1. On the desktop, highlight the icon My computer and with the support of the right mouse button expand its context menu. Open the item in it Properties. If the icon is not present on the desktop, computer properties can be detected via the button Start. Select point by point Start. Computer and also open Properties on the menu.

2. In the window that appears, go to the tab EquIPment. Various services for device operation are located here. Click on the button device Manager.

3. A new window will show a tree list of all connected devices on your computer. It also contains information about the installed webcam. Find the corresponding term in the list. Traditionally, webcams are displayed as imaging devices or devices.

4. Open Discovered Item and highlight the connected device. In its context menu, click on the item Properties.

5. Next, in a new window, go to the tab Drivers. Click the button Delete. After that, the system request to remove the webcam driver is verified. Later, the driver will be removed and the device will disappear from the list. For its further work, you will need to put into the system native driver.

How to determine the processor model

You may not know the detailed configuration of your computer, but there are several PC components that you must know about. One of these components is the central processing unit. The parameters for it are specified in the system requirements for any software. Also, when choosing the second components for the computer, you must compare them with the probabilities of your GoProcessor.

You will need

  • – Windows computer;
  • – CPUID CPU-Z program.

How to determine your webcam model

There are a lot of computer brands nowadays. While two market monopolists. AMD and INTEL. are engaged in the production of processors, there are a lot of manufacturers of component materials. For example, webcams are produced by a lot of companies. If you have a webcam and do not know its model or manufacturer, there are several ways to find out. Any webcam model is allowed to be determined by the system method.

You will need

  • Computer, webcam, Driver Cure app, Internet access

How to remove the webcam driver

When installing a webcam, the operating system in some cases finds drivers for the device on its own. However, many devices require specific drivers from the manufacturer. Consequently, typical driver programs from the OS are completely unsuitable for them. In this case, the webcam may work abnormally or fail to transmit the frame. In any case, if the device comes with native the driver needs to be installed exactly it. Before that, you need to uninstall the webcam driver. Installed by the system earlier.

How to hide webcams

The use of webcams has become virtually ubiquitous, but not invariably the owner of the camera wants to advertise its presence on the computer. There are several ways to hide the webcam, depending on whether you want to primitively disable it in order to exclude the possibility of surveillance, or whether you want to create the feeling in third parties that there is no camera in the computer.

You will need

  • – webcam software installed on your computer.

How to prefer a WEB-camera for a computer

The webcam gives great advantages when working on the Internet, communicating with friends and colleagues, and in many other fields of activity. The usefulness of a webcam is undeniable. the only question is which model you should prefer for your computer. Among the huge selection of different offers, it’s easy to get lost, and therefore you need to realize what you should pay attention to when choosing a webcam.

Updating on Windows

To update the driver using the system, you need to call the built-in Windows program device Manager. It is available by right-clicking on the icon Computer on systems later than Windows 7. To access Device Manager you can also right-click the icon My computer and prefer Properties. Among the proposed menu items, click Relevant. You can also use the program search in the corresponding menu line Start Go to line adapters and discover the name of your Intel card. Right-click on the device and click Properties. Among the tabs offered in the window, select Drivers In the list of options, click Refresh. You will see a window of the update installation wizard, which will check for the presence of available driver versions and issue a corresponding notification. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. Do NOT forget to restart your computer later on. Update completed.

How to update driver for Intel card

Drivers for the Intel card enable full support for displaying graphics on a laptop or computer screen. Updating the software can improve the efficiency of the card and enable the user to make additional customizations. Updating can be done either by built-in system tools or through the formal Intel website.


1. To easily turn off your webcam, open the camera software installed on your computer. In the settings select Disable. The camera will stop working and it will be impossible to monitor you through a computer.

How To Find Out The Model Of A Web-Camera

2. Disconnect the USB device in the computer settings. To do this, open Control Panel, thereafter Hardware and Sound. In Device Manager, expand the section Imaging devices. The subsection that opens will contain the name of your webcam. Right-click on it and select from the pop-up menu Disable.

3. Press the Fn key (traditionally located next to the Ctrl key on the left side of the keyboard) and while holding down, press the key with the webcam icon, if any, in the top row of the keyboard. The camera will be disabled.

