Enabling WEB-cameras on PCs and laptops from different manufacturers

Good afternoon! Modern advances in technology make it possible to see a person live, being hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. To do this, you just need to turn on the WEB-camera on your PC or laptop, configure it in the windows system. and call the second one using one of the programs. How to figure out how to connect and configure an unusual technique, we will tell you in today’s article.

How to understand that the webcam is on

After a person has connected a WEB-camera, he must check if it really works. This can be done using the device manager. If the webcam is in the list under the name “image processing devices”, then it is correctly identified.

Indirect sign: after connecting the device to a computer or laptop, a message about the initialization of the new device will be displayed on the screen. Usually the message is in the lower right corner.

On laptops like emachines, Packard, pavilion, Samsung, satellite, Toshiba, vaio worthy of the fact that the camera is on, you can tell by the lighted indicator.

How to enable USB camera on laptop or PC on Windows, Linux and Mac

Regardless of what kind of laptop you have. HP, Lenovo, MSI, ASUS, acer, sony, good, USB, aspire, bell, compaq or whatever. the process of connecting an external USB camera is the same for them. The same algorithm is used to work with a computer under Windows or other systems.

To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Unpack the device and find the flat plug on it.
  • Plug it into the USB port on the front or back panel.
  • Neatly fix the WEB-camera on the screen.

The OS will detect the camera automatically. you don’t even have to select anything in the manager.

After connecting, it is better to follow the recommendations of the system and update the drivers.

How to turn on the camera using the buttons on the keyboard

You can activate the WEB-camera from the keyboard only on a laptop. all laptop computers have this feature. Among the keys you need to find the one marked with a camera icon (most often it is “m”), and hold it down simultaneously with Fn.

To use this feature on your computer, you need to purchase a dedicated keyboard with additional buttons. Among them may be the one that is responsible for the WEB-camera.

On a netbook, the mechanism works the same way, only the keys can be swapped.

How to choose a built-in front camera on a laptop

To use the front-end on laptops like Asus, lenovo, Acer, Sony, dell, dexp, dns or others, just disconnect the USB device. In this case, the front camera will be activated automatically.

You can also do the following:

  • Go to Start. Control Panel. Device Manager”.
  • Find “Imaging Device” there.
  • Using the context menu, select the built-in WEB-camera as the main.

How to activate a WEB-camera in skype

To use the device in the most popular messenger, you must first select the WEB-camera. To do this, go to the sound and video settings and select your device from the list. Both front and external cameras are available there.

After that, call some person and click on the crossed out webcam icon at the very bottom of the screen. It will be painted black. Ranked third if counting from left to right.

How to take a photo with the included WEB-camera on a laptop and PC

Regardless of what kind of laptop you have. acker bell, Vayo, dell, MSI, Packard, Samsung. or a computer, you can take a photo using programs for Windows. Install a utility called LiveWebCam.

Open the program and click on the big button “Take a picture”. Pictures are saved along the path “My Documents. Images. The current date”. This parameter can be easily changed.

For Linux lovers, there is GuvcView. For Mac os. iGlasses. You can also try MyCam or AlterCam.

How to turn on the microphone on the WEB-camera

If your camera has a built-in microphone, you do NOT need to plug it into the auxiliary connector. It works quietly with USB. Plus, you don’t need to activate it.

Everything you need. this is to connect the camera according to the instructions given a little above. After that, go to the calling program, go to the settings and from the list select a device whose name is similar to the name of your webcam or her model.

What program to download to turn on the camera remotely

The easiest option. is to use a system utility called Ivideon Server. Install the broadcast to guide the configuration process. Establish which zone to observe.

Be sure to set up motion detectors and their sensitivity. Using this program, you can either manually activate the camera remotely or make it work from any movement in the zone. Additional functions will only be available if your camera has detectors.

How to launch a web browser on a laptop and PC

To open a web browser and browse news online, just find its icon on the desktop. If we are talking about a clean system, just find the small letter “E” and click on it twice.

Also common are the Opera browser, whose icon is made in the form of a big red letter “O”, and Google Chrome. multicolored circle. In order to get these browsers, you need to download them.

Why the computer cannot start the WEB-camera

Often the cause of such a problem is a malfunction of the device itself or the ports. Try connecting the camera to a laptop or netbook, check the port by connecting a USB flash drive to it.

