Search address

Run the Intelligent IP Installer on your computer. Click Search to find your device. Select your camera from the UPnP device list. Then on the right side of the window, click Setup.

On the login page, enter your username and password, the default username and password are admin. Then click OK.

On the next page, you will see the IP address and http port of your camera.

Therefore, by connecting it to a router or computer, there is a high probability of an IP address conflict. What will you do in such a situation? You need to connect them one by one and change the IP address. That is, to insert one. to change the network address, therefore the second and so on. This is the only way to ensure reliable operation of your devices.

If you bought a camera and you DID NOT change your network address, you can easily find it out, since almost every company provides a factory network address:

  • Bevard. Login: admin, password: admin;
  • Dahua. Login: admin, password: admin;
  • Microdigital. Login: root, password: root;
  • Airkam. Login: ubnt, password: ubnt;
  • IPEUE. Login: admin, password: 123456;
  • Hikvizion. Login: admin, password: 12345;
  • Polyvision. Login admin, password: none;
  • Space technology. DHCP is enabled by default, Login: admin, password: 12345;

How can I find out the IP address of the camera?

The most popular these days are IP cameras, which bypass the usual ones in terms of resolution and method of connecting to a recorder or a second recording device. Indeed, in order to connect this camera, you will certainly have to find out its IP addresses.

An IP address is a unique and unrepeatable address of a device or computer that has an Internet connection. This address is presented in the form of four numbers, which are separated by dots. Each of them ranges from 0 to 255 and looks like this.

It is these numbers that help the computer or the second device determine the path along which you need to transfer or receive a file or other information. Most of the IP addresses are occupied, some for technical purposes, others for computers. But, the free part of the address, which is called dynamic, can be used by any Internet user.

It does not belong only to you, and as soon as you finish your work on the Internet, this address will go to a completely second person. A computer receives a static name, which can be used as a filing cabinet or any other source of information to which other users often connect. In this case, for the correct connection of the second devices, the computer is assigned a static, that is, a permanent address.

IP surveillance scheme

Why you need to know?

In order to connect a regular camera and start recording. You need to connect it to a switch or recorder. With an IP camera, things are a little more complicated. In order to control recording from a computer and receive images, you need to know the IP address of the IP camera.

If you have NEVER set up network devices, you may find the process difficult and inaccessible. But, everything is easier than it seems.

Actions to be performed when connecting an IP camera:

  • Using an adapter or cord, connect the IP camera to the computer.
  • Take the network adapter and use it to connect the IP camera. the setting of this item will depend on the model of your camera and the network adapter.
  • On your computer, find the start menu all programs and go to the folder. standard.
  • You will see a window in which you need to type cmd and press ok.
  • Then type IPconfig and Enter.
  • Next, in the line of IP addresses, specify the address of your camera.

If it became a question for you where to get the IP addresses of the camera, the next item is definitely suitable for you.

When you buy a camera, in addition to documents, you are given discs with software that can help solve your problem. They can not only help to find the given address, but also change it without any problems. In case of disk loss, you can try to find software on the website of your camera manufacturer. If the device was released relatively recently, you can easily find the site you need.

If many years have passed and you have this disc, special programs will come to your aid, which are created in order to make your life easier. With their help, you can find out the network address of a camera, computer, modem or router. The program scans your device for an IP address, and gives you one. In addition, the program detects all illegal connections to your network and can even help you blacklist them on a router, modem or computer.

List of programs for determining the IP address of specific cameras

Angry IP-scanner program running

The most popular way to connect an IP camera is a special program that can scan your device and display the main information on the screen. One of the most popular is the sensational Angry IP Scan program, despite its simple interface it is very popular, as it is affordable and easy to use.

It will help you find out the IP and Mac addresses of your camera, router, modem or computer. It is very simple to use it. When you enter, you need to specify the search range, and after a couple of seconds, the program will give you all the IP addresses, highlighting the available ones with blue circles. A small problem will be the lack of information in the subnet range of your camera. In this case, in the search criteria, you must specify, but be prepared for the fact that such a scan will be long.