4. Disconnect the portable webcam from the computer, or cover the built-in webcam with opaque tape or tape. These are simple methods yet absolutely work.

5. Hide the webcam icon in the computer. To do this, right-click on the icon and in Properties select Hidden. Certified pressed OK. If the default is “Don’t show hidden folders and files, then the icon will disappear.

6. If the computer settings are such that hidden folders and files are shown, then select Folder properties, go to tab Overview and put a point near Don’t show hidden files and folders, click Apply and after that OK (on Windows 7: Control Panel? Registration? Folders settings? Show hidden files and folders). The icon will be hidden.

7. If you want to follow someone, left the camera working and prefer recording, but absorbed its icon from the folder My computer, erase the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerMyComputerNameSpaceDelegateFolders. The registry is invoked by the WinR keyboard shortcut.

8. In the field enter regedit without quotes. Follow the root sections above. When you find the required section (DelegateFolders), open it by double-clicking it. Click on the specified subsection with the right mouse button, in the drop-down menu select Delete. Thus, the camera will record all the actions of those who fall into its field of view, but at the same time it will be impossible to find it, it will turn, as it were, into a hidden recording device.

9. Use special programs for webcams, which can hide their presence on the computer being monitored. Install the program, then run and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to find out how many megapixels the camera is on the phone

Author: Yuri Belousov 14.01.2019

Sometimes the smartphone owner may be asked about the camera resolution. This is especially true before buying or selling a mobile device. After all, many buyers are primarily concerned about the quality of the camera. Therefore, in this article we will consider how to find out how many megapixels the camera is on the phone.

How to calculate camera resolution yourself

There is another way to find out the resolution of your camera in megapixels. to calculate it yourself. Trust but verify. It’s not always worth believing what is written on the fence.

To calculate the camera resolution on your phone yourself you need:

  • Set the maximum resolution in the phone settings;
  • Take a picture (photo)
  • Open image properties. To do this, select an image in the photo gallery, open the extended menu and select the item Details (screenshots taken on Android)
  • The permission will be indicated in the column File:
  • The resolution of the image on the phone is 4160 x 3120 px (pixels). You need to multIPly the length by the width and divide by 1,000,000 (1 million). 4160 3120 \ 1000000. In my case, it turned out 12.9792. Round up and get 13 MP.

This is how you can simply check how many megapixels are in the cameras.

If the image taken on the phone is on the computer, then you must:

  • Right-click on the image and select the item in the context menu Properties.
  • Select item In detail and find Resolution.

The calculation formula does not change: multIPly the length by the width and divide by a million.

How to check megapixels on a smartphone camera

There are several ways to find out the number of megapixels on a phone camera:

With the first method, problems may arise, because not everyone keeps packaging and instructions. What can I say? Even a warranty card can fly into the trash can, before the end of the warranty period. And if all this is NOT thrown away, then it is stored under a pile of skis, skates and other trash somewhere on the balcony, which greatly complicates their search.

I use the Yandex.Market service to view the technical characteristics of a device or household appliance.

Here’s what you need to do to see the resolution of your phone’s camera:

  • Open Yandex.Market;
  • In the search field, enter the model of your smartphone, tablet, or whatever. In my example, XiaomiRedmiNote 4X. You have to enter your model. IPhone, Samsung, etc;
  • Then press the button To find;
  • If you enter your model exactly, then the desired phone will be in the first position in the list. Follow the link;
  • Next, go to the menu in the section Specifications;
  • In subsection Multimedia capabilities the number of megapixels on the phone camera will be shown. In this case, the resolution of the main rear camera is 13 MP and the front one is 5 MP.

This method is quite simple and easy to find out how many megapixels the camera is on the phone.

The problem may arise if the owner of the smartphone does not know the model of his mobile device.

You can find out your phone model:

  • Looking at the box;
  • Going to the settings of your phone to the section About phone.

Phone Specification Apps

The Google Play Market contains a huge variety of applications that show the technical characteristics of a mobile device (phone, tablet).

With the help of them, you can easily find out how many megapixels the camera is on the phone.

You can download the link:

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