Phone on Android as a modem for a computer (USB). And what to do if the Internet does not work when distributing from the phone

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Almost all modern smartphones on Android can work in modem mode. T.E. “Share” (share) with your 3G / 4G (Wi-Fi) Internet with a computer or laptop.

And I must tell you that in some cases. There is no alternative to this (for example, in small district centers, where there is no cable connection; or in new buildings, where he was simply spent simply. ).

Actually, The topic is popular and there are always many questions about it. then in this article I decided to compose everything and show on a simple example, how to configure the phone on Android to work in a modem mode for a computer (in passing the most typical problems).

For simpler perception. The material is decorated in the form of a step-by-step instruction (with explanation of each action).

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As with Android distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. another instruction

Features of distribution of mobile traffic

The speed of information processing on a conventional router or modem must comply with the declared digital values ​​in the characteristics of devices. At the same time, the parameters prescribed in the tariff plan on the official website of the provider are taken into account. As a rule, routers allow users to download and upload files to users, so the phone as a modem cannot compete with these gadgets in data transfer rates. An important factor that affects the speed will be the performance of the phone.

Below are the pros and cons of the use of the phone as a router in comparison with the usual router.

Advantages disadvantages
There are several ways to synchronize The phone battery is quickly discharged in modem mode, you have to constantly keep the device on charging
In most cases, provide optimal Internet connection Low speed and receive files, information
Allow you to be mobile The phone must be kept nearby, otherwise the synchronization will be lost

Nevertheless, the most important advantage is that the phone is always at hand. The user will not need to buy or rent a router, acquire a new SIM card for the tablet and connect the tariff. The benefit of the client is to save on the acquisition of new gadgets.

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Via usb

Connection via USB modem occurs almost similar. The only moment is the availability of a USB cable to connect a phone directly to a laptop, a tablet or computer through connectors.

After completed actions, the synchronization of devices occurs automatically. Literally in a minute, the user will be notified of the notification that you can use the Internet access.

Comparative characteristics of the type of distribution, speed of driving traffic

Ability to connect more than one device

The connected device does not spend the battery charge

Via usb

Connecting a mobile device to a computer via USB allows you to transfer the Internet to PC, which no Wi-Fi module. In addition, the USB connection allows you to save the battery charge at the smartphone.

The mobile traffic algorithm to the computer consists of 3 stages:

  • Connect your smartphone to PC via USB port.
  • In the settings of the mobile device, activate the “USB modem” mode. For devices on the Android OS, the desired command is in the “Connections and Shared Access” category. On the iPhone just turn on the modem mode.
  • PC running Windows 7 and later versions, the OS will automatically determine the type of output.

If the Internet connection was not installed, then create another connection. The instruction on setting is set out above.

Distribution of mobile traffic through a USB modem there are the following advantages:

  • We will have to take one port on the computer to connect the smartphone;
  • The speed and stability of the work depends on the quality of the contact in the USB cable connectors;
  • Move the laptop can only be moved along with the connected phone.

Using Android phone as a USB modem

If you connect your phone to a laptop using a USB cable, then in the modem mode settings, it will be active USB-modem option. After you turn it on, a new device will be installed in Windows and a new device will appear in the list of connections.

Provided that your computer will not be connected to the Internet in other ways, it will be it will be used to enter the network.

How to distribute the Internet with samsung galaxy on wi-fi

The easiest way to distribute the Internet from the phone via Wi-Fi to a computer, laptop, tablet or other smartphone. At the same time, consider that on Wi-Fi is possible distribution of the mobile Internet (obtained from the telecom operator), the process itself is as follows:

  • On your Samsung smartphone, go to Settings. Connections. Mobile Access Point and Modem.
  • Top Turn on the “Mobile Access Point” item. If you inform you that it is necessary to disable Wi-Fi, agree (since we cannot distribute the available Wi-Fi connection in this way, which I mentioned above).
  • In order to change the name of the network, learn or change the password, click on the “Mobile Access Point” item and specify the necessary data instead of standard.
  • After that you can connect to the created wireless network from any other devices and use your mobile Internet of your phone from them.
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Several nuances that may be important in the context of the distribution of the Internet via Wi-Fi from the phone:

  • Do not forget that for the Internet is required to be connected and the mobile Internet is active.
  • Some communication operators on some tariffs block the ability to distribute mobile Internet from the phone to other devices.
  • If you need to quickly connect another phone to the Internet, in the Mobile Access Point Settings on Samsung, you can click on the QR code icon at the top of the right and scan the generated code by another smartphone.
  • If your tariff is limited on your tariff, consider that by connecting your PC or laptop to the created access point, you can quickly spend it (for example, if the OS updates are started).

