How to connect Wi-Fi on a Dell N5110 laptop

Probably, it is not worth saying that every modern user of computer systems, buying a laptop, tries to use all its capabilities as much as possible. Among them, one of the most important places is convenient to work on the Internet using a Wi-Fi wireless connection module. It would seem that it could be easier to include the access mode to the wireless network? Some have the question of how to turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop causes quite large difficulties. And that’s why.

Unfortunately, there is no single rule that provides for the solution to the problem, how to include Wi-Fi on a laptop. The only thing that can be said for sure is a problem associated with the presence of a receiving (transmitting) device in the very portable computer.

Not all users know how to determine it, believing that the presence of a network card and its installed driver is already the key to successful inclusion of access to a wireless connection with the virtual network. It is clear that when buying a laptop, you should immediately check the presence of such a module in the “iron” configuration itself. Any specialist will tell you if there is such a module on board. In extreme cases, you can pay attention to the marking applied to the main panel on the right and to the left of the touchpad. As a rule, there is a special icon in the form of an antenna with a signal, as well as an indicator that signals that the available Wi-Fi network is currently connected.

The most common problems

What to do if Wi-Fi does not work on Dell? See the following

But “there are times when neither with the help of hot keys, nor in a standard way it is possible to enable the network. The reason for this may be:

Updating the drivers

To enable Wi-Fi on the Dell laptop, it is necessary to update the microprograms from the manufacturer. We type in the search engine “Dell Support”, click on the first link. You will open a page on which you can diagnose the device. She will automatically determine your model and the right drivers. To do this, click on “Determine PC”. After diagnosis, you will be given links to download new drivers, which are easy to install.

You can choose a laptop yourself by clicking on “View all products”. Choose your model from the list of all Dell electronics.

Also, the computer will need software for the network adapter from Microsoft, which you need to install to enable the Wi-Fi module. To do this, click Windows R, Enter DEVMGMT in the opening window.MSC. In the “Device Manager” appearing, open the “Network Adapters” tab and look for a line with Wireless inscription. This is the network adapter we need (module).

If even with the help of hot keys you could not connect the Internet, probably your network adapter is disabled. This problem is more insidious and dangerous. A simple layman often just never heard such words as a module or adapter, so it may not even suspect his disconnection.

So, in order to turn on the wireless Wi-Fi adapter on Dell laptops, you need to go in the already described method into the “Device Manager”, click on the mouse by the network module and check the second line in the opening window. Click “run” if it is disabled, or turn off and start it again.

After the laptop was turned on, you can start any browser and check if there is Wi-Fi. If the connection does not turn on, this indicates that you need to determine what is happening.

Typically, to connect, it is required to ensure that several conditions are met:

  • The computer should be attended by a Wi-Fi communication adapter. This hardware knot is present on the laptop almost always.
  • Before turning on Wi-Fi on the Dell laptop, it is necessary that the adapter information (separate line) be installed in the devices dispatcher, the driver is installed.
  • Usually, to ensure the work of Wi-Fi, it is necessary to include wireless. On different models, a toggle switch on the case, pressing a certain key combination or installing the relevant options in the service program from the manufacturer of the equipment can be used for this. The last option can be used not in all cases. For example, thinking how to include Wi-Fi in Dell Inspiron 1525, you need to use the key located on the front side of the case.
  • The connection to at least one wireless network must be made.

Important! If at least one of the listed conditions is not fulfilled, then there will be no connection with the world network.

You can see a wireless Internet by checking the wireless wireless icon in the lower right corner of the screen. If it can be seen and there are no additional marks on it (a red cross or a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark), then the connection with the worldwide network on the laptop is available and works normally.

In order to connect to the operating network (for example, to the home), you need to click on the wireless connection icon. At the same time, a list of networks that are available in this place will open. You need to click on one of them and enter the security key. After that you can work with the Internet. In order not to connect every time after turning on Windows, just put the mark in the column “Connect automatically”.