Close all programs that can use the WEB-camera. The webcam can be active only in one application at a time, for example, skype or discord.

Webcam. a useful device that will help you see your friends and family in other cities and countries. If you have carefully read today’s article, then you know how to connect the device and configure it.

Enabling T9 on a computer in different ways!

Text prediction is one of the most useful features of any OS. This not only saves time, but also takes care of your spelling mistakes, which may confuse a social network or official document.

Windows 10 also offers text prediction, but it was limited to the soft keyboard, which is mostly used on tablets.

How to enable T9 on a computer? Starting in Windows 10, version 1803, you can now enable text prediction for the hardware keyboard.

How it works?

This mostly only works for apps directly from Windows, including Edge, Notepad, and so on. It doesn’t work on third party apps like Chrome.

As soon as the user starts typing, they will see pop-up replacement sentences with a maximum of three or four words. To select one of the suggested words, press the up arrow and then navigate using the left and right arrow keys. To complete the choice of a word, press the space bar to pick up one of the sentences yourself.

However, the lack of third-party app support is a huge drawback, especially when it comes to Google Chrome. There are many users who use the most popular browser on Windows. Such users will be forced to use predictive text.

Turning on T9

In order to enable text prediction for the hardware keyboard Follow these steps:

  • Open the settings;
  • Devices and go to the keyboard section;
  • Scroll to the hardware keyboard;
  • Turn on “Show text prompts as you type”;
  • Turn on “Autocorrect misspelled words”.

Officially Microsoft claims that it only works with US English, it is not clear why, because in fact there is support for almost all languages ​​in which there is a localization of Windows itself.

Multilingual text prediction

Text prediction can be configured even when switching between 2 languages ​​when using a keyboard, Microsoft also supports multilingual text prediction that works with any keyboards.

Therefore, if you write in multiple languages, text prediction works and will be quite useful at some points. How to enable Multilingual T9 on PC? In order to enable it Do the following steps:

  • Go to Device Settings;
  • Switching to the Keyboard section;
  • Highlight Multilingual prediction text;
  • Turn on the radio button for “show text predictions based on the recognized languages ​​you print in”.

Built-in T9 alternatives

Predictably, text appeared on its own when people started writing messages on mobile phones that only had a numeric keypad. When it took a few keystrokes to enter a character, programs like Tegic T9 and XT9 were a huge boon.

When smartphones came along, predictive text was still a time-saver. And with the move from PC keyboards to Blackberry-style phone keyboards to touch screen keyboards, we finally got programs like IBM ShapeWriter, Swype, SwiftKey and Google Gboard.

There are many commercial programs with a focus on schools. Examples include WordQ, ClaroRead, and Crick Software’s Clicker. Much less powerful but free examples for general use are open source TypingAid, VK TypeHelp and Presage, formerly known as Soothsayer.

Typingaid, which is written with AutoHotkey, works at the system level, so it is compatible with most applications.

If you lean towards the AutoHotkey system, SumitSoft’s typing assistant may be the best program to turn on on a T9 computer. Its features include word prediction, auto-completion, auto-correction, and auto-expansion.

It is a common program for translators, secretaries, authors, programmers and people who have spelling problems or have physical disabilities.

Sumitsoft supports over 50 languages, including Russian. A 30-day money-back system is provided, that is, in fact, the program is paid. Fastkeys is a Cheaper Alternative.

Punto Switcher

And, finally, it is worth mentioning such a sensational program as Punto Switcher. It was written by Sergey Moskalev back in 2001. By 2004, the number of downloads exceeded 4 million. Since 2008, the program was bought by Yandex.

The main function of Punto Switcher is to auto-change the keyboard layout (which by the way is very convenient), but the same auto-hotkey is also present.

Smart Compose Gmail

The latest version of Gmail includes predictive text by default. Basically, Gmail’s Smart Compose system tries to complete the suggestions, and the user simply presses the tab key to accept their suggestion.

It’s for writing emails, but you can write whatever you like and then copy and paste the text into the real document.

Smart Compose can help smartphone users, but it’s worse than useless if you already have a comfortable keyboard. Just thinking about whether to take Smart Compose suggestions is distracting, and it’s usually much faster to ignore them and just keep typing.