Distribute via usb to computer

Not all users have a laptop that supports Wi-Fi connection. Also, the previous way is not suitable for stationary computers, so a regular USB cable comes to the rescue. To do everything correctly and prevent errors, use the following manual:

  • Activate mobile transmission on the phone.
  • Connect the device to a computer via USB cable.
  • We go into the settings of the smartphone, and come from them to the “Additional Functions” tab or “Additional Features”. Note that an Xiaomi Redmi device is used for example, so on your phone the name of the partitions may be different.
  • Transfer the slider to the right near the line “USB-modem”.
  • The necessary drivers are loaded in automatic mode, provided that the Windows 7 operating system is used above.
  • After enter the section with a network connection and select the required network.

As you can see, connect the smartphone as a USB modem was a few steps. With limited mobile traffic, we strongly recommend monitoring its consumption so that the distribution of the Internet via USB has not led to serious expenses.

How to distribute the Internet in iPhone

Apple smartphones are done just as simple as on Android. In order to distribute Wi-Fi C iOS:

  • Open the device settings and go to “Modem Mode” section.
  • Activate the Allow Other Switch.
  • By “Allow Other” will appear an active field where you can change your network password.

In the modem mode, you can also configure Bluetooth or USB connection by activating the corresponding switch.

Via Bluetooth (relevant for laptops and others. Smartphones)

If problems are issued via USB connection or with a Wi-Fi network (for example, some devices do not support Wi-Fi, system errors could appear, and.). then you can try to split the network via Bluetooth.

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There are no special advantages in Wi-Fi (except for health influence), but there is a minus, time to set up. you have to spend a little more.

Action first: You need to interface devices (t.E. connect them).

To do this, open the Bluetooth settings on the laptop (the easiest way to use the tray: there must be an icon).

To help!

Bluetooth icon disappeared: how to add it to the tray near the clock [instruction]

You can also open the menu: Start / Parameters / Devices (Bluetooth, etc.) (This is for Windows 10 users).

Next click on the “Add Bluetooth Device”.

Checking if Bluetooth is enabled and start the device

On the smartphone, turn on the Bluetooth. Next, among the available devices, you must see your laptop.

By clicking on it, you will see a request confirmation. You must agree to the conjugation (in some cases you have to enter the connection code, it will be displayed on your phone screen).

enable, distribution, internet, phone

Available devices. Connect / Android

As a result, you have in Bluetooth devices, your phone must be connected (pay attention to the status “connected”).

enable, distribution, internet, phone

The device must be enabled and connected

Action Second: Share Internet with Android.

Checking the presence of 3G / 4G network, then open the network settings, the “” tab (the example is presented on the screen below).

After that, open the Modem Mode tab. and turn on the phone to the “Bluetooth modem” mode (the green “switch” should light up. t.E. The phone moved to the right mode).

After that, open the Windows Control Panel to the address (to open the control panel. Press the WINR button combination. And enter the Control command):

Control Panel \ Equipment and Sound \ Devices and Printers

In this tab, select your phone and right-click on it. in the menu that appears, select “Connect through the Access Point” (see. Example below).

Access point. connect through this device

Actually, you should automatically appear a new network with which Windows will also automatically connect to the Internet and access to the Internet (what you will be brought to the tray icon. Example below).

If suddenly the network does not appear: go to Windows network connections (to open them: Click WINR. and enter the NCPA command.CPL) and turn on the new network manually!

By the way, each time you do not need to match the device. it is enough to do once. Therefore, if we consider the way. via Bluetooth. then it is not so long (at least when repeated connections. ).