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As practice has shown, a good result in camouflaging from thermal imagers can be given by an ordinary canvas soldier’s raincoat-tent. Some craftsmen increase its protective properties by hemming on one side a life-saving thermal blanket (a thin film covered with a metallized reflective material. It is used as part of a first aid kit. Other names are a space blanket, a thermal blanket.) And also, if you wet your raincoat with water, the level of protection will rise a little more.

And yet, for a short time, you can hide with a raincoat from the combined arms protective kit (OZK). It gives a good effect, but after a while the heat that accumulates under the cloak will begin to come out and will unmask you. It must be remembered that any heaters “work” only for a while, Until they are warmed up.

A good result is given by a fireproof suit, which is used by firefighters to work in high temperature zones. It covers the face, arms, legs, but in it a person loses in mobility.

By the way, on the basis of fire-resistant suits, they are now trying to produce special camouflage capes, however, again, there is a 100% guarantee, there is only a decrease in visibility.

The thermal imager will be deceived. Hide from the thermal imager

A floor completely invisible to the thermal imager is possible only if it is located in a room with solid walls or in a well-equIPped dugout. That is, hide from the eyes of the enemy and DO NOT stick out. Although, according to rumors, there are samples of military uniforms that reduce the visibility of a person in the infrared spectrum. They even sell allegedly fabric with such properties. By its structure, the form that reduces thermal visibility resembles thermal underwear, that is, it retains heat and removes moisture so that the body does NOT overheat. But these developments do not provide a guaranteed shelter from a thermal imager, although under certain conditions they demonstrate good results. It is possible to reduce visibility, but to hide completely is not yet possible.

PrecIPitation, fog, smoke, etc. Do not interfere with image acquisition as a result of the conversion of thermal radiation from objects.

It should only be taken into account that carbon dioxide and water vapor can also capture thermal radiation, which can slightly distort the temperature picture of objects, however, these distortions are very insignificant and cannot significantly affect the operation of the thermal imager.

Even various objects on the ground DO NOT interfere with the operation of the thermal imager. If a good camouflage can deceive the camera, then it is absolutely powerless over thermal imaging devices. Therefore, the operation of the thermal imager does NOT depend on the location in which the survey is conducted (plain, forest, bush, etc.).

Firing positions and secrets are especially well visible through the thermal imager. At one time, the Chechens even disseminated among their militants recommendations on how to mask field camps from observers armed with a thermal imager.

For example, it is recommended that “in order to reduce the likelihood of detection with a thermal imager, it is necessary to exclude or reduce the radiation of heat from your body. If you do not have a specialized foreign uniform, the easiest way is to put on cotton pants, a quilted jacket, thick gloves and a multilayer balaclava, under the clothes. thermal underwear, preferably composite, which is made of various materials, synthetic and natural. But we must remember that clothes will warm up over time and become visible to the thermal imager. If you are in place, you can cover yourself with a rug. A polypropylene mat with foil will create an additional obstacle to revealing your heat, and, accordingly, protection from thermal imagers of enemy observers and snIPers. ” It is also advised to erect shelter from a thermal imager in the form of a shield in positions. It is believed that a tightly knocked down wooden shield of sufficient size, sheathed with aluminum foil on the back side, will close the thermal circuit of the temporary or observer. But it is necessary to make sure that in sunny weather during the day this shield does NOT heat up in the sun, otherwise it will “glow” at night. Ordinary glass covers well from observation in a thermal imager, better. a glass unit. At the same time, so that the shield or letter of glass does not look like a dark spot of correct geometry in the thermal imager, it is necessary to fix an imitation of vegetation on their surface. Remember the story of the shooting at the Attorney General? Now you understand that it was all a simple “artistic whistle”!

“Vaccinations” from the thermal imager

In the lists of equIPment that fighters usually ask to deliver to the front lines on both sides in the combat zone in Donbas, the thermal imager is among the top five needs. And not without reason. the device has extraordinary capabilities for observing the enemy. Along with this, the military is very concerned about the question of how to hide from the enemy thermal imager.

Even ten years ago, in the army of developed countries, night vision devices (NVD) were widely used to detect the enemy in the dark. NVG allows you to see objects with minimal natural light. But, unlike a thermal imager, it is absolutely useless in poor visibility. in fog or on a moonless night with a night vision device, you will NOT actually see anything. But the thermal imager captures thermal radiation and does not require illumination of objects of observation to create a picture. And since all objects, one way or another, emit heat, the use of thermal imagers in military affairs is difficult to overestimate.

Operation “CURTAIN

I think for today, the most promising direction in this matter is to try to interfere with the operation of the thermal imager and not hide from it. Realizing that it is very difficult to hide from a thermal imager, some craftsmen have come up with a way to reduce the effectiveness of enemy thermal imagers by simple preventive measures. The effectiveness of thermal imaging camouflage measures depends on the current conditions. the season, air temperature, the presence of sunny days, terrain and other factors. Who would have thought, but tree trunks in hot weather heat up during the day so that they “glow” almost all night, and this fact can be used by hiding behind a tree or wooden parapet. But in winter this trick will be impossible.

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In night clashes, the barrels of the weapon after the first shot will “glow” brightly and for a long time, unmasking the position of the shooter. And a cigarette, even if you hide it in your palm or sleeve, will be practically a “searchlight” in the thermal imager, which will brightly illuminate the target for a snIPer. In this case, in addition to camouflage, it is advised to use the method of misleading the enemy with false thermal objects. Metal cans or boxes with heat from a fire or a lighted candle, placed in front of a position in the direction of observation, will be bright spots on the screen of an enemy thermal imager for about a day. Against their background, it will be more difficult to track down the observer, disguised by one of the above methods. And among the many false targets, the heated barrel of the machine gun will just be one of the bright spots, among many. Experienced military personnel are also advised to check the effectiveness of the anti-thermal imaging mayor using their own equIPment. over, to do this at different times of the day, in different places, if possible. with different devices. The very same to understand what the enemy can see in order to avoid fatal mistakes.