Swipe and swiftkey

The bad news is that, as you probably know, support for Swype has been dropped. (Nuance bought the company in Cliff Kushler.) The good news is that a lot of people prefer SwiftKey, and that SwiftKey is now being added to Windows 10. (In this case, Microsoft bought the company despite Microsoft Research invented its own Word keyboard Flow).

On Windows 10 (October 2018 Update) go to Settings, select Devices and enter text. Click on Suggestions & Autocorrection and enable SwiftKey for the languages ​​you write in. The original version should be significantly improved in future updates.

If there is no touchscreen to work with, it won’t do much good, but most modern Windows 10 laptops now have touchscreens. An additional incentive to upgrade your hardware to a newer one.

How the Webcam turns on

How to turn on the WEB-camera on a laptop. A very frequent and popular question lately. The fact is that modern laptops and netbooks are equipped with built-in cameras so that the user can talk via video over the Internet from anywhere in the world. And today we will just talk about such cameras, which are built into laptops, how to turn them on correctly, what to do if they do not work. This information will be relevant to computer users. In this article I will tell you about several methods of activation, and also describe some Possible malfunctions that make the camera work Not entirely correct. Let’s go!

First thing. appeal to the owners of external webcams who are NOT satisfied with the quality of the built-in one. As a rule, such devices are connected via a USB cable, so if it does not turn on or is not detected for you, check the connection, try inserting it into another USB connector. Did not help? Or do you still have a built-in WEB-camera? Did you forget to install the drivers? Read on!

Webcam drivers

Drivers. these are special service utilities, which “tell” the computer in a new connection to the device so that the system “understands” it and the work was correct. You probably have drivers installed on your laptop for a printer, scanner or some other thing? So, a webcam. not an exception. She also needs her own drivers, and if you don’t have them installed, then be sure to download them from the Internet and install.

I want to note that now very often you can find webcams that DO NOT require special drivers from the manufacturer. It is enough to insert the camera into the desired connector, after which the system will install the drivers for the webcam, which were already preinstalled in the system. This is especially true for users with installed systems: Windows 7 and Windows 8.

If you need to find a driver for a webcam, you don’t need to worry, finding them will not be difficult, you need to know the model of the camera, or the laptop, if the camera is built-in. In order to determine the model, pay attention to the packaging (when you bought) the webcam or on the webcam itself or on the wire, there may be a sticker in which the model is written, see the image below.

How to install drivers on a WEB-camera

For example, I decided to take a non-built-in WEB-camera into a laptop so that you know how to turn on a WEB-camera on a computer. So, if you know the model, now you can start searching. We hammer into Google something like this: “(model) driver” and you will be happy! In order not to be unfounded, let’s look at a live example. I have an old web. the camera to which we will now find the required driver.

I recognized the camera model by the stickers. I go to Google and enter “ilook 300 drivers”, after which I look at the links so that they lead to the manufacturer’s website, and not some sharashkin’s office.

I opened two links, one in Russian and the other in English. Let’s figure out how to download a driver for a webcam using the example of a Russian-language site. I go to the site, but there are links to download drivers, so I press “Specifications”.

This is where the drivers are located. I choose the one I want and download.

After downloading, simply Install them, Agreeing with all the requirements and agreements in the software installation wizard. You can then restart your computer, although this is usually not required.

Skype to help you

What if the driver didn’t help? How to enable WEB-camera on laptop then? Firstly, it is by no means necessary to delete them, let them be. And secondly, we should check the Skype settings and see if there is a signal at all or not. To do this, turn on the program, select “Tools” in the top menu. “Settings”. Next, in the “Basic” tab, click on the item “Video settings”.

If you have a video broadcast in the window that opens on the right, then the camera is configured correctly. By the way, in this window you can also adjust the camera, for example, make the picture lighter or darker, if you play a little with these settings, you can improve your image.

And in the case when no video broadcasting appeared, but instead you saw the inscription: “Skype did not find a video camera”, then you have a problem either with Skype, or with wires or connectors, which, by the way, is more likely.

Reinstall Skype, and if this does not help, deal with the technical side of the issue, and not with the software, since you are fine with it. But I will remind you again that the correct driver is. the key to the successful operation of the device. If you install the wrong driver or for your version of the system, then you will NOT see any image. Therefore, I advise you to install the correct driver for your web. cameras.

