How to set up tethering on iPhone

In fact, there is nothing difficult about it. over, this function will be very useful if you are going to travel, but you are reluctant to live without the Internet.

You can only configure the modem mode correctly (so that it works later) if you agree on all the nuances with your mobile operator and set up the Internet on the iPhone.

Setting for tethering on iPhone:

  • Go to iPhone settings
  • Then go to the cellular tab
  • Then we open the data parameters. Attention! Do not activate the roaming checkbox. additional charges may apply.
  • You need to go to the “Options and Data”. “Voice” tab and select “3G” or “LTE”. This will allow you to use the possibilities of your operator’s Internet to the maximum.
  • After that, you need to go back to the Cellular tab and open the “Cellular data network” menu. We advise you to contact your carrier (if you just bought your iPhone or are setting it up from scratch). The operator can send you the settings you want, which you just need to save. This is the best outcome, since each of the operators has its own principles and conditions for prescribing an Internet connection.

Important! When communicating with the operator, please clarify about the function of distributing the Internet from your tariff and ask to send the settings for it. Here is an instruction from the operators Vodafone and Kyivstar, what you need to write in these fields to set up the Internet.

After the operator sends you the settings and you save them, restart your iPhone.
7. Then you need to go to the iPhone settings again, go to the cellular data tab and activate the cellular data icon.
8. After that, go back to Settings and go to the “Modem Mode” tab.
9. Here we have three options for creating a connection: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. I most often use the first one and I also recommend it to you. it is simple, convenient and no problems with connection.

Also in this tab you will see a password field. Before activating the modem mode, I advise you to change the password to a more adequate one, which you could enter on another device.
11. After changing the password, you can activate the modem mode and try to connect your device to the network.

Important! The hotspot name will depend on your name (what your iPhone is named). You can change it in the main settings.

How to share the Internet from iPhone using a USB cable:

  • Turn on data connection (cellular). This can be done by opening the iPhone settings, go to the “Cellular” menu and activate the checkbox next to cellular.
  • Then turn on the modem mode by going to: “Settings”. “Modem mode” (activate the lever opposite this item)
  • Connect your iPhone to MacBook via USB cable
  • Allow access to your iPhone for MacBook
  • Open iTunes
  • If the system asks for the connection password, enter it.

After that, you should have a connection to the network shared by the iPhone on your MacBook.

Note: if you want to use this method for Windows. download iTunes.

How to share Internet from iPhone using Bluetooth:

  • Turn on data connection (cellular). This can be done by opening the iPhone settings, go to the “Cellular” menu and activate the checkbox next to cellular.
  • Then turn on the modem mode by going to: “Settings”. “Modem mode” (activate the lever opposite this item)
  • Go to settings and turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone
  • Then we activate Bluetooth on the device that will connect to the iPhone Internet
  • We pair the devices, enter the corresponding passwords
  • Then connect to the internet via Bluetooth:
  • Mac. go to the Bluetooth line (Bluetooth Settings), select the iPhone device with data distribution and connect to the network.
  • Windows. also go to Bluetooth settings, then enter the Personal Area Network (PAN) menu and connect to your iPhone using the right-click dialog.

First of all. the tariff plan

Before setting up the modem mode on the iPhone, you should know that mobile operators are tricky companies and the distribution of your Internet at a rate should also be paid additionally. Therefore, even if your tariff plan includes unlimited 4G-5G Internet, you will have to connect an additional Internet distribution service. You can clarify about this with your operator.

It is better to clarify all the details before you start setting up the modem mode on the iPhone, because after activating it, the operators may charge an additional fee.

A few nuances about the tethering mode on the iPhone

The modem mode for iPhone works on the principle of a Internet distribution point, while your operator “gives you” the IP address. As soon as you activate the tethering mode on your iPhone, the signal transmission begins, to which you can connect another iPhone, MacBook, iPad and other devices.

When activating the modem mode, you must have your cellular connection turned on and the Internet configured. Also note that every time you turn on the tethering mode on the iPhone, the IP address will change (sometimes they repeat, depending on the operator and connection frequency, but in most cases the IPs are different).

There is also one more nuance when using the modem mode: if you distributed the Internet, it will be problematic to use it yourself, because the main array will go to your Wi-Fi point and all devices connected to it.