There is a list of programs that will best help you figure out the IP address for a particular company:

  • For a Bevard camera, you need to download and install the DeviceSearch program, which has a simple interface and is very easy to use.
  • IP Installer Setup will help you deal with Microdigital.
  • The RVI program will help the Config Tool rvi.
  • To install Airkam, you need Ubnt discovery, which can be downloaded without problems on the Internet.
  • The UC244 can handle the IPEUE camera. a simple program that does not require additional skills.

For example, programs such as Macroscop or Line software are considered universal software. They are easy to use and also support the maximum number of cameras. Just remember that with this list you can find out information much faster and easier than in other cases.

It is worth recalling that in order for your camera to work well and without failures, it is necessary that the network address of the camera matches the network address of the computer. That is, the penultimate numbers in the IP address must match. This rule applies to all devices such as routers, modems and others.

It is worth noting that even if you have NEVER installed or configured network devices, it will not do much harm. All presented software is easy to use and will NOT cause unnecessary problems.


Panasonic Easy IP Setup. The smallest utility presented. Does not contain anything superfluous. Just finds cameras and lets you assign them an IP address.

You may also find it useful:
Default IP: on old cameras
Default login: admin
Default password: 12345

Any camera with ONVIF support

Panasonic ONVIF Configuration Tool. A utility from Panasonic for searching IP cameras of any GoPro manufacturer and setting most of the settings. Separately, I would like to note the useful functionality of obtaining the rtsp address for each stream from the camera (Stream URI parameter).


Hikvision Tools. A set of utilities from HIKVISION, in addition to searching and setting addresses, allows you to reset cameras to factory settings, and also contains several useful calculators.

You may also find it useful:
Default IP: or
Default login: admin
Default password: 12345

Bosch Security Systems

Bosch IP helper. A utility from Bosch for searching IP cameras and setting them IP addresses.

You may also find it useful:
Default IP:
Default login: Not required
Default password: Not required

Dahua Technology

Dahua Config Utility. Perhaps the most advanced utility, in addition to searching and setting addresses, allows you to get extended information about the camera, create presets and apply them to groups of cameras, massively update firmware, set the time on cameras and reset cameras to factory settings.

You may also find it useful:
Default IP:
Default login: admin or 888888 or 666666
Default password: admin or 888888 or 666666 (Login and password are the same)

How to find an IP camera? How to find the IP address of the camera?

Configuring surveillance systems from March 7, 2017

Having connected the IP camera to the network, the task arises to find its IP addresses for initial configuration. In this article, you will find the main ways to find out IP addresses.

The easiest way to find a camera. Use the manufacturer’s camera search utility:

Wisenet Samsung (Hanwha Techwin)

Samsung IP Installer. A utility from Samsung to search for IP cameras and set them IP addresses.

You may also find it useful:
Default IP:
Default login: admin
Default password: 4321

Axis Communications

Axis IP Utility. Axis utility for searching IP cameras and setting them IP addresses.

You may also find it useful:
Default IP:
Default login: root
Default password: pass

What to do if the camera is not located?

There are always 2 reliable ways:

1. Scan the network for cameras. The nmap utility is great for this. You can download it with Zenmap shell from the official website:

Anything you need. It is in the target field to specify the scan range (if you DO NOT know it, it is likely that or will do) and click the Scan button. Wait until the end of the process, go to the services tab and select the rtsp item. IP address of all available cameras will be presented.

2. Use the Wireshark traffic interception utility. How to use this utility. This is a topic for a separate article.

Tatris is a distributor of Panasonic, Samsung, Brother, LG, WISENET, basIP, GRD Systems for the sale of projection equIPment, telephony, copier and office equIPment, security systems, surveillance, access control and intercom systems. And also has the status of a technical and service center for most of the brands presented.

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How to change the IP address of the camera during the initial system setup

When connecting multIPle cameras and recorders to the same network, it is important to avoid IP conflict. This does not have to be repeated. And here you are faced with the first problem, because from the factory all cameras have the same address. There are solutions when the address is not assigned, but DHCP is enabled, and this requires the user to manually configure the address and complicates the task if there is a DHCP server in the network (there is no router). The simplest option that comes to mind. This is turning on cameras one at a time and changing addresses in stages: they turned on camera No. 1, assigned an address to it, entered it into the journal, turned on No. 2, registered the address, entered it into the journal, etc. The main thing is to have physical access to turn on the camera.

