how to reset your Samsung phone and tablet to factory settings

By dialing code

This option is applicable under the same conditions as the previous one. In addition, he can help you out in case of problems in the system menu, if you still have access to the application for calls.

To activate the factory reset procedure, enter one of the following codes on the Samsung phone keypad:

  • 27673855 #
  • ###
  • ###


After pressing the call button, the device will reboot and all data from it will be deleted.

Via the system menu

This method is preferable when the device boots up and works more or less normally, that is, you have access to the system menu and all on-screen buttons.

  • Open the system settings utility and go to the “General” section. Some Samsung models do not have this section. If this is your case, proceed to the next step.
  • Tap the “Reset” button or its equivalent. “Privacy”, “Archiving (archiving) and reset”.
  • Go to “Reset device (data)”.
  • Click “Delete All” or “Reset“.

After a few seconds, the device will restart in a zeroed state.

Preparing for a hard reset

Before proceeding with restoring a mobile gadget to factory settings, if the situation permits, copy all important information from it to external media, for example, to a computer hard drive or to the cloud.

It is convenient to save contacts on the Google service of the same name. To do this, copy them from SIM cards to the phone memory and log in to the device under the Google account to which you want to transfer them. Synchronization will take place automatically.

If this is not possible, install a cloud service client on your mobile device, for example, Google Drive or Yandex.Disk, enter the “Files” section, click “Upload to disk” and select the data to save.

To avoid having to enter the owner’s login and password when starting the device after the reset, delete your Google account from the system.

Immediately before recovery, charge the device to at least 25-30% or connect to a power source, and remove the memory card and SIM from it.

What is a factory reset and when to apply it

Resetting or hard resetting any mobile gadget on Android (not only Samsung Galaxy) is clearing its permanent memory from all applications, settings and files, except for those installed by the manufacturer.

The reset function is intended for:

  • Restoring the device to operability in case of software problems and malware infection, when the failure cannot be eliminated using milder methods.
  • Preparing a gadget for sale or transfer to another user.
  • Optimizations after firmware update.

After a hard reset, no user data remains on the smartphone, except for those stored on the removable memory card and SIM (contacts). However, in some cases, the changes made by the user are still saved. Namely:

  • If, before the rollback, the device was root. Preinstalled applications removed with superuser rights are not restored after a reset.
  • When FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is activated. enhanced protection of the owner’s data in case of loss or theft of the phone.

A device with FRP enabled, even after a hard reset, will ask for a user account password, without which access to the system is impossible. Therefore, it is completely pointless to rollback on such a device in order to delete a forgotten password.

Physical buttons

This method is used for the most serious problems. He is the only salvation when the device does not load the operating system or insurmountable problems arise during its launch. For example, blocking by a ransomware virus.

Fortunately, Android devices, including Samsung, have a Recovery menu with a hard reset function for such a case. This menu can be accessed even when the main system has completely lost its functionality.

To enter Recovery, turn off your phone or tablet by long pressing the power button. Then press one of the following key combinations:

  • Home Power Volume up.
  • Bixby (Voice Assistant Activation Button) Power Volume Up.
  • Power Volume up (on devices with a touch home button).

After the manufacturer’s splash screen appears on the screen, release the power button. Continue to hold the rest until the inscription “Samsung Galaxy” changes to the menu “Android Recovery”.

  • Using the volume keys to navigate, highlight the “Wipe Data \ Factory Reset” item. Press the power button once to confirm the selection.
  • Confirm your choice again by pressing “Yes” or “Yes, delete all user data”. This will start the process of zeroing user data.
  • When you return to the Recovery menu screen, select the “Reboot system now” command. The machine will restart.

If the reset and restore is successful, after a few seconds you will see the desktop, which will look the same when you pick up the phone for the first time.

Fourth Way to Factory Reset Android Samsung Galaxy. With Bixby Button

Many smartphones are constantly changing over the years. An example of this is the entire family of Note models that lack the physical Home button.

All we need to do is turn off the phone and then simultaneously hold down the “power, volume up and Bixby” buttons.

We keep them until a blue background with an Android robot appears on our phone. Wait a few seconds, waiting for further reaction of the system (we no longer need to press anything).

How to hard reset your android phone (Samsung)

Over time, we will find several system commands there, but we are interested in “Wipe data / factory reset”.

To select the appropriate command, we use the volume buttons to control them throughout the menu.

After we have chosen the correct position, in the next step we select the “power” button, which we use to confirm the command.

Our phone will automatically execute several commands on the screen, after which it will return us to the main menu, where all you need to do is select “Reboot system now”.

of proven ways to restore settings on Samsung Galaxy phone

Restoring factory settings on a Samsung Galaxy phone duos j5, j2, a5, j3, tab 2, j1, a3 and all others is especially useful in three situations: when we sell a phone, we want to delete all accounts, settings and files stored in memory and the code, we see an obvious failure.