Well, keep in mind that when the modem mode is on, your iPhone will simply run out of battery quickly. Therefore, keep the charger with you.

How to enable and configure tethering on iPhone

Tethering is a useful feature that can even save your life if there is no safe Wi-Fi hotspot nearby or the internet is suddenly turned off in the middle of a working day. We tell you how to enable and correctly configure the tethering mode on the iPhone.

What are the advantages of sharing the Internet from the iPhone

First of all, it is very convenient for work. If you like to work in cafes / parks / in the country, you will definitely like the alternative of a portable access point, to which only you and the people you have verified can connect.

Secondly, it is economical. In fact, it is so. If we take into account how much we pay to the operator for a connection package for a month, you can save quite a good amount by abandoning the home Internet in favor of mobile distribution using the modem mode.

As already mentioned, this is safer than a public network in a cafe or God knows where else. Everything is under your password, with your data. simple and secure.

If you still have additional questions, write to us in the comments or contact the iLab service center. where our masters will be happy to help you.

Turning your PC / Laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot

To organize a wireless Internet connection, special devices are usually used. Wi-Fi access points or routers (routers). If you do not have the opportunity to purchase a router, but want to make your own Wi-Fi network, there is a unique program Connectify, which makes it possible to do without additional devices, is easy to use and free. The program is designed to create a Wi-Fi access point on a PC or laptop running a Windows operating system. With its help, you can quickly deploy a wireless network and organize Internet access for multiple devices. To ensure the security of communication, WPA2-PSK or WEP encryption is used.In addition to the program itself, you will need a computer with Internet access (there can be any options: from a USB modem, which implies a low and unstable download speed of pages to a cable, faster, Ethernet connection or ADSL modem), and built-in Wi-Fi adapter. If your computer does not have a built-in Wi-Fi card, you can always purchase a Wi-Fi USB adapter (for PC / laptop) or a PCI-WLAN network card (for PC only). After you install and run Connectify for the first time, the initial setup wizard will open If several Wi-Fi adapters are installed on the computer, the program will offer to select one of them. The adapter will be tested for compatibility and you will see what modes of operation it supports. Next item: “Network Name (SSID)”. in the free version, the network name will already be entered, which is required to identify the access point. “Connectify-me”. Paid. this field is required and must not exceed 32 characters (Russian is not supported). Then, in the “Hotspot mode” item, you have to select the mode of operation of the access point. There are 3 modes available: “Access-point WPA2-PSK”, “Ad-Hoc WEP”, “Ad-hoc Open”. Of course, the preferred mode is “Access-point WPA2-PSK”, which is the most secure, but some older adapters do not support it. Ad-Hoc WEP is compatible with most network cards and mobile devices, but WEP encryption is considered weak. If WEP is also not supported, only the “Ad-hoc Open” mode remains. be careful, in this case all your data is transmitted over the network in cleartext!

Difference between different encryption methods

In the “Password” item, you must enter the password for accessing the network. Clients will need it to connect to the access point. For WPA2-PSK, the password must be between 8 and 63 characters long, in the case of WEP encryption. from 10 to 26. In the “Internet Sharing” item you need to check the box if you are going to distribute Internet access to clients. If everything went well, press the “Start Hotspot” button and Connectify will wait for incoming connections. The program is controlled through the context menu (icon in the notification area) or through a small window.

Main program interface

If the adapter supports WPA2-PSK encryption, other modes of operation will be hidden. the program thus tries to secure the user. But sometimes it becomes necessary to use a different mode of operation of the access point. To do this, right-click on the program icon in the notification area, and in the menu that appears, select the item: “Options-Always Show Ad Hoc Mode” Fly in the ointment: In Windows XP, only the “Ad-Hoc” Access Point mode is available, which allows connect one netbook / PC or phone, while devices based on the Android operating system do not support this mode. A tablet or smartphone simply won’t see this network.

If you still have questions that the instructions did not answer, you can contact our technical support specialist by phone: (495) 514-12-12

Accessing the USB tethering feature on a Mac

  • Update iTunes to the latest version.
  • Use a USB cable to connect an iPhone or iPad with Hotspot enabled to your Mac. Then make sure iTunes recognizes your iOS device.
  • Open System Preferences Network.
  • Select “iPhone USB”. If this option is missing, click the icon and add it. If you have an existing network connection, the “Modem Mode” function may not work if the “Disable if you do not need it” checkbox is not cleared in the “Status” section.
  • Click the icon and select “Deactivate Service”.
  • Then select “Activate Service”.