How to check on a Dell laptop availability of a Wi-Fi driver

If there is no connection, then there is a need to check the presence of a wireless connection driver and the correct installation of it. In order to determine how to connect Wi-Fi on a Dell laptop, you must first go to the Device Manager. This is done as follows:

  • To do this, click the mouse button with the “Start” button, located in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • After that, the menu will open in which the “control panel” is selected.
  • On the opening screen, among the sections presented, you need to go to the “system and safety”, and then to the “system”.
  • The left column will show the menu where you need to follow the link “Device Manager”.
  • On the screen you can see a list of types of devices. If you click on the line “Network Adapters”, a list of all those that are available on this computer will open.

Next, you need to choose (if there is) one in the name of which there is a word wireless. This is a wireless adapter that is responsible for the connection of the Dell laptop via Wi-Fi with the Internet.

If the name of the adapter is written in gray, this means that there are problems with the driver. The same situation arises if the text has a picture of the arrow down.

Important! In the event that the name is indicated by the font of the usual color without additional signs, this means that the driver is installed and works normally.

By clicking on this line with the right mouse key and choosing the properties, on the “General” tab you can see the main information about the driver of the wireless adapter.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on the DELL laptop with a special button or a combination of keys

It is not enough to activate Wi-Fi in the laptops in the device dispatcher and install the latest version of the driver. It is necessary to include. This is usually done by pressing the keys FN and F2. Depending on the specific model, another functional key or switch on the computer housing can be used. For example, in the Latitude D630 model on the left side of the case, a toggle switch is provided for this. After that, wireless communication with the World Wide Web should earn.

How to download a Wi-Fi driver for a dell laptop and turn on wi-fi?

In this article we will consider two main issues related to Wi-Fi on Dell laptops. This download and installation of the desired drivers for Wi-Fi adapter and the inclusion of a wireless network. Very often after buying a new laptop, installation, or Windows reinstalling on a Dell laptop, Wi-Fi does not work.

The laptop does not see wireless networks and, accordingly, there is no way to connect to the Internet. From my own experience I can say that it is very difficult for users to determine the reason why there is no wireless connection on the laptop.

First of all, I would advise you to try to connect my laptop to Wi-Fi, perhaps you did not fully figure it out, and everything works there, you just need to connect to a certain network.

  • The Dell laptop is not installed on Wi-Fi driver. Windows does not always automatically install the right drivers. And if the driver is not installed on a wireless adapter, then Wi-Fi will not work, since the system simply does not see Wi-Fi adapter. This problem is most often in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Since Windows 10 usually automatically installs the right drivers. True, they do not always work correctly, because of which other problems with Wi-Fi appear on Dell’s laptops. Solution. download the driver from the official Dell website and install it.
  • The second reason is Wi-Fi off. The necessary drivers are installed, the wireless adapter works fine, but it is disabled. Either in the device manager, or by a switch, a combination of keys on a laptop. Solution-Turn on Wi-Fi on Dell’s laptop.

Of course, it is not necessary to completely exclude the breakdown of the Wi-Fi module, the disconnection of the wireless module in the BIOS, the incorrect connection of the antennas or the module itself (in the process of disassembling the laptop), the drivers of the drivers, the system errors in Windows, etc. D. It happens too, but not so often.

I will demonstrate both decisions in more detail in this article. With screenshots and photos, so that you manage to independently restore the work of a wireless network on your laptop. But first you need to determine which problem is specifically on your Dell laptop to move on to a certain solution and fix everything. To do this, you need to go to the device manager. Open “this computer” (my computer), clicks with the right button mouse to the empty area and select “Properties”. On the left we move to the “Device Manager”. Or click by a combination of Win R keys and perform the MMC DEVMGMT command.MSC.

In the device manager, open the “Network Adapters” tab and look for a wireless adapter there. You can determine it by the presence of such words in the title: “802.11 ”,“ Wi-Fi ”,“ Wlan ”,“ Wireless ”,“ AC ”,“ Dual Band ”. If there is such an adapter, then the drivers are installed. Not the fact that they are workers, but installed. For example:

If there is a Wi-Fi module, then you need to try to turn on Wi-Fi (echoing part of this article). Or reinstall the drivers, see the properties of the adapter, check the settings in Windows. If there is no such adapter (I wrote about this in detail here), then the first thing you need to download the desired driver from the Dell website and install it. Usually there is a “Other devices” tab, which has unknown devices, or something like a “network controller”. Most likely this is a Wi-Fi module, it is simply not installed, the system does not know how to work with it.