Often, there is access to the cameras and the switchboard, or it is far away, but the deadlines are short and the object must be handed over “yesterday”. Therefore, we will immediately describe the option of how to proceed when the devices are “not at hand”, and you have access to the local network.

Stage two, pass authorization

If the camera settings were changed earlier and you do not know the current password, then you will have to reset the settings or try to guess the password (you can use the examples of factory login and password combinations given in the table below). Most modern IP cameras do not have a hardware reset option, so you need to contact the technical support of the camera manufacturer, and if this is possible, then a lot of luck in guessing the password will come in handy. You can find instructions on how to reset settings (including password) for Polyvision equIPment by the link.

How to change the IP address of a camera whose name and manufacturer you do not know

Stage one: find out the IP address of the camera.

Option 1 available to all PC owners.

Download the free Wireshark software

Connect the camera directly to your PC, install the program, launch it, allow the program to work in all firewalls, then we see such a request (select the interface to which the camera is connected):

It is advisable to connect the camera directly to the PC so as not to filter all traffic from the PC. We see the time frame in which the IP addresses of your camera will be glimpsed:

Option 2. Available owner of Mikrotik routers:

Connect the cameo to the router, then launch WinBox, log into it and do everything in stages as in the screenshot:

1. Select the interface to which the camera is connected

2. Launch “Torch”

3. Click “Start” (in some cases, scanning will start automatically)

4. Carefully study the IP address in the DST column, one of them will be the address of your IP camera

After that, you change the PC settings so that you are on the same subnet with the camera, enter in the address bar of the browser (usually InternetExplorer, since it has ActiveX support) the IP addresses you found using Wireshark or Mikrotik. You should see a window asking for a username and password, after authorization, you can go to the camera’s WEB interface and change the camera address to the one you need.

IP address of surveillance cameras online list

Here are the factory settings, logins and passwords set for various cameras by default.

Manufacturer Username Password Default IP
Polyvision admin no password
ubnt ubnt
Axis root no
Beward admin admin
Cisco no default no set password
Dahua admin;
IPEYE admin 12345
HIKVision admin 12345
Microdigital root root
Mobotix admin meinsm no default / DHCP
Panasonic admin 12345
Panasonic admin1 password
Pelco admin admin no default / DHCP
RVi admin 12345 or
Trendnet admin admin
Ubiquiti ubnt ubnt
Vivotek root absent no default / DHCP

How to find out IP surveillance cameras

If you do not remember your password, then enter your email and you will receive a login link. After authorization, enter your new password in the profile settings.

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  • How to find the IP address of a surveillance camera

The situation when it is necessary to change the IP address of surveillance cameras always arises during the initial setup of the system. Cases are NOT rare when one specialist configures cameras, but is served by another (the service organization has changed, the system administrator quit, purchased an object, and monitoring has already been established there). And nowhere were there any logs or records, which cameras were assigned which “IPs”. The question naturally arises. How to find out the IP address of the camera or determine it during the operation of the surveillance system.

Each manufacturer uses its own way of identifying devices. For new equIPment, it must set certain settings, while at one plant the address will be set, and at the other, the DHCP client will be activated. The most correct way to determine the IP address of the camera. This is to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can use programs and utilities from the manufacturer (CD disk), the selection method, and also use the functions of the router.

But unfortunately, manufacturers do not always make instructions available and put programs in the public domain, so we will tell you, using our equIPment as an example, how to find out the IP address of a surveillance camera and change it to a unique one.

Below we provide a table with the addresses assigned by default at the factory for different brands (Perhaps not accurate, because we are only responsible for our brand!).

Program for determining and changing the IP address of the camera

1. We go to the site www.Polyvision.Ru in the Windows software section and select the program that is suitable for your equIPment:

5. Press the “SEARCH” button (“scan”, “scan”, “search”, “update”, “IP search”, etc.).

6. We are waiting for about 1 2 minutes and we get a table of found devices in your local network.

7. Double click on the device.

8. In the IP addresses (DeviceIP) field, enter the IP addresses you need (for example, in the Geteway field, enter the gateway address (usually this is an NVR or if the device needs to access the Internet, then the router address, for example Mask leave

9. Enter the username / password for your device in the appropriate field;

10. Press the button “Modify” (“Modify Network”);

11. I repeat point 7-9 for each device on the network.

12. After all the addresses have been changed, scan the network again and make sure that the settings are saved on all devices.

