how to identify ipad model?

Ways to determine the model of the iPad tablet used

Apple technique, as you know, is distinguished by the quality of assembly and ergonomics, can serve as many years. The company has been producing tablets since 2010. The range of this segment is updated annually: some devices are modernized and others appear. The manufacturer also produces covers, charging devices and other proprietary periphery for various tablet options.

Since the iPad is not cheap, many want to purchase a former tablet. It is difficult to understand which of the models in their hands visually, because the devices are designed in a single corporate design, and the name is not reflected on the case. Therefore, when buying from your hands, it will not be superfluous to know how to determine the iPad model.

Connect iPad to iTunes

The simplest solution, in my opinion, is to connect your tablet to any personal computer or laptop on which the iTunes program is installed. A few seconds after connecting the device in the program, all basic information about the device, including the exact name of the model.

IPAD model display in iTunes


Today’s topic of the article will be very interesting and useful, because I will tell you what ways you can determine the model of your iPad.

Apple has already released quite a lot of iPad types and ordinary users begin to get lost when I want to know which device they own.

How to determine the iPad model?

To be honest, I do not like complex ways that can take a lot of time. Therefore, I will only tell you about the fastest and simplest ways to recognize the iPad model.

When you begin to understand this issue, it turns out that there are a lot of ways. But I decided to help you and therefore the simplest of them only in this article.

How to find out the iPad model using AIDA64?

For those who are a little versed in computers, you probably know such a program as AIDA64 and is usually used to determine the PC configuration.

Not so long ago this program appeared for the iOS operating system. It is completely free and it will help you very easily determine the model of your iPad and all its characteristics.

First of all, we go to the App Store and download the program. Either follow the link: then we launch the program and see about the following picture: as you can see, except for the model you can also find out absolutely all the characteristics of your tablet. Perhaps you will learn something interesting that you haven’t known before.

How to determine the iPad by model number?

If there is no opportunity to connect to the Internet on your iPad, that is, a very reliable and proven method, which works one hundred percent.

With it, you can find out not only the model, but also what kind of configuration is in your hands. I’m talking about model number.

We turn your tablet and look for the inscription to the right, in front of which there will be the word model, and then the letter A and the numbers are coming. Remember and look in the plate our number.

Model number Model Year of issue Memory
A1219 iPad wi-fi 2010 16, 32, 64 GB
A1337 iPad Wi-Fi 3G
A1395 iPad 2 wi-fi 2011 16, 32, 64 GB
A1396 iPad 2 (GSM model)
A1397 iPad 2 (CDMA model)
A1416 iPad 3 wi-fi 2012 16, 32, 64 GB
A1430 iPad 3 Wi-Fi Cellular
A1403 iPad 3 Wi-Fi Cellular (VZ)
A1458 iPad 4 Wi-Fi end of 2012 16, 32, 64, 128 GB
A1459 iPad 4 Wi-Fi Cellular
A1460 iPad 4 Wi-Fi Cellular (MM)
A1432 iPad mini wi-fi end of 2012 16, 32, 64 GB
A1454 iPad mini Wi-Fi Cellular
A1455 iPad mini Wi-Fi Cellular (MM)
A1489 iPad mini 2 wi-fi The end of 2013 16, 32, 64, 128 GB
A1490 iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi Cellular
A1491 iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi Cellular (TD-LTE) beginning of 2014
A1599 iPad mini 3 End of 2014 16, 64, 128 GB
A1600 iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi Cellular
A1538 iPad mini 4 End of 2015 16, 32, 64, 128 GB
A1550 iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi Cellular
A1474 iPad Air Wi-Fi The end of 2013 16, 32, 64, 128 GB
A1475 iPad Air Wi-Fi Cellular
A1476 iPad Air Wi-Fi Cellular (TD-LTE) beginning of 2014
A1566 iPad Air 2 End of 2014 16, 32, 64, 128 GB
A1567 iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Cellular
A1584 iPad Pro 2015 32, 128, 256 GB
A1652 iPad Pro Wi-Fi Cellular
A1673 iPad Pro 2016 32, 128, 256 GB
A1674/A1675 iPad Pro Wi-Fi Cellular
find, ipad, model, serial

These are all models of iPads that went out of all. To find your model exactly, just click Ctrlf and write your model. Then it will stand out on the page.

As the new iPad exits, I will replenish this sign so that you can find your model. We go to the last way.

How to find out the iPad model using iTunes?

The last way to determine the iPad model, which also has the right to exist, is carried out using a conventional iTunes.

Using this method is very simple:

The same can be handed over with any device from Apple. And this is quite convenient that you always remind you how obsolete your device.


The article turned out to be not too big, but informative enough for you to find out the model of your favorite iPad.

There are many more ways, but I thought that these three are the simplest and you will spend very little of your time on them.

How to find out the iPad model

How to find out by serial number

The developers added the opportunity to get information on the company’s website whether IPAD is legal. Is there a right to maintenance and technical support of the company. Find the serial number on the gadget.

Go to the address: https: // Write the number, enter the verification code, click the “Continue” button.

If the number is registered correctly, a page with data where the model will be displayed will open. You can see what year the iPad release.

We find out the iPad model by number

Number. this is data about the device that allows you to get its detailed characteristics. Registered on the tablet cover. Presented in the form of the word “model”, letters and numerical designations. For example, Model A1550. Look at the screenshot above. Write the number in the search engine Google or Yandex.

