsung, Honor, Huawei, Nokia, Sony Xperia, Xiaomi and others only at the time of purchase. But for a while, we need to refresh our memory again and find out what is the full name of our smartphone. How to do this for different models. you will learn from our article.

Sometimes we need a serial phone number in order to just answer friends’ questions. This topic is more relevant for budget models. Since buyers of expensive phones and last models almost always know what kind of device they purchased. Samsung smartphones owners have even several ways to see their name.

  • Open the window for setting the phone number;
  • Enter the following combination: #1234 and click on the call button (green tube);

This combination will work on all smartphones from this manufacturer. It can be saved in a phone book or in a notebook of a smartphone. So that you can use it at any time.

How to find out the phone model: all possible methods

How to find out a phone model? This can be done in different ways. Sometimes people fall in a situation where you need to know the full name of the communication device. This helps when finding options for repairing a phone, ordering parts or accessories for him and other things. You can find out the phone model directly or other ways.

Information on the box

To find out the model of your device, you can look at its original box. As a rule, the packaging has a piece of paper with the most important information. This method is suitable for people who buy a new device or used, but subject to sale with a box. If there is no packaging, you can’t get such information. In practice, the box should be stored for a year, after which it must be thrown away. If she stayed, only plus. Otherwise, you will have to use other methods that we will talk about below.

Universal method. find out your Samsung phone model in settings. Here the approach may vary depending on the model and operating system of the smartphone, but the general principle remains unchanged.

This method allows you to find out the necessary information for all smartphones on Android OS. After receiving the information, they can be driven into the search engine and read about the phone in more detail.

find, model, samsung, phone, settings


A reliable method of obtaining the necessary data is the installation on the program smartphone. The use of this option allows you to solve several problems at once. to find out the model of the Samsung phone and get information about its technical characteristics. The AIDA64 program gives this opportunity. After entering the necessary data, the software issues complete information about the model and its parameters. In the future, you can leave the application on the smartphone, because it consumes a minimum of resources.

find, model, samsung, phone, settings

Another option is to install a software CPU-Z. It can be found in Play Market or on the 4pda forum. The algorithm is this:

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If there is no information in these fields, look at the columns of Build ID and Bootloader. These are the identifiers of the program. Perhaps similar in terms is already used on another device. Next, you can enter information into the search engine and get the information of interest.

Determine the model of the company Samsung

Phone model is not only a standard name, but also additional code. The manufacturer makes one device in several versions designed for sale in various regions. Therefore, this code is used for the most accurate designation of the model.

Why the owner needs to know this information?

  • It will be required when selecting suitable firmware in case of self.reinstalling OS.
  • Help to find out the characteristics of the smartphone.
  • Useful when selecting accessories for the apparatus.

Let’s look at several ways to find out the model of your device.


A simple option is to see the information on the sticker. Where she is?

Already managed to remove the sticker? Then you need to choose another method.

Box and documents

The box and instructions have been preserved? The packaging and documents usually indicate the model of the mobile apparatus. You need to find them and carefully study them by finding the necessary information.

How to find out the phone model in the phone settings?

You can find out the data about the device directly in the phone settings. Necessary:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the section “Information about the phone”.
  • The paragraph “Name of the device” indicates the model.
  • In addition in this section, you can view IMEI, serial number and other phone data.

Special combination

You can request data on the apparatus through a special combination. Would need:

Find out using applications

Another option is using applications. The official program store contains many software, which allows you to find out the characteristics of the device. Very popular solutions. Antutu and AIDA64.

How to check phone model in android phone?

Consider the procedure on the example of AIDA64:

  • Download the application from the official store.
  • After installation, perform its launch.
  • The main menu with information about the phone will appear. In it you can view all the parameters, including the processor model.
  • Open the “Divice” item.
  • The ID section contains your model number.

This application is completely free. It is usually used to test mobile technology, helps to find out all the information about the device. The application contains advertising, due to which the developer covers the costs of creating software and its support.

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The easiest option is to contact a smartphone settings. If you could not find the necessary information in them, then you should download a special program. Download software from an official application store. Then you will be sure of the safety of the device, especially such programs are provided for free.