Additional Information

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IPhone tethering. what is the password?

The iPhone is ready to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, using the Tethering mode, the phone has become an access point. It remains to connect devices that need the Internet, for this they also need to turn on Wi-Fi, find the iPhone in the list of devices and connect to it using a password, the password from the iPhone access point can be found here: Settings. Modem mode. Wi-Fi password. In the same section, you can change the iPhone hotspot password. Just do not put a password as in our example in the picture, otherwise it will be easily picked up and used by outsiders.

Sharing the Internet via Wi-Fi

Sharing the Internet over Wi-Fi is perhaps the most popular way to create an access point. Everything is as easy as shelling pears here:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on iPhone.
  • We activate the modem mode.

That’s all! Access point available! Another question is how to connect to this access point. For this:

  • Activate Wi-Fi on the device for which the access point was created, and wait until it completes the process of searching for networks.
  • Once the network is found, click connect.
  • At this point, you will be prompted for a password, enter it and you’re done!

The iPhone Wi-Fi password is listed in the Tethering section. For each device, it is created by default and, as a rule, is quite complex, but you can always set an easier one for you to remember.

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How to enable modem mode on your computer

For further work, it is advisable to choose either an unlimited tariff plan. Otherwise, you can lose a significant amount from your account in just a dozen minutes of using the Internet.

How to enable tethering and share Internet (Wi-Fi) from iPhone or iPad

Starting with iOS 13, the interface of the Tethering section in the Settings app on iPhone and iPad has been changed.

enable, tethering, iphone

The Modem Mode enable button has disappeared, replaced by the Allow others toggle button.

When the Allow to other iPhone option is enabled, it will be able to share the Internet not only with devices that use the same Apple ID in iCloud (without entering a password), but also with any other device (with entering a password).

When the Allow to other iPhone option is disabled, only devices that use the same Apple ID in iCloud will be able to share the Internet without the need to enter a password.

On an iPhone with iOS 12 and an older version of the OS, the tethering mode is turned on by the corresponding switch along the path: Settings → Tethering mode;

When the Allow others option is enabled, it is strongly recommended to password protect access to the network.

How to enable tethering and share Internet (Wi-Fi) from iPhone or iPad

Everyone knows that the iPhone is a multifunctional device. However, not everyone is aware that the gadget can act as a full-fledged portable access point. a router. for other mobile and desktop equipment. “Sharing” the Internet from an “apple” communicator or tablet is actually very simple.

What to do if the Modem mode item is not in the Settings

It happens, however, that Modem Mode is missing from the settings. Then you need to take the following steps:

To begin with, you need to make sure that the data transmission network. mobile Internet (instructions) is working on the device. If it works, but the mode still does not appear, then go to the next step;

Go to Settings and follow the path Cellular → Cellular data network → Cellular data (for previous versions of iOS, the path is slightly different: Cellular → Data settings → Cellular data network → Cellular data);

Here you need to fill in the fields in the Cellular Data and Modem Mode sections. There you will need to enter the APN, Username and Password of your mobile operator. The operator usually sends this data automatically when installing the SIM card. You can also clarify them by calling the operator, naming your tariff plan.

For example, for the Belarusian MTS, the data is as follows:

APN: mts
Username: mts
Password: mts

APN data, username and password of some Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian operators can be found on this page.

If the mode does not appear after entering the data, then the device must be rebooted. After rebooting, turn on the Modem Mode, select the Turn on Wi-Fi item and set the password. A successful connection will be indicated by a blue bar at the top of the screen.

Configuring the connection of another device

To connect to the created wi-fi network from another device, go to the network settings on this device. Select the name of the wi-fi point that you set in the settings. And enter the access password.

This is how it looks like connecting to an iPhone on a MacBook. On other devices, the connection icons will be identical.

It is worth highlighting several main features of using the modem mode:

  • Do not wait for high speeds, as the Internet connection is via a mobile network.
  • When the modem mode is activated, the autonomy of the mobile device is slightly reduced.
  • Some mobile operators may impose some restrictions on the number of simultaneous connections to one device.