Additional options for turning on the webcam

You can also check the correctness of the WEB-camera using standard Windows tools. To do this, go to the Start menu. “Control Panel”. “Equipment and Sound”.

In the “Devices and Printers” section, select the “Device Manager” subsection. In the window that opens, look for “Image Processing Devices”. If you don’t have anything there, then the problem is really from the technical side.

You can try to enable and then disable your web. camera. To do this, right-click on it and select “Disable”.

Reboot your computer. Then go back to the device manager, and select “enable“, clicked on the webcam with the right mouse button.

The following information will be relevant for users who use the built-in WEB-camera. Thus, I will show you how to turn on the WEB-camera on a laptop. The following option can be suggested as a way to enable. Among the keys F1. F12 we are looking for the one on which the blue icon with the camera is drawn. After that, hold down the Fn key combination to the desired key. Thus, you activate and deactivate the webcam.

So, you have figured out how to turn on the camera on a laptop and on a computer. Now let’s check it outside of Skype.

There are special programs that are designed to work with WEB-cameras, but to check the operability of a WEB-camera, Skype programs are usually used, or in other similar clients where there is a possibility of video conversations, for example, Mail Agent.

As for online services, here we can cite videochatru.com or a global project “Chatroulette” as an example. Both sites offer their users to chat online with a randomly selected interlocutor from among those who are now also on the site. It really doesn’t matter, we are here to check the WEB-camera.

I’ll look at an example of the first service. Hover the mouse pointer to the lower left screen and click “Allow access to devices”.

A window will appear, select “Allow” and click “Close”.

Basically everything, after which you can see yourself on the screen, which is what we needed.

Webcam software

I did NOT want to talk about the program, but I finished the article to the end, decided to Supplement the article. I think this add-on will be important for some users.

The most popular, as I know, is the WebcamMax program. This program is paid, but for those who studied my video course and more experienced users, I think they understand how and where to get it.

The program is simple, after opening, click on the picture of the “little man”, a menu will appear. Here you can select your webcam if it does NOT want to show.

Also, the program has all sorts of effects to apply to you. How to do it? Click on the hat.

Case effects appear, which you can take advantage of.

To apply multiple effects, select 3 hats in the top menu, then navigate through the categories on the left, where you will find different overlays. The funny thing is, when you move your head, these overlays move with you. I experimented a little and this is what happened:

That’s all I wanted to tell you on this topic. I hope that now the question of how to turn on the WEB-camera on a laptop will not arise anymore. If it was not possible to turn on the WEB-camera, then you can try to connect it to the second computer and check for operability. And don’t forget to install drivers.

How to enable the built-in webcam on a lenovo laptop

Today, almost every mini computer is equipped with a video camera, including lenovo laptops: g570, b560, z570, g550, g575, b570e, g580, z575, z580, g560e, g550.

The above are the most common (purchased) models on which you can turn on the camera and take pictures.

Only there is a problem, “beginners” do not know how to turn on the built-in WEB-camera on a lenovo laptop. I think in this article I can help them.

The first thing you should understand is that in order to turn on the camera on your lenovo laptop, a special program must be installed.

The camera itself will never turn on without a program, except in skype or alternatively in the application.

If you bought your Lenovo laptop with preinstalled Windows 7, Windows 8 or already with the new windows10, then the program should be.

If you installed it yourself (friends), then you will have to install it yourself. Now let’s go in order.

Lenovo Laptop WEB Camera Drivers

For lenovo laptop camera drivers are almost always correct when installing Windows.

If you get into an exception, then write in the google search engine “Lenovo support” and follow the link shown in the figure below.

Next, click on the link quick search.

A floating window will appear in front of you.

Enter your lenovo laptop number in it. It is on the bottom.

Now search, download and install the driver for your laptop’s built-in camera.

I want to note right away that lenovo support is the worst of all notebooks produced. For example, for HP pavilion everything is much simpler.

However, if there are no necessary drivers, you will not be able to turn on the camera in any way.

As a fallback, you can use the DriverPack Solution program, only it is very large, you will definitely need high-speed Internet to download.

Lenovo laptop built-in camera software

As I wrote above without specials. Programs will turn on the camera on your lenovo laptop, you also fail.

To download and install, go to the free program for the built-in camera page and follow the instructions available there.

That’s all. If your operating system is preinstalled, then look on the keyboard for a key with a drawn camera.

