Installing third-party application

In rare cases, the codes do not work. You can try to install a third-party application or program, with their help access to the engineering menu.

Launch the MTK engineering menu

A simple free app for smartphones, you can download here. Immediately after launching the application gives access to the engineering menu, control is carried out in the MTK interface.

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Mobileuncle MTK Tools

The app is also installed on your smartphone. Download here. Once launched Mobileuncle MTK Tools gives you access to the engineering menu. Supports English, but you can find builds in Russian.

Works fine on Taiwanese MTK mobile processors.

MTK Engineering Mode

A lightweight application with the simplest interface. You can download it for free here. It’s also free to use.

The application is similar to the previous version, but easier to use and configure. Initially comes in English.

Shortcut Master

You can download the software from Google Play, here. Shortcut Master is free, but it’s enough for a full work with the engineering menu. Unlike previous applications, Shortcut Master is available in Russian.

Available functions

Despite its complexity and the possibility of damaging the operating system, entering the service menu on Huawei and Honor provides many interesting features:

  • the ability to find out the personal IMEI address of your smartphone or tablet;
  • view individual information about the device (battery, usage schedule, etc.)
  • Factory reset of the device or its individual components;
  • Full smartphone cleaning with formatting of internal and external media;
  • information about the capabilities of the camera (front and main);
  • key mode replacement;
  • backup and synchronization of data.

This is not a complete list of functions of the service section. Its work is mainly aimed at adjusting the navigation buttons, camera presets, managing the general parameters of the gadget.


One of the main parameters of any phone is settings of voice calls. The engineering menu gives you the opportunity to configure:

If you have any questions or complaints, please let us know

  • autoreply;
  • cellular frequencies;
  • forwarding of incoming calls;
  • modem compatibility;
  • cellular standards;
  • Regularly monitoring the quality of the connection provided by the operator;
  • SIM card;
  • Internet access;
  • GPS;
  • Internet and calls priority (Mobile data service preferred);
  • Energy saving during the active phase of the device;
  • Regional tariff parameters for voice calls and other communication services.

Connectivity (Wireless interfaces)

There is a separate block in the system section, which is responsible for the correct operation of the wireless modules:

They are responsible for the functionality of the module. For example, the Bluetooth port is calibrated and its test connection to another smartphone or tablet is performed. To check if you can catch the FM-wave, you can monitor its frequency and stream pickup power.

Hardware Testing

In addition to the basic manual settings, it is possible to test certain features.

  • Audio item is used for calibration of loudspeaker and reconfiguration of audio track playback parameters.
  • Camera allows you to adjust the creation of pictures and video.
  • CPU Stress Test. Monitor CPU systems.
  • Deep Idle Setting. sleep and standby module.
  • The Charge Battery section is responsible for the battery and the charge indicator sensor.
  • The Sensor sector allows you to calibrate the sensor, which helps get rid of problems and malfunctions.
  • Location Engineer Mode. the module for determining the location.
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What to do if the engineering menu does not open?

If you can not get to the engineering menu with the standard options, you must use the software. MTK Engineering or MobileUncle Tools. The first one is quick and easy. Download the application and press MTK Engineer Mode. The second one is more powerful. Install the program, go to “Engineer Mode”/”Engineer Mode (MTK). Note that the application is developed by a Chinese programmer, so there is only in English and Chinese languages. Also on the Play Store it can not be found, but on the expanses of the Internet this task will not cause difficulties.

How to access?

It is quite logical that such access is impossible to get through the standard menu of the phone. Then how to go in? Special commands are used for this purpose. It’s important to note that the manufacturer of the particular brand of mobile equipment can change the password himself:

  • First of all, it is worth trying the universal option: ##3646633##;
  • If there is no result, it is worth entering one of the codes, which are usually used by Huawei, which also produces Honor smartphones: ##2846579## or ##2846579159#.

There are some important nuances to be aware of here as well:

  • The password even it is not necessary to try to copy or use, having written it down in the telephone book. It will not work! Manual entry only. The developers specifically made it so that the user is fully aware of his actions. For example, it is a guarantee that the child will not accidentally enter the engineering menu and change settings;
  • Almost always after entering all the desired characters there is an automatic transition. But some manufacturers have made it so that the command is triggered only after additional use of the call button.

People reviews

Do the owners of Honor and Huawei smartphones use the engineering mode in everyday life? Let’s find out from their reviews:

  • Anton. I have a Huawei P20. After half a year of use the sound started to disappear. Answering people, I hear them worse and worse. Cleaned the speaker. Did not help. Thanks to the access to engineering mode, was able to fix the situation completely on their own, without resorting to the help of paid professionals.
  • Regina. I was given by an acquaintance Huawei Y5 II. I like my phone, but the camera initially did not suit me. Gave it to a friend. He was able to reconfigure it with the help of this menu so that I started to like everything. So. very useful feature.
  • Vladimir. I was trying to access this menu from my Honor 7A Pro. But i still can’t, unfortunately. Well, it’s fine, at least I’m not screwing up there!
  • Igor. I learnt it a long time ago. Of course, also found out the access code for my Honor 9 lite. I type in. It’s not working. Tried it five times. And now I found out that you can not copy. only by hand should be entered. I tried it now. It turns out that everything works fine. Thank you for the information!
  • Oleg. I do not know why, but on my Huawei Y3 runs only Project Menu. Maybe I use the wrong passwords? It seems that I enter carefully. Or my gadget has a special version.
  • Marina. I have a simple Honor 10 lite. But I like the smartphone very much. For me personally. the perfect phone, with the right settings. That’s why I didn’t even try to change anything in it. I know I’ll only make things worse.
  • Yaroslav. It goes on the Honor 8X without much of a problem. The information and features the engineering menu provides really a lot. It’s true that I’m still carefully studying everything. Then I will experiment. In fact, you can tweak it so that you don’t even need any additional firmware.
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It is important to understand that the engineering menu is not originally intended for active use by ordinary people. Therefore, if you decide to use its capabilities, you should think in advance about the possible consequences of the changes made, as well as clearly understand the purpose of this or that action.

Alternative way to start

The most common reason. incorrectly entered service command. But the manufacturer may deliberately close the engineering menu. Then an alternative can help. entering a special command to open Project Menu, which is only available on some Honor and Huawei phones. To log in, enter the secret code in the tone mode: ##2846579##.

The following data about the device is available through the Project Menu:

  • battery status: charge and discharge rate;
  • information about the SIM card;
  • The country of assembly and release;
  • Information about the OS and downloaded utilities.

Through Project Menu, unlike the engineering menu, you can not access to change the functions of the phone’s modules. But you can easily identify power-consuming utilities, so you can disable them in the application manager.

Engineering menu allows the owner to access almost all parameters of the smartphone: from motion sensor to GSM signal. Many developers erase it after the final diagnostics before putting it on sale. But if the engineering menu remains, just dial the service code to access the detailed configuration about the device.

Codes for accessing the engineering menu of Huawei and Honor

Don’t panic at the first failure, since most devices respond easily to codes. They partially perform functions that are normally available after entering Engineering Mode. Correct character input is a guarantee of a successful process.

Service codes have long been used by developers. Widely used before smartphones. But operating them is not as comfortable as simply activating a certain function in Engineering Mode. Entering an untested code can also damage the gadget’s OP.

The most frequently used service codes:

  • #06#. displays IMEI address;
  • ##4636##. check gadget data, charge, energy management;
  • ##7780###. Reset to factory defaults.
  • 27673855#. formatting.
  • ##34971539#. camera status information.
  • ##7594###. Change “Enable/Disable.
  • ##273283255663282#. copy files, use to save the most valuable ones.

Huawei. How to enter to Project Menu (check vendor info,factory reset,dload firmware)

There are other codes that allow you to configure the phone, use each function as intended to simplify the operation of the smartphone.

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If you still have questions or complaints let us know

  • Hold down the “Volume” and “Power on” buttons
  • After the Huawei logo appears, release the “Power on” button
  • After the EMUI recovery appears, release the “Volume” button
  • Press the “Wipe data/factory reset” button
  • Type “yes” and press “Wipe data/factory reset” again
  • Power off the phone
  • Press the “Volume” and “Power” buttons
  • Once you see “Honor” logo release “Power button” and continue to hold “Volume
  • After EMUI recovery menu starts loading, release “Volume” button

How to enter the Huawei menu

EMUI is a graphical shell for Huawei and Honor mobile devices that runs on Android and has many features in addition to the built-in system settings. Some of these settings are hidden in the most remote places on Huawei smartphones. Others require an activation process, which usually takes no more than a few seconds. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the secret menus that you can activate on any Honor or Huawei phone.

Project Menu

This interesting menu is typical for Huawei / Honor cell phones. From this menu you can do things like reset the settings, update the system from a file placed on the micro SD card, check the battery temperature etc. д.

To activate this menu you will need to enter the following code in the application “Phone”: # # #

After that the secret menu will be automatically activated, from which we can perform the actions mentioned above. This menu is intended for official service centers, so all the actions in it you perform at your own risk.

Menu for developers

Let’s move from one of the most interesting menus in EMUI to one of the most important menus in Android. This menu offers features such as changing the animation speed, debugging USB, viewing running applications and dozens of other features.

Activating this menu is very easy, you need to go to the “System” section, which is in the settings of the device. Then we go to the “About phone” section and click on the “Build number” section a total of seven times.

After these actions, the system will automatically warn us that we are already developers. To access this menu, we need to go back to the “System” section and select the “For Developers” section that appears.

As with the Project menu, we must be careful before changing the settings in the “For Developers” menu.

Calendar Info menu

This hidden menu is intended for a quick review of the events we have saved in the calendar. This menu can be activated with the following code in the Phone app: # # #

After activation, the system will show us the list of all events saved in the calendar. Unlike the Calendar app, the menu will show events collected by groups: holidays, birthdays, business meetings, etc. д.

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