Learning to determine the IP address of the router

In any router there is an individual IP address, which is designed to go to the administrative panel. If errors or system failures appear, then the network code will allow you to get into the internal settings of the equipment and create a new connection. information on how to find out the IP address of the router using a smartphone and PC is located below.

The most obvious method of identifying the address is to inspect the back cover of the device. Detailed information should be located on the lower panel of network equipment. In addition, each router is acquired by its own hostname or network address. In addition to IP on the back panel, the user will be able to find:

Despite the presence of its own hostneum, IP addresses 192 are suitable for almost every device.168.0.1 and 192.168.one.one. This network code is suitable even for routers of unknown manufacturers. If there is no IP on the case of the IP device, then it will need to be found in the operating manual.

Using the Windows Inte Week

To find out the IP router in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, you need to do the following:

10-string: network scanning

This ethereal program displays the list of addresses of all devices connected to the local network, including the address of the router itself. The integer is completely Russified and intuitive.

This utility spreads completely free. Download it from the official site, install and run it. The program window opens.

To determine the addresses of all devices consisting in the same network with the data of PC (and this is also the router itself), you need to click on the “scan” button. Then the list of all devices will be displayed.

The addressor address in the local network can be determined using a mobile device if there is no computer at hand. For smartphones on Android, the instruction is as follows:

  • We open the parameters, find the submenu “Network and the Internet”.
  • We activate Wi-Fi. In the list of available access points we find our network and connect (entering a password or using WPS). The signature “Connected” should appear under the network.
  • Click on active connection. Information will open about the protocol used, MAC address, IP address and connection speed. In the line “IP address” you can find out your IP, and the “gateway” line indicates the address of the router in the local network.

Manual for MacOS

The main steps and technique are generally simple and understandable, which allows you to easily perform them.

  • Find the main Apple menu and click on it. Most often it is available in the left corner of the computer screen.
  • Find the option that is responsible for network connections and select the connection, the IP address of which you want to find out;
  • Find and click on the ‘Advanced option,’ after that you can find out the IP address you are interested in.
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Local IP address Wi-Fi access point: Ways to find out the default gateway

The achievements of technology are closely intertwined with the life of modern society. With the help of electronic devices and the Internet, people have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world, study, communicate and just have a variety of time. But to use all the functional capabilities of technology, you need to learn to use it correctly.

What is IP address

Each electronic device (stationary computer, laptop, tablet, phone, etc. D.), which is connected to the network, is assigned an IP address. It allows you to identify, roughly speaking, the user. The network can be global and local, in the first case the Internet is meant.

Note! External or public IP address is the address of the device used on the global Internet. In the vast majority of cases, the device is assigned a new IP address with each Internet access. You can find it out using one of several available and completely free online tools.

Internal or local IP address is assigned directly by network equipment to which it is connected. This IP address is not displayed on the Internet and is used only inside the local network. Most routers are assigned by IP addresses, which begin with 192.168.XXX.XXX. You can recognize it using standard tools that are equipped with operating systems.

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What does the default gateway mean, or Default Gateway

How to find out the password on Wi-Fi on the phone to which connected

The main gateway is a special operating system or network equipment, the purpose of which is the transfer of traffic from one local network to another. This process is called routing. Thanks to the default gateway, it is possible to interact with devices from one local network with others.

In practice, this looks approximately as follows: the computer is located in Rostov-on-Don, and its user needs to access the server from St. Petersburg. The computer does not know how to get there, because it does not have a route, but it has a network gateway. With it, PC makes a request how to get to the server in St. Petersburg. The main gateway analyzes the route table and follows to the destination.

IP address for entering the router control panel

How to find out SSID Wi-Fi network, what is it on a computer and phone

To enter the network equipment control panel, you must find out its IP address, which is registered on the sticker located on the back of the router body.

There will be recorded directly by the address of the router, which is registered as numbers (IP address) or hostname.

Also, in addition to the address of the router, useful information is fixed there, which can be useful to the user at any stage of operation of the device: the login and password installed by default, for entering the router’s web, its model, hardware, factory name of the wireless network and password for authentication in it.

What default address for d-Link? The Wi-Fi address of the router looks like in the picture below.

Which IP address is depicted on the D-Link routers housing

What default address for tp-link? On network equipment from TP-LINK IP addresses slightly different.

What default address for ASUS? IP or hostname can be spelled out on the network of network equipment from ASUS, both of them allow you to freely log in in the web-shell for configuring equipment.

IP address or hostname depicted on the ASUS router case

What default address for ZYXEL? The equipment of this brand is rapidly gaining popularity in the CIS countries. This is due to the high quality of the assembly, functionality and acceptable cost. To log in to the control panel, it is enough to look on the back of the router housing, which IP address or hotname is registered there.

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Data for authorization in the control panel of the Roter Zyxel Keenetic

note! Even if the hostname is indicated on the network of network equipment, you can use the universal IP address or 192.168.one.one.

If the sticker on the router is absent or spoiled, then you can familiarize yourself with the required parameters in the attached operating instructions or on the Internet.

