Wi-Fi encryption type-which one to choose, WEP or WPA2-PSK Personal-Enterprise to protect network security?

Today we smoke a little deeper the topic of protection of wireless connection. We will figure out what the type of encryption of Wi-Fi is also called “authentication”-and which is better to choose. Surely when setting up a router, you caught your eye with such abbreviations as WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA2/PSK, WPA3-PSK. As well as some of their varieties. Personal or EnterPrice and TKIP or AES. Well, let’s study them all in more detail and figure out what type of encryption to choose to ensure the maximum security of the Wi-Fi network without losing speed.

I note that it is necessary to protect your Wi-Fi password, it does not matter what type of encryption you choose. Even the simplest authentication will avoid quite serious problems in the future.

Why do I say so? It’s not even the point that the connection of many left.wing customers will slow down your network. these are only flowers. The main reason is that if your network is unpacked, then an attacker who will perform illegal actions from under your router can be clamped, and then you will have to answer for his actions, so you will be seriously protection with all seriously.

Wi-Fi encryption and authentication types

So, we have seen the need to encrypt Wi-Fi network, now let’s see what types are:

What is WEP protection Wi-Fi?

WEP (WIRED Equivalent Privacy) is the very first standard that appeared, which does not meet modern requirements by reliability. All programs tuned on the hacking of the Wi-Fi network by picking up symbols are aimed to a greater extent at the selection of encryption WEP key.

What is a wpa or password key?

WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) is a more modern authentication standard, which allows you to quite reliably protect the local network and the Internet from illegal penetration.

What is WPA2-PSK-Personal or Enterprise?

Wi-Fi WPA2 and WPA standards have two more varieties:

  • Personal, designated as WPA/PSK or WPA2/PSK. This type is the most widely used and optimal for use in most cases. both at home and in the office. In WPA2/PSK, we set a password from at least 8 characters that is stored in the memory of the device that we connect to the router.
  • Enterprise is a more complicated configuration that requires the switch on the Radius on the router. It works on the principle of the DHCP server, that is, for each individual connected gadget, a separate password is assigned.

Why do you need a safety key

To understand about the Wi-Fi network security key, what is on the laptop, other names of this option are clarified:

  • saving the safety of data stored on the laptop;
  • lack of access to the router for other users;
  • Wi-Fi network protection.

Previously, the user finds out what the security key should mean. Then proceed to installation and use.

Protection options and encryption types

When the user managed to understand what the Wi-Fi network is and where to get it, they start using one of the types.

  • Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP). Easy technique that has currently managed to become obsolete. Has a low degree of protection, so it is rarely used. If the system can be at the old PC, scammers can hack it to get personal data.
  • WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). A more reliable and modern type of encryption. It is suitable for most operating systems, you can easily connect any PC. Hacking is not available, so fraudsters will not be able to find out personal data.
  • WPA2. This is a more modern version. Encryption occurs by AES CCMP. Safety key is 2 types. Personal (PSK). creates a password for accessing the Internet. Each time the same key is required, it does not change. Enterprise is a more complex system that is more often used in enterprises. A powerful degree of security can authorize and connect the user through the server creating passwords.
  • WPA3. The latest version developed in 2018. It instantly connects the user to the network when entering a password. Does not allow other customers to the system without identification. Warns the attacks of scammers, maintains security.

WPA2 is recommended for home use. The functions are enough to protect the household network. If you need to prevent hacking enterprises, large companies, switch to WPA3.

How to find out a password from already connected Wi-Fi on Android?

It also happens that the phone on Android was once connected to Wi-Fi, but you cannot be embedded from this network, and it will not be possible to connect another device to it.

In Googlemarket you can download a program called “Wi-Fi Key Recovery”. It will automatically help to find a file called “wpa_supplicant.Conf “. The program will analyze it and give you data on the right password. But for the application to function, your phone should be set by a ROOT-right.

How to find out the wi-fi encryption key through the phone or tablet?

To find out the encryption key from Wi-Fi using a phone or tablet, you will need any file manager. It is installed in every mobile phone by default. In it, choose the DATA folder, then. the MISC folder, and then. “WPA_SUPPPLICANT.Conf “(file). It should be placed in a text editor. Then you can find out everything that is required to enter the Internet via Wi-Fi, including the key.

You can do this using the special program “Android Wi-Fi Password Finder”. This file is located the following path:/Data/Misc/Wi-Fi/WPA_SUPPLICANT.Conf. You can find a folder under the name “Data” using a file manager installed on the phone.