It is important that the IP address is not duplicated, otherwise there will be a conflict, and you will NOT be able to access the required IP-camera and you will have to change the address again. For the same reason, it is not recommended to occupy the IP address used by default by the router or

With the same programs, you can find out the MAC addresses of an IP camera, it is NOT possible to change it into an IP camera (without a programmer), but for an ordinary user this knowledge has no practical application, just know that each network card has its own unique MAC addresses.

In order not to be mistaken with the addresses of cameras on the network, we recommend that you define a range for them in advance, while for the registrar, select the first address from your range (pool).

For example, you have 24 cameras and 1 NVR (recorder) planned. Then define the address for monitoring from to assign the address to the registrar, and the remaining 24 addresses to the cameras.

Problems can even be when you assign the address manually. For example, if you have a router, then it can distribute the address incrementally starting from, so it is better not to use 20-30 addresses (or how many devices can be connected to your local network) after. There are also devices whose default addresses can fall into your pool, for example, is used by the PNL-IP2-V12 v.5.5.6 camera. On the other hand, all possible problems cannot be foreseen and it is impossible to give recommendations for each case.

For those who have been working with our equIPment for a long time, they know at least two more ways to change the address:

  • From CMS program
  • From NVR interface

Please note that these methods are not suitable for cameras v.5.X.X and v.3.X.X

Example of CMS program interface:

It must be remembered that all devices, including the computer, must be on the same subnet. Therefore, the penultimate digit must be changed on all devices in the network (PC, router, cameras, recorder), in our case to 1 (

For second brands, the procedure is about the same.

How to find the IP address of a surveillance camera on a local network

  • To begin with, we get acquainted with the manuals, study the instructions in printed form or on the manufacturer’s official website. There will be factory settings (default settings, default adress).
    There is a single address for Polyvision ™ recorders
    For cameras, there may be differences depending on the series of cameras: version of cameras Px-xx-xx v.2.X.X and Px-xx-xx v.9.X.X version Px-xx-xx v.3.X.X, version Px-xx-xx v.5.X.X
  • The second method will be relevant when the address in the cameras is changed, as well as when you have several cameras in the network with the same IP addresses. To do this, download a program that can change the address. For cameras, these are DeviceManage, IPWizard, IPCManager.
  • Use a network interface traffic analysis program, for example, Wireshark (distributed under the free GNU GPL license) or the “Torch” function of a Mikrotik router, which will be discussed below.
  • There is another way. Network scanning programs, but we will NOT recommend using them, because this method will take a long time and may not bring 100% of the result. So if you read such advice somewhere on the forums, then don’t waste time on this method.
  • If it is necessary to determine the IP addresses of the camera among several connected devices, then the exclusion (selection) method can be applied. That is, we go to the “Network” menu item, write down all the addresses of all devices, then turn off the camera, go back to the menu and check which ID is missing.
  • Stage three: change settings.

    Go to the camera’s WEB interface (you may need to install the ActiveX plugin, as a rule you will be prompted to download it), go to the “Settings” section, Find the “Network” item, Change the settings to the desired complete by clicking the “Save” button (“Apply”, “Save”, “Apply”). Change the settings on the PC and check the operation of the IP camera with the new address.

    How to find an IP camera on the network through the web interface of the router

    Before downloading unnecessary third-party software to your PC, it is better to look at the webcam addresses on the router. To do this, you need to go to the router interface. This is done using a browser: type into the address period. this is the standard address for most of these devices. On the login and password entry page, enter the word “admin” (without quotes) in both fields. These are standard “keys” to the router. Leaving them as such is not recommended, if the password or users have already been changed, then enter the required data.

    Next, we are interested in the item “Status”. If the camera is connected via Wi-Fi, then go to the WLAN menu, if via the standard Ethernet connector. LAN.

    Further in the sub-item there is an information panel called “LAN-Side Devices”, where you can see:

    • Device type;
    • IP addresses within the network;
    • MAC addresses;
    • The operating time of this connection.

