How to access an IP camera through a browser

The digital age opens up new doors for users to a world of unique opportunities. One of them is connecting to a network video monitoring device. Any digital gadget is equipped with its own web interface.

In this article, we will figure out how to log into an IP camera using a unique device identifier. Simply put. by IP address. It should be understood that the implementation of this idea is impossible without observing a number of conditions. Read carefully the steps that must be taken. They are presented below.

What you need to do to log into your digital camera:

  • Connect the device to the power supply and local network using an RJ45 cable. The camera can be connected to a PC or router. at the discretion of the owner.
  • Find out the IP address of a specific device and the connection port.
  • Have with you the necessary information to pass authentication (username and password).

Important! To get into the device’s web interface, you need to connect a computer (in this article, we will take it as an example) and a digital video surveillance camera to the same local network.

Let’s implement the task

Let’s go back to the starting point of this procedure. So, the first thing the user needs to do is find out the exact IP address of the digital device and authentication data.

The address of the new IP camera can be found in the manual, which is in the box with the equipment and its accessories. If the device is not new, and has already been used before, there is a high probability that its address has been changed. In this case, the address from the box is not useful. Where to look for a new address?

To get up-to-date information, download and install any network scanner you like on your computer. For example, Angy IP Scanner. On the Internet, you can find a whole lot of analogues of this software. Choose a program at your own discretion, although it is difficult to find a fundamental difference in this type of software.

IMPORTANT! The program requires java, without this component it will not work.

Moving on. Login and password can also be found in the manual. Usually the word “admin” is entered in the login line. The password is the same. This is the standard authentication data provided by the manufacturer.

In order for the computer and digital camera to be connected to the same local network, the PC address must be changed. For example: for an IP camera ipv4, on the computer we specify a value from 2 to 253, the main requirement is that the IP is unique in the local network.

Assign PC address with subnet mask

Next, you need to open a web browser on your computer. To deal with extensive functionality, it is best to use the popular Internet Explorer browser for these purposes. It is notable for the fact that it allows you to install various plugins for video monitoring equipment.

In the address bar, you must enter the IP address of the camera and the port.

Then. pass authentication by entering your username and password in the appropriate fields. Done! Login completed. After that, the user can proceed with the planned actions.

Web-interface of a digital video surveillance camera

The web interface of the IP camera is designed to control a network device, as well as for user interaction with various sites and applications.

  • Change of static address (IP);
  • Changing the administrator password for entering the IP camera;
  • Full reset;
  • Video viewing in “real-time” mode;
  • FTP connection;
  • Port change (http);
  • Configuring mail sending;
  • Synchronization setting;
  • Changing the date and time.

What to do if you can’t log into the camera through the browser?

First, you should double-check the correctness of the information entered. If the IP address and other data are registered correctly, and you cannot enter the device, you need to act according to plan B.

In some cases, you may need to add a port in the address bar of your web browser to log into the IP camera. It must be registered after entering the IP-address of the digital video camera. How will it look in practice? Example: 81 (or 82).

How to set up a WEB-camera

One of the most popular communication methods today is video communication, which can be organized using the World Wide Web. However, to do this, you need to first configure the WEB-camera on your computer. Honestly, this is very, very easy to do.

To make our advice as informative as possible, we will tell you how to set up WEB cameras in a variety of situations. And it doesn’t matter which company your WEB-camera is: Genius, A4Tech, Logitech or any other.

How to set up a WEB-camera on a laptop

As a rule, webcams in laptops are already built-in, therefore they do not require special settings or installations. You just need to correctly install the operating system (preferably Windows 7) and connect your laptop to the Internet, and it will find all the necessary software by itself. It is worth with Honor that the camera itself does not turn on, but only works when you turn on the corresponding application, for example Skype. If the camera does not work, then you need to install the driver. You can find them either on the Internet by entering the request “WEB-camera driver for a laptop, specify its model here”, or (which is more correct), install them via the disk that comes with the laptop. Most of the problems are caused by Asus, MSI and Acer laptops.

How to properly configure a WEB-camera on a computer

Please note that for the correct operation of the WEB-camera, it is enough to connect it to the computer (via USB-output) and turn on the program that you need. As a rule, the computer itself installs the drivers and understands what kind of camera it is. If you want to adjust the clarity or quality of the video signal, then you need to install the utility (program) that comes with the WEB-camera. To do this, insert the disc into the drive, in the pop-up window, select “Install the program for working with WEB-camera”.

In addition, many programs allow you to adjust the quality of the video signal in their interface. Also, consider factors such as room lighting and the specifications of your device.

enter, web-camera, settings

How to set up a WEB-camera in Skype (Skype)

Setting up a camera in Skype is quite simple, to do this, turn on the Skype program, enter your username and password (or register). Next, go to the “Tools” tab, and then select the “Settings” item, as shown in the screenshot:

A settings window will open in front of you, in the left menu, in the “General” section, click on the “Video settings” item. Then the following window will open, in which you can enter the necessary settings for the WEB-camera in Skype:

How to set up a WEB-camera in classmates

To make calls on the Odnoklassniki social network, you just need to connect a WEB-camera to a computer or laptop and direct it towards yourself (try to sit so that the light falls on you, and not on the WEB-camera). Do not forget to check the sound from the speakers and if the microphone is connected. Naturally, you must install all the drivers for the WEB-camera, find them, as we have already said, on the disk that comes with the camera.
Sometimes the absence of an image is due to the fact that you do not have a flash player installed, and for this you need to install the Adobe Flash Player program (it is free). Then everything will be simple: move the mouse over the photo in your friend’s profile, you will see a prompt with the offer “Call ?!”. Click on this button, and then allow the social network to access your camera and microphone.

