What to do if I forgot the password from Vifay: Available options

Many faced a case when you do not know what to do if you forgot the password from Wi-Fi. Do not panic. The problem is solved by several methods that can be viewed, choose the most suitable for yourself. How to recall the login with the key from the router, we will tell in our article.

If the Internet at home is connected through the fiber-optic connection from Rostelecom or Beltelecom BYFLY, Wi-Fi routers go special models such as ZYXEL. On the back of the case there is a sticker with information. So look at the password on the router. As a rule, it works.

In the next video-the simplest ways to find out the password from Wi-Fi:


I will tell you as easier and understandable, by steps. There is nothing wrong, so we don’t get scared. The method is also suitable for computers with an additional Wi-Fi module.

  • Turn on your laptop and wait until it boots.
  • Automatically Windows 7 should connect a laptop to a Wi-Fi network. And at the very bottom you will see the ladder icon, which speaks of connecting with a wireless network. Just click on it with the right button. A small menu will come out, where it will be necessary to choose the last control center on top.
find, password, wi-fi, computer
  • Now you should see several connections, both wired and wireless. Our task is to choose a Wi-Fi laptop module. It is indicated by the same icon of ladder. If there are several, then select the one under the name “Wireless Network” will be the name of your home network. Book with the right button on this Connect and select from the drop.down menu “condition”. In the condition of the button “Property of the wireless network”, which is located to the right from the “Information” button.
  • There is already a little left, and we are already closer to the goal. Click on the second tab related to security. You will see what type of encryption and safety your router uses. And in the lowest field, where the points will be your password from Wi-Fay. It is enough to press on the checkmark below, and you will see the treasured symbols. If they leave, read the next chapter.

Now you can save this sequence of characters and use to connect any device.

View password in router settings

The second way to find out the Wi-Fi password, which can be used not only from a computer or laptop, but also, for example, from a tablet-go into the router settings and see it in the safety parameters of a wireless network. over, if the password is unknown to you at all and is not saved on any device, you can connect to the router using a wired connection.

The only condition is that you should know the data for entering the Router settings web-integer. The login and password are usually written on the sticker on the device itself (though the password usually changes with the initial setting of the router), there is also an address for entering. details about this in the leadership how to go into the settings of the router.

After the entrance, everything you need (and it does not depend on the brand and model of the router), find the item of the wireless network settings, and the Wi-Fi safety parameters in it. It is there that you can see the password used, and then use it to connect your devices.

How to watch Wi-Fi password on Windows 10 computer-video

And in conclusion-a video in which you can see the use of the described methods of viewing the saved key Wi-Fi network.

If something does not work out or does not work as I described-ask questions below, I will answer.

Additional methods

In addition to the methods described above, you can use additional methods to find out the Wi-Fi password:

  • If from any of the devices there is the opportunity to go to the router web-integer router, the Wi-Fi password can usually be viewed in the wireless (Wi-Fi or WLAN) security parameters.
  • You can use third-party programs for viewing saved passwords from Wi-Fi network, for example, free NIRSOFT WirelesskeyView (keep in mind that antivirus can negatively treat this program, since it theoretically can use unauthorized receipt of Wi-Fi passwords from someone else’s computer).

As a rule, one of the proposed methods is enough to determine the Wi-Fi password, provided that you have the opportunity to connect to this network. If there are questions. ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will try to help.

Using programs

Two ways above. universal. They can be used on any PC with Windows operating system. But there are lazy methods, if you have already forgotten-set a program that will do the same for you and calmly see the password from Wi-Fi.

I am not a lover of such methods and I do not advise you! There is a risk of bad infection

But if you decide, look for programs from categories of password recovery. But there are also specific ones like WirelesskeyView.

There are many free offers, an alternative to find a password can become Wi-Fi Password Decryptor.

