Is it possible to find an iPhone if there is no Internet?

The main innovation was the ability to search for a lost turned off iPhone without the Internet. The smartphone transmits a signal via a Bluetooth beacon to another Apple gadget that is nearby.

How to find iPhone when offline?

How to enable offline search on iPhone and iPad

  • Make sure your devices are running iOS 13 or later and have Find iPhone or Find iPad enabled.
  • Go to Settings → Apple ID (your name) → Latitude and select “Find iPhone” (iPad).
  • Turn on all three available switches.

How to find a friend’s iPhone via your iPhone?

Sign in to, or use Find [device] on another Apple device. Find your device. Open Find My [device] or go to and click the Find My iPhone icon.

How to add another device to Find iPhone?

  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open Settings [Your name] Latitude. When prompted to sign in, enter your Apple ID.
  • Tap Find [device], then turn on Find [device].
  • Enable any of the options below.

How to find your iPhone if it’s turned off?

How to find a turned off (discharged) iPhone

  • Open Settings.> iCloud.
  • Make sure you are logged into your Apple ID account.
  • In the “Find iPhone” section, the function must be enabled.

How to find iPhone 10 if it’s turned off?

How to find your iPhone if it’s off (low)?

To do this, you should also use the iCloud website. The gadget in the list of devices will be listed as inactive, and on the map the label will be exactly where the program “saw” the iPhone until it “sat down”.

Is it possible to track the MacBook if it is turned off?

In the window that opens, select “Devices” and find your MacBook in the list. A green circle will glow on the opened map, which signals the location of your device. If it is gray, it means that the laptop is now turned off and this is its last location when it was online.

I can’t turn on Find My Mac

If you can’t turn on Find My Mac, try these steps.

  • Go to iCloud System Preferences (Apple ID System Preferences and click iCloud). If the message Administrative authorization required appears, you are not the administrator of your Mac. Sign out of your account, sign in to your administrator account and try to enable Find My Mac.
  • Check that the recovery system is up to date. If you see a “Recovery System Update Required” message in iCloud System Preferences, you need to update your Mac. Open the Apple menu, select “Software Update” and install the Recovery HD update for the version of macOS you are using.
  • Make sure the recovery partition on your Mac isn’t damaged. Try to check and fix the partition with Disk Utility.

Looking for another “iPhone”

Find My iPhone is located on the desktop in the Add-ons folder.

Lost mode is required for remote locking. It is located in the “Actions” tab and is activated by pressing the button of the same name.

In the lost mode, you need to enter the contact number for the finder and a text message.

The phone will be switched to this mode as soon as it connects to the Network.

Also, a screenshot of the map with the designation of the current location of the device will be sent to the specified e-mail address.

If the user is sure that the device has “left” irrevocably, then for such cases the “Erase iPhone” function is provided in the same “Actions” tab.

Contacting the Apple Office

If there is a representative office in your city, you can apply there. The company does not indicate on the official website that it is possible to make an appeal on this matter. The requirements for the package of documents are also not voiced, so all the details must be found out on an individual basis. Representatives of the corporation may refuse assistance if the “Find iPhone” function is disabled on the device, since it is officially stated that this is the only way to track down the missing phone.

I see a device that I no longer own or use

Before you sell or transfer your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Airpods, or Mac, sign out of iCloud and erase all data and settings. If you sign out of iCloud on a device, Find [device] is disabled and removed from the list.

If the device is offline, you can delete it. Go to, click your device name, and click Account Settings. Select a device in the My Devices tab and click to the right of the device name. Alternatively, you can swipe the device name in Find My on your iOS device and tap Delete.

If the device is reconnected to the network, if the “Find [device]” service is enabled, it will automatically appear in the list of devices.

find, iphone, offline

Contacting the police and the telecom operator

It is necessary to work on these channels simultaneously. First you need to call the call center, block the SIM card and try to find out the location of the phone. In 99% of cases, this information will not be provided. Then find out about the conditions for disclosing information about the location of the phone. The operator will not initiate searches until a corresponding request comes from law enforcement agencies.

Next, you need to contact the local authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Have with you:

  • the passport;
  • original packaging with a readable IMEI;
  • a receipt or warranty card confirming the purchase of the wanted phone.