How to check apple iphone, ipad is genuine or fake and warranty status in free !!!!!!!

How to define in iTunes

Use the method if data is erased on the housing. Connect the tablet with a cable to PC with the installed iTunes. What kind of program is this in the article: “Copy music on the iPhone”. Run the application, click on the ipad icon.

The settings will open. The name will be displayed on the right.

We look in the settings

This is the easiest way. In the settings, go:

How to find out using a box from a device

If the original box is preserved, turn it over look at the data. There will be the full name of the model.

The name of the iPad model

The name is essentially the name iPad, under which it is represented by Apple. It usually consists of a prefix (mini, air, Pro) or generation index (1, 2, 3 and t.D.) either from both values ​​(depending on a particular device), and is indicated at least on the packaging and in the description of the product on the pages of Internet and local stores. This is an important, but insufficiently detailed information, since several different tablets that differ in some technical characteristics can appear under one name at once. First of all, we will consider how you can find out these, albeit somewhat generalized, but in many cases sufficient information.

The case of the device

If the iPad, the name of the model of which is required to find out, is at your hand, but it does not turn on, you can use its serial number indicated on the back of the case to search for the necessary information. In its lower area, under the inscription of the iPad, you will see two lines with a rather small text. the desired information will be at the end of the second and have the following look:

Instead of shown in the example above the twelve characters “X” in the serial issue, the letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers in arbitrary order can and will be indicated. Having “in front of you” this meaning, you can find out the exact name of the tablet model, which we will talk about in the last method of this part of the article.


Unlike the case, the information indicated on which must be used for further searches, IOS/iPados settings allow you to immediately see the name of the device. For obvious reasons, this method will work only in the event of the performance of the last.

find, ipad, model, serial

Box and check

If you have the original packaging of the tablet from Apple and/or the check received when buying, it will not be difficult to find out its name.

  • Turn the box and read the information on the sticker. under the icon indicating the volume of the internal storage, the full name of the model will be.

On the back of the packaging, on the second (lower) sticker, the serial number of the tablet is indicated, which, as we learned from the first method, can be used to obtain information about the name of the model.

iTunes and analogues

Despite the fact that Apple gradually refuses iTunes as a full.fledged program for servicing mobile devices, with its help you can still find out the name of the iPad, iPhone and iPod model. This is done literally a few simple steps, but before moving on to their description, we note that the same information allow you to see the applications from developers, which are more functional analogues of the official decision and previously considered in a separate material.

    Launch iTunes on a computer and, using a complete USB cable, connect the iPad to it.

Please note that the serial number is slightly below, the use of which we will talk further.

Serial number

Each of the methods discussed above allows you to find out not only the name of the iPad model, but also its serial number. If you have only the latter (for example, you have recognized it earlier, the tablet is not turned on or part of the information on the package was erased), it will not be difficult to determine the name of the device-just refer to one of the specialized online services.

    The link presented above will bring you to the page of checking the state of the official guarantee, on it you can find out the name of the iPad model. In the image scheduled in the image below the field, enter its serial number.

Serial number

To check the iPad by serial number, the user needs to go to the manufacturer’s official website at https: // In a special line, it is necessary to enter the serial number of the device-it is prescribed on the lid, on the back of the device or, if the SIM card with the tablet is supported, on the tray, it will have to be removed. Entering on the official website of the serial number allows not only to check the iPad for authenticity, but also to get information about the guarantee: it is valid or not, whether the device was already under repair, and also how many days before the guarantee ended. If the IPAD serial number has not passed the check, then the device is not licensed.

It is best to enter the serial number directly from the device on the site, as fraudsters often use boxes from real tablets and put counterfeit products in them. An inattentive user may not pay attention to the fact that the serial number on the device and box is different and enter the option from the box that is the present.

Advice! It is necessary to compare the serial number and IMEI on the box, on the tablet and, if the device is activated, with the one that is prescribed in the information about the model in the settings of the tablet itself.

It is important to know that it is very simple to break through the iPad by serial number, and this is the most reliable way to establish its authenticity. It is impossible to fake the iPad serial number at the moment.

Apple site

Despite the fact that the resource is official and belongs to Apple, you can find out about the device on it. Only service data is indicated here: is the guarantee and the right to technical support on the iPad are valid.

The main page of the site states that the check is carried out by serial number. However, by introducing IMEI, the user can also get the necessary information. But do not believe that the serial number and IMEI are one and the same.

find, ipad, model, serial
  • Follow the link to the IMEI check page. Enter the serial number and confirmation code. The user can click “for visually impaired” so that the code is open in audio format. Click “Continue”.

On Apple, you can check not only the authenticity of the iPad, but also other devices from Apple, including accessories.

The official page of Apple

It is expected that Apple also provides the opportunity to check your products by serial number. For these purposes, there is a separate section on the official website of the company, however, you can find out with its help only the name of the model, the presence of the current guarantee or the absence of one (due to the completion of its term) and the date of purchase, or rather, it is valid or not or not. But even such modest information is enough to understand whether the original iPad is in front of you.

    After clinging the link above, enter the serial number of your tablet presented on the fields presented on the web page, and the second-indicated in the picture code. Having done this, click on the “Continue” button.

Summing up, we note that if the purpose of checking the iPad by serial number is not only to obtain information about the validity of the right to warranty service, the name and color of the model, but also in studying its main characteristics for comparison with a potentially purchased device, you should contact one From third-party web services, not the official Apple page.