How to enable tethering on iPhone

You can make a wi-fi router from an iphone and distribute the Internet to other devices. Very useful far from home if your laptop does not have a 3G modem. In this article, we will show you how to enable iPhone tethering. as well as some of the problems that can be encountered in the process.

How to enable tethering on iPhone

After that, the mobile device will turn into a mobile access point and will begin to “distribute” the Internet. It will be possible to connect to it via Wi-Fi using the password displayed in the mode settings.

Be careful: the mode of the enabled wi-fi modem is not displayed anywhere. But the phone battery drains faster.

When another device connects to you, you will see such an inscription on the status bar.

What to do if iPhone tethering fails to activate

In some cases, users will have to make a number of additional settings to activate the modem mode. It depends on the cellular carriers. Specifically, here’s an article on how to enable yota modem mode. The general principle is this:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to the Cellular section.
  • Select Cellular data network.
  • In the Cellular data and Modem mode sections, fill in the APN, Username and Password lines (Data for the most popular mobile operators are given below).
  • After that, the Modem mode item on the iPhone should become active. If you suddenly lost the modem mode after changing the SIM card, check the data of the telecom operators.


  • APN:
  • Username: beelin
  • Password: beeline
  • APN:
  • Username: mts
  • Password: mts
  • APN: internet
  • Username: gdata
  • Password: gdata

How to enable WiFi Personal Hotspot or USB Tethering on an iPhone-easily sharing Internet

  • APN:
  • Username: leave blank
  • Password: leave blank
  • APN: yota
  • Username: yota
  • Password: yota


  • APN: or
  • Username: leave blank
  • Password: leave blank
  • APN: internet
  • Username: leave blank
  • Password: leave blank

You can clarify the APN data by calling 111 for MTS Ukraine users.

Turn on the internet

To do this, go to: “Settings” “Cellular” and put the “Cellular data” switch in the On position, that is, green.

Megaphone. Internet settings on iPhone.

When installing a Megafon SIM card, the mobile Internet settings are set automatically.

  • APN: internet
  • Username: gdata or leave blank
  • Password: gdata or leave blank

How to set up and enable tethering on iPhone?

Once upon a time, very often they used the service of cellular operators in the form of a mobile router to access the Internet. Thanks to such a router, it was possible to connect to the web network almost anywhere where the operator has coverage. They were replaced by smartphones when they added an Internet access point function, that is, a modem mode.

Despite the fact that the ability to use iPhone in tethering mode has been around for a long time, not everyone knows how to set up and enable it.

Set up communication

Open: “Settings” “Cellular” “Data options” “Enable LTE “.

Here we recommend that you select the inclusion of “Voice and data”. This will allow you to use the highest quality connection possible on your network.

Next, go back to the data settings and go to “Cellular data network”.

Here it is necessary that the connection data be filled in. Especially in the “Modem Mode” section. Usually they are registered automatically if the service is supported and connected by a cellular operator.

Check if the “Modem Mode” function is available

Open “Settings” and find the line with the name “Modem Mode”. If it is, then just turn it on. If the access point is not displayed, then perhaps it is not activated and you may need to contact the operator and ask them to activate this service. It is usually enabled by default.

Traffic limit

Using the iPhone as a modem connected via USB to a PC or laptop with Windows 7 or 10, set the traffic limiter in this way:

  • Press the WinI key combination in Windows 10 and open “Network and Internet”.
  • Click on the “Etnernet” section and the network to which you are currently connected.
  • Activate the slider “Set as a limited connection” and go to setting the limit.
  • Select the options you want and click “Save”.
  • Windows will tell you about some services that should be turned off when the traffic is limited.

The system will notify about the imminent end of traffic and block access when the entire package is used up.


How to distribute the Internet from iPhone via USB is described in the following

  • Activate this function. You can see the steps required to connect the device as a modem.

To connect your iPhone via USB tethering, connect it via Lightning to your PC and select yes to the question “Trust this computer”? Next, the computer will configure the network adapter, detect a new network and connect to it. Also, through the new local network, the PC will have access to the Internet.

If this did not happen automatically, select your iPhone in the network settings and connect to it manually.

If your iPhone does not turn on tethering, this is the place for you.

