Method 3

It’s time to move on to more sophisticated methods of rolling back your Android smartphone or tablet to factory settings. First, let’s take a look at resetting via recovery mode. To start Recovery, you need to hold down several keys, depending on the manufacturer of the device:

  • volume down button device on / off button;
  • volume up button on / off key;
  • volume up or down button Home key power key;
  • volume up button volume down button device on / off button.

If you press and hold the indicated items for about 10–20 seconds, your smartphone / tablet will turn off and start in Recovery mode. The further algorithm of actions is as follows:

    go to the item “Wipe data / factory reset”;

click on the “Yes. delete all user data” button;

Again, in Xiaomi and Meizu, this method has several differences. So, in the first case, the recovery mode is launched by holding down the volume up button and the on / off key, and it is available initially in Chinese. Therefore, first you need to switch the language. press the right button located in the second row from the bottom. Then everything is simple:

  • click “OK”;
  • select “Wipe data”;
  • confirm the action by clicking on the “Confirm” button.

    After that, you need to go back to Recovery and restart your device. The first start-up may take even a few minutes.

    As for Meizu, here, too, everything is not the same as on other smartphones. You can start Recovery by holding down the same keys as in the case of Xiaomi. Volume “” and the power button. Then you just need to select the item “Clear data”, and then click “Start”.

    To navigate the recovery mode, you must use the hardware keys. So, to move down the list, you should press the volume down button, and you can go up by pressing the volume up button. The on / off key of the smartphone / tablet is responsible for confirming the action.

    Method 4

    Now let’s find out about one of the most unusual factory reset options on smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system. It consists in using a special service that was developed by Google and called “Find My Device”. But right away you need to stipulate two nuances:

    • smartphone / tablet must be connected to the Internet;
    • The device must be signed in to a Google account.

    Without these two conditions, you will not be able to perform a Hard Reset. First you need to follow the link, log into your account (the same as on the device), click on “Erase data”, click on the “Clear” button and confirm action.

    Method 5

    A few words should be given to one of the most popular custom Recovery. TWRP. Its advantage lies in the fact that it makes it possible to delete individual parameters of the smartphone, and not all at once.

    To do this, select the “Wipe” section in the main menu, and then you should perform your choice of the action you need:

    • swiping from left to right performs a Factory Reset;
    • “Advanced Wipe” allows you to mark the sections that need to be removed;
    • “Format Data” allows you to format the device and delete all data from the memory.

    To confirm the action in the last two cases, a swipe across the screen is also used. To reboot the device, you need to click on the “Reboot System” button.

    Method 2

    There is another method, thanks to which you can easily roll back the device to the factory settings. Its disadvantage is that it cannot be used if the device does not turn on.

    On most smartphones and tablets, factory reset is done in the Backup and reset section of the options menu. The device will show you what data you are at risk of losing. If everything suits you, feel free to confirm the action by entering a password or a pattern (if such protection is installed).

    Things are a little different on smartphones and tablets from companies such as Meizu and Xiaomi. The thing is that these manufacturers decided to hide the rollback function to factory settings. So, to reset the parameters on Meizu, you need to do the following:

    • open the options menu;
    • select the item “About phone”;
    • go to the “Memory” section;
  • click on the “Reset settings” button;
  • check the item “Data deletion”;
  • click on the “Restore” button located at the very bottom of the display.
  • On Xiaomi tablets and smartphones, open the “Advanced” section in the settings, then go to the “Restore and reset” tab, then click on “Reset settings”, select “Personal data” and confirm the action with a password, fingerprint, pattern or PIN.

    How to factory reset Android

    Most of the owners of smartphones running Android OS have experienced slowdowns in the operation of the device. You can fix the problem by resetting all settings. After that, the device should work again without lags. However, if the braking was not caused by the software, but by hardware malfunctions, rolling back the parameters will not help. Today we will figure out how to reset the phone to factory settings.

    Hard Reset will erase the data stored in the internal memory. Files located on the memory card will remain intact.

    There are several ways to reset Android settings:

    • via the options menu;
    • through recovery mode;
    • using secret codes;
    • via Fastboot mode;
    • using Google service.