CMD : Find all Wi-Fi passwords with only 1 command | Windows 10 / 11 | NETVN

Each OS has a folder that retains all the protective data of each wireless network that you have ever used. On Android OS, Wi-Fi network data is stored in the WPA_SUPPLICANT file.Conf. You can find it manually or use a special program conductor by installing it on your smartphone.

find, encryption, wi-fi, create, complex

Decoding using a laptop or PC

In the first case, a number of consistent operations must be performed:

  • Open the parameters of networks and the Internet on Windows 10;
  • Go to the section of the Center for Network Management and General Access;
  • Select the used fishing line for the trimmer;
  • Open the properties of Wi-Fay;
  • Go to the security section;
  • Set a mark on the line to display the entered signs.

After that, the password will appear in the line “Network key”.

Decryption using a router

Usually the password is also reflected in the router settings. If you wish, you can change it.

This method is considered universal, since you can contact the router settings from any device.

  • Go into the settings of the router;
  • Choose safety wireless Wi-Fi;
  • Go to the wireless regime section;
  • Click on the protection of wireless regime;
  • Turn to the password section of the wireless network.

note! As soon as the key was found, it is necessary to save it or record it in order to avoid the next loss.

Wi-Fi security key: what is it

When connecting to Wi-Fi wireless network, users often encounter the need to introduce a certain network security key. In this article, we will tell you what a wireless wire-fi wireless network is, as well as how to find out this key using the settings of a router, computer or laptop on which it is saved.

In order to figure out what the security key is, I need to say a few words about different types of Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi network can be open or protected. The open network has not been protected in any way and you do not need to enter any data to connect to such a network. Anyone can connect to the open network, the main thing is to be within the network. This is very convenient to ensure Internet access in public places. Protected network, on the contrary, is closed for random users. Protected networks are usually used to build office, working and home wireless networks. In order to connect to such a network, you need to know a secret set of characters, which is called a wi-fi safety key or password.

In general, Wi-Fi security key is a password that you need to know to connect to the network. At the time of connection to the secure network, the device that you use will definitely ask to enter a security key or password. After entering this information, the correctness of the entered password is checked and if the password is correct, then there is a connection. If the password is incorrect, then there is a breakdown.

It should be noted that there is some confusion in terms. On some devices (for example, on mobile gadgets with the Android or iOS operating system), this security key is called password. That is, the user is asked to enter a password, and he immediately understands that it is required to connect to the network.

At the same time, laptops and computers with the Windows operating system uses a more correct name, namely, “Safety key”. The use of the term “security key” often confuses inexperienced users, since they do not understand that they are required.

How to find out the wireless network security key

Wi-Fi security key is installed on a device that creates this wireless network. It can be a wireless router or a wi-fi access point. Therefore, the most reliable way to find out the Wi-Fi safety key is to go to the router settings or access points and see.

In order to go into the router settings, you first need to connect to the network of this router. This can be done according to the cable or by Wi-Fi (when connecting via Wi-Fi, the entrance to the settings can be blocked). Next, you need to open any browser and enter into the target line of the IP address of the router (usually or 192.168.one.one).

After that, a request will appear to enter the user’s name (login) and password. The standard login and password is often indicated on the bottom of the router, this information is also in the instructions for the router.

After entering the login and password, you will get into the router web-integer. Here you need to find a section with Wi-Fi settings. Typically, this section is called Wi-Fi, Wireless Network, Wlan or Wireless Network. In the Wi-Fi settings section, you can find the security key necessary for connecting.

If you have a computer on which the security key is saved, then you can see it without going into the router settings. To do this, you need to open the “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”. In Windows 7, you need to click on the mouse on the network connection icon or go to the “control panel” and open the section “Network and the Internet control center and total access”

In Windows 10, the easiest way to use the “Perform” menu for this. Press the Windows-R key combination and execute the Control command.EXE /NAME Microsoft.NETWORKANDSHARINGCENTER “.

In the window “Center for Control of Networks and General Access” you need to follow the link “Management of wireless networks”.

Here you need to find the right Wi-Fi network, click on it with the right button and go into “Properties”.

As a result, a window with the properties of the selected Wi-Fi network will appear. To see the saved security key, go to the Safety tab and turn on the option “display the entered signs”. After that, in the text field “Network Key” the data you need will appear.

If you do not have access to the router and there is no saved password on the computer, then you need to seek help from a system administrator or Internet provider that serves your Wi-Fi wireless network.