The application is required to indicate the date, place, time and circumstances of the loss of the smartphone. It is better to write in the document that the smartphone is lost, not stolen. your case will be handed over to a telecom operator much faster. An appeal to law enforcement officers is an ineffective measure. Usually, the case “hangs” for 30 days, after which it is closed due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Using the iCloud service

Let’s make a reservation that this is the main help in the search aspect. To track a gadget in real time, three conditions must be met:

  • it is on;
  • he is connected to the internet;
  • Find My iPhone is activated.

In this case, you can find out the exact current position of the device. But if a mobile phone is stolen, then in 99% of cases the thief will guess to turn off the device. In the event of theft, the user must secure personal data. The cloud service allows you to do this even when the smartphone is turned off.

The first thing a user should do after purchasing and activating the device is to enable the Find iPhone function. Algorithm of actions:

  • We go from the desktop to the “Settings”.
  • Go to the user profile settings.
  • In “iCloud” select the item “Find iPhone”.
  • We check that both functions in this submenu are active. If not, set the “sliders” to the active position on our own.

If the function is activated, the user still has the chance to find the smartphone or, at least, for a long time to block the device for intruders. To keep your device secure, sign in to Find My iPhone from another Apple phone.

How to find your iPhone if it’s off (low)?

It will not be possible to track the turned off gadget, but looking at its last location before turning it off is as easy as shelling pears. To do this, you should also use the iCloud website. The gadget in the list of devices will be listed as inactive, and on the map the label will be exactly where the program “saw” the iPhone until it “sat down”.

The option to show the last location is present on devices with iOS 8 and higher. it will not be possible to detect the iPhone 4 using it. This option also needs to be configured: follow the path “Settings”. “iCloud”. “Find My iPhone” and move the “Send Last Location” slider to the active position.

Do’s and don’ts if Find My iPhone is on?

Having reported to the police about the loss of the iPhone, the user will surely face a requirement to disable the “Lost Mode” so that law enforcement agencies can track the location of the device by IMEI.

If a security password is set on the smartphone, you can disable Lost Mode at the request of the police. the password is quite reliable protection.

Only an “apple” pro will be able to reset it. the probability that the finder is an advanced user is very small.

If the police ask you to erase your iPhone and leave your iCloud account, in no case should you fulfill their request. The security password will be reset after erasure, which means that the person who finds the iPhone will be able to fully use the device. The owner can only hope for the quickness of the police, which, alas, does not prioritize cases of missing phones.

Through the iCloud service

ICloud (icloud) will help to find the switched off phone. This option is the official cloud storage of Apple, which allows the user to access files online from any device, saves backup copies of the data of his “apple product” and helps the owner find the lost device. At the same time, remember that in order to see where the gadget is at this time, you need to specially connect the corresponding function.

Lost your phone near the computer with which you are looking for your gadget? Hear a loud sound. The siren is audible even when the iPhone is set to silent. Are there any suspicions that the gadget was not lost at home? It will be possible to protect all the information recorded on it even remotely: set a password. and no one will unlock your phone. Better to delete all data altogether. Once the device is found, it is easy to restore them from a backup.

Don’t forget the awesome Lost Mode feature, which is also activated in iCloud. When you turn it on, your message with the specified phone number is displayed on the screen of a locked gadget. the finder of the device will be able to call you back directly from it, despite the fact that it is locked. In addition, iPhone is allowed to make and receive calls while in Lost Mode.

How to use Find My iPhone?

If you have lost your gadget, but you know that the “Find My iPhone” function is enabled on it, find your iPhone or iPad from your computer like this:

From the main menu select “Find iPhone”.

Enter your iCloud password again.

You will see a map where the location of your iPhone will be marked with a green dot.

Using the buttons “” and “-” you can zoom in and out of the map.

If Apple maps don’t impress you, switch to Hybrid mode from the menu located in the lower right corner. You will see at home. this will probably help you to find your way.

If you have multiple Apple devices (such as iPhone and iPad), select Lost in the All Devices box.

Click on the name of your lost or stolen iPhone, and you will open this window in the upper right corner:

Play Sound. If you press this button, the iPhone will beep shrilly, allowing it to be detected. The following message will appear on the screen:

Erase iPhone. Thanks to this function, you can remotely delete all the information contained in the memory of your smartphone. It is recommended to use the “Erase iPhone” option only in 2 cases:

  • if you have a copy of data created in iTunes or iCloud (this article will teach you how to create copies);
  • if you no longer expect to find your phone and want to keep the information on the gadget secret.

If the data in the device’s memory is valuable and unique, there is no need to rush to delete it. Before attackers can get to the information, they have to crack the password, and this is not an easy task.