    Method 1

    I would like to start with the simplest method of resetting the parameters to the factory settings, namely, using the service codes. In order to use this method, you do not need to obtain superuser rights or perform any other complex manipulations. You just need to type one of the following key combinations on your smartphone:

    • 27673855 #;
    • ###;
    • ###;

    How to Factory Reset Android Phone Using Menu

    All operations will be carried out from the OS Android main menu. You need to go to the “Settings” item, select the tab called “Privacy” there, and then click on the “Reset Settings” tab.

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    As you can see in the photo above, here you can activate the following items:

    • “Data backup” (“Data copying”). The system will automatically save copies of all applications installed on your device, settings from Google services, as well as data on each Wi-Fi network previously saved in the phone.
    • “Auto recovery”. All programs will be automatically restored with all settings.

    Click the “Reset settings” item and confirm your desire to erase the data. You will be presented with a window with a list of data that is deleted after a factory reset. As soon as the phone restarts, you can reinstall any programs, add accounts.

    How to do a factory reset on Android

    There are three ways in total, and they differ significantly from each other. Let’s analyze each of them in detail:

    • Reset in phone settings
    • Reset with service codes
    • Reset by keys

    What the user will lose from their device?

    If you do not want to lose data, then create backups in order to restore them in whole or in part later. We also recommend that you copy some photos and videos to a PC or another phone with a certain period of time.

    All the ways to factory reset your Android device

    Not a single user can be insured and is 100% sure of the quality of his mobile phone, and even more so, in the reliability of the operating system and other installed applications. Perhaps smartphones have become smarter, more convenient, but the problems in many cases remain the same. complete phone failure, the appearance of non-standard errors, glitches and freezes, mute and much more. As a rule, in the Android operating system, most problems can be solved on their own, and at the same time it is not necessary to carry the phone to the nearest service center, paying several thousand rubles for actions that you can perform yourself without much effort.

    In this article, we will tell you how to reset the settings on Android to factory settings, what it is for, what the consequences will be after the reset.

    Reset with service codes

    In the Android system, as in any other (Java, Symbian), there are special codes with which you can activate the restore operation to factory settings.

    Attention! The codes may change, they may not be suitable for your model or version of Android, so follow all the operations carefully! We are not responsible for all actions, and we provide information with codes for review.

    Here are some codes. You will need to go to the dialing mode of the phone and enter one of these:

    • ###
    • 27673855 #
    • ###

    Reset with keys (using Recovery)

    Each Android smartphone has dedicated keys that you can use to initiate the factory reset process. Since most phones at the moment are provided with a touch screen, the reset keys are mainly the volume keys, the Home button, the power key.

    Here is a sample list of buttons that will allow you to reset your settings:

    • “Volume down” “Turn on the device”. This is one of the most common combinations used on many phones. Try it first. If it does not work, then see the list below.
    • “Volume up” “Volume down”.
    • Power on device Home key Volume up.
    • “Volume up” “Volume down” “Turn on the device”.
    • Volume Up Home Key.

    Hold and press the keys at the same time. The approximate retention time is 2-5 seconds. As soon as the system enters a special mode. Recovery, you will see a menu on your screen.

    To move through the list, use the volume up and down keys, because the devices are mostly touch-sensitive!

    Find the wipe data / factory reset item and click on it. Sometimes this item is not on the list, but instead there will be one of them: Clear eMMC, Clear Flash! As soon as you click on the selected tab, the system will ask for confirmation.

    Select Yes. and at the end press the menu item Reboot System. this is the restart of the operating system.

    In some versions of Android, the items presented may vary depending on the version, but the menu is mostly the same type. We also strongly recommend that you look at the manual of your mobile device before calling the menu or using the codes. Sometimes there are already registered service codes and keys for resetting the settings.


    On the devices of this South Korean brand, it will be enough to hold down the “Power” and “Volume Up” keys. When the phone starts vibrating, release the first button and keep holding the second button. When the list of options appears, go to the next step.

    Asus and Acer

    Here, as well as on other devices, there is a standard option for entering the Recovery mode. Two buttons “Power” and “Volume down” are clamped simultaneously and remain in this state until the menu appears to restore the device’s performance. At the next stage, follow the algorithm proposed above.

    Using the keys on the phone

    Depending on the type of problem and the current state of the smartphone, the first option may not always be effective. The most acceptable option is to reset the settings using physical buttons located on the body of the device. This method is used when loading:

    • a logo in the form of a green man appears, hanging tightly on the screen;
    • moving between menu options becomes problematic;
    • pop-up notifications about errors in the operation of the operating system;
    • display problems.