Usually in lenovo F1. When you find it, then while holding the fn button (bottom left) press it, or rather two together. the camera should turn on.

How to turn on the camera on a Lenovo laptop. Camera setup on Lenovo laptop

Our computer age is developing rapidly. Almost every family has a computer or laptop. Many advanced users are familiar with technology. However, there is someone who can not always make out what and how to include. In most cases, the question arises of how to turn on the camera on a Lenovo laptop. It is NOT worth getting into a stupor. You just need to follow the tips below.

What is a webcam and where is it located?

Most modern laptops are discreetly equipped with a built-in webcam. This is very convenient, since it is not necessary to additionally look for a suitable device and install it on a laptop.

The camera is directly above the screen. Outwardly, it looks like a small circle, similar to a cell phone camera. This device offers many benefits. It will help provide video communication with anyone, regardless of their location. If only a voice is heard during a telephone conversation, then here the interlocutors see each other.

Modern laptop models have cameras with built-in indicators. They light up when turned on. This provides additional security. The Lenovo laptop has the same functions. How to turn on the camera if you are NOT an advanced user?

How to find the camera in the software

How to enable camera on Lenovo laptop? It can be found in software in two ways. One of them will certainly open the webcam for further configuration.

  • Open the “Start” menu. We choose the term “Search”. The word “camera” should be entered here. After the operation, you must choose the appropriate option.
  • Click on the “Start” menu, where we select the “Control Panel” item. Next, select the sub-item “Equipment and Sound”. Then, in the “Devices and Printers” section, click on “Device Manager”. The line “Imaging devices” will display the webcam.
  • The easiest way. this is to download the program for which the camera is needed, and directly configures it in it.
  • We are looking for a button with a camera image on the keyboard. Some laptop models have this hotkey. Press the button and Fn at the same time.
  • Just invite a knowledgeable person to connect and configure everything. Yet sooner or later you will have to learn how to do it yourself.

After completing one of the points, the question of how to turn on the camera on a Lenovo laptop, but will not arise.

Installing a separate camera

In cases where the laptop does not have a built-in camera, but you want to chat on Skype, it is quite possible to resort to using a separate device. Most webcams come with drivers for installation. It is the presence of the driver that will help turn on the camera on a Lenovo laptop. If the laptop cannot detect the driver, the camera will not work.

enable, web-camera

What is a driver

Proper camera setup on a Lenovo laptop depends on the driver available. Why do you need a laptop driver and camera?

It is a necessary link between the laptop and the devices that are connected to it. Most standard devices are automatically recognized by the computer and does not require driver installation. However, for a friend not provided by the manufacturer, it is necessary to install a special program that will detect the type of object and install it correctly. Simply put, a laptop using this program gets access to device management.

Lenovo laptop camera drivers. these are discs with a special program. Usually, they are loaded and installed in a semi-automatic mode. Everything the user needs to do. this is to press the necessary buttons and wait for the installation.

It is worth mentioning here that for standard devices such as a mouse and keyboard, drivers are pre-installed in the laptop software. Therefore, they do not need to be configured.

How to use the driver

How to enable camera on Lenovo laptop using driver? This question will inevitably arise for any novice user.

For example, a user bought a camera and connected it to their laptop. The computer has recognized the device, but there is a video image. Right now is the time to look into the box where the camera was. There should be a driver disk there. It must be inserted into the drive. Wait for the download and follow the instructions. Most external devices have detailed instructions on how and what to do. In addition, there are also recommendations for eliminating errors.

The laptop will automatically install the drivers for the camera to the system files folder. In addition, he prudently displays a shortcut on the desktop and in the Start menu. This is very convenient, as a novice user may accidentally delete a Required Program. And thanks to copying into several folders, he can always find a shortcut to the camera and use it. Even if all shortcuts are completely lost, the installed program will certainly remain. It should be located in closed system files.

Where to get and install drivers

What to do if you have an installation disk or it is lost? This is where many users start to panic and get upset. And everything is quite simple if you have access to the Internet. All the programs you need can be found on the net. over, with the correct request, you can download them absolutely free.

How to turn on the camera on a Lenovo laptop using the downloaded program? Here you need to do the following:

  • Find file downloads in dad;
  • If this is an archive “rav”, then open the “setup” file (it is he who is responsible for the installation and subsequent operation of the camera)
  • Install strictly following the instructions.