My instructions are suitable for all Dell laptops: Inspiron (3582, 3581, 1525, 5110, G5 15 5587, G3 17 3779, G3 15 3579), Dell G, Alienware, XPS, PRECISION, LATITRO, VOSTRO.

Wi-Fi driver for Dell’s laptop: how to download and install?

All we need to download the driver is to find out the model of our laptop. It can be viewed on a box, in documents, in a store (if you bought a laptop in an online store), or from below on the body of the laptop itself. For example, we have Dell Inspiron 3582.

How To Enable WIFI On Dell Latitude 2120 Laptop

  • We go to the official website of Dell: https: // www.Dell.COM/Support/Home/Ru/Ru/Rubsdc?App = Drivers
  • In the search bar we write (copy) the model of our laptop and click on the “Search” button.If you come from the same Dell laptop to which you need to download the driver on Wi-Fi (for example, connected the Internet via cable, or use the phone as a modem) and do not know the laptop model, then you can try to click on the “Determine PC” button.
  • The page with the search results will open. We go to “Drivers and loaded components”.
  • To make it easier for us to find the desired driver, select the category of “network” and also select the operating system installed on the laptop.For new models, only Windows 10 will most likely be available. For outdated models Windows 8 and Windows 7.
  • Like other laptop manufacturers, Dell can install Wi-Fi modules of different manufacturers in one model. Therefore, the site will have several Wi-Fi drivers for different manufacturers. As in the case of Inspiron 3582. The site has the drivers “Intel AX200/AX201/9260/9560/9462 Wi-Fi Uwd Driver and Dell Wireless 1707/Qualcomm 9565 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Driver”. Intel and Qualcomm manufacturers. If you do not know what Wi-Fi module is installed in your Dell laptop, you can try to find out this with a utility Hwvestordetement (can be downloaded on the Internet at the request of Hwnedordetement). You need to start the utility and see which manufacturer is indicated opposite “Wlan”. But this utility does not work on all laptops. In extreme cases, we download both drivers and try to install them. The driver that does not fit, most likely does not want to install. Let’s say we have an Intel manufacturer’s wireless module. We load the latest driver.
  • We save the file with the driver to the computer. You can on the desktop. If you download the driver on another computer, then you need to copy it to the USB flash drive and transferred to the Dell laptop, where to install the installation.
  • If the file is in format.exe, then just starting its installation. If in or.Rar, we open the archive (or remove the files from it), find the Setup file.exe and start it.
  • Install the Dell laptop with the installation wizard.After installing Wi-Fi will most likely work right away. But it is better to reload the laptop.

How to enable Wi-Fi on Dell’s laptop: the simplest instruction

Often Dell laptop owners suffer from Wi-Fi problems. This can be due to ignorance of all the functions of the device or incorrectly using them. The article will talk about how to connect Wi-Fi on any DELL laptop, as well as describe the most common problems and ways to solve them.

Using the Windows integust

To do this, find the icon denoting the Internet connection. It is located in the right lower part of the screen. To connect wireless Internet, click on the icon. A list of networks available for connecting. After choosing Wi-Fi, you need to enter a password, and the connection will be made.

If you often use the selected network, for example, it is your home, before the next connection, put a checkplace opposite “connect automatically”. Now the laptop itself will connect to this wi-fi.

With hot keys

In addition to the standard method, there is another way to turn on Wi-Fi on the Dell laptop, and hot keys will help you with this. On different models, these combinations are different, but they all boil down to three: fnf2 (the most common), fnf8, fnf12. On all devices of the most common lineup Dell Inspiron, you can turn on Wi-Fi the first combination.

What to do if the Dell laptop slows down

The problem of slow work and freezing of the device may be associated with the loading of a hard disk, a lack of free RAM or processor time. To determine the reasons for the slow operation of the device, use Whyslow or other similar utility. From the standard Windows tools, use the task manager (productivity tab) and a system monitor that opens from the same tab.