    The menu items differ depending on the router manufacturer and firmware version. But the essence is the same. Look for similar items.

    If you can’t find the information you need, you can check with the router manufacturer in which section it is listed or contact your provider.

    Finding the IP addresses of the UPnP camera through Ivideon Server

    A webcam that supports UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) technology is also called “smart”. You can try to find such a device through the Ivideon Server application, but first make sure that the UPnP function is enabled. Then right-click on “IP Cameras” and select “Search for IP Cameras (UPnP)”. Called the Found device, you will see all the information about it, including the IP address.

    The program will search for the camera on the network with which the device is connected. You will NOT be able to detect a camera that is on a different network.

    This method is the simplest. By connecting one of these to the Ivideon service, you can save yourself from additional settings. And, of course, you can store data in the cloud, control the device through the application on a computer or phone, and enjoy other benefits of our service.

    How to find out IP addresses?

    You can find out the IP address of a surveillance camera in different ways. But in any case, first check that the equIPment is connected correctly:

    • Computer and device must be on the same network.
    • The camera must be powered and connected to the network. There are only two ways to connect to the network. Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

    Some devices are powered by PoE technology. That is, electricity flows through the Ethernet connector. The only difference is the cable, which on the other end has an output for connecting to a PoE injector. If such a model is connected to a normally Ethernet cable, then it will not work.

    All webcams have two IP addresses. internal and external. All of the following methods will help you determine the internal. The external address can only be found by viewing the settings of the router. Finding your device on the huge worldwide network will be impossible without this. But knowing the internal IP, you can easily find out or configure the external.

    You can find out the IP address of the camera in several ways:

    • For cameras with UPnP support. search through Ivideon Server;
    • On the web interface of the router;
    • Using network scanners.

    Finding the IP address of the surveillance camera through third-party programs

    This method is the most difficult and is needed in rare situations, which are an exception to the rule:

    • You have access to the router’s web interface;
    • You connect more than a hundred cameras at once;
    • You don’t know how many cameras are connected to the network.

    Scanners are usually provided by the companies that make the devices themselves. Here is a list of companies that have developed software for finding their cameras:

    • Beward
    • Microdigital
    • RVI
    • Ubiquiti aircam
    • DAHUA
    • IPEYE

    If you are using a model from another company, then two free programs are suitable for you: Advanced IP Scanner and Angry IP Scanner. Their interface is approximately the same. All you need to enter is the range of addresses to search for. The standard local IP of your router is the first two values ​​are unchanged for any local network, the third digit, in our case “1”, is the subnet number, and the last is the unique device number.

    So if the address of your router is, then the IP ranges of the surveillance cameras will look like this: The third digit depends on the value of your subnet, it can change, the rest are comments.

    After entering the data, press the “Scan” button and in the main field the program will display all available devices on the network, indicating the ping and IP address. The search process may take some time.

    On a typical home network, it will be enough to simply find out which device is the camera. you need to apply the exclusion method.

    How to find out the IP camera address: detailed instructions for different manufacturers

    Modern security complexes for commercial, industrial and residential facilities must include surveillance systems in their composition. To receive a picture from an IP camera connected to a switch or NVR, you need to find out its IP addresses.

    On new equIPment, the instructions for use indicate the default IP address. If the instruction is lost or the IP value has already changed, you need to determine how to find out the IP camera address.

    Application of special software

    The cameras are equIPped with a disc with special software. Using this software, you can find out the IP of the required devices. If the disc is lost, the program can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

    In addition to viewing IPshnik, the program allows you to View the footage. Perform a factory reset. In addition to software from specific manufacturers, there are a number of other programs that determine network identifiers.

    Why do you need IP addresses

    Modern surveillance systems are a collection of different devices, including web cameras. Transmission of signals and information to and from them is carried out via the global Internet or local area networks LAN / WAN.

    An IP address is a network identifier for a device by which it can be accessed from other network devices. Any digital surveillance system camera is one of the devices operating over IP-protocol.

    Therefore, each of them is assigned its own network identifier, which includes groups of 4 digits. Using this address, the camera transmits an image or receives executive signals.

    Typically, a surveillance system uses multIPle cameras. If the address of Some will be the same or belong to a different network group, the image from the devices will NOT be received.