Lost Mode. Using this mode, you can lock the iPhone. we will use it.

Selecting “Lost Mode”, enter the password you created twice.

A casual passer-by who finds an iPhone will not be able to use the device, because he will not know this password. Also, he will not be able to hand over the smartphone to buy, since no one will accept a locked phone.

Indicate the contact phone number. it is on it that the person who found the smartphone will be able to call, because the number will be displayed on the screen of the locked device.

The contact number is entered at the request of the user. this is an optional requisite. If you want to skip this step, click “Next”.

At the final stage, the user needs to write a message that will be displayed on the display of the lost smartphone.

Click Finish. You will be returned to the original window where you can see that Lost Mode is pending. You will know that the mode is activated by the orange signature in the upper left corner of the window.

In addition, a message about the activation of the mode will be sent to the email address (which acts as an AppleID).

The message you wrote earlier will appear on the screen of the gadget itself.

You can leave the Lost Mode by clicking on the icon of the same name. In the window that appears, click “Exit Lost Mode”.

What to do if your iPhone is stolen or lost

Everyone knows that Apple products are of very high quality, as a result of which they are very expensive. Not everyone can afford an iPhone. As a result, such a phone has become a tasty morsel for picks. And it happens when, due to your own stupidity or inattention, you lose your phone. Apple cares about its customers, therefore, has provided for a solution to these problems.

find, iphone, offline

To find a lost or stolen device, as well as to secure the data stored on it, you should perform a certain sequence of actions.

An interesting feature is provided in the iPhone settings called “Find iPhone”. So, at the request of the user himself, it can be turned on and off. Actually, from the name it is clear that if this function is enabled, it will be much easier to find the loss.

If the “Find iPhone” function is enabled, follow these steps

To do this, you should immediately follow the link from any other device, computer or laptop running Mac or Windows systems, or launch Find iPhone on another iOS device.

First of all, we launch the program and select the lost device. We view its location on an interactive map. If the device is within 10 meters, you can play a sound signal on the phone and find the loss based on the sound.

If the phone is not found in the first option, you should enable Lost Mode. With this mode, you can remotely lock your device by entering a 4-digit password and display a customizable message on your lost phone screen with your contact details to contact you. IPhone geolocation can also be tracked in this way.

If your device contains any sensitive or personal data, the best option would be to erase it. True, in this case, it will no longer be possible to determine the geolocation using the Find iPhone. Data is deleted from the phone remotely. The main thing is not to remove the device from the account on the site, since in this case the activation lock will be disabled and the attacker will be able to activate and use your iPhone in the future.

If iPhone is turned off or offline

Even so, the phone can be put into Lost Mode, remotely erased, or locked. And as soon as the phone is connected to the Internet, the changes you made will immediately take effect.

If the phone is found, then the Lost Mode can be turned off. This is done again through the website or using the Find iPhone application.

If the “Find iPhone” function is turned off, perform the following actions

If this feature is disabled, it will not be possible to track the device. However, the data on it can still be protected.

You need to replace your current Apple ID password with a new one. By changing the password, this way, access to the iMessage and iTunes applications from the lost device will be impossible.

You should also change any passwords that were saved on your lost device. These passwords include mail, account or the like.

Again, it is worth contacting law enforcement agencies for help, having found out the serial number of the phone before that.

The mobile operator should also be notified of theft or loss. The operator can also disable the account, which will prevent sending text messages and phone calls.

Find My iPhone is the only way to track your device’s location. Do not neglect enabling this option after purchasing an iPhone. In this case, you will have nothing to fear.

How to enable the function via a computer

Apple can be proud of these statistics: with the launch of the Find iPhone service, the number of iPhone thefts has decreased significantly. No wonder: it is much easier to find a stolen device when this function is enabled. The smartphone, after being blocked by the owner in the hands of thieves, becomes just a set of spare parts or a meaningless toy. You can download Find iPhone, but you don’t have to.!

