Connecting a mobile version of the site

To develop a mobile version of the site, you can come in different ways: create a separate style or completely recycle design and HTML markup. But in both cases it is important to determine when you download the mobile version of the site, and when. computer. This can be done in several ways.

Based on the analysis of the information about the browser (string of the User-Agent) sent to the server in the HTTP request, or connect the style for the mobile version, or redirect the user to the domain name, corresponding to the mobile version of the site.

In the case when the mobile version is located on a separate domain name, you can use the META file.TXT. It indicates the entry points for mobile and computer versions.

EXAMPLE META.TXT File for Examples.COM (file address in this case. Example.COM / META.TXT):

Points of entry for computer and mobile versions are defined in lines PC and Mobile respectively.

  • New browsers appear very often, accordingly to replenish the Usergent list will have to be constantly;
  • not always a usergent is determined correctly.

Using Flash on a website or content that cannot be played mobile.

Preferably for mobile version to completely eliminate such content. It will not work normally and cause many difficulties from visitors. The video will not go, the game will not play, and the special animation in the menu is the brain. IOS apple devices at all do not support Flash animation. Remove too much, why complicate view.

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Just when you click on this button again, the usual version is perfectly returned. In the extreme case, you can turn off the editor.

Max, do not mislead people attempted to advertise their group in VK. I specifically changed the link so that people do not see your group.In the case, I specifically attached additional screenshots, to compare the mobile version through a browser and mobile phone. Find what is called 10 differences.They are not here. The method works, and if it does not work, then you do not need to make a mirror, if.

For sure. that’s bullshit. With this “method” of all lisha decreases the size of the screen in the browser, but it is still a computer version of the site in it.

Showing on a simple example: there is a site of. https page: // / velovek just pay attention to the header. In the computer and on the phone! Here you have everything and a simple answer of the complete uselessness of this “Fichi”))))

Ivan, thanks for the feedback. It is really the easiest and most. Dmitry, maybe you did not choose a mobile phone option. I use this way for a long time. And tried on other sites, if there is a mobile version, and not adaptive, then it goes on it.

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Do not listen to them, thank you very much for the advice. broke a head with stupid extensions yet noticed on your useful article. For me, as a beginner in the website building, it helped in developing a mobile version of the site

This method does not allow you to view the mobile version, but reduces the screen resolution of the site. Mobile version is not activated.

Why does not it work? In more detail you can describe the problem. This method works not only in chrome, but in other browsers on its engine. For example, in Yandex browser.

How to open a computer version of VK on the phone, smartphone, tablet

As we see, just a few steps allow you to switch from mobile to computer version of VK on a laptop gadget. Even less steps will need in order to switch back, if it is necessary. Under the main menu, the corresponding reference is displayed for this.

Instructions for opening a mobile version of VK on a computer

The use of the social network on the computer is traditionally carried out through the browser and open on it. Network. It is worth a little to deepen in technical subtleties in order to understand what principle is determined which version of the site VK should open.

Any browser “appears” when connecting to a particular site. The site, seeing that the client was connected to it, already “gives” one or another version of the page.

And if the browser on the computer will be introduced by his mobile fellow, the site will give him a mobile version of the page. This will be based on the way to open the mobile version of the site VK on PC.

To implement the task, we use a popular extension for the browser, whose task is one of the only way. to seem like the desired browser, for example, mobile.

  • Let’s install the expansion in the browser. The User Agent Switcher extension page is located on the Google website, because of which you might think that this decision is intended for a completely specific browser, but it is not at all. You can install it not only in Chrome, but also any other, which uses its foundation: Yandex Browser, Opera and so on.

If you need to return to the full version of the VK site, by clicking the extension button, select the original version of the identifier. default, and on the VK page itself, click the full version link, which is located under the main menu.

you should have problems if you need to open the mobile version of the VK site on the computer.

We are glad that you could help you in solving the task or problem.

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Login to the mobile version of VC via computer

To go to the mobile version of. you just need to enter the address https: // /. this same site, whose root domain is VK.COM, but indicated in the letter of the letter M means that the mobile version of the site should be opened.

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It’s easy enough, it’s not true? In the mobile version, almost all those functions and opportunities will be available, one hundred and in the main version, namely:

  • Use the chat, correspond to other users of VK
  • View public and group, participate in discussions, comment
  • View photos, leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев to them
  • View videos, comment you like
  • Listen musical compositions
  • There is a section with notifications and news where the appropriate content is displayed
  • Use search, look for people, groups and publics, video, music
  • Many other features and opportunities

In other words, the mobile version of the VK site is little less inferior to the main one, here you can almost all the same, but at the same time the inteeis of the mobile version is more “light”, which consumes less traffic and more responsive, which is especially important for computers that have low performance.

If we talk about restrictions, then you can note the impossibility of opening a section with games and their use, accordingly. So if you want to play games on VK, you will have to switch to the usual version of the site.

By the way, switching is just as simple. in the left menu there is a link version for a computer, pressing which instantly opens a full version of site.

We are glad that you could help you in solving the task or problem.

In turn, you can also help us.

Just share an article on social networks and messengers with friends.

Sharing the results of the author of the author, you will have invaluable assistance both to himself and the site as a whole. Thanks!

How to go to the full version of the site from mobile?

This method only works in the mobile version of classmates when entering through the browser, the application does not work.

Open classmates website, call the menu by clicking on the button on the left side of the screen.

Lower the menu, find the item “Full Site Version”, click on it.

Android browser. how to enable “PC version” on constantly

I use your smartphone, as a rule, for calls, music, watching video, navigation, and seen on the Internet. And honestly, in the last paragraph I always really shook the fact that half of the sites and forums, envy the stock android browser, immediately gave him a page for the PDA version, which I can’t tolerate. I had to climb into the settings, turn on the option “version for PC “, The page was overloaded, and then it could be fine. No, you can, of course, put a opera or something else where in the settings you can enable the default PC view. But in the rest. the stock browser completely satisfied me, and I liked me much more than the opera and ie with her! And finally, I came across a short description of how to make the usual, standard browser for Android presented to sites with a regular browser in the version for a large computer, so that the option “PC version” would be enabled constantly, by default and forever! I will note that it is immediately that the method is guaranteed to work on the Samsung Galaxy Note, and the 4th Android, on other mobile phones and versions of Android. did not check. so unsubscribe in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, what and how. Well, if you have Note, and you are also immensely infect sites, converted to mobile devices. Welcome to Cat. there is a more detailed description than on 4pda, and with screenshots.

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So, the first thing we need to do is go to the developer mode. This is done as follows:

We open the stock browser in the address bar We enter any: debug, click Search (well, or Enter on the keyboard). At the same time, nothing visually happens. but it is not necessary to scare.

Next. press the left touch key, so that the VSP appears. window. They scroll into it to the niza himself, DUMP V8 COUTERS will appear under the settings. Press the window disappears.

Press the left touch key again, so that the VSP appears. window. It scrolls in it almost to the bottom, click on the settings.

Spread the settings to the bottom of the Niza, at the bottom of the menu, click Debugging tab

In the menu opened. Third Stitch. Uastring. Press.

The device returns to the previous menu (where UASTRING was chosen). Scroll on four lines down, and take a tick from Show JavaScript Console, so that the eyes do not call.

Voila. Press the button “Thank you” on my site, or unsubscribe in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев that the method did not work on your device

Upd. It seems that it works only within one launch. when it comes off, and at the next login, the operation must be repeated. Bake-S

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I know that he was sick then much, the operation on the heart was, and his first came out, and the business led him until he could. These are decent people.