Loss mode in iPhone: what is it, how it works and is it possible to remove?

Greetings! Apple mobile devices have an excellent function that has already helped (and continues to help) many users find their forgotten (stolen) iPhones or iPads. Many have heard about her. this is “Find iPhone”. But, there is an important component of this option. the loss mode. There were not many people about him anymore. Why? The thing is that they usually begin to use it when the device has already been lost or stolen.

I sincerely hope that this page has not been brought to this page (loss or theft), but only idle curiosity. I will try to fully satisfy him and tell about the loss mode in the iPhone in the most detail, let’s go!

Is it possible to monitor a person with iPhone?

Can. But only with his approval. He must know and agree that you are watching him.

Just in case, if anyone does not know, I inform particularly important information. illegal surveillance in Russia is prohibited. There is no difference what is used for this procedure-iPhone, spy programs, some other devices. The fact of surveillance is prohibited and criminally punished.

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Therefore, all procedures must be carried out with the full consent of that person, for the iPhone you want to follow. Remember this and do not violate the law!

Well, now we move on to monitoring options.

How to use Find My iPhone for this?

This service is free and easily customizable. Perhaps this is the most valuable application on your iPhone. It also works on iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, so you can track all your devices of this brand. If you have lost “iPhone” how to find it?

If you have already tuned the Find My iPhone first, your smartphone will connect to the Internet and broadcast your location. Thus you can use another iOS device or just visit iCloud.com to find “iPhone”. How to find “iPhone” if the device is included?

If you suspect that you left your device in the trunk of a car, forgot in the office or, in the worst case, suppose its theft, you must use the Find My iPhone to track. This is done like this.

If you use another iOS device, find the Find My iPhone application. Click on its icon to open. Now enter your Apple identifier and password. This will be a login that you use when you buy anything from the application store or iTunes or enter any other Apple service. You should have installed Apple ID when you had the first device of this company.

You will see Compass and the word location on the device screen, as the device used monitors the location of your devices. Several options will be displayed, and you will need to include “send the last location”. This may be the only way to find “iPhone” if it is turned off. Now you will see a map of your various devices.

Click on it to bring the location of your lost smartphone. Now that you find the device, click on it, and you will see several options for further actions. For example, you can play sound. This is useful if you have lost your iPhone somewhere at home, and the sound of a call in it is disconnected.

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Depending on the iPhone model and the iOS version, you can switch it to the “Lost” mode, which will block the device and transmit its location or will block it and notify you when it is found.

In the worst case, you can clean your iPhone so that your data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Look for the contact details of the owner

You can try to find data about the owner if there is a connection to the network and a working voice assistant. Call Siri by holding the IPhone button with Touch ID or the side power button on the iPhone with Face ID.

We ask the assistant question: “Whose iPhone is”. In response, you will see a subscriber card (if the option is in advance along the setting path. Siri and search. my information).

Otherwise, you can try to find the owner’s medical card. To do this, press the SOS button on the password input screen and go to the medical card section.

If the owner indicated the contact details of the relatives, you will be able to find out their phone numbers. This information is tuned along the setting path. health. medical card.

Opportunities and tools for finding the shutty iPhone

About the “Find iPhone” function

Immediately dispel the illusions of many users: it is miraculous to find the iPhone turned off without appropriate preliminary tuning at the moment. But every user of iPhone, which operates iOS version 7 and fresh. starting with the aforementioned editorial office of the operating system, can protect itself from an irrevocable loss of your favorite smartphone, Apple offers its users a very useful function called “Find iPhone”. It is she who is the main tool for finding a lost phone.

Firstly, this function must be pre-activated. In general, it can be turned on initially, but check (all ways to determine it works or not?) and not hurt to play it around.

Secondly, the “Find iPhone” function allows you to track the movements of the turned off the gadget in real time. It also either provides data on the last location of the device before it is turned off, or makes it possible to determine where the iPhone is located, after turning on that.

To activate the mentioned function, we find the iCloud section in the settings, click on find the iPhone, and activate the option, if it is disconnected, by moving the slider accordingly.

How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Your Lost/Stolen iPhone|OFFLine Finding|Lost Mode Complete Guide

To search for the lost iPhone with the mentioned function in an activated state, you need to go to the ICLUD service website.com and go to the corresponding section. Information about the last location of the device before disconnecting or about its current location, if the gadget turned on, will be shown on an interactive map.

Special applications

Another effective preparatory tool that in the future can help find the lost or stolen iPhone is the Find My Phone application available for download in the official App Store.

In addition to the main device, you will need another iPhone or iPad. The mentioned application also needs to be installed on it.

We go to the program from both devices and log in using the personal Apple ID. Devices will be stored in the database.

Having lost the iPhone, you can go to the program from another “apple” gadget, go through the authorization process and find out where the lost smartphone was in front of disconnecting. If the device turns on, the corresponding changes will be displayed on an interactive map.

Although, inherently, the Find My iPhone application is the same “Find iPhone” service that is written earlier, only displayed in a separate program.