We will find out the password from Wi-Fi in the settings of the router

The next method will help to find out the password from Vifay through the router settings. In order to use this method, you need to have access to the router’s settings: you need to know the login and password.

Run the browser on the computer, enter the IP address into the address line, depending on the settings of your router:

find, password, wi-fi, computer

In the window that opens to enter the router settings, enter the user name and password (this is not a password from a wireless network).

find, password, wi-fi, computer

By default, most routers use the same name and password: “admin” (without quotation marks). If the name and password have never changed, then with these data it will be possible to enter the router settings. Next, I will show how to find a password from Wi-Fi, on the example of routers TP-Link TL-WR841N or TL-WR841ND.

In the settings of the TP-Link router, Open the Wireless Mode tab, and then click on “Wireless Access Protection”.

In the parameters of the active mode in the “Wireless Network Password” field, you will see a Wi-Fi password.

Select and then copy the password using the keyboard “Ctrl” “C”. Open the notebook, click on the “Ctrl” “V” keys to insert password. Save a text file with a password on a computer.

How to find out the password of your Wi-Fi on a computer running MacOS?

You should not exclude various software failures, after which the user did not have a saved PSK Slok. A similar situation can occur after Windows reinstallation/reinstalls.

Using a wired cable, connect the router’s LAN connector to the PC network card connector, enter the router settings and adhere to the guidance given in this paragraph of our article.

How to see the saved password of the wireless network

If your laptop connects to a wireless network without problems, and does it automatically, it is quite possible that you have long forgotten your password. This can cause completely explained problems in cases where you need to connect a new device to the Internet, for example, a tablet. This is what should be done in this case in different versions of Windows OS, also at the end of the leadership there is a separate method that is suitable for everyone the last OS from Microsoft and allows you to see all the saved Wi-Fi passwords at once.

The actions necessary to look at your password at the wireless Wi-Fi network are almost identical to Windows 10 and Windows 8.one. There is also a separate, more detailed instruction on the site-how to look at your password on Wi-Fi in Windows 10.

First of all, for this you must be connected to the network, the password from which you need to find out. Further steps look as follows:

  • Go to the network control center and total access. This can be done through the control panel or: in Windows 10, click on the notification connection icon, press the “network parameters” (or “open the network and Internet parameters”), after that, select “Networks control and general access” on the parameters page. In Windows 8.1. click on the connection icon at the bottom right, select the desired menu item.
  • In the network control center and total access, in the section of viewing active networks, you will see a wireless network to the list of connections to which are currently connected. Click by its name.
  • In the Wi-Fi state window that appears, click the “Properties of the Wireless Network” button, and in the next window, on the Safety tab, mark “display the entered signs” in order to see the Wi-Fi password saved on the computer.

That’s all, now you know your Wi-Fi password and you can use it to connect other Internet devices.

How to Find your WiFi Password Windows 11 WiFi Free and Easy [Tutorial]

There is a faster option to do the same thing: press the Windows R keys and enter the “Perform” NCPA window into the window.CPL (then press OK or Enter), then click on the “Wireless Network” with the right mouse button and select the “Status” item. Then. use the third of the steps described above to see the saved password of the wireless network.

find, password, wi-fi, computer

We take out a password on an Android mobile phone

With smartphones and tablets based on Android, more complicated, because the password can only be found out if there are Root rights. The installation of Root rights is individual for different devices. You can look for instructions on your phone or tablet on the Internet.

When the Root rights will be established (maybe you already have them), install the application:

How to view saved Wi-Fi Passwords in Windows 7

Launch the application, skip the advertisement and go to the Scanned Wi-Fi tab. At the very top will be your Wi-Fi connection to see the password press the “Show PWD” button.

As an option, if there is no way to install the application, you can use any file manager to get to the file along the path “Internal memory:/DATA/MISC/Wi-Fi/”. In the file “WPA_SUPPLICANT.Conf “Find a line with the meaning” PSK “-this is the key to Wi-Fi.