Steps to enable Find My iPhone from your computer:

  • You will need access to the World Wide Web. Without this. no way.
  • It doesn’t really matter which operating system is on your phone, Windows or Mac. Go to
  • In the authorization window, enter your Apple ID information. Be careful not to agree with the “Stay logged in” item when working from someone else’s computer. You can only check the box when you logged in from your personal PC.
  • After starting the application in the menu item “My devices” select your device.
  • The application will start scanning, after which an image of a map will appear on the screen, on which the location of your loss will be marked. Depending on where exactly your mobile phone “rests” from you, take steps to return it.
  • Lost your phone in your apartment or office? Use the beep to find your machine.
  • It turned out that the phone was left in a beauty salon or auto center? Send a message to the screen of your gadget with a request to call back to another number. This text will immediately appear on the phone.
  • The saddest outcome of the search situation. You realized that you lost your smartphone in a public place or, worse, it was deliberately stolen from you. Protect your personal data urgently! Set a four-digit password so no one can download your photos or read your messages, erase them remotely.
  • Once again, if the Find iPhone function is not configured in advance, then you will only have to rely on the police or the will of chance. Take care of your friend!

How to search for a phone using the “Find my iphone” function

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone has a device locator. First of all, you need to activate it. To do this, in the phone settings (the gear-shaped button is located on the main screen), click on your Apple ID. It is located at the top of the menu and includes the iPhone username and photo (if it has been previously uploaded). You need to log in to the system by specifying the iPhone login and password.

The devices that work on the old version of iOS lack the Apple ID section. The function “Find my iphone” must be activated via iCloud, located in the second section of the menu.

In the Apple ID / iCloud section, scroll down to Find My iPhone. The opposite slider must be activated (green). It is also necessary to activate the option “Last location”.

If the “Find iPhone” function was not activated earlier, then it will not be possible to find the device with its help. But you can protect information. To do this, you should:

  • Change account password on iPhone. Without authorization in Apple ID, it is impossible to get data from the cloud storage and use iMessage or iTunes.
  • Change passwords for all accounts installed on iPhone applications.
  • Notify your carrier if you lost your iPhone. It will disable the account, preventing calls, sending messages and data usage.

How to lock an iPhone if it is stolen

If the iPhone cannot be found, it is better to block it to prevent an attacker from gaining access to the user’s personal data. To do this, turn on Lost Mode in the My iPhone program.

Next, following the instructions on the screen, you need to create a passcode. If you are trying to lock the iPhone of one of the family members on which the code is not set, then you need to log in to the Apple ID on behalf of the owner of the lost phone.

How to find a lost iPhone

The smartphone today is used not only as a means of communication. It contains a lot of useful and important information. Theft or loss of your machine can be a serious problem. The location of the switched on phone is easy to track using special applications. The situation is different when the device is turned off or discharged. Let’s take a look at how to find an iPhone.

A couple more methods

If none of the above options helped, then you can use these methods.

Can i find a lost or stolen iPhone

The hardest thing to track down is an iPhone with a dead battery. The latest generation operating system has built-in tracking functionality. Before disconnecting, the iPhone sends an SMS indicating the location. But the function can be used only after its activation. This way, you can easily track down a lost iPhone that is running iOS 8 with the battery disconnected.

How to find your iPhone if it’s turned off

You must log in to the service website by entering your username and password. The registration information must match the one in the iCloud of the lost iPhone.

In the service menu, select the “Find iPhone” item. A city map will open. In the top All Devices tab, select your lost iPhone. The screen will display its location.

find, iphone, offline

As long as Lost Mode is activated on the iPhone, you can lock the iPhone using a random set of numbers. If at this moment the device is connected to the network, then it is immediately blocked until the code is reset. If the phone is offline, then a message will be sent to the specified email box indicating the location.

The quality of the maps in the app is poor. Sometimes a city with a population of 200,000 may be located at the intersection of two roads. You can try to find an iPhone by switching the map to hybrid or satellite mode.

In Lost Mode, you can also send a message to the iPhone asking you to return the device.

Reporting to the police

You can write a statement about the theft of the device to law enforcement agencies. In this case, the document will have to provide the serial number of the iPhone. It is listed:

  • on the iPhone case;
  • in iTunes;
  • from the Apple menu on your Mac
  • in the subsection “About this device” in the “Settings” iPhone.

To track the device by serial number, law enforcement officers may ask the owner to turn off Lost Mode, erase data from cloud storage or the device. If any of these actions are performed, the user will lose remote access to the device. However, iPhone owners need to know how to erase data from the device.

If the “Find iPhone” function is activated on the device, you need to log in to the system, select the device and click on the “Erase” button, and then “Delete account”. As a less drastic measure, you can change your Apple ID password. User information will not be deleted, but the new owner of the iPhone will not be able to use it.

To change your password, go to and click on the “Forgot ID” link. At the next stage, you need to enter the login from the account and select the password recovery option: answer the security question, receive a message to the email, request a key for data recovery.