We tell how to determine to which region there is a mobile phone number

Any number has 10 digits, among which there are both simple numbers and defining. All user knows that the phone number includes the city code, which consists of 3-5 digits. The city code and its volume depend on how many people and telephone subscribers are in the region or city.

There are also the first three digits that define the region code. From this we can conclude and understand that all cities in the territory of Russia of one region have the same numbers at the beginning. There are some discrepancies, and it is rare enough. It is worthwhile to see, to whom the region owns one or another cell phone number, how to determine correctly, what will help do it and so on.

Telephone codes of Russia regions

There are regions-exceptions in which there are several codes, as well as cities with federal value.

Depending on the regions located on the territory of the Russian Federation, codes starting with the figures 3, 4, as well as 8. They are distributed as follows:

  • Codes beginning with figures 8 belong to the northwestern regions, the Volga region, as well as to the North Caucasus;
  • Codes beginning with figures 4 belong to the central regions, as well as to the Far East;
  • Codes starting with figures 3 belong to the Urals, East and Western Siberia.

In addition, it is worth noting the following features:

  • The phone number at the subscriber of a very large city whose population exceeds a million, consists of 3 digits of code and 7 digits of the number;
  • The telephone number of the Large City subscriber, for example, Kaluga, consists of 6 digits of the number and 4 digits of the code;
  • Residents of provincial cities have a number consisting of 5 digits of code, as well as 5 digits of the number.

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How to define subscribers

The most obvious solution to this task: look at the word “range” and use the listed containers literally. T.E. To determine the number, we sort all operators for their ranges and looking for an entry that refers to the minimum range in which a specific number falls. The complexity of this algorithm will be like a binary search, which is quite good.

But there is a more original and universal method of implementation, the complexity of which is a constant, regardless of the size of the data. This method involves the use of room masks.

find, mobile, phone, number, other

Mask Rooms

The number mask is a string consisting of numbers and special symbols with the value of the “Wildcard of a single symbol” (“?”), who says that there may be any digit in his place. And after the question of the question can only stand the question mark.

Thus, one of the bands of Beeline “79031000000. 79031999999”, The mask will be recorded as “79031. “.

With such masks, it is very convenient to work, for example, to set them manually in the configuration. In addition, the presentation of the ranges in the form of masks makes it possible to use more efficient storage methods and simple search algorithms.

Hash table

For example, one of these algorithms is the storage of “Mask operator” correspondences in a hash table (or any other Key-Value storage). The essence of the algorithm is as follows: all similar masks add up in a hash table, where they are keys. The values ​​in the table are objects-operators with regions.

The search for the search is visually explained by the example. Let’s say we are looking for information by number: 7 (903) 100-1234, And we have a mask 79031.. Beeline, Moscow.

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First we are looking for a key entry as an initial number: 79031001234. If not found, I change the last digit number on “?”And we are looking for a key 7903100123?.

If they didn’t find anything again, then change the last digit to “?”And we are looking for 790310012. etc.

In the end we will make a search by key 79031. and find that the number refers to the Beeline operator, Moscow.

It can be seen that in this case the complexity of the algorithm is equal to the complexity of several tips from the hash table, which is usually the right to be implemented constant. The complexity of the search in such a tree depends on the length of the telephone numbers, which, on the recommendation of ITU-T E.164 does not exceed 15 characters.

The same algorithm can be applied to the ported numbers. they can simply add to the same hash table.

Prefix tree

Much more efficient on performance method. building a prefixing of masks, which will rely on what numbers consist of numbers. Each node of this tree will be able to have up to 10 digital nodes-descendants (0-9) and one WildCard-nodes. Wildcard-node can only have wildcard-descendants. When adding another mask in a tree, each mask symbol will continue to turn into a node. Thus, in fact, we present all the masks in the form of one tree.

For example, a tree consisting of masks: 7913?. MnO1 791??. MNO3 7952. MNO2 7953. MNO3 795?. MnO1 will look like in the picture (listed masks in the tree go from left to right).

The search algorithm in the tree, I think, is already clear: we take in order every figure from the desired number and consistently descend on the tree starting from the root. First of all descend on digital nodes, if there are no digital nodes, then we look after?”-but yes. If any, then ultimately check the length of the mask, and if it corresponds to the number, then the operator is found.

Get access to the database of transferred numbers

This is a pitch bureaucratic, respectively, the most complicated. And for most companies and at all impassable, unfortunately.

Rooms that changed the operator are stored in the database of transferred subscriber numbers (BDPN). Her operator is no longer Rossvyaz, but the Central Research Institute of Communication.

The problem is that access to the BDPN is very difficult. Of course, if you are not a mobile operator, the subject of the national payment system, the power structure or other department.

All that ordinary user can manually check the specific number

We got access to BDPN in the distant 2013 as “other organization”. But since then the rules seem to have tightened. Even the application form has changed a lot, fresh lies on the website of the Institute of Communications. Therefore, I can not advise anything here, alas.

Upd. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, they write that everything is not so severe with access: “He worked in an energy sales company, without problems in a few days he got access to the BDPN filled out the application, signed by the director, put the stamp and sent to electronics. Then phoned for loyalty “.

Ways to identify numbers in the region

We found five truly working tools that allow you to quickly “break through” the number for regional affiliation:

  • Call on a hot fishing line for the trimmer of its telecom operator.
  • Through the site of one of the cellular operators.
  • Using the details of the calls received in the office or personal account.
  • With the help of various Internet services.
  • Through applications.

Consider them in more detail and pay attention to the trifles.