Features of the

  • make sure you have a package with gigabytes or have enough funds on your balance to connect to the Internet;
  • iPhone sees a stable 3G or 4G LTE connection;
  • the computer port defines the devices connected to it;
  • original lightning is used;
  • the computer must have the latest version of iTunes installed.

If all conditions are met, proceed with the setup.


When the smartphone is connected to a PC via a USB port:

  • Discharges faster than usual, but when connected via USB, the battery charge remains at the same level, and in moments of “idle” it gradually charges.
  • GSM module is active, so you can receive SMS and calls.
  • When an incoming or outgoing call is made, the Internet is interrupted. Recovered at the end of the conversation.
  • WAN login from iPhone will also be available.
  • Tariffication of traffic from mobile operators is calculated by the number of received and sent packets.
  • If you do not have unlimited, you can check the traffic status in the settings of the network adapter by opening the “Status” parameter.

Windows 10 has a feature to set the limit for the traffic used. It will help you not to go into negative territory and stop the traffic flow in time.

How to connect iPhone in tethering mode to computer via USB?

The user-friendly interface of the iOS operating system allows you to execute any command on the iPhone in a few steps. After reading this guide, you will learn how to activate tethering mode via USB on iPhone.

The ways

How you can distribute the Internet from the iPhone, we wrote here.

There are three tethering modes you can use on iPhone:

  • Connecting the phone to a computer on MAC, Windows 7 or 10 via USB (Lightning), and distributing the Internet;
  • Creation of an access point and distribution of a secure Wi-Fi connection with your password;
  • Connection as a modem to a PC via Bluetooth pairing.

It’s easy to connect your iPhone as a modem. The main thing is to have the original lightning installed by iTunes, and so that the phone can handle 3G / 4G LTE connections. If the GSM module only catches GPRS, the modem may be interrupted.

Why is there no tethering mode in iPhone settings

The reason why after updating iOS on iPhone the tethering mode disappears is resetting the Internet access parameters over the mobile network (APN). At the same time, given that most cellular operators support access without settings, the Internet works, however, there are no items for enabling and configuring the modem mode.

Accordingly, in order to return the ability to turn on the iPhone in modem mode, you need to register the APN parameters of your carrier.

To do this, just follow these simple steps.

  • Go to Settings. Cellular. Data Options. Cellular Data Network.
  • In the “Modem mode” section at the bottom of the page, write down the APN data of your telecom operator (see below for information on APN for MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele2 and Yota).
  • Exit the specified settings page and, if you had mobile Internet enabled (“Cellular Data” in the iPhone settings), disconnect it and reconnect.
  • The “Modem Mode” option will appear on the main settings page, as well as in the “Cellular” subsection (sometimes with a pause after connecting to a mobile network).

Done, you can use your iPhone as a Wi-Fi router or 3G / 4G modem (the instructions for setting are given at the beginning of the article).

Lost tethering on iPhone

After iOS updates (9, 10, it may happen in the future), many users are faced with the fact that the modem mode has disappeared in the iPhone settings, and it cannot be detected in either of the two places where this option should be enabled (a similar problem some had it when upgrading to iOS 9). This short tutorial details how to get tethering back in iPhone settings.

Note: tethering is a function that allows you to use your iPhone or iPad (this is also available on Android), connected to the Internet via a 3G or LTE mobile network as a modem to access the Internet from a laptop, computer or other device: via Wi-Fi ( i.e. use the phone as a router), USB or Bluetooth. Read more: How to enable tethering on iPhone.

APN data for major mobile operators

To enter the APN in the modem mode settings on the iPhone, you can use the following operator data (by the way, usually you do not need to enter the username and password. it works without them).

  • APN:
  • Username: mts
  • Password: mts
  • APN:
  • Username: beeline
  • Password: beeline
  • APN: internet
  • Username: gdata
  • Password: gdata
  • APN:
  • Username and Password. Leave blank
  • APN: internet.yota
  • Username and Password. Leave blank

If your mobile operator is not listed, you can easily find APN data for it on the official website or simply on the Internet. Well, if something does not work as expected. ask a question in the comments, I will try to answer.

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Thanks, all worked well. Now I know.

Hello! After doing the above mentioned procedure, in the tab “Cellular” appeared the section “Setting the Modem Mode”, when you click on it writes: “to enable the modem mode for this account, contact Carrier”

This indicates that the modem mode is blocked by the telecom operator. Try to call their support.