Yes, a new smartphone user does not have to use your personal data, messages or photos, which could just make your life more difficult.

Serious failure or errors (e.g. no Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connectivity) are not necessarily related to physical damage to any component.

Instead of immediately sending the phone to the service, it is better to try to restore the default settings, by default.

just back up valuable data before that. You must copy photos, videos, music and other files to your computer or at least to a microSD memory card, but settings, passwords, bookmarks and other similar data should be synchronized with your Google account.

Below I will show you how in three ways you can restore the settings of Samsung phones to those that were from the factory.

The second way to factory reset an Android Samsung Galaxy is with the physical Home button on the phone

If you have serious problems with your Samsung Galaxy series smartphone, I recommend doing a Hard Reset. This will allow you to clean your smartphone and restore it to factory settings.

Sometimes there are too many problems with our Samsung Galaxy smartphone, then one of the smart solutions is to restore.

This will allow you to restore the factory settings and erase all data. What needs to be done for this procedure?

First, “Turn off”. To do this, you can remove the battery or press and hold the power until “twilight”.

After that, if there is a Home button, press its “Increase sound” and “Power” button. We do all this at the same time.

We hold until the menu appears. In the list of available options, we need to find an item named “Wipe data / Factory reset”.

Since the touch screen does not work at this time, we move using the volume control button (up-down).

Select the mentioned option and press the “Power” button to confirm.

Then, in the next list, select “Yes. delete all user data” and again confirm with the help of the on / off button of the phone.

We wait a little (not long) and go to the final stage. choose “Reboot system now”.

After selecting and confirming, Samsung Galaxy will start normally with cleared settings and data.

Third Way to Factory Reset Android Samsung Galaxy. Without Physical Home Button on Phone

Now Samsung has started to ditch the home button, hence the configuration has changed a bit.

In fact, you need to do everything the same as I described in the section above, only after turning off we press only 2 buttons. “Increase sound” and “Power”.

Over time, you will see a splash screen, this is a sign that the buttons should be released and a menu will appear very soon, just like in the pictures in the section above.

There is no point in describing the process again. it is identical. See the pictures or read again what you need to do.

The first way to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy phone is through Settings

The easiest way to restore factory settings on your Samsung smartphone or tablet can be done in a few simple steps.

To do this, enter the word “reset” in the settings in the search engine at the top. Then select the “Reset” option that appears in the list.

You can, of course, do it differently. go along the straight path, but not on all versions of Android the path is the same, so I gave a simpler option.

Now select the Factory Defaults option and click the Reset button at the bottom. At the end, the phone may ask you to enter your PIN or password for confirmation if you have set them before.

Fifth Method. How to Restore Samsung After Factory Reset

As you can see from the title of the section, the fifth option is a way to restore not settings to Samsung, but data.

You can only do this if you had synchronization turned on before. If you did not turn it off yourself, then it should be turned on.

Then log into your Google account, the one that was before and you practically do not need to do anything.

Then Android itself will restore contacts, photos and even applications. And what to do if synchronization was not activated. Then there is a lot of work for you, but more on this in the next entry, since you will have to write a lot. Success.

Factory Reset Data on Samsung Galaxy

Resetting phone data is a forced removal of all information, including the list of contacts, messages, photos and videos, music files, mail and instant messenger settings, all installed applications. The reset option is also called in some models. reset, hard reset, factory reset. Smartphone software reverts to new.

How to properly reset to factory settings

Since the data is deleted beyond recovery, the device memory is completely cleared, you need to copy all important information to other devices or a virtual disk, for example, Yandex Disk or to your Google account.

It is also necessary, after the copying is completed, to clear all Google account data that was used to download and install applications from PlayMarket.

Important. If you do not delete your Google account data, the device will try to log in to the same account when you turn on the device. And without entering the old data, starting the phone will not work.

What is a factory reset for?

Such an operation is an extreme measure that can be resorted to in several cases.

  • When a problem arises in the operation of the device, when other methods of fixing do not help, including a simple reboot.
  • Complete deletion of data is required before selling the phone to another user.
  • Updating the device firmware also resets to factory settings.

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Via the “Settings” menu

Go to settings, select “General settings”. If there is no such tab, go to the next step.

Select the “Reset” menu. In some models, it is referred to as “Archive and Reset”, “Archive and Reset” or “Privacy”.

Find the item “Reset data” or “Reset device”.

Select the option “Reset”, “Reset device” or “Delete all”.

Start deleting all information and rebooting the device.

The device does not turn on

All versions of devices running Android 5.1 and higher are equipped with Google FRP theft protection. If you reset all data to the factory state of the phone but do not delete the Google account before this, then the device will be blocked and will not turn on without entering the data of the previous account, that is, its username and password.

Factory reset methods

How to unlock your phone

  • Log in to your previous Google account, enter your username and password, click “Next”.
  • If the data is correct, the device will start further configuration.

Then you need to repeat all the steps to reboot and reset data with the obligatory deletion of your Google account data.