How to check how many memory occupy certain applications on iPhone and iPad

The owners of the iPhone from 128 or 256 GB do not have to worry about the fact that the memory of the gadget is full. they need to try to “score” the whole place. But the owners of devices with 16 or 32 GB can only sympathize. such small integrated memory volumes do not allow the use of modern devices “on the full coil”.

Expand the memory of “apple” gadgets, if necessary, will not be able. everyone knows that MicroSD flash drives are not put in iPhones. Therefore, the owner of the device with a small amount of ROM should take a disk space for rigid control. it cannot afford to store unnecessary applications or photos from the long forgotten picnic on the iPhone. And of course, he should periodically check how much free space on the iPhone remains. This check can be made 2 ways.

We know the size of the memory on the iPhone

Understand how much gigabyte is preset on your Apple device, you can in two ways: through the gadget settings and with the box or documentation.

Firmware iPhone

If you have the opportunity to visit the iPhone settings, you can get data about the size of the repository in this way.

View iPhone Memory Capacity

If you want to know the level of free space on the phone, you must in the “Basic” section open the IPhone Storage Point.

Pay attention to the top area: here will be information about which storage size is occupied by various types of data. Based on this data, you can summarize how much free space you are still available. In the event that a little free space remains on the smartphone, it is necessary to spend time on cleaning the repository from unnecessary information.


Suppose you only plan to purchase an iPhone, and the gadget itself is packaged in the box, and, accordingly, there is no access to it. In this case, it is possible to find out the amount of memory with the same box in which it is packaged. Pay attention to the bottom of the package. the total size of the device must be specified in the upper area. Also, this information is duplicated below. on a special sticker, where other information about the phone is also contained (party number, serial number and IMEI).

Any of the two ways given in the article will allow you to accurately know what the storage size is equipped with your iPhone.

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Checking the storage with the device

Go to the “Settings” menu “Basic” “Storage [Device]”. A list of recommendations for optimizing the storage of the device under which the installed programs will be listed and the amount of memory used by each of them will be listed. Touch the name of the program to see how much memory it uses. The memory of cached and temporary data is not taken into account.

When viewing detailed results, you can do the following.

  • Unload the program that will release the space occupied by it, but after which documents and data will remain.
  • Delete the program and the associated data.
  • Depending on the program, you may also need to remove some related documents and data.

If the device’s memory is almost filled and fails to free the place, a warning may not appear. In this case, you should check the recommendations for optimizing the repository or delete rarely used contents, such as video and programs.

How to see how much memory is on the iPhone using iTunes

To find out the number of free and occupied memory on the iPhone using iTunes, follow these steps:

  • We connect the iPhone to the computer (MacOS, Windows) using the Lightning / USB cable.
  • Start the iTunes program on your computer.
  • In iTunes opened, click (left) on the iPhone icon and go to the “Review” section.
  • In the “Capacity” paragraph, the basic memory of the device will be
  • At the bottom of the iTunes window, the color strip displays the iPhone memory load and availability of free amount of memory.

Varieties iPhone. Series, configuration

In order to choose a suitable iPhone need to understand what the features of each model. If we are talking about license number versions, such as iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, it is worth noting that these are completely different phones, both from a technical point of view and in terms of perception by the user. They use technologies of different generations, so you choose which better, and what worse it does not make sense.

The same with s versions. In essence, s version of the iPhone is a slightly advanced version of the previous generation, but in this case the new model really becomes more powerful and productive in the technical plan, and sometimes it acquires new features.

Also important characteristic of the iPhone is the amount of memory. It is worth noting that it does not affect the performance of the device and no new features gives. From here, users arise a logical question: why the iPhone on 256 GB in the store will be several thousand more expensive than version, for example, by 32 GB?

In fact, anything strange is not here, and in order to answer this question, you need to figure out in more detail how people can use iPhone 7.

Learning the box

Each apple gadget is implemented in the branded box. See how much memory on the iPhone can be familiar with the sticker, which is located at the bottom of the box. The amount of shared memory is specified next to the phone model and its color. It is worth noting that this method can be applied if the gadget is purchased in an authorized Apple store. Otherwise it is recommended to use other ways to check the memory.

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Use iTunes to view memory

Each Apple gadget owner has iTunes. Thanks to him, you can easily recognize the parameters of the device. Information about it is displayed on the main tab in the upper left corner. See where to find how much memory in the iPhone:

Going to the first section, “Review”, you will see the capacity of the container. On the left total number of GB for the model, on the right of their available number.

Apple’s smartphone owners worries not only the question of how to check the memory on the iPhone 7, but is and whether their apparatus is original. He is relevant, t. to. China today releases accurate fakes, distinguished by minor details. To solve the problem, read the article how to check the iPhone on authenticity. It describes in detail the sequence of actions that you need to commit.

How to make it so that the memory on the iPhone does not disappear

Here are some tips that will help not only free memory, but also to make it stop disappearing by itself:

  • First of all, go to “Settings. Basic. Storage and ICloud. Manage”. We analyze the situation and look at what games and programs occupy a lot of space. For example, the screenshots of the too “screamed”. Click on it and see that “Documents and Data” occupy as much as 249 megabytes. This is the cache that I spoke slightly above. To get rid of it, it is enough to reinstall the program itself.

Attention, bonus! There is a wonderful and quick way to clear a bit of memory on the iPhone. It is worth useing!

As you can see, it is about the fact that the iPhone independently reduces the internal memory, it is still not necessary (well except for this definition more or less fits the automatic download of iOS update). All these “leaks” have quite objective reasons and it is easy enough to correct. it remains only not to be lazy and try absolutely all the options that are listed in this instruction.

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