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Lost Mode mode

The standard iOS function is the loss mode. Designed not to search for a lost smartphone, but rather designed for the honesty and conscientiousness of the one who finds the loss. If the mentioned function is activated, when the iPhone is first connected to the charging, it will display a notification with a pre.given text, for example, a proposal to call a certain number and return the smartphone for a reward.

details about Lost Mode (how to enable, disconnect and many more different points). in this article.

Assistance of law enforcement agencies

For personal reassurance in terms of the fact that you have taken all available actions to search the iPhone, you can apply for a statement about its loss/aft to the police. Take your passport with you, as well as an iPhone box and related documents.

In some cases, funds available to the police allow you to find smartphones by IMEI (individual identification number of the device. what is it and how to determine it?), but 100%guarantees of a successful outcome of the search operation, unfortunately, no one can provide you.

The most interesting thing is that police officers before searching for a serial number are asked to disconnect the loss mode. And here there is a dilemma.

  • On the one hand, the active mode of loss is the only chance that no one can use your device without Knowledge Apple ID. And turning it off is to give the attacker complete control over the gadget.
  • On the other hand, in recent times, the tools that use law enforcement agencies for such operations have been improved quite strongly. And the probability of finding lost and turned off iPhone with the participation of the police is still.

The main thing is not to worry about the fact that when submitting an application for you will be looked at as a crazy person. Now. finding a phone on IMEI perfectly normal practice.

How to find iPhone through iOS 13 locator

You can find the iPhone through the iOS 13 locator, it has a gadget search function, even if the phone does not have an Internet connection. If the device includes the “Find iPhone” function, Bluetooth technology is used to display geopolitance. She practically does not need nutrition, does not discharge the battery and is active, even if the device is turned off.

In order for the program to work successfully, two Apple gadgets are required. On the iPhone, which is lost, the data on the location is encrypted, and the second will decipher them.

Each device sends a code, or a key that is constantly changing. Apple devices that are nearby encrypt and load geolocation data, and for decryption you need only another Apple personal device that has the key.

When you press the search button for any Apple device, with which the search will be carried out, the iPad loads the open key hash similar to the identifier. Millions of encrypted locations can be used to search.

iPhone, which is lost or stolen creates a special network with which signals are sent to all Apple devices that are nearby, even strangers. Through these gadgets, the iPad gets the opportunity to connect to the Internet, and show your place of dislocation.

Obvious actions about which are forgotten

First of all, we will consider the standard measures that should be taken with the loss of an absolute phone, not only from Apple.

  • Call your mobile. If the device fell somewhere nearby or is at home at all, but where you did not look for it, then thanks to the call you will be able to quickly find the phone. If he is lost on the street, then a passerby can be selected, and the further development of events already depends on his moral qualities. However, most people make contact, either realizing that they will still find the phone, or guided by a banal desire to help. If you do not have a device from which you can make a call, then you can find on the Internet services for online calls.
  • Spend the password in your accounts. If you cannot perform a remote lock of the device since you have not activated this function earlier, we recommend that you change passwords in all accounts that are logged in the phone as soon as possible.
  • If you are afraid of embezzlement of funds from the account, you can visit the mobile communications department of your operator and ask to block the SIM card. But this is a very controversial measure: on the one hand, blocking will avoid loss of funds in the account, but it will deprive you of the opportunity to contact the one who found the phone, and also turn off the Internet, which will not allow you to find a smartphone via Find My Phone. If you resort to it, then only in the case of information about new expenses in the personal account of the operator.
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If the “Find iPhone” function is turned off?

If the search function was not activated until the moment was stolen “iPhone”, what to do in this case? Of course, finding a phone will be much more difficult. Nevertheless, you can protect the data stored in the device, following this algorithm:

  • You need to change the password to identify Apple ID phone. This will hinder the attackers to get access to the accounts of the Apple services.
  • Change passwords from social networks and payment systems to prevent possible theft of money from accounts. over, thieves can use the owner’s accounts for fraud.
  • After taking the described security measures, write an application for the theft of “iPhone”. Police officers may ask to indicate a serial phone number that can be used when searching.
  • Notify the operator about theft of a smartphone. He will turn off the phone number from the network. Thus, any possibility of using this number is blocked.

Further, the search for the phone will depend on the work of law enforcement agencies. It is easier to find “iPhone” using the loss mode, but there are other ways. But it is better to connect the “Find iPhone” function in advance and tie the iPhone account to icloud.

As a result, even after the “recharge” of the phone, they will not be able to use it until the owner activates the device through his mailbox.

How to speed up the actions of the police

In this case, Apple has a special mailing address. Through it, only law enforcement agencies can contact the company.

The point is that the company can really track the location of your smartphone. This was confirmed to me during one of the conversations with the technical support service.

But it is worth considering that the police contact is required to carry out this action:

How to find your iPhone using a friends iPhone in Find my App in iOS 13

Depending on the state of the device, Apple may provide law enforcement officials for some information. A special group of employees is authorized to answer such questions.

The local branch of law enforcement agencies may send an email request: [email protected] Exposure from the official response of the company

When applying for an application, the police should fill out the following document.

Not all police officers know about this address. Indicate it when you communicate with one of the representatives. This should significantly accelerate the IPhone search process.

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