How to put a password for SMART TV applications?

Answer: In order to put a password to the “Samsung” TV, you need to go to the menu, then on the System tab, then “Protection”. There you can deliver all sorts of passwords: on the right channel, program, and so on.

  • Click on the menu icon next to the desired video.
  • Select Block Video or Block Channel.
  • Enter the numbers to appear on the screen, or your access code.

Channel lock password on LG TV

A couple of dozen years ago, the number of TV channels in the TV was limited to two or three. Everything has changed with the advent of cable, and then digital television, and today’s viewers can choose from dozens, and sometimes hundreds of channels with content for every taste. But this diversity has both negative sides.

If there is a child in the family, then the natural desire of parents is to protect it from information that does not correspond to its age: violence and cruelty, abnormative vocabulary or overwhelmed scenes. But modern children disassembled in a technique with almost diaper and often turn out to be more technically savvy than the older generation. So expect that the child does not get to the forbidden TV channels, do not have.

To help modern parents, in LG equipped all television models with a function that allows you to block channels or, as it is also called, “Parental Control Function”. With it, you can program the TV so that certain channels are turned on only after entering the password installed earlier.

How to block the channel on the lg tv

In order to limit access to the TV channels, the “Lock by age” and “Channel Lock” functions are provided. These settings have several fundamental differences: age blocking restricts access to the program with content, labeled 18. Access directly to the TV channel in this case persists. The minus of this feature is that in this case the user is entirely relying on the blesshood of the manufacturer of the teleconctor. If for some reason the program will not be marked as “adult only”, the function “Lock by age” will miss it without restrictions.

Unlike it, “channel lock” is completely overlapsing access to content: when switching to the channel, neither an image nor the sound is displayed.

In both cases, in order to view blocked content, you will need to enter the password.

You can set the password in the “Reset / Change PIN” menu (located in the “Settings” menu. “Advanced settings”. “Security”). The default password on all LG TVs. 0000. (The exception is cases where the chosen default country is France. Then password. 1234).

Experts recommend changing the password and at the same time not to use too simple combinations (for example, date of birth), as children can easily hack him.

How to install “Lock by age” / “Lock channels” on TV LG

  • Press the HOME button (“House” icon).
  • Select “Settings” (Six Pictogram) in the upper right corner of the main menu.
  • Go to “Security” and select “Enable”.

It is also useful to establish various applications on TV, for example, YouTube, social networks, gambling or payment systems. You can do this using the “Smart-TV Introduction Lock” function.

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Features of parental control

Modern technologies make it possible to track the history of juvenile equipment with access to the World Wide Web, and establish certain limitations. Parental control function has some differences on different types of equipment.

Parental control on Smart-TV

Modern markets are filled with TVs with built-in application for online movies and programs. Baby may accidentally stumble upon an inappropriate film. Smart TV manufacturers laid the possibility of installing the PIN code:

  • on any application in online networks (cinemas, youtub, network games, browsers, social networks);
  • to a specific television / movie or content category / all channel.

Parental Control on Xbox One Consoles

On consoles that apply not only for games, but also for wide use of the Internet network, has its own system of controlling the actions of children.

  • limit the time of the child in the games so that the entertainment does not become dependent;
  • regulate purchases in online stores (including the ban on the purchase of goods by children);
  • Fencing minors from viewing and using undesirable material (websites, applications, adult games and t. P.).

You can also set privacy mode that allows you to:

  • control, in which multiplayer games a child participates;
  • give permission to show the volume of personal information, which is considered acceptable according to the parent;
  • You can see with whom communicates and plays a minor in network games (if necessary, you can block the contact of the child with an undesirable subscriber).

Parental control in this form of the device is provided by the manufacturer. Access to the settings are obtained after creating a family group.

Parental Control on TV-Box

For owners of simple TVs, where there are no various modern built-in features (including parental control), invented multimedia consoles that expand the capabilities of the TV. They are called TV-Box.

The uniqueness of the equipment is that Internet access appears on the usual TV. Set the control over tolerance, video and sites in the “Parent Settings” section.

Adjusting the use of the TV features occurs by installing a password access to a specific content.

IPTV. what control functions are on devices?

The service is provided free of charge as part of the tariff plan by the following providers:

Parental Control Function is available to connecting in the settings of the appropriate Internet TV provider. Begins to act after installing the password.

Internet operator MTS went further. To play channels 18 (for example, Shalun TV) you need to enter an individual code. And Rostelecom in the Parental Control section can be installed independently passwords on any channels.

One of the leading providers of Belarus Beltelecom, broadcasting the television Zala, to all channels for adults installed one PIN. By default, this is pressing the button with the number 1 on the control panel.

enter, password, youtube, samsung

Control in router

On the router, parents can configure the function of limited access to unwanted content. Plus, the procedures are as follows:

  • No purchase of a special program is required (routers are equipped with firmware for blocking);
  • The control is applied to all digital devices that use this Wi-Fi connection;
  • The child will not be able to remove the ban;
  • In more modern models, you can configure the time to enable parental control function or set other conditions under which the device is limited to Internet access.

The minus is only the fact that the setting of incoming traffic filtering is a case complex for an ordinary user.

How to put a password on youtube from children on TV?