I did the above and everything worked out. Thanks to the author for the article.?

I do not have modem mode APN settings on my ipad, there are only cellular data APN settings. what to do?

Unfortunately, I can’t check it on myself (iPad without 3G only, but the iPhone has everything).
Of my options. either the operator’s modem mode is blocked and therefore the item is not displayed or I don’t know.

Good day! Thank you very much, helped to find the missing modem)

A wonderful article, everything is clear and smart. Works like a CLOCK (AK-47). such authors online (preferably in the government)

I did everything! Nothing works! So he continues to write “SEARCH FOR NETWORK”…. What to do? The phone is 1 year old and will have to be repaired??

And what exactly is with him? The modem mode disappeared as in the article or something else?

I read all sorts of things, didn’t even try anything. Your advice came up right away! Everything is simple and clear! thank!

USB connection (like 3G or LTE modem)

To use the iPhone in modem mode via a USB cable (use the native cable from the charger) in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7, Apple iTunes must be installed (you can download it for free from the official website), otherwise the connection will not appear.

After everything is ready, and the tethering mode on the iPhone is turned on, just connect it via USB to the computer. If a request appears on the phone screen whether you need to trust this computer (it appears when you first connect), answer in the affirmative (otherwise the modem mode will not work).

After a short time in the network connections you will have a new connection on the local network “Apple Mobile Device Ethernet” and the Internet will work (in any case, it should). You can view the connection status by clicking on the connection icon in the taskbar at the bottom right with the right mouse button and selecting “Network and Sharing Center”. Then on the left, select “Change adapter settings” and there you will see a list of all connections.

Using iPhone as a Modem on Windows

Since Windows is more common on our computers and laptops than OS X, I’ll start with this system. The example uses Windows 10 and iPhone 6 with iOS 9, but I think there will be little difference in previous and even future versions.

enable, tethering, iphone

Sharing Wi-Fi from iPhone

If you have turned on tethering and Wi-Fi is also on on the iPhone, you can use it as a “router” or, rather, an access point. To do this, simply connect to the wireless network named iPhone (your_name) with a password that you can specify or see in the tethering settings on your phone.

The connection, as a rule, goes through without any problems and the Internet immediately becomes available on a computer or laptop (provided that it also works without problems with other Wi-Fi networks).

IPhone Bluetooth tethering mode

If you want to use your phone as a Bluetooth modem, you first need to add the device (pair) in Windows. Bluetooth, of course, must be enabled on both the iPhone and the computer or laptop. Add a device in different ways:

  • Right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the notification area and select “Add Bluetooth device”.
  • Go to the control panel. Devices and printers, click “Add a device” at the top.
  • In Windows 10, you can also go to “Settings”. “Devices”. “Bluetooth”, the search for the device will start automatically.

After finding your iPhone, depending on the method used, click on the icon with it and click either “Link” or “Next”.

On your phone, you will see a request to pair, select “Pair”. And on the computer. a request about the match of the secret code with the code on the device (although you will not see any code on the iPhone itself). Click Yes. In this order (first on the iPhone, then on the computer).

After that, go to the Windows network connections (press the WinR keys, enter ncpa.cpl and press Enter) and select the Bluetooth connection (if it is not connected, otherwise you do not need to do anything).

On the top bar, click “View Bluetooth Network Devices”, a window will open displaying your iPhone. Click on it with the right mouse button and select “Connect via”. “Access point”. The Internet should connect and earn.

IPhone tethering mode

If you have an iPhone, you can use it in tethering mode via USB (like a 3G or LTE modem), Wi-Fi (like a mobile hotspot) or Bluetooth connection. This tutorial details how to enable tethering on iPhone and use it to access the Internet in Windows 10 (same for Windows 7 and 8) or macOS.

I would like to note that although I myself have not seen anything like this (in Russia, in my opinion, there is no such thing), telecom operators can block the modem mode or, more precisely, the use of Internet access by several devices (tethering). If, for completely unclear reasons, you cannot activate the modem mode on the iPhone in any way, it may be worthwhile to clarify the information about the availability of the service with the operator, also in the article below there is information on what to do if the modem mode disappeared from the settings after the iOS update.

