How to go online on Samsung on a Samsung TV: popular for everyone

Greetings! Bought a brand new Smart TV? Congratulations! And in this article in the language of dummies, I will tell you how to simply connect the Internet to your Samsung TV. Ready? Then we start.

In the past and future, due to the lack of a single standard in the Samsung televisions intensity, the below may differ from what you have. Just catch the essence and do everything according to the likeness. If questions or additions remain. welcome in the commentary.

Internet setting on Samsung TV

The main difference between Smart TV and ordinary TVs is the integration of a “smart” block. The manufacturer uses the TIZEN processor, which in terms of functionality brings the device to the computer. To use the capabilities of the Internet, it must be connected to the global network. You can do this in two ways: wired and wireless.

Wired Internet

Connection is performed using the RJ45 Ethernet Cabel network to the LAN port. The advantage of this option is the high speed of the Internet, the most clear and stable signal, fast setting. The disadvantages include the abundance of wires and the need to buy an external modem (brancher). Without it, it will be impossible to use a wired connection for other home devices.

Experts recommend connecting the Internet to the Internet through the router, and not directly (when the cord is inserted into the connector on the TV panel). Since providers use various types of connections, there is a chance that not all of them will be compatible with Smart TV.

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When connected via the router, a DHCP server is turned on (it involves the automatic appropriation of the IP address), and the router independently performs network settings. The protocol of the dynamic configuration of the network node is almost always activated by default. But, if, nevertheless, the provider issued a static IP address, you will need to set parameters manually. This follows:

insert the cable into the connector and go to the TV menu;

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Open the section “Network Settings” and select “Cable”;

In the window that appears, manually introduce all the parameters that the provider issued, and press the OK button.

Network connection setup will be performed.

Wireless Internet

Most Samsung TVs are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi router. In this case, to ensure the connection, you will need to perform the following actions:

select the necessary compounds in the list of available connections;

After synchronization, a notification will appear on the screen that the device was successfully connected to the network.

Briefly about choosing a method

It is worth explaining a little more the specifics of the provider. It depends on which connection to use when choosing a cable method. direct or through a router.

The Internet can work using different technologies. Most often on the connected device you do not need to configure anything. The patch cord is simply made with a router or technique directly, and the Internet is immediately active. So, the network works with a dynamic IP address, the network parameters are determined automatically. The dynamic “IP” works a vast majority of providers. This greatly simplifies the connection. Settings are not needed at all.

Another option is static IP. The difference from dynamic is that the automatic definition of parameters does not occur. The networks must be independently learned from the provider. This connection requires a small setting of the Internet on each device. It is necessary to fill out the IP, mask, gateway, DNS. After, the equipment will connect according to these data and the network will work.

In both described cases, the direct connection of the cable to the TV will work.

Смена региона, Прошивка, Разблокировка Smart TV в Телевизорах Samsung

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Another situation when the provider requires authorization on the client side. That is, when connecting, the entry of the login and password is required, which are assigned at the conclusion of the contract. On TVs, you can not configure such a type of Internet connection. Therefore, an intermediate link is required, which will take the settings. The role of the intermediary will be played by a router. All settings are made on the computer. Further, from the router leads the cable to the network connector of the TV. It is difficult for an ordinary user to make these settings. Typically, the master installer from the provider when connecting the apartment to the Internet is engaged in the configuration.

The TV does not connect to the Internet: reasons and solution to the problem

Sometimes the owners of “smart” TVs are faced with the problem of access to the Internet. The reasons may cover in irregular connection, incorrect Smart TV or router settings, problems that occur at the provider. To avoid this, you need to analyze the most common reasons and find out how to eliminate them.

Problem Method of solution
Connection TV to another Wi-Fi network with limited Internet access Go to the “network settings” and select the desired type of wireless connection
The wrong password was introduced when connecting to the access point Indicate the correct security key and repeat the attempt
Incorrect work of the DHCP protocol Disconnect the function in the router and enter the parameters manually by moving to the menu → Network → Network condition → Refuse IP
The function of automatic appropriation of IP and DNS by television equipment is disabled In the TV menu, repeat the path specified above, only in the IP settings to activate the “receive automatically” option
Lack of connection with the Internet when connecting the provider cable to TV directly Check the condition of the cord or configure the connection through the router
Software failure or error on TV, outdated version of the operating system. Go to the official Samsung website and download updated firmware

What are the ways?