    The main conditions for using this option are: a fully charged phone and serviceable external keys. To enter Recovery mode, you need to do the following:

    • Press the “Power” button and wait until the smartphone turns off completely;
    • While holding down two, less often three keys at the same time, go to the main menu of the recovery mode;
    • Select the option “wipe data / factory reset”, “delete all user data” and then “Reboot system now”.

    To move between menu items use the volume control carriage, to select an option. the power key. Depending on the manufacturer, the key combination to be pressed may differ.


    Hold down two keys: “Power on” and “Volume up”. Hold the buttons until the logo of the manufacturer or Android appears on the screen. a small green man, and the smartphone itself starts vibrating. Release the combination and go to a dialog box prompting you to choose one of the most satisfactory options.

    Xiaomi and Meizu

    To reset the settings on these devices, the use of two keys is also provided: “Power on” and “Volume up”. Release the first button as soon as the manufacturer’s logo appears.

    Volume Down and Power buttons. Here you need to be careful: after the manufacturer’s logo is displayed on the screen, release both buttons for exactly 1 second, and then hold them down again and hold until the system prompts you to enter Recovery mode.

    The manufacturer decided to provide a rather original solution to the problem. The device must be connected to the power supply and wait for the green indicator to light up. Find the hole with the recessed “Reset” key, and carefully press it with a special paper clip. Wait for the moment when the display lights up, and press the “Power” button several times in a row. After releasing it, go to the volume control carriage and also press it several times from the side of increasing the sound.

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    Google nexus

    On the switched off device, still hold down two keys. “Power” and “Volume Down”. When the menu appears, release the buttons and select the “Clear storage” option. Confirm the operation by pressing the keys “Volume UP” and “Power”.

    How to Factory Reset Honor Phone from System Menu

    This function on all smartphones is available in two ways. through the settings of the smartphone and through the so-called hot keys.

    Step-by-step instructions on how to reset Honor to factory settings from the menu:

    • open “Settings”;
    • scroll down to the bottom and look for the “System” item there;
    • open it;
    • then in the menu that opens, find the “Restore and reset” tab or simply “Reset” (depending on the model: 6a / 7a / 8x / 9 lite / 10);
    • there you click on the item “Restore factory settings”;
    • the system window of the operating software will open, warning the user that all information from the internal media will be deleted and cannot be restored (these are both accounts and data, personal settings of the gadget and applications, installed software);
    • for a successful reset, you need to confirm the action and agree with the requirement;
    • click in the area of ​​the inscription “Reset phone settings”;
    • wait until the set parameters are reset and rebooted;
    • set up your phone again (time, date, language, theme, Wi-Fi, sounds and more).

    “Hard Reset” through the Recovery menu

    To implement a Hard Reset on Honor through the menu of the internal operating system of the Recovery, you must use the hot keys on the smartphone. Next, we will explain step by step how it is. This path of completion and cleaning is valuable because if the system hangs badly and nothing can be done, there will be no problems.

    • Enter the Restore menu (most often this is possible by simultaneously pressing the lock and volume buttons).
    • Go to the Wipe data / factory reset item, select it.
    • The device is rebooting.
    • Wait for the end, restart your phone again, set up.

    How to reset an Honor phone to factory settings: do a “Hard Reset

    How to factory reset Huawei phone? This question is asked by those whose device began to freeze, the memory is clogged and it is impossible to manually free up space. Then reset is the only way to update the gadget, rid it of unnecessary harmful files, optimize the operation of the device as a whole.

    What is “Hard Reset”?

    Hard Reset is a radical way to return your smartphone to the settings provided by the manufacturer. This includes:

    • utility language;
    • interface design;
    • stylization and themes;
    • sounds;
    • filling with applications;
    • clearing the memory of internal (by default) and external (user-selectable) drives;
    • custom settings.

    Many users have repeatedly encountered such problems:

    • the phone is very dull;
    • responds to user requests many times longer than usual;
    • does not open some functions;
    • produces unknown crashes and errors;
    • constantly writes that there is no free space in the smartphone, although the memory is manually cleared;
    • itself turns off or applications crash;
    • photos and videos taken with the camera are not saved;
    • files appear and are deleted in a chaotic manner.