Call the operator

The easiest way to get information about the service region by mobile number. call the hotline of your cellular operator. Get to the “living” consultant and designate your problem. After that, name the phone you want to “break down” to belong. After half a minute you will receive the required information. At the same time here you can clarify the cost of the call to this direction, if you do not remember the terms of billing on your tariff plan.

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Please note that one or another phone is registered to whom it is impossible. not in the help desk, nor in the nearest service office.

Through the sites of operators

As an example, we will take the official website of the Bilain, where there is an appropriate form of verification. It is universal, working with any operators and any Russian regions. To clarify the region, it is enough to drive into the form the original phone. the code and the following seven digits behind it. We also enter the protective code and expect the result that will be displayed on the screen right under the request form. it is not highlighted with a font and notice not immediately, the operator and the region are indicated here.

There is a similar service and megaphone is located here. We enter the desired number, and after a couple of seconds we get a response highlighted by green. In the absence of access to the Internet, the USSD command 629 #. after dialing on the screen, the field will appear in which you need to enter the desired number. After a few seconds, the display shows the results of regional affiliation along with the operator.

Through the detail of the calls

A good way to clarify the region. But it is effective only when the call has already been completed. For example, we will use my personal account of the megaphone:

  • Log in in the self-service system.
  • We go to the section “Costs, replenishment and detail”.
  • Click the “Order of Details” button.
  • We specify in the form of the initial and end dates, select the report form (for example, in the form of a XLS file).
  • Enter the email address where the detail will go.

Next, confirm your intentions via SMS and expect a report to be received, in detail necessarily indicates the regional affiliation of the phone number.

Third-party services

The network is full of additional services that allow you to quickly and free to obtain information on the region. You can find them in search engines. The minus of this technique is that no one knows where information is taken from these services and how often it is updated. The most pressing information on regional binding of telephone numbers can be obtained only in official operator sources.

Another minus. after checking the number can get into some kind of spammer base, obsessive advertising will start. Recently, its mailing is rare, but it is better not to risk. But such services will help calculate fraudsters. they often publish reviews about certain numbers. You do not need to call back. it is not known what it will lead to.

Mobile applications

Take another example. this application “Cellular operators” from the developer of Gleb Zakaev for the Android operating system. It knows how to show not only the regions, but also cities. To start finding, you need to download the application on your smartphone and enter the requested number. Information will appear on the display screen across counting seconds.

How to find out the country and operator by phone number

Standard smartphone capabilities allow without additional programs to find out, from which region you fired a call. However, this option does not work for all numbers and not every smartphone supports it. Therefore, you can use other options:

  • Search online by phone number. This option is good because it will not be necessary for him to independently define the code. just enter the phone number in a special window and you will get full information about it.
  • Manual search. Diaries are sold in stationery stores in which the first or last pages are given under reference information. With their help, you can determine from which country you were disturbed by a call. To use this method, it is necessary to correctly define the code. this is the first 1-3 digits, without taking into account the sign “”.
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Of course it is best to use online way. When searching online you do not need to allocate the code from the digit set. This service is absolutely free for you. The search form allows you to determine the operator of communication and learn other details about the room.

The easiest way to find out who called the phone number. Video instruction

Probably you heard about them, probably familiar, and maybe you ourselves are a paranoid that the major world corporations are collecting through worldwide web data about you. Such users can be considered too stock, but the proportion of meaning in their fears is.

Internet applies with lightning speed, it is regularly filled with services, social networks and other resources that make our lives easier. online stores, messengers for quick messaging, payment systems. However, each of the services remains like more to learn more about us, asking during the registration of the name, place of residence, date of birth, the same phone number.

Of the foregoing, the first free way to find out who called. Probably, an annoying subscriber is in “”, something sells on Avito or uses other services where the phone number is often indicated.

Search engines all the information entering the network indexed, that is, it makes it in your own databases so that you, specifying a request in the search string, found the desired. For example, you “how to find out who called” and found our article that was already indexed.

The same thing happens with the personal data of the user, which he indicates profiles on various sites. What can and play your hand. Just drive the phone number to the search string and see where it is specified. Often this free method is working in those cases when representatives of various firms call you, which most of them have a personal site on which, in fact, the numbers are indicated.

“Punch” phone number should be through various search engines. Did not find with “Yandex”, do not be discouraged, try through Google or Rambler.

Less likely, but still you can install a regular user by phone number, which pointed it, for example, on a social network or on the list of ads. In this case, you can not only find out the name, but also get a photo of the subscriber and install his hobby.

Free Services

Some sites and services not only help to find out where they called, but also provide other useful features:

  • On the site spravportal.RU can be seen on the map location of the region from which the call came.
  • The determinant of these Russian subscribers “Who-call.”Contains an extensive database of Комментарии и мнения владельцев of visitors about the rooms used by fraudsters and advertising spammers.
  • Free Service Protarif.INFO offers to install the application of the same name to a mobile phone to see the information about the region during an incoming call.

Most sites offer users full reference books and databases of phone numbers on codes and names of operators, as well as by city and regions of Russia.

To find out the area of ​​interest, you can call the operator of your network

This solution allows you to define not only the region in which the number unfamiliar to you was registered, but also to find out information about the coming value of communication when calling this number. This data operator provides any client. It is worth noting that the operator does not apply regarding the information about the owner of the number. it can provide only the above information.

So, the four largest cellular operators have the following customer support numbers:

If you use another telecom operator, then the number of free consultation can be found on the company’s official website either in the documentation issued to you along with the SIM card.