How to find lost iPhone, even if it is turned off or erased

So, how this new iOS 15 function works, and, more importantly, how to find the lost iPhone, even if it is turned off or removed? This is what we are going to discuss in this practical guide.

It would be better to plunge into details to find out how this completely new Find My Safety function works in iOS 15 and whether your iPhone can support it. Then we will consider how to find lost iPhone.

So that it can be found, it seems that the iPhone does not turn off completely. Instead, the device remains in a state of low energy consumption, allowing the iOS to be close to the Bluetooth signal and transfer its location.

This means that you can determine the whereabouts of your iPhone, even if it is discharged by the battery. over, tracking the location will continue to work, even if the iPhone is dropped to factory settings.

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When your iPhone is discharged for the first time after updating to iOS 15, it shows a warning: “The iPhone remains detected after turning off the power. Find My will help you find this iPhone when it is lost or stolen, even if it is in reserve power mode or off. You can change this function “Find my network” by choosing “Find Me” in the settings ”.

The warning makes it clear that Apple finally equipped Find My to fight theft.

Always-on Processor (AOP)

Public documentation on AOP is very few. In all chips and various devices produced by Apple, a real.time operating system called RTKitos operates. AOP in iPhone is also no exception. However, AOP has a special role. It connects almost all other iPhone chips. For some chips, it performs only the simplest tasks like managing the power, and for others it is used as a transparent proxy, if necessary, awakening iOS.

Thus, the constantly turned on the processor actually saves energy. iOS can be dreamed while AOP is waiting for hardware events. An example of such an event can be information from the motion sensor. The screen turns on, even if you do not touch a single iPhone button.

By searching on the Internet, you can find out that even Siri is implemented in AOP. If you are not particularly interested in technical details, then you can skip the rest of this section. It is enough for you to know that AOP also connects wireless chips with their power control intenses.

Most IOS nucleus drivers have a simple structure. If rtkitos operates in the chip, then this can be seen at the output of the Ireg. For example, in this list is Rose-U1 chip based on Ultra-Wideband.

Although this is not happening in the iOS nucleus, AOP implements a copy of these drivers. For example, the regulation of the U1 range has a duplicate implementation that works without a Nearbyd and is able to be carried out in isolation in AOP.

Even if the chip is not based on RTKITOS, then AOP can still connect to it. Bluetooth chip in iPhone 11, 12 and 13 is made by Broadcom and is based on the Threadx operating system. However, AOP IPhone has partial control over Bluetooth. Although he does not obey the same scheme based on RTKitOS, he can serve the power to the Bluetooth chip using the SPMI-Bluetooth driver.

It is worth noting that it is very different from the situation with Homepod Mini and Watch. They use the Bluetooth chip manufactured by Apple with the code name Marconi. AOP can control Marconi using Marconi-Bluetooth and Aop-Marconi-BT-Control drivers.

How to configure the Find My (previously found my iPhone)

The inclusion of the “Finding my iPhone” function is only part of the confidence that even the dead iPhone can be found by tracking the location of icloud. If an autonomous search is included in the iOS 13 settings, you can find your iPhone, even if it does not work or is off. By turning on the “Send the Last Location” function, you can see where your iPhone was right before the battery was discharged, so there are many ways to find the missing device if your “Find me” parameters are completely included. Do it:

  • Open the settings application,
  • Touch your name at the top.
  • Choose find mine,

How the function “Find iPhone” works

It is impossible to use the application after loss of the phone. The program should be installed in advance. Do not forget to do it, otherwise you will regret! Please note that during the setting of the function, the device will request to allow geolocation. one of the working conditions of this application. It is likely that after this the battery will be discharged a little faster.

How to enable a function through a computer

Apple can be proud of this statistics: with the launch of the “Find iPhone” service, the number of iPhone thefts has decreased many times. Not surprising: finding a stolen device when turning on this function is much easier. The smartphone after blocking the owner in the hands of thieves becomes only a set of spare parts or a meaningless toy. You can download the program to find iPhone, but it is not necessary to do it at all!

The procedure for including the function “Find iPhone” through the computer:

  • You will need an exit to the World Wide Web. Without this. nothing.
  • There is no fundamental importance which operating system on the phone, Windows or Mac. Go to the site
  • In the authorization window, enter Apple ID data. Be careful, do not agree with the “Stay in the System” item when you work from someone else’s computer. You can put a checkmark only when you entered the personal PC.
  • After starting the application in the menu of the “My Devices” item, select your device.
  • The application will launch a scan, after which an image of a map will appear on the screen, on which the whereabouts of your loss will be noted. Depending on where your mobile phone is specifically “resting” from you, take steps to return it.
  • Lost a phone in an apartment or office? Use the sound signal to find your device.
  • It turned out that the phone was left in the beauty salon or auto center? Send a message on the screen of your gadget with a request to call back by another number. This text will immediately display on the phone.
  • The most sad outcome of the search situation. You realized that you lost a smartphone in a public place or, worse, you have deliberately stole it. Urgently protect personal data! Set a four.digit password so that no one can download your photos or read messages, mourn them remotely.
  • Once again: if the “find iPhone” function will not be configured in advance, then you only have to count on the police or the will of chance. Take care of your friend!