    These are expensive cameras with various functions and high quality of transmitted images.

    For their devices, the manufacturer uses two IP values: or Login and password for access to the WEB interface are the same. admin.

    Methods for determining the IP address

    There are several methods that allow you to find out the value of the IP equIPment and quickly set it up for monitoring on site. The easiest way, as mentioned above, is to look at the address of the device in its technical documentation or read from a CD, which comes with.

    If this method does NOT work, you should reset the camera and return it to the factory network address. To do this, use the RESET button, pressed it for a few seconds.

    Often, most manufacturers place it near the Ethernet interface or power connector. The button is located in the recess of the case, so to press it, you should use a thin object.

    In the pressed position, it is held for about 5-10 seconds. After the reset procedure has been performed, you can connect to it using the standard network address.

    Each manufacturer uses its own unique identifier. To change it later, you will additionally need a username and password.


    This brand is one of the leaders among the companies producing equIPment for surveillance systems.

    The following data are used as factory settings: login. admin, password. admin, network identifier.

    Command line (CMD)

    Another way to find out the stream address of IP cameras is the usual Windows command line. This task is realized by performing a few simple steps.

    The LAN cable is connected to the webcam and the computer and the power turns on. Then on the computer you need to go to the command line and enter the command “arp-a” or “IPconfig” in it. After that, the entire list of IP addresses connected to the computer’s network card will be displayed.


    EquIPment of this brand is often used in surveillance systems of industrial and residential buildings.

    For its cameras, the manufacturer uses the following identification data:, login and password, respectively, admin and 12345.

    Ivms 4200

    This is a universal multifunctional utility that simplifies the solution of the problem, how to find out the IP addresses of Hikvision cameras.

    In addition, the program allows you to view in real time, record it to the drive, view archives, copy them, etc. Using the utility, you can manage surveillance cameras in large and medium-scale systems.

    How to find the IP camera address

    IP cameras differ from analog cameras not only in resolution, digital protocol, but also in the way they are connected to a recording device. If it is enough to connect an ordinary camera to the recorder or the input of the capture card and you can enjoy seeing the image from this camera, then in order to view the image from the IP camera, you need not only connect it to a computer or computer network through a switch, you also need to find out its IP addresses.

    How to find the IP address of the camera?

    There are several ways.

    Firstly, if there is an instruction for the camera, it should say which IP address is set in the camera by default. If the IP camera is not new, then it is possible that the IP addresses have been changed in it, then reset the camera settings to the factory settings. Click the Reset button.

    Default IP address:

    • Beward. Login: admin, password: admin
    • Dahua. Login: admin, password: admin
    • Microdigital. Login: root, password: root
    • Novicam. Login: admin, p Arol: absent
    • Aircam. Login: ubnt, password: ubnt
    • IPEYE. Login: admin, password: 123456
    • Hikvision. Login: admin, password: 12345
    • Polyvision. Login admin, password: none
    • Space Technology. In old cameras, DHCP is enabled by default, the camera can be found and viewed / changed IP addresses using this program. Login: admin, password: 12345, new. Default IP:
    • Matrixtech. Login: admin, password: 1111
    • Giraff. Login: admin, no password

    Here I would like to note that there is no need to connect several IP cameras to one network at once, especially if these are cameras from the same GoPro manufacturer. T.K. They all initially have the same IP addresses, then there will be a conflict in the network. First connect one IP camera, change IP addresses in it in accordance with your subnet, then the second, etc.

    Secondly, each IP camera must come with software that will allow you to quickly find the connected camera on the network, if necessary, change this address and make all the necessary settings. On this page, we will post links to similar software if you suddenly lost the CD that came with the IP camera and cannot determine the IP address of this camera.

    Thirdly, in order to find out the IP address of the camera, or the second device (router, router, modem, second computer connected to your network), you can use a simple program to scan IP addresses. An example of such a program is the Angry IP Scan utility. With this simple program with an intuitive interface, you can not only scan all the IP addresses in your network, but also find out the MAC addresses of the device and its response speed.

    It is enough to specify the range of scanned addresses in the program and press the START button, and all scanned addresses will appear in the list. Available IP addresses will be marked with a blue circle. If you do not know the subnet of your IP camera, enter the range, while scanning can take quite a long time.