It is worth noting that the search for the required programs. A very useful skill for all users. After all, everything can fail. For example, the installation disk is broken, and the camera refuses to turn on. You need to find the name of the camera and search the network on the official sites for the necessary drivers. Then download them to your laptop and install.

To work and communicate on the network using a webcam, you must be able to install and configure it. These skills will also come in handy in troubleshooting problems that may arise. This complexity does not have to arise, since by default, all laptop operation is intuitive and does not require special skills.

How to disable webcam and microphone on Windows 10 laptop

Most modern laptops are equipped with a webcam. In many cases, a standard camera is used, which is used for Skype and other video conferencing services, but some laptops come with infrared cameras that are used for facial recognition in Windows Hello. The vast majority of laptops also have a built-in microphone, which works in conjunction with the camera.

If you are NOT using a camera or microphone, you will most likely want to disable these devices. Why is this necessary, you ask? The point is that some malware can take control of hardware components and will perform unauthorized access even when you are not using them. If you are concerned about protecting your privacy, then the instructions below show you how to turn off the webcam and microphone on a laptop running Windows 10.

Scan your computer for threats

If you suspect that your computer may be infected with malware, then first of all perform a full system scan. Even if the webcam and microphone are disabled, you cannot know for sure which threat has settled on your computer.

Windows Defender is already built into Windows 10, so this is a great place to start. If you wish, you can use a third-party free antivirus or antivirus scanners.

Check which apps are using the webcam

If you notice situations where the webcam activity LED turns on, but you are NOT using specialized applications, then it will be useful to check which programs are accessing the camera. To do this, you need to download the Process Explorer program, find the name of your camera in the device manager and search for it in the application.

Detailed instructions on how to do this are presented on our website:

Disable webcam and microphone in device manager

Disabling the camera and microphone in Device Manager is the fastest, but not the safest. Insidious malware can reactivate devices without the user’s knowledge. However, it is good to know how to disable your webcam and microphone using Task Manager.

How to disable the webcam

There are just a few simple steps to disable your webcam.

  • Right click on the Start button.
  • Select “Device Manager”.
  • Expand the “Imaging Devices” section.
  • Right-click on the entry “Built-in camera” (the name may differ on different devices).
  • Select Disable.
  • Select Yes in the confirmation window.

To re-enable the webcam, Repeat these steps, only instead of the “Disable” option, select “Enable“.

How to mute the microphone

To disable the webcam, you need to follow the same steps as when disconnecting the camera.

  • Right click on the Start button.
  • Select “Device Manager”.
  • Expand the “Audio Inputs and Audio Outputs” section.
  • Right click on the entry “Built-in Microphone” (the name may vary on different devices).
  • Select Disable.
  • Select Yes in the confirmation window.

To re-enable the microphone, Repeat these steps, only instead of the “Disable” option, select “Enable“.

Disable webcam and microphone in BIOS

Some laptops allow you to disable the camera and microphone at the hardware level from the BIOS. The next steps may differ on different devices, but the basic principle is. Interrupting the system boot and enabling the BIOS settings management interface and finding the parameters responsible for the webcam and microphone.

In the case of Lenovo ThinkPad, the built-in camera and microphone options are located in the “I / O Port Access” section of the “Security” tab. After disconnecting both devices, you need to save the settings and exit the BIOS, after which the computer will restart.

Keep in mind that the BIOS on your laptop may look different, but the end result will be the same. If you go to Device Manager after disabling devices in BIOS, you will not be able to detect them.

To re-enable devices in the BIOS, repeat the steps, but instead of the “Disable” option, select “Enable“.

Close the camera

When it comes to having to keep cameras off all the time, many users simply unplug the camera cables. This is a very drastic option and could void the laptop warranty. An easier solution would be to simply glue the camera.

Many users use stickers or duct tape to cover their cameras, but others prefer a more professional approach. For THESE cases, there are inexpensive specialized accessories on the market that allow you to close the camera and unlock it when needed using a slider.


Keep in mind that the only guaranteed way to turn off your camera or microphone is. This is the physical disconnection of devices by removing them from the laptop or by disconnecting cables and loops. Most likely, you did not want to do it yourself, but at least remember for the future.

Have you become a victim of malware that took control of your camera and microphone? Under what circumstances it was and how did you deal with the problem?