How to disable the function

Another situation is possible: you will need to turn off the “Find iPhone” function, for example, when selling a phone or sending it for repair. There are two main deactivation options: directly through the device or remotely. You should probably not say that in both cases this function can be turned off only after the password from the Apple ID account is introduced. Without this. nothing.

The first method is the simplest and most convenient, but for it you need access to the apparatus:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Find the ICLOUD item.
  • Scroll down the list to the “Find iPhone” position, switch the toggle switch to the “Off” mode.
  • Confirm your decision by the Apple ID account password.
  • After this simple operation, you will send a notification to the E-Mail.

The second method is if there is no mobile phone on the hands, then the “find iPhone” function will be turned off remotely:

  • First you need to go to the appropriate application.
  • Install the program in the App Store or on the Internet at https: // icloud.COM/FIND.
  • Open the menu “My devices” from the navigation panel.
  • In the list that appears, select your mobile phone.
  • Delete a smartphone from the list is allowed only if it is offline.
  • When working with a mobile application, click on the “Delete” button, in a web version-“cross”.
  • The application will ask you to confirm your actions and at the same time remind you that after that the iPad will be able to activate another person.

Not everything is clear to the end? Use our video instruction https: // YouTu.Be/RLPHQ76HHVW, where the program “Find the iPhone” is versed in the shelves and the guide is given to the action of the one who has lost the phone, how to find its location. you do not know. Check out this lesson, and you will learn how to find the iPhone on geolocation, by GPS, you can easily find all your devices with the same Apple ID.

Be careful and try not to lose your gadget, because even the most perfect technology does not guarantee its return. After the purchase, the first thing is to activate the “Find iPhone” function: in unforeseen circumstances, the chances of a successful outcome will remain. Take measures immediately after detecting the loss.

Be persistent in interaction with law enforcement officers and communication operators: these structures are usually not interested in finding your mobile apparatus. Take all the measures described above to ensure a thorough and productive search.

How to find iPhone using the icloud service

It will not work to track the location of the off, but you can see the last location when the phone was still active. In this case, ICLOUD COM can be used. In the list of devices, the iPhone will be reflected. That is, opposite it will be a gray mark. The map will be displayed where the gadget was the last time until it was turned off.

The function with which you can see the last location of the phone is on devices with iOS 8 and all subsequent. Therefore, the old models will not be able to find according to this method.

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Attention! This function also needs to be configured.

To do this, go to the ICLOD website, in the “Find iPhone” section, we activate the “Send the last location” button.

Using a computer

To find the device through PC, you also need to enter icloud. We must not forget that you will need to enter the Apple ID and password. Next, you need to follow the instructions:

  • We go to “Find iPhone”.
  • In the application menu, select “All devices”.
  • We find and choose a lost gadget;
  • In a couple of seconds on the map you can see where the mobile was the last time.

It is possible that the iPhone was simply lost, stayed in a cafe, with friends. Useful in this case will be the function of the sound signal. Also, on the phone screen, thanks to the regime, a message will be displayed, the one who finds the mobile will definitely see it.

Attention! It is better to write in SMS how to contact the owner.

The gadget will remain blocked. The loss mode is better to activate immediately after the loss of the device. If important data that should not fall into the hands of the attackers are stored on the gadget, you can erase them.

Manipulations that can be carried out using any computer will be enough to block the device, find it, or delete important data. Activation of the loss mode does not affect the geolocation of the device.

From another iPhone

During the theft, or the loss of the gadget, the proximity may not be PC. But in such a situation, the one who also owns the iPhone can help.

You can ask friends and acquaintances and try to find iPhone through another iPhone. On a strange phone, we go to the device search application. After starting, you need to undergo authorization using your data. A map will appear on the screen on which the location of the phone will be indicated. According to these data, you can start looking for a smartphone.

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How to Find Your Lost Phone When Battery is Dead

How to find iPhone?

How to find a phone if I lost. use all available ways:

Each of the options carries certain features.

Using the icloud service

Using iCloud, you can see the location of the lost iPhone on the map.

The procedure includes several stages:

On the basis of the formed request on the screen, the location of the device will be indicated.