    By the way, with the help of this simple program you can detect all unauthorized connections to your wireless network in order to further add their IP address to the blacklist of your router.

    Below we provide a list of programs for determining the IP addresses of specific IP cameras:

    In order to find out the IP addresses of a digital camera, you can use universal software that supports a large number of different IP cameras, for example, Macroscop or Line software.

    In conclusion, it seems, and it will not be superfluous to remind that for the successful collaboration of the IP addresses of your computer and the addresses of your IP cameras must be on the same subnet, i.e. Penultimate numbers IP address Must be the same. This applies not only to IP cameras, but also to all digital devices operating in the same computer network.

    How to find the IP camera address?

    The differences between network cameras and analog ones are not only in the resolution, the type of digital GoPro protocol used, but also in the method of connection to the recording device. As you know, in order to observe the image from a conventional camera, you must connect it to a recorder or to a capture card. With a network camera, the situation is slightly different: you need not only connect to a PC or network through a switch, but also know its network address.

    There are several ways to find out the address of a network camera.

    • The instruction manual for the device contains the IP address assigned to the camera by default. If you bought a used camera, then the network address in it may have been changed. To reset existing settings and return to factory settings, press the Reset button.

    Default camera IP list:

    • Beward. Login: admin, password: admin
    • Microdigital. Login: root, password: root
    • IPEYE. Login: admin, password: 123456
    • Hikvision. Login: admin, password: 12345
    • Dahua. Login: admin, password: admin
    • Aircam. Login: ubnt, password: ubnt.

    Note. You should NOT connect several network cameras to one network at the same time, especially if these cameras are of the same brand. Such cameras will have identical IP addresses, which will lead to a conflict on the network. First, connect one camera, change its network address according to your subnet, then another, etc.

    • Each camera comes bundled with special software that allows you to quickly find a camera connected to the network and, if necessary, change the existing IP addresses.
    • To determine the network address of the camera, or any other device. a modem, router, router, second PC, which is connected to your network. you can use a simple scanner program for all network addresses available on the network. You can also determine the MAC address of the device and its response rate.

    Specify the range of addresses to be scanned in the program and click “Start”. You will see a list of all identified addresses in your network. There will be a blue circle next to the available IP addresses. But if you don’t know the camera subnet, then enter the range: in this case, scanning will take much longer.

    This program also allows you to identify all unauthorized connections to your wireless network, and the detected IP-address can be added to the “black list” of your router.

    Also, to determine the IP address of a digital camera, there is a universal software that can work with most IP cameras. Macroscop software or Line software.

    And further. Do not forget that for high-quality successful operation, the IP addresses of your PC and the IP addresses of your camera must belong to the same subnet. In other words, they must have the same second to last number of IP addresses. This rule applies not only to network cameras, but also to any digital devices connected to the same computer network.

    Successful connection!

    Head of the technical support group Benedikt Maksimenko.

    How to determine IP using external programs?

    You can find out the camera’s network identifier not only in the documentation and using the official software, but also with the help of special software. Programs for determining IP are also called scanners, and they can be used both for cameras and when working with other devices on the local network. The most popular utilities are:

    • Search Tool. solves the tasks of finding the address, changing network settings (including DNS, gateway, subnet masks, IP, HHTP and RTSP ports), you can also replace the camera firmware in it;
    • Ivms 4200. software for working with Hikvision cameras, allows you to define IP, view and record. And also to manage several cameras in surveillance complexes;
    • IP Search. will help you find recorders and cameras within the local network that support the FreeIP service;
    • Tcpnetview. a program that analyzes network connections, determines the address by MAC and IP protocols, hostname and information about the network resource;
    • Angry IP Scanner. scanner for determining the address of connected devices;
    • IP-Hunter. suitable for searching IP cameras within a local network.

    There are other scanners, in particular, each manufacturer offers its own programs. Official software is the best option, but sometimes it cannot be downloaded or cannot be found, then universal scanners will help.

    But it is not necessary to install additional applications, you can determine the IP using the standard command term, which is on each computer.

    How to find out the camera ID in the factory settings?