The most common reasons for slowing down Dell and ways to eliminate them:

  • Dell laptop slows down due to a lack of resources-close unnecessary programs, increase the volume of the pumping file in Windows, if possible perform the device upgrade (for example, add RAM if not enough);
  • Overheating of Inspiron parts (with an increase in temperature, the laptop limits the voltage of individual components, for this reason Windows works slowly). do not close the ventilation holes, clean the device from dust, use the cooling stand.
  • The work of viruses performing tasks in the background mode of Windows. set the antivirus and perform a full check of the device.
  • Problems with a hard disk or its breakdown. check the surface of the disk using special utilities (Victoria, MHDD), reassure broken sectors.
  • Lack of free space on the HDD system section. delete unused files or transfer them to another section, use the CCleaner utility to clean the cache and time files Windows.

Advice! To accelerate the operation of HDD, it is useful not only to delete extra files, but also to defragment. The standard utility for defragmenting the hard disk in Windows opens through the “Properties” context menu item.

How to check the Dell laptop for the presence of a Wi-Fi driver

Without a Wi-Fi driver, no laptop component on Windows 7 or Windows 8 can be turned on.

Check if it is installed on your dell just. Open the device manager and expand the branch. “network adapters”.

In it you should see the Wi-Fi adapter-when installing the driver and rebooting the laptop, it must appear.

Your name may differ from what is in the picture, but the word: “wireless” is almost always found.

You can do otherwise. Open the control center and click on the left side to change the adapter parameters.

If you see a “block” with the name “wireless network connection” (there can be two of them in the new models of laptops, the second for the viral router), then everything is openwork.

Note: if the adapter is displayed by a gray background, then it is disconnected and it must be turned on by clicking on it with the right button.

If you have a driver or you just installed it, but you could not turn it on Wi-Fi, then we proceed to the next step.

How to connect Wi-Fi on a laptop hardware

Before a long search for answers to the question of how to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that the physical shutdown of Network Adapter has occurred. The check is carried out in stages:

  • From the “Start” menu, go to the “control panel”.
  • Looking for “equipment dispatcher” and open the “network adapters” subsection.
  • The inscription “Wireless” is found in the list displayed on the screen.

Important! If the name exists, then there is a built-in Wi-Fi node in the laptop, but it is in the off state. Connection is made according to the standard algorithm.

Using a button / slider on the laptop body

Manufacturers of some laptopes have provided a separate lever to turn on the access point. The switch is located at the front end of the equipment, looks different:

Important! To activate the mesh, it is enough to move the lever to the “inclusive” position and make sure that the functionality of the functionality.

Symbol of activation

Using a combination of keys

In the absence of auxiliary physical buttons on the equipment, you need to carefully examine the keyboard. On one of the functional keys, the desired icon can be located. from F1 to F12. Sometimes it is present in other places. the final localization depends on the imagination of the manufacturer.

To join, it is enough to press on the selected symbol or use the combination of “Wi-Fi shortcut” plus “fn”. The final combination depends on the equipment manufacturer:

Name The combination of buttons
Acer FNF3
Lenovo FNF5
Asus FNF2
Dell FNF12 or FNF2
Samsung FNF12 and FNF9

A common combination

Inclusion by the badge in the notification panel

How can you connect Wi-Fi on a laptop ? For attachment, you need to click LKM along the grid symbol located in the lower side of the right screen (notifications panel). A menu will appear on the display on which they press the shortcut and expect a transition to online.

Turn on Wifi Laptop Solved

In the absence of a reaction from the side of the device or if the “menu” block does not need the desired shortcut, there is a chance that it was disconnected during the installation of Windows. The following steps are performed for activation:

  • The desired shortcut is found on the control panel and pkm click on it. They choose the block “Control Center for General Access”.
  • In the window display, “Changing the parameters of the device” is selected.
  • Go to “network inclusions” and click on the shortcut “access point”. The active monitor icon is painted in blue, non.working. in gray.
enable, wi-fi, dell, laptop

Important! The on or off state of the network system is controlled by the corresponding shortcut on the notifications panel.

