How to find iPhone if it is turned off

According to information obtained from numerous polls, the owners of “apple” devices are more often stored on the phone financial and personal data. The loss or theft of a smartphone becomes a real tragedy. a person loses not only an expensive toy, but also access to cards, financial transactions, electronic correspondence, contacts and notes. Typically, tips to search for a device are limited to the recommendation to enable the loss mode. Criminals know about this function, so they prudently turn off the smartphone. It is important to know how to find a phone if it is turned off.

The principle of operation of the function

The Find My iPhone or Find iPhone function is a corporate protection mechanism used only on Apple devices. The function appeared back in 2001, becoming part of the iOS 5.0, then the protective mechanism has its own selected application. The “Find IPhone” function helps to protect against unauthorized penetration and, if necessary, find the device, the main thing is that geolocation and transmission via wireless are included on the phone. Over time, the function became part of the Apple ICLOUD cloud service, access to information about the location of the smartphone can be obtained from a computer, tablet or other phone, even if the device is running Windows or Android.

The appendix implements important functions:

  • Determination of the geozard of the smartphone on the map of the city;
  • reproduction of loud sounds, which will come in handy if the owner is nearby, and the smartphone lies in bushes, snow or high grass;
  • The inclusion of the so.called “loss regime” so that the founder does not have a temptation to leave a smartphone to himself. the device is blocked;
  • removal of confidential information and user content, if it is not possible to return the device.

The main advantage of the function is to activate the mode or download the “Find iPhone” application on the official website or in the AppStore store. It is worth remembering that for access to the function you will need to enter information about the Apple ICLOD account, so write or restore the user and password. just in case.

How to find lost iPhone

The smartphone today is used not only as a means for communication. It stores a lot of useful and important information. Theft or loss of the device can turn into a serious problem. The location of the on the inclined phone is easy to track using special applications. The situation is different when the device is turned off or discharged. Consider how to find iPhone.

Is it possible to find lost or stolen iPhone

The hardest all to track the iPhone with a discharged battery. The latest generation operating system has a function to track the device. Before disconnecting, the iPhone sends an SMS indicating the location. But you can use the function only after its activation. Thus, you can easily track the lost iPhone, which works on iOS 8 with a disabled battery.

How to find iPhone if it is turned off

The easiest way is to find iPhone through

You must log in to the service website, indicating the login and password. Registration data must coincide with those indicated in the ICLUD of the lost iPhone.

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In the service menu, select “Find iPhone”. A map of the city will open. In the upper tab “All devices” select the lost iPhone. The scene of its location will be displayed on the screen.

If you bring the cursor to the point on the map, then the auxiliary menu will open. It is necessary to activate the “loss mode”. You can turn on the sound on the iPhone (if it is somewhere close) or erase all the data. If the debit or credit card data was saved in the settings, then the activation of the regime temporarily blocks the possibility of any operations from these accounts through the application store.

As long as the “loss mode” is activated on the iPhone, you can block the iPhone using a random set of numbers. If at this moment the device is connected to the network, then it is immediately blocked before the code discharge. If the phone is autonomous, then the specified electronic box will receive a message indicating the location.

The quality of the cards in the application leaves much to be desired. Sometimes a city with a population of 200,000 can be located at the intersection of two roads. You can try to find the iPhone by switching the card to a hybrid or satellite mode.

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In the “loss mode” you can also send a message to the iPhone with a request to return the device.

Find iPhone by IMEI or phone number

IMEI is a unique phone code. it is assigned to the apparatus by the manufacturer. It is almost impossible to change this code yourself. To recognize it enough to dial a combination of keys #06 #.

There are special services for iPhone on IMEI on the network. The principle of their action is similar to the previously described. The user indicates the unique iPhone code and activates the search according to geolocation. In practice, finding iPhone in this way is almost impossible since:

  • Extremely rare, but attackers still manage to change IMEI.
  • To search for iPhone, access to special equipment and databases of operators. Such information is available only to law enforcement agencies.

The only way to find iPhone using code is to submit an ad on the Lostolen service. This is the IMEI base base. Their owners publish information about the lost phone and indicate the amount of remuneration. Participants in the secondary market often check the devices for information in the database.

How to look for a phone using the Find My iPhone function

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone has a program for finding a device. First of all, it must be activated. To do this, in the phone settings (the gears in the form of the gear is located on the main screen) Click the Apple ID identifier. It is located at the top of the menu and includes the name of the iPhone user and the photo (if it has previously loaded). It is necessary to authorize in the system, indicating the login and password of the iPhone.

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In the devices that work on the old IOS version, there is no Apple ID section. The Find My iPhone function is to activate through the iCloud located in the second section of the menu.