    Honor 7 factory reset

    In most cases, the emergency reboot option helps to successfully resolve such problems.

    How to factory reset Honor using three buttons

    You don’t need to do anything further. Wait until the operating system is restarted, and set up your smartphone again. time, date, language, theme, Wi-Fi, sounds and more.

    How to reset data on Honor or Huawei?

    Tap on the “Settings” icon on the desktop.

    Important! If your system interface is different, use the menu search by the word “reset” (without quotes).

    Tap on the item “Restore factory settings”.

    Read the information on this page, and if you agree, click on the “Reset phone settings”.

    If desktop protection is installed, you will be prompted for a password. After that, it remains only to confirm the reset.

    The device will be rebooted and cleared, then reboot again and you will receive the smartphone as from the factory. Remember that it cannot be rebooted by itself during cleaning, and also make sure that the battery is sufficiently charged so that the smartphone does not turn off when the data is reset.

    How to hard reset honour 7x | Honor 7x phone unlock

    How to factory reset Honor or Huawei?

    There is nothing difficult in doing a data reset on your Huawei or Honor smartphone, however, you should understand that if you reset, all information from the device will be deleted, so take care of transferring data to another device in advance. If you’re ready, then let’s get started.

    Resetting data with buttons

    The best option if, for example, the sensor does not work and there is a suspicion that the problem will be solved by resetting the data.

    Turn off your smartphone by pressing the shutdown button. On the screen, press “Shutdown”.

    After turning off the smartphone, simultaneously press the power and volume keys.

    When the smartphone turns on, release the power key, but hold the volume up button until the recovery menu loads. The menu is loaded. Using the volume keys, select the Wipe data / factory reset item and confirm the action by pressing the power key.

    On the next page, select Wipe data / factory reset again and, if necessary, enter the words yes.

    Data reset starts. Wait for the end. Then select Reboot System Now.

    Smartphone will restart normally like new.

    By the way, if you do not untie the device from your Google account, the next time you turn on the device after resetting, you need to enter the password from it. Make sure to remember the password.

    Hard Reset (Factory Reset). All Huawei phones with Android 8.0 (Mate, Honor, P10, P10 Lite)

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    How to factory reset on Honor

    Android smartphones are capable of working for a long time. But sooner or later the moment comes when they start to glitch, slow down, hang. This happens due to the accumulation of a large amount of system garbage, program report files, cache, temporary files and others. Even special cleaning programs cannot cope with it. In such situations, it is time to implement a Hard Reset. This article will show you how you can do a factory reset on your Honor device.

    Resetting the settings from the Recovery Menu on the Honor 10 smartphone

    If, under any circumstances, you want to reset the settings of your mobile device cleanly, you can do this through the Recovery menu. To do this, you need to get into the service menu of the mobile device. Even if this process completes successfully, all of your data will be deleted. If you disagree with this outcome, try to remember your password.

    In the event that the data is not too important for you, you can continue:

      If the phone is currently on, turn it off;

    factory, reset, android, honor

    How to Reset Google Settings and Password in Honor

    It often happens that users reset the settings on the Honor 8, but they cannot remember the password from their Google account when they log in. In this case, you will not be able to log in.

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    The following method will help you log in even if you do not know the login information:

      We turn on the smartphone and log into the device until the moment when the smartphone prompts us to select a Wi-Fi network for connection. Select your network and enter your username and password;

    Thus, this new password will work for both the keyboard pin and Google account. Once you are logged in, remove the current password from your Google account in your smartphone. Come up with data and create a new account. But this time, be sure to write it down so you don’t forget it again.

    How to reset all settings on Honor 9 Lite

    If you need to reset Honor‘s settings in the event of a malfunction, this can be done through the general settings of the mobile device. But keep in mind that all your data will be deleted: photos, downloaded games and their progress, videos, applications, music. Therefore, before resetting, all valuable data must be transferred to a USB flash drive, computer or cloud storage.

    After saving important files, follow these instructions:

    • Find the gear icon in the main menu and click it;
    • Find the item “Accounts” in the settings;

    After rebooting, you will see the Android or mobile device manufacturer’s logo. The process lasts from a minute to several minutes. After the reset, you will need to enter your Google account credentials to use your Honor device again.