Through network inclusions

Through the network control center

Checking the “network connection” is carried out in the settings of the operating system. To do this, perform:

  • Entrance to the “Total Access Management Center”. through a label located in the lower corner on the right.
  • They press the “Change Parameters” block or use hot keys: “Win ​​R” and enter the “NCPA.CPL “. The action is confirmed by clicking on “Enter”.

Regardless of the activation method, the results will be similar. the “Network inclusions” window will appear on the display. Further, the user must find the current connection, click on it PKM and select the inscription “Turn on”. If this option is not available, then the access point is functioning.

Via Windows Device Manager

Sometimes attempts to use teams do not give the expected result. In this case, joining the Internet is carried out by the functionality of the “equipment dispatcher” using a simple algorithm:

  • Click on “start” located at the bottom of the monitor.
  • Highlight the link “computer” (PKM) and select the control function.
  • Go to the dispatch menu and move to the section “Network converters”.
  • In the window that has arisen, select a link for activation.

Important! If the device refuses to connect to the global web, then the problem may consist in obsolete software.

Using the dispatch menu of equipment

Connection of a laptop to another Wi-Fi access point

How can you turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop? The method depends on the operating system. Settings and individual key points in different versions sometimes differ.

Make Windows 7

For proper adjustment, it is necessary to switch to the “Control Center” tab and click on the subsection “changes in the converter parameters”. In the “Properties”, certain parameters of the protocols of TCP and IPV4 are set. If the exact information is unknown, you need to contact the provider for the data.

Then they return to the “control center” and press on the label “connect”. Having chosen the current option, they enter the safety key and enter the Internet.

Configure Windows 8, 10

The connection of the laptop with the specified OS requires:

  • Find the section “Network” and find the relevant in the falling list.
  • After the request for the password appears, it must be entered.
  • Confirmation of actions is carried out by a click on the inscription “Next”.

Important! With proper debugging, regardless of the installed operating system, a network connection should be activated. In his absence, you need to look for a different reason for the problems.

The most common problems and their solution

Wi-Fi network module for the Dell laptop

Understanding how to connect a Dell computer to Wi-Fi, you should know that the following problems can be attributed to the most common reasons:

  • The driver was not established;
  • The program is installed, but it works incorrectly;
  • a network module (automatically configured Ethernet controller) is turned off;
  • The laptop works in energy saving mode.

Experts refer to the category of practically no reasons for the absence of a connection.

Installation of drivers

Loading unique programs will become possible if the user knows the laptop model. The full name and labeling of the device are registered on the packaging, in the documents and on the case of the device. You can find drivers through any browser. It is enough to drive the name of the model into the search line or in the corresponding section of the official website of the computer manufacturer.

In the case of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, according to experts, it is worthwhile to search for a driver for a board supporting VEFI (it is connected to the motherboard of the electronic device through the port Mini PCI Express).

Turning on the network module

Ethernet Controller turns on from the “Device Manager”, in the “Network Adapters” tab. To connect it, you need to select the desired Wi-Fi module from the proposed list.

note! In Windows 10, the wireless network adapter is launched by simultaneously pressing “FN” and “F2” (or other buttons with the Wi-Fi logo).

Deactivation of energy conservation mode

Change of energy conservation mode in Windows 10

Setting up the power supply mode. the necessary measure for electronic devices running from the battery (phones and laptops).

To install or cancel the parameters of energy conservation, it is necessary to open the “power” tab (relevant for software from Windows XP to the 10th version of the mentioned Operations). Here you can minimize or balance the feed, configure the display settings (brightness) and other equipment.

note! To deactivate the saving mode in Windows 10, you should choose a “balanced” electricity distribution scheme, activating the corresponding Chekbox.

In the process of first installation, the 10 version of Windows on a brand new computer all drivers, including the adapter software, are loaded by default system. Experienced users advise installing a wireless adapter manually, because in most cases they have to reinstall.

If all the drivers are installed, Wi-Fi is turned on, but there are no connections, you can try to solve the problem by looking into the “Equipment” tab (located in the “Properties” folder, which opens with the right mouse button from the “My Computer” menu). The normal functioning of the device is indicated by the corresponding entry in the status line.