    Before you find out the IP address of the camera Using the utilities or command term, you can look for it in the technical documentation or find it on the CD. This identifier is listed under the default network settings.

    If the IP has changed, then you can reset to factory settings using the RESET button. It is located near the power connector or Ethernet port. Usually the button is recessed into the body and you need a thin object to press. To reset the settings, you must hold it down for 10 seconds.

    After resetting the parameters, you can connect to the camera using the standard network settings from the operating instructions.

    IP summary table of major manufacturers

    For convenience, you can use the table below, which shows the default settings for the main camera brands. By opening a browser and entering the IP camera in the address period, you can connect to it and configure it as needed. A table with login and passwords for cameras, as well as default IP addresses

    If you cannot connect to the device through the browser, then the IP may have been changed. reset to factory settings using the RESET button will help. Usually, a CD-ROM is supplied with the camera in the package, which contains the utility installer.

    I installed the program from the manufacturer, it will be easier to configure the camera and it will be possible to find out the address through the software. Other utilities can be used if the hardware vendor does NOT provide an official program.

    How To Find Out IP Surveillance Cameras

    How To Find IP Addresses Using Command Timeline?

    First, you need to connect the camera to the computer via an Ethernet cable, and then turn on the power of the device. When the camera starts, open the command timeline. through “Start”, enter cmd and select the Corresponding shortcut in the list of programs.

    In the window that opens, enter the command “arp.A” and press “Enter”. The command line will display a list of all IP-addresses connected to the computer. The arp-a command displays on the screen all the IPs of the connected network devices to the computer

    Ways to find out the IP address of a surveillance camera

    Modern cameras transmitting over a network have a specific address, like devices operating over the Internet protocol, in the form of IP. Such devices are used in complexes to ensure security, both at commercial and industrial facilities, as well as to protect residential buildings.

    Surveillance systems using a network connection allow data to be transmitted over a local (LAN) or Internet (WAN) network. in any case, a specific address is assigned to the camera in the form of a set of numbers from four groups, separated by dots, also called IP for sending files.

    • Why do you need IP addresses for surveillance cameras?
    • How to find out the camera ID in the factory settings?
    • IP summary table of major manufacturers
    • How to determine IP using external programs?
    • How To Find IP Addresses Using Command Timeline?
    • How to change the IP cameras of the surveillance system?

    Why do you need IP addresses for surveillance cameras?

    Modern security surveillance systems are a complex of interconnected devices. In addition to web cameras, a computer, network switch, router or modem is also used when working via the Internet. Each camera in the security complex has an identifier in the form of an IP. To control, configure and transmit the image from the camera, the user needs to know its IP addresses.

    When creating a security surveillance system, a computer is used, several cameras and a router, through which all devices are connected via the Ethernet protocol. Some IP cameras can be connected to the system via Wi-Fi.

    After all devices are included in the local network, through software or a special utility, the image from each camera is displayed by IP-address. You can connect cameras to the system manually, through automatic configuration and remotely, using the HiDDNS service.

    How to change the IP cameras of the surveillance system?

    We figured out how to determine the IP address of the surveillance system camera in various ways, but in order to configure the whole complex correctly, you need to change the IP to prevent conflicts between device addresses. This is especially important if the system has several cameras of the same model. One way to build a surveillance system

    You can install a new IP for the camera through the official software or special utilities, but you can also change the address through the web interface. For this you need:

    • Connect the device to the PC via Ethernet cable.
    • Enter the address of the gadget that is currently installed (by default).
    • Using your username and password, enter the web interface.
    • Change the device configuration in the “Settings” section (or “Parameters”, or “Settings”).
    • Keeping the new IP.
    • We check the performance of the new address, go to the interface and Using the changed IP.

    In the software, you can also change the address in the settings section, which can have different names. After the new IP is set, access to the device via the old address will be impossible, which means that the software for the surveillance system must also be reconfigured.

    To properly configure the surveillance system, it is important not only to correctly connect all cameras through a router, but also to find out the IP-address of each and use the Internet protocol to configure the operation of all devices. In order to identify IP cameras, you can use the command term, official software or scanner utilities. It is not difficult to find out the IP, but knowing it, you can change the configuration in the necessary parameters and configure the monitoring as needed.

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