    Step by step instructions for Honor 7

    The 7th Honor smartphone can be reset to factory settings in the same way as other models. There are just a few features that may differ. For example, keys to get into a special menu for reset. Any reset implies the complete deletion of user data on the device. Therefore, transfer them to a separate device in advance.

    • Turn off your mobile phone;
    • Then press the power and volume up buttons at the same time;

    In this case, you must enter the data from your Google account to continue logging in. As you can see, doing a factory reset on Honor is quite simple. All devices from this manufacturer are equipped with a simplified Recovery menu.

    Select “Reset Android Lock”

    Download, install and run Huawei Data Recovery Utility and go to the ” Tools” section. Then select “Remove Android Lock Screen”, this will allow you to remove the PIN, Patterns, Password and Fingerprint passwords. Then connect your Android device and click “Get Started” to get started.

    factory, reset, android, honor
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    Reset Huawei

    Reset Huawei from the settings menu

    Does the first option sound too difficult for you? Do not worry! If you don’t want to go into details and are still learning how to reset Huawei, then this next option is right for you. Instead of entering your device’s recovery menu, you can simply use the interface and reset your device in less time.

    Step 1. Go to the “Settings” option on your device and look for the “Backup and reset” option. It will either be located under the “Personal” or “Advanced settings” (depending on the version of Android). If you have a password on your phone, you will need to use it.

    Reset Huawei

    Step 2. From there select the “Factory Data Reset” option.

    Reset Huawei

    Step 3. The interface will let you know how the reset will work. You can still back up your data using a third party interface. Just click on the “Reset Device” button and the reset process will begin.

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    Reset Huawei

    Reset Huawei via Google Android

    Android Manager can find, lock and erase Huawei smartphone by searching features on most Huawei Android phones. Sign in to the web app using your Gmail address and password (link under Resources), and. if you have more than one Android device on your account. select the correct device name from the drop-down menu at the top. Click the “Erase” button if the phone was installed by Google. This will not work if you have not previously registered your phone in Android Manager.

    Reset Huawei without Google credentials

    However, without access to a Google account, you need to reset your device using external buttons. This procedure is model dependent, but typically involves holding down a combination of buttons at the same time until the device enters recovery mode. For example, Huawei’s Valiant and Vitria models require you to press the Volume Up and Power keys for a few seconds until an Android robot with a red error icon appears on the screen. At this point, you can navigate the recovery menu using the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons and select the option to erase the device.

    Enter Download Mode on Your Huawei Phones

    from. Press the volume up button to enter download mode.

    How to Restore Your Huawei Phone in Android Recovery Menu

    One of the easiest and most effective ways to reset any Android phone is by using the recovery menu. This is a manual way to reset your Huawei device so you can get the best results in less time. Follow the steps below to reset Huawei easily.

    Step 1. Remember what we mentioned above? Turn off your phone. When off, press the power, home and volume buttons at the same time. This will enable the Android Recovery menu.

    Step 2. After that, you will see a wide range of options. Use the volume up and down buttons to scroll until you see the “wipe data / factory reset” option.

    Reset Huawei

    factory, reset, android, honor

    Step 3. Press the power button to select this option. Now wait.

    Step 4. After a while, the screen should be changed. Then select the “reboot system now” option. After the process is complete, the device will reboot.

    Reset Huawei

    Preparation. reset Huawei

    You wouldn’t start cooking before you cooked meat, would you? The same rule applies to your phone. Before you learn how to restore this Huawei device, there are several prerequisites that you should keep in mind. This is a basic list of things to help you get your phone ready before actually resetting your Huawei phone.

    • Asus password, how to find out the password from the router and how to reset if forgot.

    reset Huawei

    • Turn off your Huawei phone before resetting.
    • Make sure it has at least 70% battery life. Resetting your phone completely absorbs the battery, so you must charge your phone to avoid any problems.
    • It may take a while to do a hard reset on your Huawei phone, but if you feel that it is taking too long and it is frozen, you need to remove the battery and wait 10 seconds to reinstall the battery and restart the phone again. You should also make sure that your phone is not connected to a charger during this time.
    • Back up your phone.
    • Before resetting, try clearing cache data from your phone. This will speed up the whole reboot process.

    Now, let’s move on to how you can reset your Huawei phone using three simple methods.

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