Smart Samsung TVs can go on the Internet in two ways: through wired or wireless connection.

Any of the described methods has known disadvantages and advantages.

The wired method involves laying the cable, and this may not be convenient everywhere, because in order not to violate the aesthetics of the room, the cable needs to be hidden. The wireless way is good because modern Wi-Fi adapters confidently “beat” at a distance of about a hundred meters and have excellent interference with. However, the adapter will increase the cost of the TV by about a tenth.

Next, we will consider a network.based connection for the Samsung brand TVs.

On the cable

Now let’s try to consider the subtleties of the wired connection in more detail. For compounds, the “twisted pair” cable is used, the RJ-45 connectors, packed with two ends. Here is his appearance:

There may be different colors, and the spread of is from 5 to 50 per meter, that is, on average, the cable of quite good quality will cost 15-30. Many sellers profit from ignorance of customers and overstate prices, sometimes selling 100 or even 300 per meter per meter. Do not let yourself deceive!

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It is recommended to use an intermediate router, which will allow you to connect several devices to the Internet at the same time. It should be noted that usually the cable is not included in the kit for the acquired TV.

If your device is connected by a wire, then the setup will automatically begin, if there is no wire, then the TV will switch to tuning a wireless connection.

Press the start. Sometimes IP addresses are required manually. This operation can be performed using the IP settings mode. In the window that appears, it will be necessary using the control panel to enter all the necessary data. After performing all these actions, press the OK button.

However, more often it is necessary to specify “receive IP automatically”. In most cases, this will work. It is possible to connect TV so that the IP addresses are distributed between devices dynamic method in automatic mode and this is the most convenient option. However, for this you need a correctly configured router, but if you do not have it and you connect TV directly, then the features of your provider come into force. Whether he allows him to do this or not, you must find out from him.

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Without wires through Wi-Fi

A wireless method is a transmission of information on a radio channel using a 2.4 GHz carrier frequency. For this method, additional equipment is required, in return you can get convenience associated with the fact that you do not need to bother with the cable laying to TV, if we say it stands in another room.

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If your TV does not have Wi-Fi support

You found that in the model you do not have the device you bought, you can connect the TV via a wireless network through a special USB adapter. It can be purchased at almost any electronics store, or ordered via the Internet without leaving home.

An example of such a device for Samsung TVs is called WIS 09 ABGN2 (or WIS 12 ABGNX):

There is an adapter in the kit that will allow the adapter to connect the most convenient way, depending on the location of the USB nest on the TV (so that nothing sticks on the sides). There are such adapters, depending on the manufacturer and the degree of lousy from 1,500 to 3,000. The above model costs approximately 2,500.

Samsung Smart TV: How to Reset Network (Problems with WiFi? Weak or No Signal )

The adapter is very easy to use. You just need to stick it in a USB connector:


Before connecting a TV to the network, you may need configuration of the Wi-Fi router. If possible, it will be necessary to activate the DHCP function, this will not manually set up the addresses of the devices. In order to protect the system from unauthorized access of unauthorized persons (we should not forget that Wi-Fi technology allows you to transmit data at distances up to 100 m) you need to put a password.

So, start setting. To do this, you must repeat the points from the previous method with one exception. After pressing the Start button, your TV will begin to search for available access points to the Internet within the radius of broadcasting. You should know what your Wi-Fi is specifically called, and even better to set it a unique name in the settings of the router itself.

After that, it will be proposed to enter a Wi-Fi password if you certainly created it in advance (which is very recommended).

If you did everything right, your TV will connect to the Internet, which will kindly inform you about.

What is Smart TV on TV

Translated from English into Russian, the word “Smart” means “smart”, such a saying word means that the device with such a prefix has much greater possibilities than a simple liquid crystal TV.

In its filling there is a computer processor that allows you to directly connect to the Internet.

The previous LCD TVs without the SMART-TV function could also connect to the Internet, but only through PC, in this case the computer was busy and it was impossible to work separately from TV. Smart TV has its own browser, which makes it possible to connect to the Internet separately from other devices. How does the connection occur?