Going to the Apple ID / iCloud section, scroll the menu to the “Find iPhone” item. The slider located opposite should be activated (glow green). It is also necessary to activate the option “Last geopolition”.

If earlier the “find iPhone” function was not activated, then finding the device with its help will not work. But you can protect information. This follows:

  • Change the password for the account on the iPhone. Without authorization, it is impossible to get data from the cloud storage in Apple ID and use IMessage or iTunes.
  • Change passwords to all accounts installed on the iPhone applications.
  • Inform the IPhone loss operator. It will turn off the account, preventing calls, sending messages and using data.

Special cases

one. If in the “Find iPhone” application, the device shines in “offline” mode, then it is not connected to the network. That is, it will not work to take some manipulation remotely. It remains only to wait until it is connected to the network. A message will come about the activation of the loss mode indicated during the registration of the email address.

Included or not. how to check

If you want to protect yourself, checking if the function is included, then go to the iCloud settings and scroll the screen to the bottom. Here you will find the necessary tab “Find iPhone“.

Next, make sure that the slider opposite it is transferred to an active position. If you have already lost your smartphone, then you can check this status using a computer operating both on the Windows operating system and on the Mac.

To do this, go to ICLOD.COM, enter the Apple ID and run the application, after which you should click on the “All devices” section. If the device you need is displayed in the corresponding list, then the function is turned on, and you can block the phone.

Among other things, there are various sites that offer to find out whether the “Find iPhone” function is included.

How to Check if iPhone is UNLOCKED

For example, the Apple Activation Lock Service can help with this, for the use of which you just need to enter the serial number of your device.

How to find iPhone from a computer via iCloud

To determine the geoposition of the device and start tracking and search, you must do the following:

  • First open the icloud page.COM in the browser.
  • Undergo authorization using your Apple ID data (login and password).
  • After entering the iCloud, the entire smartphone desktop will open on the screen, on which the “Find iPhone” application will also enter, enter it.

Application “Find iPhone

Use all the possibilities provided to “find the iPhone”, such as tracking the devices or blocking in the case of the theft, both through the iCloud service and using the universal mobile application “Find iPhone”. The Find iPhone program is available for downloading on the App Store.

After installation, just start the application and enter the system by indicating the Apple ID and password to it. Having completed authentication, you are always able to track the location of the iPhone, iPad or Mac on the map, provided that all of the listed devices are activated one and the same ICLOUD accounting.

Disconnect the function

There are also several ways to choose, and you can not even have a phone at this moment in hand. All that is required is to remove the iPhone from the list of tracked.

The easiest way is to do it from a smartphone

To do this, we move to “Settings”, “ICLOUD” and we are already deactivating the application there. You will need to enter the correct password from Apple ID into the corresponding fields and confirm the turnover of the function. On your e.mail (aka ICLOUD account login) will immediately come from technical support that “finding iPhone” is deactivated.

But what to do if there is no direct access to a smart device, for some reason, but turning off the function is required? You can do this through the iCloud service, or you can. through the same application, but on another smartphone or tablet.

Password or login lost

If you forgot the password from your ID, or do not remember the login, then before the start of Procedur, it is necessary to restore them. After that, you need to check if everything works, whether the server is accepted a restored password. How to properly recall the code from Aikheida, was dismantled in another article, so we will not stop here and move on to the essence.

Through iCloud

  • To get started, disconnect your smartphone.
  • Practice on the official website using your Apple ID and password, consisting of at least 8 signs.
  • Open “all devices” and click on the iPhone or iPad to be removed.
  • Click on the “Delete from” Find iPhone “button.
  • We confirm our choice.

If a small window is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, which offers to designate the device as a missing one, then you will have to act differently.

Click on a small gray “cross”, it is located next to the name of the device. We confirm the removal from the list.

Through the application of the same name

  • To do this, you need to download “Find iPhone” on another “Yabloko”.
  • We go to the application by entering our iCloud data from the phone that has lost. AT
  • The list of attached devices we find the device we need, draw on a line with the name and click on the “Delete” item.
  • Confirm the removal.

Activate this function or not. to solve, of course, you. Let this application cause a little problem, but deny its obvious advantages stupid.


The functions “find iPhone” and “locator” noticeably simplified the life of lovers of “apple” gadgets. Now lost or stolen devices is not so difficult to return.

While the attacker racks his head how to unlock the found or stolen iPhone, you can start the application and see where your smartphone is located.

Of particular attention deserves the “offline access” option, which helps to track even the offset device.

Also, using the “locator”, you can use the functions of “parental control”. This will abandon applications, receiving the maximum capabilities of the company’s decision from Apple.