How to find out the model of your phone

Each owner of a mobile device must know about his gadget all the information: brand, model, characteristics, location of the restart button, if any, and t.D. Such knowledge helps to solve a lot of problems and provide the phone with the necessary help at the moment when it is needed.

For example, when contacting Samsung smartphones repair specialists, to solve any problem, you need to know the exact information about your gadget.

How to find out a phone model using PC

Another interesting option is to connect a smartphone to a PC or a laptop through a charging USB cable. At the time of connection in the field of notifications (lower desktop) of the computer, information will appear about the connected device. Similar information can be seen in the “Computer” menu (in the section of external devices) and in the “Task Manager” (in the USB-devices group). Of course, the phone should work in a USB drive mode, otherwise the computer will simply not find it.

Mobile app

Mobile applications will help you find out the phone model. As a rule, these are useful programs to control the state of the internal components of the device. They help determine the incorrect functioning of the processor or graphic chip, but also provide a lot of information about the smartphone.

One of these useful applications is CPU-Z. Find it in Google Play. Further follow the following actions:

Such applications are analogues of computer programs that help keep devices in a healthy state. We recommend paying attention to applications such as Phone Info and AIDA64.

How to recognize a smartphone by external signs

Brand on the case and loading outlet of the device

I have not met a single smartphone that does not have a brand logo behind. From above, from below, in the middle-somewhere there is definitely the name of the manufacturer, and sometimes models of the device. The same applies to the boot screen: on any original smartphone you will definitely demonstrate the brand logo.

For example, this is what my ZTEAXON 9 Pro looks behind

Smartphones that are difficult to confuse with others

Each self.respecting mobile phone producer seeks to make the design of their devices unique. Especially flagship. Knowing the distinctive features of a particular brand, you can determine the company that has released your smartphone. This works well with Korean and American devices, but with the identification of the “Chinese” difficulties may arise. Although not with everyone. and among them there are companies that stand out against the general background.


The company’s flagship smartphones. the Samsung Galaxy S21 line, is easy to recognize by the characteristic location of the camera module. Visually the impression is that it is not built into the phone, but as if wearing it.

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Not the flagship models of Samsung can also be determined by cameras. They are located in the letters “G”, “P” or “L”. In the photo below Samsung A21.

I would say that this brand stands out by minimalism in relation to cameras. They are always located as compactly as possible. Often simply drowned into the case.

And this is what the last flagship of LG G8 ThinQ looks like

Asus Zenfone

Before the birth of ASUS Zenfone 6, the phones of this brand did not stand out anything noteworthy. But the sixth and seventh generations, the manufacturer equipped the camera with a unique folding module. The number of the latter smartphones differ among themselves.

Sony Xperia

Sony gadgets are easy to recognize by a characteristic elongated form.

All three brand lines released in April 2021 are easy to recognize by the unusual location of the cell modules.

POCO F2. Round module behind and a retractable selfie camera.

Search on the Internet by photo

With smartphones that stand out against the background of the rest, everything is simple. But the vast majority of devices, even different brands, are similar to each other as twin brothers. This is especially true for the products of Chinese manufacturers of the second and third echelon, and with them Xiaomi products also. Not that Xiaomi smartphones did not have characteristic features, just under this brand many different models with all kinds of design are produced.

Phone Lost or Stolen? Here’s What to Do!

If it is not possible to identify the gadget by external signs, you can contact the help of online search services by photo in Google or Yandex. The method is not one hundred percent: search engines find images of smartphones similar to the fact that in a loaded picture, usually only by color and location. But the likelihood that your model will be among them is far from zero.

The search principle is identical in both services, so choose the one that is to your liking. I trust Google more, so let’s start with him:

Yandex coped much better: he gave out smartphones of the same year of release as mine. And if you expand the list “more similar”, then among a heap of pictures you can find your own model.

To see the name of the model, click in the photo. The device interests me was found in the announcement of sale on one of the retail sites of the secondary market.

The search was spent no more than 5 minutes, and the result completely arranged me.