What Samsung TV receivers can be connected to the network

To connect Samsung television receivers to the Internet, it is necessary to find out whether such an opportunity is provided for a particular model, or you will have to use additional devices (if the SMART-optations are not preinstalled). To determine this, you need to open the instructions or enable the TV receiver. As a rule, when starting, the Samsung Smart TV screensaver appears. In the settings of the device there is a section “Network”, and on the remote control there is a large multi.colored button “Smart Hub”. All these signs report that the technique belongs to the category of Smart devices, which means that it can be connected to the Internet. For this, the television reception provides: the LAN connector (cable connection), Wi-Fi protocol (wireless) or both options.

To connect to the Internet, it is recommended to use a cable. Such a connection is more stable, and the speed of transmission is higher. The cable is brought in two ways: directly from the service provider or through the router.

Directly from the provider

When connecting via a cable that goes directly from the provider, you need to bring it from the entrance to the apartment (house) to the TV and insert it into the LAN connector on the back of the case to the click.

Important! You should know that the connection will not work right away if the provider provides for entering a login, password and other data.

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After connecting the wire, you need to set up a television receiver. This process is similar for technology of different series, but there are some differences in the menu integration, in particular, in the presence of individual sections or in their name. Here’s how the wired connection is set on TVs E:

  • on the PDU you must click the “menu”;
  • There you need to go to the “Network” tab;
  • Then you should open the “network settings”;
  • After the cable is determined, and the appropriate notice will appear, you need to click the “Start”;
  • It remains to wait for the process to complete and click “OK”.

On television receivers of the series j, the process looks a little different. To configure the connection with the network requires:

  • press the “menu” or “menu/123”, and then select the corresponding point on the display;
  • Open the “network”. “network settings” sequentially;
  • in the “Type of the Network” select “Cable”;
  • wait for the end of the process and click “complete”.

On a note! For models of other series, data setting data can be found in the management or website of Samsung in the Support section.

Through a router

For a wired connection to the network, you need a cable coming from the supplier through the router, connect to the LAN connector on the router, and from its WAN-port another free wire to the television receiver. Further actions are similar to the previous method.

Ways to view free TV channels on Samsung Smarttv

You can watch free TV channels on Samsung Smarttv TVs in several ways. As on simple TV receivers, etheric digital channels can be configured through a regular antenna, but if you install an Internet connection, it becomes possible to download special applications and configure interactive television with a much larger number of video content.

  • If you connect the usual etheric antenna or cable television, you can configure the broadcast of at least twenty free digital channels.
  • If you use the “smart” functionality of the television receiver, then by installing access to the network, from the Samsung Apps store or from other sources, you can download applications for viewing interactive television (IPTV), which provide the ability to view several dozen television channels, both publicly accessible and thematic (sports. musical and t.D.).

On a note! Some Smart applications offer more than 200 television channels, but you will need to pay for the subscription.

Possible problems and their solution

In most cases, errors occur when Smart Hub configuration, which are mostly associated with the Internet connection.

  • If, with a cable method of connection, all actions to install the connection are performed correctly, but there is no access to the network, you need to make sure the integrity of the wire.
  • With a wireless connection, it is recommended to use WPS technology if it is supported by the technique. In this case, the probability of incorrect password entering is excluded.
  • In some cases, in the absence of a connection with the Internet, restarting the router and television receiver helps.
  • Also, problems can be related to outdated by a router or TV. It will be necessary to update the firmware of the devices.

If the connection is installed, but the pages during the web set are poorly loaded, and the video is constantly hanging when watching the online, the problem can be at low speed of the Internet connection or in the fact that the router is at a great distance from the television reception. In this case, it is recommended to change the tariff to another-at a greater speed, or move the router closer to the TV receiver.

So, if the user wants to expand the capabilities of his Samsung Smart Tel, he needs to connect and configure Smart Hub. This service provides access to films and series, interactive television, games, applications and other entertainment content. The process of connecting the Internet to the Internet and the subsequent setting is very simple. A detailed description for each specific model is available in the user manual or on the manufacturer’s website (for the year of release).