Open the “YouTube” application on your mobile device and click on your avatar in the right corner of the screen. Then go to “Settings”, “General” and move the lever opposite the inscription “Safe Mode”. Note: This option can also be enabled on the TV with the “Smart TV” function. It’s just like on a computer.

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You can set the password in the “Reset / Channel PIN” section (located in the “Settings” menu. “Advanced Settings”. “Security”). The default password on all LG TVs. 0000. then password. 1234).

How to Reset LG TV Password

To reset the password, you can use the standard diagram on the example of the LG TV brand. If the TV device stopped responding to the remote control signals, or shows one channel, does not turn on, and instead it gives the frame to enter numbers, then you need to enter the correct password.

If it is unknown and the user is asked about what login and password should be entered, and the blocking happened by chance, you need to make a number of actions to solve this problem.

On the remote remote, you need to dial a certain key combination. If the user did not make any actions in the TV, did not change passwords in the settings, then the combination. 0000. This is a standard option for most TV models. There is also an alternative. 1234.

You can remove the password on the LG TV to the factory, using the following scheme:

  • Go to the settings section.
  • Go through the menu in sub-clause security.
  • Select “Password Reset”.
  • Specifically to dial a password with an error, and confirm the actions with the OK key.
  • Next, you should dial the following combination on the remote: up, top, down, top.
  • Enter code 0313 and click OK.

Now you need to check, it turned out not to reset the password. If everything went successfully, the code will become standard and to unlock it is necessary to lead 0000.

Additional way to reset the password:

  • Turn off the TV from the remote control.
  • Commit a number of actions: in order to click on Mute, 8, 2, 4.
  • Turn on TV by clicking on the power button.

Reset settings for remote control SMART Touch Control:

  • Press the power button and turn on the TV.
  • Dial Special Combination: Mute. Zoom Volume. Return. Reduce Volume. Return. Enlarge. Return.

Using these methods, it will turn out to reset the password from the TV to the factory settings and install a new code yourself.

Recommendations for creating a proper network password

Nobody wants his TV “naked”, and now it is quite possible if you do not accept some measures to ensure your own security.

The path to how to establish protection has already been indicated, and now several tips, how to make it not to hack:

It is important to choose a complex combination of numbers, but also write them somewhere in order not to forget. As a rule, the TVs are installed on the TVs, which is an eight-digit set of numbers, although on some models you can enter ten-digit combinations, and even more;

enter, password, youtube, samsung

The numbers are recruited using the keyboard on the remote, because make sure no of the buttons are chosen;

It is better not to put a password on Smart TV, which repeats the birthday date or some other meaningful dates. If the password is conceived to block the TV from children, then they can solve such a combination, because modern children are quite advanced.

But it is very important not to forget the password, because then the owner itself will not be able to fully use those advantages that the device offers.

Password can be circumferentially if you enable with WPS RVS. This feature is easy to find in the settings menu and automatically connect to the Internet.

Channel lock password

In addition to the settings of the network, the lock can be put on the channels, because we do not forget that we still have a TV, albeit with a large number of additional programs. So, put the block in this way:

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Include the “Channel Lock” function, moving to the menu and selecting the “Broadcast” section. In “locking” you need to select the channel to be parishet, and enter the password. If you do not change it, then by default it will be standard. “0000”;

To select channels, access to which will be limited, you need to go through this path: Menu. Broadcast. Channel change. And in front of unwanted channels, we put the ticks, and enter the code;

Remove the block is very simple, you just need to know the grooved code and understand the settings.

On TV often store information that cannot be shown. To do this, the device put a password to block access to it. But there are some recommendations for its creation.

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Step-by-step instruction

How to block applications

Select [Programs] from the main menu.

Select [Settings] either using the remote control, the main menu or voice control.

Select the application you want to block. Then click on the menu using the remote control and select Lock. You will be prompted to enter your PIN code (it will first be installed during installation).

Now the application is blocked, it is displayed by the lock icon. Now you need your PIN code to open the application.

How to change your PIN code

Open [Settings] or using the remote control, Main Menu or Voice Control.

Click down to [General].

Select [System Manager] and then select [Edit PIN].

Enter your current PIN, then enter a new 4-digit PIN code twice.

Actions for FREEVIEW or FREESAT users when the antenna is connected directly to the TV Part 1 Select [Home Button] on the remote control to open the main menu.

Scroll to the right and select [direct ether]. Or select [Source].

As source, select TV.

Actions for FREEView or Freesat users when the antenna is connected directly to the TV

How to edit parental control

Select [Settings] or using the remote control, the main menu or voice control.

Click Down to [Broadcast].

There are three options for parental controls that can be edited and configured:

-Rating Lock Program.Channel lock.Mark Adult Channels

Actions for FREEView or Freesat users when the antenna is connected directly to the TV

A. How to edit the program rating:

By default, the program rating is set to [Allow all].

Select [Program Routine Lock] and enter your PIN code.

Select a broadcast rating that corresponds to your child’s age.

Only programs that your service provider considers suitable for your selected age group and younger will be available.

Actions for FREEView or Freesat users when the antenna is connected directly to the TV

B. How to apply channel lock and edit channels:

It is enabled by default and can be disconnected using your PIN code. This feature allows you to block and delete channels.

Click on the [Apply Channel Lock] and enter your PIN code. After that, the settings menu will automatically close.

To edit channels, open the channel list and finally select [Change Channels] in the lower left corner of the menu bar.