How to enable tethering on iPhone

To enable tethering on iPhone, go to Settings. Cellular and make sure cellular data is turned on (Cellular Data). When the cellular network is disabled, the modem mode will not be displayed in the settings below. If even with a connected cellular connection you do not see the modem mode, here will help the instruction What to do if the modem mode on the iPhone has disappeared.

After that, click on the “Tethering” settings item (which is located both in the cellular settings and on the main screen of the iPhone settings) and turn it on.

If you have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned off at the time you turn it on, the iPhone will offer to turn them on so that you can use it not only as a modem via USB, but also via Bluetooth. Also below you can specify your password for the Wi-Fi network distributed by the iPhone, in case you use it as an access point.

Using iPhone in tethering mode on Mac OS X

As for connecting an iPhone as a modem to a Mac, I don’t even know what to write, it’s even easier:

  • When using Wi-Fi, simply connect to the iPhone hotspot with the password specified on the tethering settings page on the phone (in some cases, the password may not even be required if you use the same iCloud account on Mac and iPhone).
  • When using USB tethering, everything will work automatically (provided tethering is enabled on the iPhone). If it doesn’t work, go to OS X system settings. Network, select “USB on iPhone” and uncheck “Disable if you don’t need it”.
  • And only Bluetooth requires action: go to Mac System Preferences, select Network, and then Bluetooth Pan. Click Set Up Bluetooth Device and find your iPhone. After establishing a connection between the two devices, the Internet will become available.

That’s probably all. If you have any questions, ask in the comments. If the iPhone tethering mode disappeared from the settings, first of all, check if the data transfer over the mobile network is enabled and working.

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Regarding the restriction of the “distribution of the Internet to other devices” by mobile operators. I myself have not come across such a thing, but I heard that Yota is guilty of this. I will not give links, but a Google search for the words “yota tether ttl” gives many solutions (mostly, however, for Android).

Hello, my Mac has configured remote access via VPN on a slave PC, I connect via Wi-Fi without problems, and I connect the bodies as an access point. VPN does not connect. Writes this error. The L2TP-VPN server did not respond. Try to connect again. If the problem persists, check the settings and contact your network administrator.
what could be ?

Hello Igor.
I can’t answer, unfortunately, I didn’t come across it. By Google: Apple removed PPTP. but you have l2tp. They also write that for some this happens through certain routers, and for others it works. hence the idea: it is possible that the VPN ports are closed on the operator’s side, but I’m not sure if this is the case.

I have 4G (LTE).
I turned on cellular data, then the modem mode, I find my iphone distribution in PC Windows 10 and connect, enter the password, but it does not connect, it does not connect stupidly, and that’s all, well, not in any, that is, in general, the computer is impudent, capricious, does not want to connect to WI-FI and that’s it.
Although it connects to the home WI-FI without problems, automatically.
What’s the matter? I connected to the iPhone before, and then not from the first attempts, but from several dozen attempts, and now it does not connect at all
help me please

I carry out all the above steps, I connect the device to the computer, but the system does not see anything, neither the network, nor the new network connection, although the aytyuns says that the phone is connected

Now I can’t check, unfortunately, but I have an idea that, in theory, iTunes can “intercept” the iPhone on itself. There is an option somewhere (in aytyuns) so as not to launch iTunes when the iPhone is connected. Try like this.

enable, tethering, iphone

The same story, the phone is connected via USB, the PC sees the phone, you can go to the photo, for example, look, if you turn on iTunes, everything is fine there, but the network connection does not appear (with iTunes turned off, too). And before that everything worked fine, on the machine, regularly used. There were no changes, except as Windows was updated a few days ago, which has changed I can not understand

Found a solution: You need to uninstall iTunes, QuickTime, Apple Software Update, Apple Application Support, then reinstall iTunes. After reinstalling iTunes, when the iPhone is connected, iTunes says that there is no driver for the iPhone, starts looking for it and then pops out the message: “check the Windows update center”, go to the center and there, by a strange coincidence, the update for Windows just started to hang out, we update, after reboot everything works as expected.
As I understand it, additional actions may be required, here they are described:

Good day. Is there such a possibility: the iPhone takes the Internet from a wi-fi router, and sends it to the PC via USB?

Not sure (I think not), although I’ve never tried it myself.