If you still have questions about setting up a WEB-camera, please ask them in the comments, but it will be even better if you ask our consultant. We work with absolutely all PC users who live in Krasnoyarsk. Low for our services will pleasantly surprise you!

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Permissions management

In Windows 10, the developers paid due attention to privacy, allowing each device to configure its own permissions for the system and separately for each application. This also applies to the webcam, so the next algorithm will be devoted to this topic.

    Open the Start Menu and go from there to Settings.

Navigate through the left panel to the “Camera” item.

The first “Change” button, located at the top, allows you to completely disable the webcam so that a computer or laptop cannot use it. The second switch is responsible for general access to the device for all applications.

Below you will see a list with available programs. Set for each of them their own restrictions or permissions by moving the sliders located opposite.

Finding and installing drivers

Before using the webcam, you will need to install the appropriate driver from the hardware manufacturer. Of course, the functionality of Windows 10 implies that the files that ensure the normal operation of the device should be found and installed automatically, but this does not always happen. Owners of laptops can read the article below on the example of ASUS to understand the principle of searching for drivers by all available methods.

As for users who purchased a webcam separately, for example, for their computer, then for them the search for the appropriate software is slightly different. Our site contains guides on the most popular models from well-known manufacturers of such devices. Click on one of the headings below to proceed to reading the appropriate instructions.

Setting up a webcam in Windows 10

If you have your webcam as a separate device and have not yet connected it to your computer, be sure to do so before starting the setup. The whole process consists of only five simple steps, which can be found at the link below.

Activating the “Windows Hello” option

A built-in Windows 10 feature called “Windows Hello” allows you to log in to the system without entering a PIN or password. When you open the laptop lid or turn on the webcam, the face is scanned and the entry into the OS is automatically allowed. However, for this, the action itself must first be configured by adding a photo of your face to memory.

    In the same “Options” menu, open the “Accounts” section.

Enter Clear View Webcam | Best Budget Webcam | UnboxingReview | Zoom | Hindi

Here select “Windows Hello Face Recognition”.

Note that not all cameras are compatible with this feature. If this happens, you will receive a notification.

Turning on the webcam

The webcam is not always activated automatically immediately after connecting to a PC or installing an operating system on a laptop. Laptop owners have an additional option that allows them to adjust the camera’s activity. They can turn it on or off using the F1-F12 function keys. You just need to study the icons that are on the keys themselves in order to understand which of them is responsible for control. The OS also has a function that activates the webcam for the device. details about this.

Skype camera setup

Often, users are interested in setting up a webcam in order to communicate with their colleagues, friends and relatives through special software in the future. The most popular application that provides such a connection can be considered Skype, therefore, as the final step of the article, we decided to mention the process of configuring the device in it. Read more about this process in the article at the link below.

In addition, we provide links to other support materials that can be useful to any user who is faced with the need to configure a webcam in Windows 10. In the following guides you will find recommendations for fixing common problems, as well as other guides for configuring a microphone.

Instructions on how to set up a WEB-camera

  • First of all, install the AIDA64 (or Everest) program. This will make it easier to find the correct drivers for your camera and other devices. You can also find out the parameters specified by the standard Windows tools. To do this, go to the “Administration” sub-item of the Control Panel. Computer Management menu. In the hierarchy, select “Device Manager”, “Unknown Devices”. Right-click on “Properties”, then on the “Details” tab. Select the device instance code from the drop-down menu and copy it to the clipboard using the “Ctrl” “C” key combination.
  • If you decide to go by installing a codebase program like AIDA64 or Everest, you need to find the Windows Devices menu item. Find the required video camera in the list (sub-item “Unknown devices”) and write down the VEN (VID) and DEV (PID) identifiers or immediately the device manufacturer. If the program was able to identify the vendor, then you just need to go to the official website of this company and download the appropriate driver, unpack it into a convenient directory and just run setup. Otherwise, read the instructions below.
  • Common camera brands:
  • VEN_064E. Suiyn
  • VEN_04F2. Chicony
  • VEN_5986 (or VEN_0402). Bison
  • VEN_046D. Logitech
  • If you do not have one of the above options, then use one of the online services to determine the device and download drivers. for example, Devid. You can also use the Unknown Devices program.
  • Do not forget to download the proprietary webcam software from your PC manufacturer’s website (Acer Crystal Eye, YouCam, LifeFrame). Such programs allow you to change settings, apply various effects and of course take photos.
  • You will also most likely need to set up Skype. To do this, go to the “Tools” menu, then the “Settings” sub-item. You are interested in the “Video Settings” submenu. There should be a check mark in the “Enable Skype Video” window. After turning on the camera, you will see the image from the camera in the upper right corner. In the “WEB-camera settings” menu folder you can adjust the following parameters: brightness, hue, contrast, gamma, clarity, saturation. If flickering is observed, then it can be suppressed by changing the frequency of the power line in the same window.

Webcam setup guide

Most often, a video camera on a laptop works out of the box and is preinstalled in the system. Just go to the “Control Panel”, subsection “Scanners and Cameras” and start the built-in Windows program for working with the camera by double-clicking on the device. The graphical interface for changing the settings appears, as well as the webcam image. But it happens that you need to install it from scratch on a completely “clean” PC, be it a desktop or a laptop, moreover, without drivers, because you cannot find them in the PC bundle. Then read this instruction.

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