We find out who is connected to your wi-fi

Let’s figure out how you can find out who is connected to your wi-fi. Today, numerous programs are used to protect personal data, they are considered safe. Some time ago, using such protection helped to make sure that your Wi-Fi access for outsiders was closed, provided that good passwords are used, but there will be just to see the “extra” guests.

The use of graphic adapters and other devices allows for the selection of strong passwords. But if you cannot guarantee that your Wi-Fi network is inviolable, then you need to at least know who has connected and is already using your Wi-Fi. It’s one thing when a neighbor uses your network. A completely different situation arises when your network can be used to commit criminal actions. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, it is necessary to ensure the security of the network, see and find out who can be connected to it.

Connection to the router

And so, our task is simply to go to the admission of the router. To do this, you can use as a computer that is connected to the wire to the device. So is the phone, tablet, laptop and purely theoretically Smart TV TV. The operating system does not matter, and step.by.step instructions are suitable for all OS (Windows 7, 8, 10, iOS)

  • We need to connect to the network: either by wire or by Wi-Fi. Here everything I think we clearly connect, enter the password.
  • Next, go to your router and turn it over, you will see a sticker from below, at which a standard IP address or URL address will be written, which needs to be driven on the address line of any browser.
  • On my tp-Link there is a URL address. Now I open the browser and enter it in the address line. If there are no stickers, then here you have a selection of addresses that are used most often:
  • 192.168.one.one
  • 192.168.0.one
  • on Xiaomi models
  • http: // tplinklogin.Net/
  • http: // tplinkwifi.Net/
  • http: // my.Keenetic.Net/

Now you must get into the administrator panel. Further, the instructions will diverge depending on the company that has released your router. Just choose your own.

How to see how many Devices are connected to my WiFi router. TP Link

NOTE! If the page is not displayed, then check the network connection. Also, the standard address could change. Launch the command of the line, write down the ipconfig and click Enter. After that, you will see the address of your router in the “main gateway” line, it must be entered in the browser.

How To Connect wirelessly Two Routers On One Home Network Using WDS without cable

How easy it is to find out who is connected to Wi-Fi using the utility

One of the easiest ways to see your list of connected devices is to use special programs. Simply download, install and run. Further, the utility will scan the entire network and show the list of gadgets that in this network. You just have to compare the MAC address and identify an unknown. Here are a few suitable utilities:

Utility. Wireless Network Watcher

This is a very small utility weighing about 350 kb, which to install is unnecessary. It is free and has an integration in English. There is no Russian language, but it is so simple to use that you can easily work on it and in English. After scanning, the application will issue information about IP, MAC address, manufacturer and computer name.

Utility-SoftPerfect Wi-Fi Guard

Good utility to protect the home network. Suitable for Windows 10, 8 operating systems.1, 8, 7, has an integration in Russian and English. Its functions:

  • Defines all devices on the network and notifies what active.
  • Periodically scans the entire network and, if an unknown device is identified, notifies the device.

How to see a list of Wi-Fi clients on ASUS

To find out who is connected to Wi-Fi on ASUS wireless routers, click the Network Map menu item, and then click on the “clients” (even if the web-intese is externally different from what you see now in the screenshot, everything The actions are the same).

In the list of customers, you will see not only the number of devices and their IP addresses, but also network names for some of them, which will more accurately determine what kind of device it is.

find, connected, wi-fi, router

Note: ASUS displays not only those customers who are currently connected, but in general, all who are connected to the last reboot (power loss, reset) of the router. That is, if a friend came to you and went on the Internet from the phone, then he will also be on the list. If you press the “update” button, you will receive a list of those who are connected to the network at the moment.

How to see a list of Wi-Fi customers on a router

Now in the store you can find more than 10 marks and about a hundred available for purchase wireless routers for every taste. Each brand has its own graphic intense, which externally differs from others. But the differences are usually only in appearance. The principle of action is the same everywhere. You need to either go to the Wi-Fi settings and find a list of customers there, or open the parameters of the LAN LAN and see which devices are already connected there. By the way, most modern customer access points can be seen directly by the main page, such as, for example, on Xiaomi Mi Router:

As you can see, the list of devices displays the names and hardware addresses of all devices that are now connected to a wireless network. An ordinary user will ask here. And what will give me this list if I don’t understand anything about it?! Calm down, everything is simple here. Look at this screenshot:

The list has the names of customers, that is, the so.called hostname. The names of the devices specified in their settings. There are also IP and MAC addresses that identify every gadget. All this info can be viewed on the phone, laptop, tablet, etc.P. It is in information about the system, as in Android or in information about the network connection, as in Windows 10. Yes, even if this is some complexity, it is just enough to see who is connected to Wi-Fi, count them, then count your devices (including Smart TVs, game consoles, TV consoles, etc.P.) and compare the numbers coincide or not. If there is more on the list than yours, then you need to look for who is superfluous there! Something like that! Now I will show on a specific example.

find, connected, wi-fi, router

How to find out how many devices are connected to the router

Check the list of users contacting the network at the moment, you can in the router settings. This web resource is located on the IP address of the router, for example, http: // 192.168.one.1 or http: //, as well as on the manufacturer’s website. Similar information, as well as the accounting data for the entrance, must be applied to the model of a particular router.

find, connected, wi-fi, router

The settings integer look in different ways, depending on the manufacturer, but the essence is the same everywhere-you need to find the “Wireless” (or “Wireless”) tab, where there will be information about how many devices are connected to the router via Wi-Fi. As a rule, everything is quite informative, a list is displayed indicating the assigned IP and MAC addresses, and most importantly, names. This information is enough to identify the tan and excommunicate it from the free Internet.

Signs of unauthorized connection

Fall of speed

The first sign that something is wrong with your network-a drop in speed. Of course, this may have many reasons from electromagnetic interference to problems on the provider’s side, however, if the connection constantly freezes, the pages are slowly loaded or there are problems with the connection should be worried and check your network for hacking.


Pay attention to your router. If you are not connected to the network or connected, but do not perform any action, and the WAN and Wi-Fi shop indicators are intensively blinking, it is possible that someone else is connected to the router. Turn off Wi-Fi on all your devices and observe the behavior again. If the indicators continue to blink actively, most likely your network was hacked.

List of devices

An unambiguous sign of hacking is the presence of devices connected to your router in the list of devices. For example, you have a laptop and a smartphone in your apartment, and there are not two, but three active connections on a router. This third is superfluous and there is a cracker.

Using Android devices

You can find out who has connected to your Wi-Fi through your Android. To do this, you need to download the Wi-Fi Analyzer-Home Wi-Fi Alert application. which will turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi analyzer.

Upon completion of the installation, launch the program and click on the “Scan Network” button. After a minute waiting, the program will show all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. Those that are connected without your knowledge will be marked with red. If you are sure that these are your devices, then you can add them to the proven:

Using Wi-Fi Analyzer, you can also find the least uploaded channels for a wireless router and even strengthen your network signal. The program will be interesting to specialists who often encounter setting these networks, as well as ordinary users.

  • View graphs according to the ratio of signal level
  • Display of the number of channels for each network, AD HOC properties, encryption
  • Sorting channels by rank
  • Display of information about the connected network: IP, Local Mac, DNS, Link Speed, Gateway, Serverip, Hidden Ssid.