How to find out the IP of the Wi-Fi router, to which it is connected

How to disable the user from Wi-Fi router: through the computer

Modern operating systems are equipped with a large number of built.in tools that provide the user with almost unlimited possibilities. So, you can check the IP address of the remote access point on any device with any operating system in just a few clicks.

How to find an IP-address of the router on PC with Windows OS

You can find out the default gateway in the information of connection. Previously, it is required to open “network connections”, where all the adapters available on the device will be displayed on the screen. Next, you need to put the mouse cursor and press the right button on the Internet connection icon, then slip to the “Networks control center”.

A new window will be displayed on the screen, where it will be necessary to go to the “Changing Adapter Parameters” section, as an alternative you can clamp on the keyboard combination “Win ​​R”, enter the “NCPA command” in the corresponding form.CPL “, confirm by pressing” OK “. Now, with the right button, you need to click on the connection, through which conjugation with network equipment is carried out, select the “condition”.

In the end in the displayed window, you need to slip on the “information”, after which another window will open, in which you can familiarize yourself with the address in the “default gateway” line ”. This is the desired parameter.

Information about network connection on devices with Windows OS

How to Find Router IP Address in Android phone

note! There is another way to find a desired object using a command line. To do this, you need to run the command line with a combination of the Win R keys and enter the CMD command or find through the search.

The command line will be displayed on the screen, where it will be necessary to prescribe “ipconfig /all”. After a few seconds on the screen in the “main gateway” section, the desired parameter will be displayed.

How to Find Router IP Address in Android Iphone or Ipad

How to find out the IP address of the camera

At the manufacturer’s factory, all video surveillance cameras without exception are assigned a default network address. IP addresses and data for entering the settings menu of popular brands IP cameras are given below in the table.

The default IP-address manufacturer by default login password by default
Aircam 192.168.one.20 UBNT UBNT
Beward Admin Admin
Dahua 192.168.one.108 Admin Admin
MatrixTech 192.168.one.120 Admin 1111
Microdigital ten.20.thirty.40 Root Root
Novicam Admin
Polyvision 192.168.one.ten Admin
Space Technology Admin 12345
Hikvision Admin 12345
Ipeye Admin 123456

In the instructions for any camera, the IP address and data for authorization will be indicated.

Also, the IP address of the camera will help specialized software that comes with the device, as well as third-party utilities, for example, Angry IP Scanner (available for Windows, Linux and MacOS).

We look at the IP address on the router itself (on the device case)

Take your router and look at it. Most likely, below you will see a sticker with different information. There will be indicated by the Router address. IP address (from numbers). Or Hontane. Also, in addition to the address there, you can find a lot of useful information: a router model, hardware, factory login and password for entering the router settings, MAC address, factory name Wi-Fi network and password for it.

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This is how it looks on TP-Link routers:

And this is how the IP address on the D-Link routers is indicated:

But in almost any case, even if Hontane is indicated, 192 is suitable.168.one.1, or 192.168.0.one.

If you have some other router, then there the address should be indicated about the same as in the photo above. Also, the address can be registered in the instructions for the router.

Using the label

If the router is in the zone of your physical accessibility, consider it lucky. It is enough to turn it over and look at the factory label glued to the bottom. In 99% of cases, you will find on it an IP address or Hostname (looks like a site address) that the manufacturer appointed the device. As well as other data for entering the settings web panel.

An example of writing an IP address on the label of a router is given in the picture below.

If the manufacturer of your model instead of IP indicated only Hostname, for example, http: // tplinklogin.Net, you will have to take a few more steps to the cherished goal, more precisely, go to the route of the router and see the data that interests there. For this:

  • Enter the login and password for access to the admin panel. They, like Hotname, are indicated on the label.
  • Find the parameter “iPaddress”, which begins with 192.168. (on individual devices, it can start with 10.0-10.255 or 172.16-172.31). This is the IP router.

IP address of the router is usually shown on one of the main pages of the admin panel-in the section “Network” or “Network”. However, this is not a tough rule. it can be indicated in other places.

No physical access to the router? No problem. It is enough to have a client device at hand. a computer, a smartphone or a tablet connected to this router. And then. several ways to choose.

How to find out the external IP address of the router

It is worth saying that this information is not hidden if they do not encrypt them forcibly. There are a number of ways to find out the external IP address of the router, and then decide whether to hide this information. For those who want to secure confidentiality in this matter, you need to resort to the help of VPN servers.

In order to subsequently find out your gateway again, you have to look for a website that can return the information to the user. You can use the PowerShell utility for these purposes. The following command will need to be entered in it: (Invoke-Webrequest Inconfig.Me/IP). Content.Trim

There are many services on the network that will be happy to do this work for you. It is enough to enter a request to Google in the “IP address search” line and choose the one that seems to be the most preferable. When it is possible to get the desired data, it is better to take a page screenshot and save in some folder on your PC or another device. Despite the fact that the information is not secret, you should not share it with other extraneous users for security purposes. If you have questions or considerations of today’s review, share them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!