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How to find out your wi-fi network security key

To find out your safety key from a wireless network, you can use several ways:

  • The easiest way to find out your key through the settings of the router. To do this, you just need to go to its web-intese, I use the standard password to enter (if it is not changed). Usually, both password and login for entering are “admin”. In addition, these data can be viewed on the router itself. After that, you will need to go to the “Wireless Main” menu, select the “Protection of Wireless District” there. There, you can take your own safety key, find it will not be problems either called the “security key” or “PSK password”, possibly different name on various models of routers.
  • Also find out the password from Wi-Fi in the control panel. To do this, you need to click on the network icon located in the lower right corner of the screen, next to the clock. From there you will need to go to the “Center for Networks Management and General Access”. Next, follow the “Wireless Network Management” tab. There you should find your own network and click on it PKM (right.button mouse), after which, select in the “Properties” window that opens. Then, it will be necessary to go to the “Security” section and mark the column “display the entered signs”. This action will show the previously hidden password symbols.
  • Find out the forgotten password from Wi-Fi is the easiest in the computer already connected to the network. To do this, you also need to click LKM (left.button mouse) on the icon and select the name of the network, on the contrary, it is written “Connected”. Then it will be necessary to click on it PKM (right.button mouse) again and go into “Properties”. There it will also be necessary to choose “security”. “display the entered signs”. After that, you can find out the forgotten password from the network.

How to change the wireless network security key?

We examined above what the Wi-Fi network security key is, and where to get it in Windows 10 and 7. But after receiving information, one cannot relax. In order to avoid hacking, it is necessary to periodically change the code (at least once every one or two months). The work technology depends on the model of the router that the user applies. Consider several options.


Consider how to change the wireless network security key on the most popular router. To do this, go into the setting panel of the device by entering into search line 192.168.one.1 (the last two digits can be 0 and 1), indicating the login and password (twice Admin). Further steps have the same type:

  • Enter the Wireless tab;
  • Go to the Security section for this section;
  • Select encryption type WPA/WPA2;
  • In the version of the version and encryption, leave the inscriptions automatically;
  • In the password field, write down the security key of the Wi-Fi network;
  • Remember or write down the code;
  • Save the settings and restart the router.

According to a similar scheme, you can see the network security key in the router, and then make a decision on installing or replacing a password.

If the TP-LINK provides a new control panel (updated integer), enter the settings by entering or tplinkwifi.Net. Next, go to basic settings and wireless mode. Pay attention to the frequency of operation of the device. Some routers are capable of working in two ranges. 2.4 and 5 GHz. With joint interaction, the code must be set for each mode separately.


Consider how to introduce or change the security key for a wireless network on a laptop if D-Link is used as a router. After entering the mood panel, enter the extended settings, go to the System section and find the administrator password there.

After that, enter the necessary data and save the information. If you need to change the password for Wi-Fi, enter the advanced settings, and then-safety settings. There, select encryption and indicate the password. After that, save and restart the router.


To make up the Wi-Fi safety key, enter the Zyxel router settings in the standard scheme, enter the Wi-Fi network section, and then security. After that, change the key and preserve. At the final stage, reboot the device and check the connection.

Each router has its own nuances to configure the wi-fi security key. information can be found in the instructions for the device.

How to find out the safety key of the wai file network

So, suppose that the Wi-Fi network security key was forgotten how to find it now? The method depends on which platform the client device works. Below are two systems. Windows (the latest versions) and Android, and the method of obtaining a key from the router control panel will also be described.

We find out the key to the security of the network under Windows 7/8/10, the Windows operating system retains information about all the connections that it has ever installed (unless, of course, the user himself does not erase this data).

To get a security key for Wi-Fi, you need to go to the “Networks and total access control center” (click on the corresponding icon on the taskbar). After that, in the displayed list you will need to find the name of the right network, click on it, and select the “Properties” item in the context menu that appears. In the window that opens, you will need to put a check in the checkbox with the label “display the entered signs” after which the desired password will be displayed in the text field “Network Security key”.

We find out the network security key for Android and now we will consider another question: the network security key how to find out on Android. Here, it should be noted that the process of obtaining a password from Wi-Fi is somewhat more complicated than on desktop Windows.

It will not be possible to pull it out through the standard integration of the system, so you will need to look for the key in system files. But there is one nuance here. access to them can only be obtained when Root is received on the device. The method of obtaining the rights of a super.user depends on the device model (relevant information can be obtained on specialized sites).

But suppose that on the phone/tablet there is ROOT. In this case, you will need to install a third.party file manager, with which you can access the system section. The most popular such application is Root Explorer (spreads free of charge via Google Play).