We are looking for from a computer

As in the previous case, you need to use iCloud. A simple procedure through the computer includes several stages via the Internet:

Any browser opens on the computer.

  • Indicate icoud in the address
  • The “Find iPhone” section opens.
  • A unique ID iPhone code is entered.
  • Transition to the category of my devices.
  • Search for a lost gadget.

After a few seconds, its current location will be indicated. If it is turned off, for example, the battery is discharged, the program will indicate a loss of communication.

Additional functions of the service are customary to include:

  • Sound playback. using the option, you can turn on the music on the phone in remote mode. This is a great option if the lost gadget is in the grass or somewhere at home;
  • The loss mode. the corresponding message will be displayed on the iPhone screen. It will be able to see those who found the lost phone. Despite its lock, you can indicate in the notification the contact details of the one who has lost. This will quickly contact and return the loss. The message will come immediately to the screen, which is a significant advantage;
  • Wipe the iPhone. it is optimal if the one who has lost the device kept important personal data on it. This will minimize the risks of their access to scammers.

Help: functions provide the opportunity to find the device as quickly as possible the one who has lost. It is recommended to activate the loss mode immediately after identifying iPhone loss.

Search with another iPhone

If there is no way to use the computer, it’s enough to ask for help from someone who is also the owner of the iPhone, find the iPhone from the iPad. In this case, the procedure is standard:

  • Open the “Find the device” application.
  • Enter Apple ID and password for the lost phone
  • See its location on the map. If the battery is discharged, a message will be indicated on the absence of e communications.

Reference: for using the application, payment is not charged.

Find iPhone by IMEI

Immediately after detecting the fact of the loss of a mobile device, it is recommended to the owner to enter the relevant information to a specially designed EMEI base of stolen/lost smartphones. To do this, use a specialized site.

The procedure includes several main stages:

  • You need to go to the Sndeep website.Info.
  • On the main page you must go to the section “Add to the list of lost or stolen”.
  • Filling out a small questionnaire (owner name, email address, amount of reward for return).
  • Registration of the fact of loss.

Help: do not relate to this method as an ineffective. According to statistics. over 20 thousand checks on EMEI passes in just a day. There is a high probability of returning.

Additional services are customary to include Missingphones.Org. Due to the fact that it is English.language, the probability of finding iPhone is equal to zero with it.

Contacting the police and to the operator of communication

It is not recommended to immediately apply to law enforcement agencies, since they are not experts on Apple gadgets. the lost gadget is unlikely to return. At the same time, they will ask to turn off the loss mode, which automatically makes the inability to find the device yourself. Search is limited by EMEI or phone number.

Mobile operators in practice will not affect the result, if you lose the phone. only block the SIM card due to loss.


Apple does not have any specialized tools for the search, lost iPhone. The only way out of the current situation that offices managers see is to provide a computer with their consultations in order to perform all the above actions.

How to Find Missing / Lost iPhone Even When It’s Offline | IOS 13

Reference: Apple’s office is inappropriate due to the lack of any result if it turned out to be lost. Perennial practice is this confirmation. no one found the lost gadget yet.

Search for the turned off iPhone

After the loss of the mobile, some measures need to be taken, the faster the better. You cannot leave hope that the iPhone will find a decent person who will return its owner. You can also go to the place where the phone was in your hands, you cannot exclude simple forgetfulness.

When stealing a mobile, you need to immediately contact law enforcement agencies. They will take up the search through IMEI. In parallel, other measures can be taken to find the gadget. But how to find iPhone if it is turned off? Of course, the task is complicated if the phone is inactive, but the chances of finding the device remain.

How to find iPhone by phone number

Determine the location of the device by phone number is a difficult task. Only the operator can do this, and when contacting subscribers to Support, you will most likely hear that the company does not have such a technical possibility, that it is obvious cunning. But in any case, such information is disclosed exclusively at the request of law enforcement agencies, and it is almost impossible to achieve it personally.

If the official ways to search for the device do not bring the desired result, you can try to use programs to search iPhone.

  • ihound. This software not only periodically records information about the movements of the smartphone, but also has the function of sending the exact location of the device when connecting it to the computer. Thus, you can easily track the house of an unscrupulous person who has found a phone number, or the address of the point where stolen phones are taken.
  • iLocalis. The program has richer functionality, however, it requires jailbreak to install it. If you have it, then you can, for example, find out the number of the new SIM card installed in the phone, and much more.

Summing up, say that the most effective way is the basic Find My Phone. It is necessary to activate it in a new gadget, since neither the appeal to the police, nor an attempt to find out the necessary information from the operator, in our realities, unfortunately, usually do not give a result.