After installation, you will need to open the application and grant it the rights of a super juper. Then you need to go to a folder located at: Data/Music/Wi-Fi. It will have many files, but Wi-Fi passwords are stored in only one of them-WPA_SUPPPLICANT.Conf. We open it using any application that can read text documents (for example, through a web browser) and look for a name network. Next to him will be present and the desired security key. It seems that it is difficult, but in practice. not very. However, if you do not want to look for this data on your own, you can use a special application and facilitate the task, but more on that below.

Get a security key in the router control panel

To find out the Wi-Fi safety key in the router control panel, you must first connect with it. To do this, we learn the IP address of the device (it is usually written on a sticker located at the bottom of the equipment). If it is not there, then from the computer under the control of Windows we enter the IPCONFIG command, and we are looking for the “main gateway”, the value of which will be the address of the router.

The resulting IP is introduced into the address bar of the browser, in a welcoming dialog box we enter the username and password, and we enter the system. Next, we find the Wireless tab, and the Wireless Security subsection. There we are looking for a field with the PSK Password label. what is written in it is the security key.

find, encryption, wi-fi, create, complex

It should be noted that the name of the sections may vary depending on the pattern of the router. Also, in the panels of some routers, before the corresponding elements of the intense appear, it is necessary to click on the “advanced settings”.

Programs allowing to find out the security key

For Android devices in Google Play there are many applications that allow you to extract information about safety keys. And all of them, it should be noted, require a Root-right. The most popular of them is the Wi-Fi Pass program-it is free, and its integration is very simple.

After loading, you will need to start it, and then provide it with the required privileges. When this is done, a list of networks to which the device has ever connected will be displayed. We are looking for the name of the right Wi-Fi, and tap on the icon with the image of the eye, after which the safety key will be displayed on the screen.

It should be noted that the list may not be the right network. It’s okay-the slip-in by the button with the arrows in the upper right corner of the screen will update the list, after which the name of the desired Wi-Fi will be displayed on the screen.

Programs for obtaining a security key from a stranger Wi-Fi for Windows: the easiest way to get a security key from a stranger Wi-Fi is the use of passwords (Bubforts) applications). For Windows, the most popular, imprisoned for these purposes, the program is Aircrack-NG, and for Android-Wibr. About how to use them, you can learn from the Manuls, of which there are a huge number on the network. It should be noted that the application of relevant programs is punishable from the law.

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How to Find your WiFi Password Windows 10 WiFi Free and Easy [Tutorial]

How to find out your password from Vifay quickly? There is a solution! Surely, very many asked such a question.

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Wi-Fi authentication method What is better asus

How to find out about the type of security wi-fi? In cases of repeatedly fulfillment of settings for organizing the authenticity of the network when doubts in protecting the connection, the following sequential actions should be performed:

  • Go to the route settings section;
  • enter the router IP address used in the web browser;
  • enter the login and password in the web browser;
  • Follow the tab reflecting network security settings.

Depending on the router model, network safety settings are located in various places:

  • select a method that checks the authenticity of the network;
  • come up with a reliable security code (password);
  • complete the changes by pressing the conservation button;
  • reboot the router;
  • Retrieve all devices.

What protection to put on a Wi-Fi router

An important issue is the protection of the Wi-Fi network, in particular-which one to choose.

On a Wi-Fi router, it is necessary to put protection. In view of the above information, making the right decision will not be difficult.

To configure the protection method, in particular, the encryption method, you must contact the section of additional settings on the router control panel (for example, TP-Link with the current firmware version).

In the tab of additional settings, you should check the wireless mode.

note! When using the old version of the Wi-Fi router, necessary to protect the configuration, are in the Safe Protection section.

In the opened tab, you can see the point of update the WPA group key update. In conditions of increased safety, a dynamic change in the real digital encryption key WPA occurs. Usually the change interval is set in seconds. If there is one in the specific version of the router, then touching the value indicated by default is undesirable.

On ASUS routers, all Wi-Fi parameters are located on one page “Wireless Network”. Similarly, Zyxel Keenetic-section “Wi-Fi network-access point-wi-fi encryption

find, encryption, wi-fi, create, complex

In Keenetic routers, without the ZYXEL prefix, the encryption type is made in the “home network” section.

D-Link Roter Safety Safety for D-Link needs to find the “Wi-Fi-Safety” section.

Thus, on the basis of the information presented in the article, you can find out which method of checking the authenticity of Wi-Fi is better, how to carry out reliable protection of home, as well as corporate networks.

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